Brake Pads are a very crucial component of your vehicle. A damaged brake pad compromises the performance of your car and even your safety. So, you need to choose the best one wisely, and change your brake pads regularly. 

You can either buy standardly available brake pads in the market or choose premium brake pads according to your choice. There are several manufacturers out there who produce the best quality brake pads customized for your vehicle, such as AkebonoPowerStopCentricEBC, and many more.

In this article, we will be discussing detailed features of the Wagner Brake Pads.

Wagner is well known for its durable products and has, thus, marked its space in the market. Furthermore, it has released various brake pads over the years, and all of them have unique features. Therefore, we will differentiate the products and mark their attributes.

We end by providing some factors which help you choose the right brake pads and some FAQs around Wagner Brake Pads.

About The Company – Wagner

Wagner Company was established in 1891 in a small room. It makes Wagner one of the oldest players in the automobile industry. 

In the beginning, it began by experimenting with electric appliances and electric cars. 

Slowly, it entered the brake industry and has remained as the star innovator till now. Initially, it pioneered the rubber pads, which were high heat resistant. However, by the start of the 21st century, it had a range of master products on its list.

It kept on innovating to produce more efficient and cost-friendly braking products. As a result, it set high standards in the market.

Wagner focuses on producing application-specific designs for all its brake pads. In addition, the company galvanizes all the pads to ensure a rust-free, long life. Overall, they produce low noise and dust to confirm their efficiency.

In addition to a holistic set of brake repair products, including brake pads, rotors, and brake grease, Wagner has various auto lighting products. Again, it focuses on safety and drivability while engineering all of its products.

Now let’s discuss in detail the top brake pads Wagner produces.

Wagner Brake Pads Reviews

1. Wagner OEx


  • Very cheap and affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Temperature doesn’t affect the performance
  • Very less noise


  • Dust accumulates around the brake pads
  • Shims may come loose

Wagner designs OEx brake pads, especially for trucks, SUVs, and CUVs. 


Wagner OEx features an asymmetrical brake pad that has a unique slot design. The unique slots are good to ensure optimal NVH performance. 

The brake pads also feature premium low copper ceramic formulation. It provides long life to the brake pad. 

The company designs the product to provide excellent application and a specific shape for better performance. 

The Wanger OEx brake pads have a patented OE design. It means that you don’t have to worry about dust accumulating on the pads while driving. That is because the design reduces dust from the wheel and rotor area. 

Additionally, the design offers a cool operation system while using the brakes. There is enough space for better air circulation to keep the braking system’s temperature down. So, the heat blows out easily and improves stopping power while driving. 

Also, the OEx brake pads have steel plates. This premium stainless hardware ensures a long life by making the plates corrosion resistant. Further, it acts as a coating for the brake pads to keep them rust-free. 

The brake set also includes shims, which are made of premium quality stainless steel. Five shims present in the OEx brake pad kit, which work to reduce the noise and vibrations caused. 


Many people have shared their experiences of using OEx brake pads. The OEx brake pads are known to provide an excellent stopping experience to the users. 

To be exact, most people are happy that dust doesn’t accumulate near the brakes. However, there are few complaints about loose shims.

2. Wagner QS


  • 2X life span than other pads 
  • Slots designs 
  • Premium low copper ceramic formulations 
  • Optimal NVH performance


  • Little costly 
  • Makes noise in comparison to other pads

Wanger QS brake pads are best suitable for passenger cars, SUVs, or daily drivers. The company has designed them to work in diverse weather conditions.


These brake pads are made of ceramic material. Ceramic material is known to better off any other brake pad material available in the market. 

The brake pads are tested and certified by the company. In addition, they make the pads using the best technology for longer use without wearing them out. 

The QS brake pads render maximum durability. The pads use OE-matched friction formulations and configurations, which are known to be extremely reliable. These provide exceptional braking performance to your vehicle. 

Besides, these are most affordable when looking at the other available options in the same price range. The design is very application-specific. 

Further, they reduce noise and cause minimum vibration. 

It is because the brakes feature slots and chamfers for better noise control.  

Additionally, shims are also used in the brake to reduce noise and cause minimal vibrations. The shims use a specific design for improving the NVH, i.e., Noise, Vibrations, and Harshness. 

Even the lubrication of pads is in OE style. This lubrication technique ensures a long service of the brake system while controlling the friction performance of the pads. 

In the end, the pads have an OE25 zero-copper friction formulation. 

The pads come along with an installation hardware kit and are sold in a set for two wheels. 

Unlike other products of the company, the QS offers 12 months or 12,000 miles warranty. In contrast, the other products come with 24 months warranty. 


The experience of the customers shows positive results over the QS brake pads. Consumers say that the pads come in handy and are easy to install. In addition, they are light and solid and provide better performance than others. 

However, many have also found problems with the slot design as they don’t fit every vehicle.

3. Wagner OEx Car


  • Galvanized steel plates 
  • Five shims attached 
  • Application-specific shims used
  • Customized slot design


  • Only useful for passenger cars
  • Smaller back brakes

The company has specifically designed the Wanger OEx Car brake pads for passenger cars. These brake pads feature advanced features. The OEx car has a reputation for being an innovative addition by the company. 


Wagner OEx Car brake pads last longer than other brake pads. They supposedly have a twice longer life span than other substitutes. 

The steel plates used are galvanized to eliminate rust and corrosion. The additional coating of paint and powder further reduces the wear and tear of the pads. 

The backing plates enable rust jacking for better contact with the plates. Thus, they help in minimizing the noise produced while using the braking system. Additionally, these have five shim layers which further reduce the noise. 

The shims use application-specific attachment methods for providing a secure fitting to the plate. Besides the method, these are laser engraved for easy connecting.

The Wagner OEx Car offers a customized slot design. There are double or single curved slots present, which both are application-specific. Additionally, the pads feature an OE25 zero-copper friction formulation. 

The OEx Car kit offers new packaging to the customers in comparison to its previous products. 


The reviews of people over OEx Car are mixed. However, these are suitable for passenger cars. So for people who are not daily drivers, this might not be an option. 

In addition, the pads provide an excellent stopping system, and heat escapes easily because of the slot design. Also, the brake pads remain dust-free and are made from excellent quality material.

4. Wagner TQ


  • Clean and quiet wheel performance 
  • Made using advanced technology
  • Laser system eliminates heat
  • Useful under diverse conditions


  • Little costly 
  • Pads don’t fit easily

Wagner ThermoQuiet is designed with the latest technologies to provide superior stopping power in all conditions. In addition, they provide a supreme braking system too. 


Wagner TQ brake pads feature a proprietary friction formulation that provides a quiet braking system while driving your car. This feature also ensures less friction between the rotor and brake pad. Less friction additionally results in less wear and tear, enabling all the parts to function smoothly without hindrance. 

The ThermoQuiet brake pad is designed in a way that causes less dust on the brake system. 

Additionally, the pads are made up of ceramic material. The material is known for providing strong support and long life to the brake pad. In other words, it means they don’t wear out easily and have a long-lasting, friction-less performance.

The pad offers 15% more braking power to reduce heat and vibrations. In addition, the laser scanning procedure used by the company improves contact between pad and rotor. That is what provides the extra braking power. 

Then, these pads use thermal sensitive technology, which keeps the pads in a safe range of temperature. Their manufacturing design provides maximum efficiency in different heat conditions. 

The excellent design integrates the friction material, backing plate, and insulator into the brake pad. As a result, the brake pads can accommodate most vehicle models and, thus, provide comprehensive coverage.


There are several reviews about the ThermoQuiet brake pad. The pads are good to go and provide control over the braking system while driving. They make less noise.

The brake pads don’t fit with many vehicles. Unfortunately, few people have also complained about dust gathering near their brake pads.

5. Wagner SD


  • Unique Design
  • Tested and Validated
  • High Heat Resistance
  • Zero Copper Formulation
  • No Fade


  • Better Upgrades Available
  • Certain restrictions in other nations

Wagner Severe Duty Brake Pad set is a premium brake pad set engineered for extreme situations. As with all other company products, Wagner SD is known for its durability and efficient use.


These brake pads have been made with technology to ease driving in demanding conditions, like mountains and treacherous terrains. They are made of a semi-metallic carbon-based material, which is a friction-resistant material. So, they have a higher braking performance.

In addition, they have OE-style shims and slots which match perfectly with the brake pads. Together the whole system provides an exceptionally well braking experience.

The semi-metallic carbon-based material is also very durable. So, even if you use your vehicle for heavy lifting regularly or need frequent stops, these pads won’t wear out quickly.

The Wagner SD brake pads kit included all the necessary hardware for installing the pads. The hardware is made of premium quality stainless steel, which ensures a longer life. Further, they are so easy to install that even a novice will have no issues. 

Its tough built, friction resistance, and non-corrosive nature make it a great product. It is suitable for regular use as well as for heavy and demanding journeys.


Customers have reported great reductions in stopping distance with the use of Wagner SD Brake Pads. In addition, they have rated it among the best pads for tow trucks. 

Still, many found the other brake pads of Wagner better than SD and even easier to install. So overall, it is a good choice.

Things To Consider When Buying Brake Pads

Now that you know the best of the Wagner brake pads, there are few factors to consider before investing in one. From how you drive to where you drive to what you drive, certain points to consider before you buy the right brake pads for your vehicle. 

Below we have collated a comprehensive buyer’s guide for your assistance in purchasing the best brake pads for your car: 

Type Of Vehicle 

Brake pads are designed differently for each vehicle. Therefore, a brake pad that the manufacturer designs for one specific vehicle may not suit the other. For example, the brake pads needed would be entirely different from the brake pads for a regular car if you drive a heavy-duty vehicle. 

Heavy-duty and large vehicles require a boost in braking power. So, a metallic brake pad would work well for such vehicles. On the other hand, for light, compact cars, organic brake pads would work best to give the desired stopping power with low noise. 

Adding, even the model type of the vehicle is necessary to consider. Most car manufacturers have definite specifications for brake pads to be installed.

Driving Requirements And Weather Conditions

Many people tend to overlook this factor and buy brake pads that may not survive the test of time. It is always best to figure out the characteristics and type of road you would be taking regularly. Is it a bumpy or smooth road? Is it rocky and hilly or flat road? 

Apart from this, it is also vital to buy brake pads concerning the weather conditions in your region. For example, installing a brake pad operating in extreme conditions is always best if you live in a flood-prone region. 

If the daily route you take to commute is prone to traffic, you need to consider that. The main reason is that traffic patterns play a big role in the stopping power needed by vehicle brake pads.


Brake pads are mainly available in three different materials- organic, ceramic, and metallic. Organic brake pads are best suited for lighter vehicles and are typically less noisy than others. 

The majority of the drivers prefer ceramic pads since they provide exceptional stopping power, durability, low dust, and noise-free technology. 

Metallic and semi-metallic pads are usually present in trucks and large vehicles. They provide significant stopping power, no doubt, but they also create an immense level of noise and smoke. 

Cost And Technology

Both these factors are something that you cannot go easy. If you look for cheaper options for brake pads, then it will give you a low-grade performance. You cannot expect your vehicle to have an excellent stopping performance with low-level products. 

Try to spend as much as you can afford on a premium quality brake pad. This factor will ensure the smooth running of your vehicle for a long time. 

Also, look for brake pads equipped with the latest technologies and features like Wagner pads. Most premium quality brake pads come with cutting-edge technology that offers you higher performance and value for money. 


In this section, we have discussed some common questions around brake pads and Wagner in specific. Hopefully, these will clear all further doubts you have.

How long does brake pads last in a vehicle?

Brake pads last anywhere in the 25,000-70,000 miles range and at times even beyond. You may need to cross-check your owner’s manual for a better understanding. The longevity of the brake pads also depends on the driving style and the location. 

Heavy-duty hauling and towing can lead to frequent wear and tear of the brake pads. Hence, it would be best if you inspect them regularly for safety purposes. 

Are Wagner brake pads more efficient than OEM brake pads?

Apart from being more economical than OEM, Wagner brake pads also more efficient. Equipped with the latest technology for the vehicle’s smooth functioning, they are currently the best in the market. This feature makes them a better option over OEM when it comes to value for money. 

Can I install my old brake pad kit in my new car? 

No, it would help if you never tried to transfer your old brake system to your new car. As mentioned earlier, the manufacturer designs each brake pad specifically for different models. Therefore, the performance of the vehicle may get compromised due to the incompatibility in the braking system. 

For example: Suppose your old car model was a sedan, and now you own a sports car or a heavy-duty vehicle. The old brake pads will fail to give the required performance, and it may also be dangerous to drive with the wrong pads. 

You can transfer the brake pads to the new car only if the type and year of the model are the same. 

What are the signs of wear and tear in brake pads? 

If you hear loud and annoying screeching sounds when you apply on brakes, that should be your first sign. Increased levels of smoke accompany the squealing sound due to friction. Vibrations in the steering wheel or when you hit the brakes are also a warning sign that you cannot ignore.

What is the concept of brake fade? 

Brake fade usually refers to a situation that leads to reduced or complete braking power loss in a car’s braking system. Brake fade happens if the brake rotor and the brake pad no longer provide sufficient mutual friction. 

This scenario hampers the stopping power of the vehicle and also results in increased stopping distances.

What kind of warranty does Wagner offer?

If you purchase a Wagner brake pad, you will get a limited lifetime replacement warranty. It majorly involves any defect in materials or manufacturing of the brake pads. The warranty enables you to get your money back within 90 days after the purchase. 

Is ceramic brake pad better than organic?

Yes, ceramic brake pads are more reliable and efficient when compared to organic ones. In addition, they provide for a hassle-free installation and can also run smoothly in adverse conditions. Also, if you are looking for brake pads that provide ultimate power with better noise control, ceramic is the one.


Wagner can be your go-to choice with its wide range, premium products. In addition, it has brakes specifically designed for various kinds of vehicles and driving experiences, making the choices quite flexible. 

The company gets the final star by adding the easy installation hardware complementary with all the brake pad sets. With easy installation, you need not worry about calling a professional each time.

In this article, we have discussed the best brake pads Wagner produces. You can use our buying guide to weigh and compare their features. We assure you, in the end, you will have the best product with you.

If you have any more queries regarding brake pads and other technical issues, we will always help you out.

You can also check out the DuraGo review to compare with multiple options in the market. 

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