Are your vehicle’s brake pads rusting too quickly? Do you plan on upgrading them? A little research on brake pads will show that Power Stop’s Z23 and Z36 are among the best options you can find.

Now, you need to decide which one is the better choice.

So, here we bring Power Stop Z23 VS Z36. In this article, we will discuss, in detail, the two products, highlight the significant differences and similarities, and help you select your ideal type.

The choice of the perfect brake upgrade depends on various factors. Some of these, like durability, rusting, and installation ease, determine the life and performance of the system. Although the final decision depends on your vehicle’s requirements, weighing your options always ensures you avoid making a mistake.

Power Stop Z23 VS Z36 provides you with an insight into the use of these products. Both the products have great features and are suitable for different varieties of terrains and conditions. They are easy to install so that you can focus on the elements more.

After the required comparison, we have also given some essential guides about fixing a damaged brake pad, choosing the best one, and some more. We end with some FAQs regarding the topic of discussion for some extra information you might require.

Read the article to acquire all the information you require on Power Stop Z23 VS Z36.

Power Stop Z23 Evolution Sport Evolution Sport Brake Kit

Power stop provides supreme quality brakes in the market. It takes care of the demands of its consumers and ensures to provide excellent service. 

The Z23 is a superior quality brake which the company manufactures using top-notch Tru-Cast technology. These are the best performing and most affordable pads in the Evolution series. 

Power Stop Z23 Evolution Brake kit includes matched components that provide ideal performance. The company has designed it to enhance your experience in light-duty trucks, SUV cars, or crossovers. 


The Power Stop Z23 brake kit has the following features.

  • Carbon-Fibre Ceramic

Z23 brake pads made of a unique carbon-fiber ceramic formula ensure a perfect vehicle stopping experience. The carbon-fiber ceramic delivers low dust and noise-free braking systems to the vehicle. 

Also, carbon-fiber ceramic pads don’t wear and tear quickly. The carbon material is 70% lighter in weight than other materials, reducing the vehicle’s overall weight. Therefore, this helps in increasing vehicle speed and fuel efficiency.

While applying brakes, the tires and the brake system produce heat. This heat may cause damage if not controlled. The pads made of carbon-fiber ceramic ensure proper resistance from this heat. 

  • Dual-Layer Rubberized Shims 

Brake shims are essential components of any vehicle. They fit in between rotors and brake pads to stop them from banging against each other. 

The Z23 uses dual-layer rubberized shims. These shims work to offer noise-free braking to your vehicle. Additionally, these are easy to install. 

  • Drilled, Slotted, and Zinc Plated Rotors 

The Z23 brake kit has two front and two rear rotors. The company plates these rotors with zinc to make them rust and corrosion-resistant. 

The company makes the rotors using the finest G3000 metallurgy. If you want, you can exchange them with OE rotors without much complication.  

Further, the brake rotors have rounded slots. This design ensures that the temperature doesn’t increase while braking. They do this by assuring easy passing of gas or debris. 

Additionally, it minimizes the risk of brake fading. The brake fade phenomenon occurs due to the heat produced on the braking surface. 

  • Positive Mold Technology 

Like any other material, the Z23 brake kit goes through a molding process. This process provides the pads with the heat and pressure to make them compact. As a result, it maximizes the performance of the brake kit. 

  • Premium Stainless Steel Hardware Kit 

The Z23 kit has premium stainless-steel hardware for easy installation. All this hardware is pre-matched as per the design. Additionally, it is all zinc plated to avoid rusting and corrosion.

  • Thermal Scorched Pad Surface

This feature is essential for safety and quality reasons. The Z23 brake pads get scorched at high temperature and pressure for fast break-in. 

The easy break-in process ensures high performance by the brakes. Further, this method also, during manufacturing, makes sure that the pads produced deliver supreme quality strength and integrity. 


A good driving experience is never perfect without having an excellent braking system. It matters even more, when you use your vehicle daily. 

A sound brake system is equally vital in the maintenance of the car, as are other components. You will not like it if your brake system asks for frequent repairs. So, it is essential to choose a brake system that lasts longer and does not wear out quickly. 

The Z23 brake system is a savior for daily drivers. The brake kit components are of high quality, and you can install them without much effort. 

It is best for light vehicles, SUVs, cars, or crossovers. Its increased braking power provides reasonable control to the driver. 

Z23 should be your choice without any second thoughts over other options for your daily driving.

Power Stop Z36 Brake Upgrade Kit

Power Stop provides the best brake accessories and upgrades. Not only are they of top-notch quality, but they are also relatively easy to install. You need not call a professional every time you upgrade your brake systems using their tools; you can do it yourself at home.

Among these good quality products is the Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Upgrade Kit. It is a performance upgrade kit specifically designed for your trucks and SUVs. It is an extreme performance brake upgrade to power your vehicle beyond standard capacity.

In this section, we will discuss the features of this brake upgrade kit based on the components.


The Power Stop Z36 Brake Upgrade Kit includes the following items:

  • Z36 Carbon Fibre Ceramic Upgrade Pads

The brake pads are the heart and soul of the kit. The Z36 upgrade pads are what differentiate this specific product from other similar products of the company.

The brake pads have carbon fiber reinforcing which gives extra power. This extra power supports heavy-duty stopping. The central feature is that these brake pads don’t compromise the everyday drivability of your vehicle.

Furthermore, the pads have a low dust ceramic formula. It ensures you have cleaner tires than earlier. Some of the best tire chains can also help with this. 

In total Z36 Carbon Fiber Ceramic Upgrade pads provide cleaner, fade-free power to your brakes.

  • Premium Stainless Steel Shims

The second component of the kit is the premium stainless steel shims, specifically suited to the Z36 set. These stainless steel shims, being more heat resistant, can dissipate extra heat while driving. Besides additional heat dissipation, it also enables noise-free braking.

Many other brake upgrade kits of the company also include stainless steel shims. 

  • Drilled, Slotted, and Zinc Plated Rotors

The company specially designs the rotors accompanying the brake pads to enhance the perfect performance of the rakes. The rotors have precision drill holes, rounded slots and are zinc plated.

The precision drill holes aid in the stainless steel shims in cooling down the system. Together, they can have an extra cooling impact of up to 180 degrees F.

The rounded slots help in maintaining a clean contact patch. It removes the dirt, gas, and debris from the patch. Due to the clean contact patch, you can initiate an unhindered and smooth braking process at any time.

Finally, all the rotors and hardware are zinc plated using G3000 metallurgy. Zinc plating protects the rotors from corrosion and rust for an extended period. It lengthens the life span of the brake system.

  • Premium Stainless-Steel Hardware and New Pin Bushing Kit

This premium hardware and bushing kit is available to you for easy installation. It comes with all the required hardware so that you don’t need to run to the store again. Further, it is designed for use by even novices and ensures an easy, bolt-on installation.

  • Hi-Temp Brake Lubricant

It is one item most customers of Power Stop love the most. The Hi-temp brake lubricant helps maintain the health of the Brake pads and system for prolonged use. You can use it after regular intervals to enhance the performance.


When you load your truck with heavy cargo, it puts extreme weight on the tires. In turn, this puts extra pressure on the brakes of the truck. All the heavy and large vehicles are impacted in the same manner.

Similarly, braking might be difficult when you are driving in very rocky terrain or up a mountain. Either you need to brake too much or against gravity. Either way, it puts extra pressure on your brake pads. 

Standard brake pads might not be a good option for such journeys and vehicles under such pressures. As a result, they might start producing sounds and can prove to be dangerous in some situations.

Z36 brake upgrade kit is specifically designed for this purpose. It can handle extreme pressures without compromising the performance of your vehicle. It is great for towing, hauling, big tire upgrades, mountain driving, and off-road journeys.

We would have to say it is a wise investment.

Power Stop Z23 VS Z36: Similarities

Brake pads of Power stop are all known for their durability and their long-term use. Z23 and Z36 brake pads are pretty similar in many other ways too.

  • Carbon-Fiber Ceramic

Both the Z23 and Z36 models use carbon-fiber ceramic pads, which provide solid braking control in the driver’s hands. The carbon fiber protects the pad from heat and keeps it dust-free. Additionally, it reduces noise when using the braking system. 

  • Rotors

The rotors used in both Z23 and Z36 are drilled, slotted and zinc plated. Apart from this, holes are present in the plate in both models. These help to sustain the temperature under extreme heating conditions. 

  • Similar kits

Both the models have similar components added with the brake pads. The process of installing is also very similar. Additionally, both models are efficient and easy to install. Also, both the kits come with a warranty. 

Power Stop Z23 VS Z36: Differences

Although quite similar in their making, Z23 and Z36 brakes differ pretty much in many aspects. That is the reason you need to choose between them cautiously.

Significant differences you need to know are-

  • Shims

Z23 Evolution Sport Evolution Sport Brake Kit uses dual-layered rubber shims. In contrast, the Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Upgrade Kit uses multi-layered stainless-steel shims.

On the one hand, rubber shims and stainless-steel shims prove quite effective in reducing the noise while braking. On the other hand, stainless-steel shims provide extra heat dissipation capacity, while the rubber shims don’t have such a feature.

Because of this feature, Z36 Brake Upgrade can handle extremely high pressure and heat on the system. It makes it suitable for heavy vehicles and mountain driving.

Z23 brake upgrade lacks this extra support to sustain higher than normal heat and pressure. So, it is well suited for daily driving and light vehicles, but not heavy vehicles like tow trucks.

  • Use Case

After reading the description given above, you must know that Z23 Brake Upgrade and Z36 Brake Upgrade are premium quality brake upgrades. Still, their making and features are specific to certain conditions and situations.

Z23 brake upgrade is specially designed for regular driving and small or light vehicles. It is a budget-friendly and good-quality option if you want a replacement for your daily driving car. 

While Z36 is exclusively designed for heavy-duty vehicles like tow trucks, large SUVs, etc., it is also suitable for driving in treacherous terrains and mountains.

Fitting a Z23 brake set in your truck would reduce performance, and the brake system will start making noises due to unbearable pressure. Besides this, you might not be able to stop your vehicle when required.

Similarly, installing a Z36 brake set in your light daily car is unnecessary. Although it would not cause any harm to your vehicle, it would be like using a fire extinguisher to blow out a candle. Additionally, it would also cost you more as you can do equally well with a cheaper Z23 brake set.

Power Stop Z23 VS Z36 – Let’s Weigh In 

So before you jump into buying the best brake pad for your vehicle, let us figure out a few benefits and downsides of each.

Power stop Z23 Pros and Cons 


  • The slotted structure provides for a noise-free braking
  • Excellent braking power as it is made of ceramic carbon fiber
  • Low-dust braking formula
  • The rotors are slotted and drilled that dissipate heat pretty efficiently
  • Lightweight material that provides for an increase in speed and fuel efficiency
  • The upgrade kit offers for stainless rust-free hardware kit


  • Less stopping power as compared to other materials
  • It can emit sound at low speed
  • Gives less energy as compared to others

Power Stop Z36 Pros and Cons


  • Efficient and maximum braking power due to the presence of ceramic carbon fibers
  • Dual-layered rubberized shims to reduce unnecessary noise
  • Zinc plated rotors for rust-free performance
  • Drilled and slotted rotors for equal heat dissipation
  • Excellent stopping power


  • More prone to wear and tear
  • Can emit squealing noises while applying pressure
  • Primarily suitable for heavy-duty vehicles

Why Do You Need Brake Pads for Your Vehicle? 

Every part of your vehicle is crucial. Each of the brake pads has its functionality to offer. Well, most of you might pay attention to your car’s engine, and if they are working all fine. However, when was the last time you checked if your vehicle’s brake pads working efficiently or not?  Maybe not anytime recent.

Brake pads are a crucial component of any vehicle. They are the ones that create fiction in the wheel and helps you in stopping your car at any given moment. For your car’s braking system to function correctly, brake pads need to get installed without fail. Your job does not stop there.

On average, you should replace brake pads every 40,000 to 50,000 miles. This range can differ as per the driving style, traffic, or road type you usually take.

Be it metallic, ceramic, or organic; any brake pads can easily face wear and tear. Since they create so much friction and heat for your brakes, it is natural for them to stop responding one day.

You may get a few warning signals while driving, which will be a call for attention. Your brakes might create few screeching noises that may be pretty annoying yet harmless. At times there might be more of a rumbling sound from any one of your wheels.

Well, these are not just noises but a call for attention for the driver. It is a signal for you to take your car to the nearest brake shop to get it fixed right away.

Below are six signs that your brake pads need a replacement:

  • Squealing sounds from the brakes
  • Unnecessary vibrations when you apply brakes
  • Less stoppage time
  • Thinner brake pads
  • Huge grumbling sounds of the brakes

How to Fix Brake Pads Yourself? 

Now that you know why your vehicle needs proper brake pads, it is time to understand a few knacks of fixing them.

The owner’s manual that you may get with your car will most often recommend you to get your brakes tested at every oil change. So if you are someone who drives the car more often or drives in hilly areas, then the brake pads can get affected easily.

So how do you fix them? Do you always have to rush to a brake shop to replace them? You will be surprised by our suggestion. You can quickly resolve the brake parts with the right tools available in your house. This method of being self-dependent will save you extra bucks and help you fix them in any sudden breakdowns.

Below are a few tools you will need for fixing the brake pads:

  • Car Jacks and stands
  • Ratchet & socket combination sets
  • Lug wrench
  • Mechanical gloves

Above are the few essential tools you will need while fixing the brake pads. Let us jump to the steps that you need to follow diligently.

Position the Car 

Before you lift the car, loosen the lung nuts of the wheels. Use the jack to raise your vehicle high enough for a jack stand to fit in place. Then you can use the jack stand to support your vehicle, and then slowly, you can remove them from under the car.

Remove the Lug Nuts and Caliper Bolts

After loosening the lug nuts, remove them from the tire so that you can quickly locate the caliper assembly. Make use of the ratchet and socket set to dismantle the caliper. When you do this, make sure that the brake line is firmly connected.

Detach the Old Brakes

Now comes the time for you to replace the faulty old brake pads. A quick suggestion, do note the positioning of your old brake pads. It will give you a rough idea of how to install the new ones. Also, do check if the clips that hold the brake pads are damaged or not.

Install the New Brake Pads

Before you place them, apply brake grease to the metal plates behind the pads. Then move onto installing the new brake pads and do follow the exact positioning as the old one. If you use new clips to hold them, it may be a bit tight, but you need not stress much.

Place the Caliper Assembly

Now comes the time for the finishing touches. You can now adjust the caliper assembly with the new brake pads. Position them and fix them on the new pads with the help of a brake tool. Once you have positioned them in the right place, you can tighten the bolts and finish using a socket wrench.

Wrap It Up

You are close to ending with the primary fixing and bolting of your brake pads. Now comes the time to safely put the tires back on, followed by tightening the lug nuts. Slowly remove the jack stand and lower your car to the ground. Finally, use the tire iron to secure all your lug nuts in place.

Now you are good to go with the newly installed brake pads in place! Do give your vehicle a test drive for safety precautions.

What is the Concept of Brake Fade? 

Brake fade usually refers to a situation that leads to complete or reduced loss of braking power in a vehicle’s braking system. Brake fade occurs as the brake rotor and the brake pad no longer provide enough mutual friction. This scenario hampers the stopping power of the vehicle and also results in increased stopping distances. Buying from the best brake rotor brands can be one solution. 

Brake fade that happens due to increased level of heat build-up slowly dims down. However, this does not occur at times, and you may have to check with a technician to ease this situation.

Brake fluid fade can happen in your car when the fluid overheats from all the friction. The overheating of the water can seriously hamper the efficiency of your brakes. Now that you are aware of the different scenarios a brake can fade, you should also know how to prevent them.

  • Driving style: Adopt a better and efficient driving style for the smooth working of your brake pads. Try avoiding sudden brakes and aggressive driving to cause extreme friction. Well, by adopting this technique, not only will you save your brake pads but also from a speeding ticket.
  • Keep a check on hilly roads: Yes, we are all aware of the thrills of driving on rocky roads. That does not mean you can apply brakes with all your power. Try avoiding slamming on your brakes and make use of your brake pedals in a better way.
  • Carload: At times, you may be unable to avoid the load in your car. However, if you lighten the load, this will reduce the added pressure on your brakes.
  • Brake fluid: Make it a practice to replace the brake fluids at the appropriate time. It will help you immensely by saving your breaks from getting degraded.

How to Choose the Right Brake Pads

Now that you are clear with the significance of the brake pads, you need to know which would be the best in quality. The brake system of automobiles at present has evolved majorly. You will get utterly confused with the array of options available in the market today.

When selecting brake pads, you must consider things like the weight of your vehicle, your driving style, and the temperature range. Based on these factors, we suggest you select from the below main types of brake pads:

  • Organic brake pads: They are made of glass or fiber, or rubber. They may produce less brake dust while on the road and also have less sound. Yes, this feature will surely get you interested in them. However, these brake pads can face wear and tear quickly.
  • Semi-Metallic: Ideally made of steel and iron. They can indeed offer the best braking performance you have been looking for all this while. However, this comes with a price. These brake pads can produce tons of smoke and are also noisy. They may even get damaged in no time, so be prepared for that.
  • Ceramic: These are your safest bet when it comes to the life span of the brake pads. Even though they are pretty expensive, these high-quality pads can withstand any adverse conditions. They even produce less smoke and noise. What more can you ask for?

Regardless of the material you opt for, make it a point that you buy from a trusted brand like us. Cheap quality material can cost you a lot. Avoid all the hassles of a breakdown, significant wear and tear by installing top-notch quality brake pads.

Also, let us not forget about warranties. Getting a mileage warranty with your new brake pads is a bonus for you.

Power Stop Z23 VS Z36- FAQs

How long do power stop Z36 brakes last?

These power stop versions may last up to 30,000-70,000 miles, and you may have to consider replacing them after that.

Are drilled and slotted rotors better for Z36?

Yes, it is advisable to drill holes in the rotors, which helps divide the heat transfer. However, it is not a good option in high-performance cars since this rotor type can be fragile.

Are Z23 brake pads more durable than Z36? 

Since Z23 brake pads are a ceramic material, it provides for better performance overall. Compared to Z36, they are more durable as they can withstand wear and tear for a long time. Constituted of the best of the material, they are excellent for your regular car drives.

Can you install a Z36 brake pad in your car? 

Few people look for maximum braking and stoppage power. If you are one of them, you can quickly shift from a Z23 to a Z36 if you are looking for even better performance.  

Do Z36 brake pads have better stopping power?

They are made of ceramic carbon fibers. This feature helps the ceramic brake pads handle high temperatures and provides faster-stopping power than other brake pads.

Final Thoughts

Both the brake pads are equally perfect and efficient in their way. However, if you need to choose between one of these power stop brakes, you first need to understand your preference.

If you are looking for more dust-efficient and noise-free brake pads, then Z23 should be your choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for heavy-duty, high-performance brake pads for your truck or SUV, then Z36 should be perfect for you.

We have listed the best of the best features with the comparisons to make your decision easier. So, have you decided on your pick yet?

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