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We run one of the reliable platforms in the automotive industry to bring you all things related to the industry! If you have a car problem or want to know more about a model, we’ve got you covered. From in-depth vehicle reviews, emerging car trends, expert columns, to ownership tips, we have it all here.

As an automobile is such a fundamental part of your lives, we bring you the best content, so you always take the right step when it comes to your car.

Our Values

Our core values through which we define ourselves are – integrity, trustworthiness, and simplicity.

We are honest about what we do and what we offer you. Moreover, we are a team driven by passion. We don’t do what we do for the sake of money or fame, but our undying love for automobiles. And, we want to share that love with you so that you fall for cars too!

In addition, we always try to keep things simple. So, our articles and reviews will be knowledgeable and easy to skim.


Our mission is to empower you with the most authentic information and automobile education. So, you are always in the driver’s seat!

As times have changed, being a regular car owner isn’t enough; you need to be smart. To clarify, automobile engineering has come a long way. And, the technology, car parts, features, add-ons, and technical issues have also redefined themselves.

Our goal is to sort it all out for you, so you don’t have a hard time with your car. Further, we don’t want you to get tips from anybody who seems like a car pro, but become an expert yourself!

So, be it buying a new car or truck, repairing a broken accessory, or tips to keep your car clean – you can count on us for all the info you need. As you start visiting our site more often, you’ll know more about these topics than you did before. The time has come to become an automobile pro.  

All you need to do is stick with us to keep your engine rolling!

What Makes Us Stand Out?

You might ask, “What’s so special about the site that makes them rant so much?” The answer is simple – awesome and ground-breaking content. To clarify, the information and insights we offer you aren’t available anywhere on the web. You might come across similar stuff, but it won’t be at par with what we provide you.

We put our heart and soul into crafting the informative pieces for you. Moreover, all our articles, short blog posts, guest posts, and practical suggestions come straight from car experts and enthusiasts.

And, we don’t associate with any particular automobile brand, nor do we promote any. So, you get 100% authentic and unbiased reviews and opinions about all your car problems. Even if you’re not an automobile enthusiast, follow us, and soon you’ll fall in love with cars too.

About the Authors

Our authors were just some car nerds who spent most of their waking hours reading and driving cars when they’re younger. So, they thought of sharing their knowledge and insights with the rest of the world. All they wanted was to make every car owner happier and smarter!

It’s their love and enthusiasm for automobiles that led to the creation of our amazing platform. Since then, they haven’t ceased for a day to curate top-notch information for the readers.

Jesse Mosley

Jesse is a proud auto nerd who has been in love with cars, bikes, trucks, and jets all his life. Having spent most of his childhood outside the city, he grew up watching his father tinker with their car. He learned everything he could, from doing basic repairs, changing tires to keeping the car clean.

So, Jesse decided to pursue his passion and went on to become an automobile engineer. It let him be with his beloved cars all day! Besides having such a solid foundation on automobiles, he also keeps himself on the latest auto trends in the industry.

Therefore, if you want to know anything about cars, Jesse is your go-to guy.   

Gregory Friesen

Gregory is another automobile enthusiast who has been working in the automotive industry for quite some time now. His rich industry experience, coupled with his practical knowledge, make him a valuable asset to our team.

Also, he loves to do things on his own. So, if something is wrong in his car, he will get down to fixing it himself. He says that he likes to work his way out of car problems, which helps him learn more. A true auto addict to the core, he brings his wealth of knowledge to our posts and reviews.

Further, he also has a knack for writing, making sure all content pieces are crafted exquisitely.

Our Team

The team consists of knowledgeable auto enthusiasts who love cars more than anything else. Together, we have experience of over a decade in the automobile industry. So, we like to think we’re the best at what we do!

There are industry experts, mechanics, engineers, and automotive writers in our exciting team. Further, we are in the process of continuous learning, so we experiment, make mistakes, learn and grow together.

As we’ve been in this business for some time, we realize that the automobile industry is ever-changing. So, it’s not possible for each of us in the team to know everything. However, as our members are keen on learning what’s new, we always manage to figure out the answers.

Our team tries to reach out to the readers and other enthusiasts whenever they can. So, we are open to criticism and suggestions to improve our work. Moreover, if you think that we’ve got something wrong, connect with us, and we’ll fix it at once.

Also, if you think that we can cover some topics that interest you, please send us suggestions. We are always ready to welcome new ideas and craft articles on them. Our team is super enthusiastic when it comes to connecting with readers.