To keep your car functional, you need a lot of maintenance, especially for the brake pads. An essential component in vehicle mechanisms is the brake pads. It is because of their powerful accident prevention features. Most vehicle companies like Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen, and more use Akebono brake pads.

Akebono is an original equipment manufacturer. They supply high-quality ceramic brake pad technology all over the world. However, they lead in the US market. When it comes to changing your brake pads, Akebono is the one to choose. 

This article presents you with a detailed Akebono brake pads review. This article will help you choose your next vehicle upgrade. 

Insight into Akebono 

Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd has over 90 years of experience. They use innovative brake manufacturing and designing to assist the vehicle industry. They are leading as one of the advanced brake technology providers. Moreover, Akebono puts quality resources into making their products for the automotive aftermarket. 

They develop a variety of friction materials. It helps with increasing the braking power of a vehicle. Further, the Akebono Production System contributes to its “zero defect” guarantee. They integrated the use of ceramic to manufacture their unique Akebono brake pads. Thus, enhancing a vehicle’s deceleration power.

All types of bikes, cars, trains, and industrial machinery use Akebono brake pads. Further, the McLaren 12C GT3 custom race car adopted its excellent service and safe to use brake pads. The company commits to providing consistent reliability, safety, and quality. This aspect initiated its worldwide success. 

The company started in 1929, Japan and launched its first US brake sales department in 1980. Since then, they have provided excellent brake pads. Thus, giving car owners a feeling of stability while driving. Moreover, Akebono offers the true essence of brake technology. 

Did you find this information about Akebono brake pads gripping? If so, then we have something better stored for you. Here comes the ultimate Akebono brake pads review.

Best Akebono Brake Pads Review

Akebono’s brake pads have perfection in their design. Thus, complementing every form of vehicle configuration. Each of them has qualities that enhance the performance of braking features in any car. Moreover, car enthusiasts all over the world love and appreciate Akebono. 

You may decide to choose one product from this review that best suits your requirements. However, before making that decision, you need basic knowledge. Further, it would help if you gain in-depth intel to get the best product to benefit your car. Therefore, we are here to help you with a detailed and honest review of these brake pads. 

You will understand the features after going through our Akebono brake pads review. We will focus on three distinctive Akebono brake pads in this article: 

  1. Performance Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads
  2. Pro-Act Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads
  3. Euro Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads

Akebono Performance Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads Review


  • Noise reduction 
  • Dustless experience 
  • Optimum stoppage power
  • Engineered for heavy-duty vehicles


  • Expensive 
  • Premium rotor required

There is an important reason for manufacturing this specially designed brake pad. It was to take on rough driving circumstances and terrains. Thus, you will have a smooth driving experience. Isn’t that what we all want? Further, their best ratings come from the supreme brake performance.  

Heavy-duty vehicles like SUVs, trucks and fleet cars use this brake pad. Moreover, this product guarantees a minimized noise production. Along with that, they offer you a relatively lessened vibration experience! 

The Akebono Performance provides you with a smooth and effective braking action. Further, facilitating an effortless and quick stoppage power. These brake pads have extreme friction resilience. It is because it enables a steady and long-term rotor life. 

Along with these brakes, you get your car equipped with high-end technology. It further maximizes the capabilities of your vehicle. In addition, they will offer you a dustless experience while on the road. It suggests that your wheels will stay clean even while you are using the break facilities. 

Military-grade vehicles use these Akebono brake pads, which implies their most advanced capabilities! These brake pads are durable. Hence, providing you with a better safety option.  Therefore, you can rely on their performance assurance.

What Are They Made Of?

This Akebono brake pad is an advanced quality premium technology pad. They use a mix of ceramic formulations combined with stainless-steel hardware. Therefore, it is a complete upgrade from the other semi-metallic pads in the market. Further, the material offers the most acceptable rotor and friction compatibility. 

Should Your Vehicle Have These Akebono Brake Pads? 

Light trucks and SUVs can use the Akebono Performance Ultra-Premium brake pads. Akebono specially made this brake pad for challenging terrains and tasks. For example, towing campers or boats. 

Vehicles that need an extra brake force to perform heavy-duty tasks can get this brake pad. The carefully engineered friction formula gives you reliable brake power. Therefore, it will help with towing any heavy equipment with ease.  

Like law enforcement vehicles, any car engine that requires severe usage can get it. Besides, it will give them better support. Due to their innovative brake control system, you can use it in high-performance vehicles. These cars require excellent reliability and safety, which this brake pad provides. 

Their unique mix of ceramic formulas enables you to test out your spirited street driving techniques with ease. Consequently, if your vehicle requires such an optimization, we recommend this in our Akebono brake pads review. 

What Are The Drawbacks? 

Performance Ultra-Premium brake pads have a fantastic set of features. They include suitable brake power and minimized noise generation. Further, you can operate them in predictable weather conditions. However, they are not compatible with extremely cold weather. 

As you may have guessed from all the superior features, this Akebono brake pad will not be cheap. Therefore, the endurance and high quality offered might be a little off your budget. 

Your vehicle needs to have a premium quality sport rotor if you want these brake pads to function. However, the balance between quality of service and pricing remains justified. 

Akebono Pro-Act Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads Review


  • Eliminates harshness 
  • Reduces noise 
  • Less vibration 
  • Braking power
  • Effective from the initial installment 
  • Keeps vehicle clean
  • Rotor longevity


  • Fails extreme abuse

The unique design of these crafted brake pads is best for replacement purposes. Moreover, they use materials with excellent performance. Thus, helping with the reduction of dust collected during brake application. 

You get Akebono Pro-Act Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pad installed in your vehicle. Besides, with this, you can bid farewell to stoppage issues. 

These brake pads have consistent and smooth braking power. You can use this system regardless of your driving condition, including a panic stop. Therefore, you can engage them at your convenience without making any loud sounds. 

You can replace your conventional pads with this brake pad. It will remove any harshness that your car experiences. Moreover, they take the help of disc brake pads that is efficient if you want to keep your tires clean. 

Along with that, the Akebono Pro-Act gives you early effectiveness. It means the brakes do not require any “break-in” to function. In addition, these braking systems have a quieter noise when used. 

These Akebono brake pads will give your feet a steady brake pedal feeling. Further, they are resistant to fade. Their unique ceramic technology will not damage the brake rotors in your car. 

From all of these features, you can conclude that the Akebono Pro-Act is a good investment. Therefore, this Akebono brake pads review proves it is a powerful addition to your car. 

What Are They Made Of?

Are you looking for a rotary-compliant and reliable upgrade to your vehicle? If so, then this is the perfect brake pad for you. These brake pads use a mix of strong ceramic technologies. Further, this material is unique to Akebono, making this brake pad exclusive. 

The company uses a vehicle optimization formula that makes this product acceptable. Further, you can expect to enhance your car’s performance with the help of this brake. The high-quality ceramic is effective at providing great braking power. 

Should Your Vehicle Have These Akebono Brake Pads? 

The Akebono Pro-Act is ideal for all types of cars and models. Further, if you are in search of a casual brake pad, you have found your match! You can personalize these brake pads. Thus, you can formulate them as your vehicle dictates. 

If you install this in your vehicle, your vehicle will have a long rotor life. Further, stating that this is excellent for your overall braking system. 

You can choose to get it installed if you are ready to experience superior brake force. You will also get matchless performance and reduced noise. Therefore, they are an excellent substitute to the semi-metallic pads in the market. 

Along with these features, your car will have a consistent braking response. It means that you will have better control over your vehicle. Therefore, it will be an improvement to your existing brake system. 

What Are The Drawbacks? 

These brake pads come armed with a lot of exciting features. Thus, contributing to their favorable ratings. However, there are limitations that you can face with this pad. The Akebono Pro-Act is unable to withstand any extended abuse. 

This system has excellent braking power. However, it cannot endure severe driving conditions. Nonetheless, they have an adequate brake fade recovery. Therefore, compelling you to install them. 

Akebono Euro Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads Review


  • Low dust production
  • Braking power
  • Reduces noise 
  • Extended rotor life
  • Reliable


  • Only caters to European vehicles

Akebono created these brake pads to ensure an enhanced vehicle control. Moreover, it has a performance-based response. Further, it maintains a European performance response ideal for advanced brake pedal facilities. 

The Akebono Euro Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads have a custom friction formula. Moreover, it is only applicable to specific models and cars. If you use a car made in Europe, you will know how unlikely it is to produce brake dust. 

This brake pad system enhances the existent feature in all European-based cars. Further, it uses unique and advanced brake pad technologies. It will give your vehicle excellent braking power. Akebono uses its unique ceramic mix to make these brake pads. 

These brake pads provide a no-dust feature that no other brake pad offers in the market. Other than that, the use of exclusive techniques helps increase the car’s rotor life. They have a reasonable customer satisfaction rate. It is because of the high-quality materials and engineering techniques they use. 

These brake pads will help you control and reduce the noise from stopping using your brake. Further, it will reduce the vibration caused while suddenly stopping the car. Along with this, the system makes sure your European vehicle is free of any harshness. 

All of these features help with the extended rotor life. Therefore, the Akebono Euro is the ultimate upgrade for your European vehicle. You will also have access to a better safety feature in your car. 

After going through our Akebono brake pads review, you are now familiar with their performance. If you get this, your car will have accurate, durable features. Therefore, it helps you make an excellent upgrade to your European vehicle. 

What Are They Made Of?

You probably know what material the company uses to make the Akebono Euro brake pads. Just as the other two on our Akebono brake pads review. It uses high-quality and original ceramic formulations. Further, they use advanced processes to manufacture this excellent product. 

Should Your Vehicle Have These Akebono Brake Pads? 

The name “Euro” should have already made you realize what types of cars support this brake pad. With this product, you can enhance your European SUVs, light trucks, or cars. Moreover, their standard ceramic pads are great. They are a reliable replacement for your vehicle. 

With a unique formulated technology, it is compatible with European vehicle companies. Therefore, if you own a BMW, you can install this to outperform your existing brake pad. Further, your brake application will become quieter. 

With a reliable replacement guarantee, you can choose to get this brake pad installed in your car. This way, the performance will enhance and make the brakes easier to manage. 

What Are The Drawbacks? 

The Akebono Euro will please you with all its features. However, you cannot use it for heavy towing. If you do so, it will worsen the brake pads. Further, you cannot perform any violent driving with these pads. 

Nonetheless, Akebono will offer your European car the best upgrade. However, before getting them, there are enhancements for some models that you need to do. For example, you will need a better brake pad if you own a sports car or a high-performance vehicle. 

This Akebono brake pad will be expensive. It is due to the improvements you get in your premium car. 

Why Are Akebono Brake Pads Famous? 

Akebono is one of the best brake pad manufacturers in the world. They compete with other companies by being excellent in service. Further, they provide a good security process in their brake pads. 

The company has guaranteed better control of the stoppage power of any car. Moreover, every product they manufactured aims at improving their quality. The level of constant efficiency they give their customer is unique. 

Akebono determines to protect people on the road. They use ceramic in their brake pads to ensure friction and less vibration. Further, they analyze your requirements very closely. 

Their excellent quality brake pads fulfill all types of brake enhancement needs. You will feel the level of accuracy and technology they use in the product. Therefore, Akebono gives you what they advertise. 

Their brake pads have excellent noise control and reduced vibration. Moreover, your car will not feel any harshness while using the system. The Akebono brake pads are, therefore, smooth. Further, they will give you excellent braking power and experience. 

They are famous in the industry for providing a reasonable extension in a car’s rotor life. Their unique ceramic material makes a steady pedal feel possible. Further, they produce shallow dust while you use them. 

Therefore, these brake pads will give you the confidence to get behind the steering wheel. Consequently, the company manufactures them intricately, thus making them reliable and durable.   All of these features contribute to Akebono’s popularity. 

What Are The Limitations Of The Akebono Brake Pads? 

By our Akebono brake pads review, you now know how remarkable it is. With such technology and unmatched braking systems, they are genuinely notable. However, they suffer limitations that you should know. 

Except for the Performance Ultra, the other two cannot withstand extreme conditions. Further, if you do so, the resistance and performance decrease and make it exposed to fading. Therefore, the Pro Act-Ultra and the Euro cannot handle thrilling stoppage applications. 

On the other hand, the Performance Ultra cannot function in freezing temperatures. Further, if you use it on Icey roads, the performance will weaken. Therefore, it will subject you to dangerous situations. 

The use of ceramic slows the cool-down time of these brake pads. Therefore, heat management is lower than a semi-metallic pad. Other than these drawbacks, the Akebono brake pads perfectly serve their purpose.  

An Honest Opinion 

We have carefully assessed each type of brake pads in our Akebono brake pads review. Further, they proved to be very reliable. Each of their brake pads has different advantages. Therefore, they are specific to distinct car models. 

They will benefit the performance of your car in various ways. Moreover, it will improve the car’s braking power along with its stability. Therefore, if you require an excellent quality brake pad, you can rely on Akebono. 

We made sure to include all the necessary information you need to buy this product. 

FAQ's About Akebono Brake Pads

We understand that you have doubts. Before investing in this brand, you can go through these frequently asked questions that we answered for you. 

Do they make Akebono brake pads in the US?

Yes! They have engineering centers all over the US.  You will find their facilities in Michigan and Kentucky. Further, the Mexico branch also supplies brake to the US. You can get their services for any vehicle model in the US.  

Is it safe to choose ceramic over semi-metallic? 

If you own a sports car then, a semi-metallic brake pad will be ideal for you. Moreover, they give a good performance during hot temperatures. However, a simple vehicle will benefit from a ceramic brake pad like Akebono’s. 

Does Akebono recommend a compatible rotor? 

Akebono has not officially made any recommendations on other companies. However, we recommend the use of any premium coated brake disc. It will help compliment the features of Akebono brake pads. However, they make their own. 

Does Akebono make brake rotors?

One of the main reasons Akebono has not recommended any other brand is that they make their own. Yes, they are a reliable manufacturer and supplier of brake rotors around the world. However, these specific rotors will not available for the general population. Further, they supply these high-quality rotors only to car manufacturers. 

What does Akebono mean? 

Mr. Sanji Osame founded this company. He initially named it Akebono Sekimen Kogyosho in 1929. Further, he got his inspiration from the beauty he saw as a child in Mokakeson Okayama Prefecture, Japan. The word Akebono translates to “dawn.” In the US, this company is called Akebono Corporation. 


Akebono brake pads are undoubtedly the best in the market. They have excellent performance and give your car a worthy advancement. Further, it would be best to choose which brake pad to use, depending on your vehicle. 

We have detailed all the positives and negatives in this Akebono brake pads review. So, you can now make an educated decision on which Akebono brake pad to get. Get your car upgraded with Akebono brake pads now!

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