Centric Brake Pads Vs. Other Brands

If you love automobiles and even own a fancy car, you probably pay a lot of attention to it. You regularly change the oils, tune the engines and make sure your vehicle is in top shape. 

You also pay a lot of attention to your car’s exterior and interior. So, not only does the car look clean on the outside, but it even smells brand new inside. 

But here’s the problem. All this will amount to nothing if you neglect your brake pads! Why? Because they play an essential role when you are on the road. Without a good brake pad, you might be risking a lot. 

So, if you are reading this article now, you are probably here to find a good brake pad. Our trophy winner is Centric. They are a reputable brand, and they have been in the automobile field for a long time.

So, in this piece, you will find out all there is to know about Centric’s brake pads and how they stack up to their competitors such as Akebono brake padsPowerStop brake pads, and Wagner brake pads

If you’re curious to find out, let’s get started, shall we, folks?

What Is Centric?

Centric is a popular brand that manufactures brake rotors, brake pads, and other high-quality automobile parts. 

They were founded in 2000 and are currently one of the leading manufacturers that supply automobile accessories and brake components. Not only do they offer braking solutions to everyday, simple cars, but they also offer heavy-duty braking mechanisms for bigger vehicles like SUVs, trucks, and so on. 

The executives at Centric are all well-versed in automobile engineering and have gained a lot of experience over the years. They also have a team of experts who help design these stunning brake components and combine superior quality and impressive innovation.

With every purchase you make at Centric, you can be sure to have impressive performance. That helps you save money and time.

What Are Some of the Features of the Centric Brake Pads?

Here are some of the important and impressive features of Centric brake pads that you should know before we move further. That will help you get the full complete lineup of what makes Centric’s brake pads stand out. 

They Are Budget-Friendly

Centric is one of those brands that are known to have high-quality products at affordable prices. With this brand, not only do you get a good-quality brake pad, but you can find it at affordable prices as well. In fact, you can find that almost all their products are below $50! 

Don’t believe us? Look it up on today’s market and see for yourself!

They Can Be Installed Easily

Most of the brake pads manufactured by Centric come with the required hardware. So you won’t have to step out to purchase any additional tools. 

Moreover, they are also extremely easy to assemble, thanks to the clear-cut instructions that come with them. 

They Are All Shimmed 

The brake pads produced by Centric are also shimmed and designed to reduce noise levels. Not only that, but it can also effectively manage and control the vibrations of the pads. 

Noise and vibrations can be very uncomfortable, especially if you need to drive a long distance. By installing a Centric brake, you can easily bring down these troublesome qualities and keep them at a minimum. 

They Have Built-In Sensors

Once you have successfully installed the brake pad to your automobile and connected it with your dashboard, the sensors will start working. When these pads start to wear out and become thin, it will notify you through the sensors, which will allow you to get them fixed on time. 

Keep in mind that not many brands, including Centric’s competitors, have this feature in their brake pads!

They Help Lower Friction

In addition to low noise and vibration levels, Centric’s brake pads also keep friction at a minimum. All the heat that is produced while using will be let out. Furthermore, these products all come with excellent heat-dissipating properties that can easily cool the surroundings without overheating. 

They Are Made of High-Tech Material And Equipment

Finally, Centric’s brake pads are made with one of the most advanced technologies, the “Positive Mold Technology.” 

Centric opts for the new technology because the material used here is compressed by friction. That results in extreme pressure, which further helps to bond the backing plate. 

Hence, you will find that Centric’s brake pads have a longer lifetime. Additionally, they can also easily withstand the wear and tear that comes with time. 

What Makes Centric Stand Out from the Competitor Brands?

Centric offers a lot of variety in their products as well. And when it comes to their brake pad, they are available in both semi-metallic and ceramic formulations. 

However, the stand-out is this: the four different series of brake pads released by Centric. Each of these features has its own unique set of features. However, despite the variety, you will find that they all come at affordable prices and offer the same impressive performance levels.

So allow us to walk you through Centric’s four series, complete with their features! 

Posi Quiet

Posi Quiet is one of the most popular series in Centric’s brake pads. Listed below are some of the features of Posi Quiet.

  • Posi Quiet brake pads come with all the required hardware needed to set this up.
  • They have a very consistent material which makes it more desirable among OE suppliers.
  • The material is cut accurately to reduce noise and lower vibrations.
  • Made to be resistant to all the wear and tear that comes with time.
  • Additionally, Posi Quiet brake pads also come with specialized shims. These help to further lessen the noise while using. 
  • Furthermore, they can easily withstand extreme pressure without giving off friction.


The Premium series is also a good series of brake pads from Centric. Take a look at some of their features and benefits. 

  • They are completely shimmed to 100%. That lessens both noise and vibrations.
  • These are all cut to precision which gives a good, accurate fit.
  • Additionally, the brake pads in this series include gas slots and an OE-style chamber as well. The chamfers prevent and remove the vibrations. The gas slots, on the other hand, help to boost heat dissipation and reduce friction. 
  • You can easily install it, thanks to the OE-style sensors. 

Centric 100 Series

The main highlight of the Centric 100 series is that it focuses entirely on OE formulation. That means all their brake pads all made using OE technology and process. Moreover, their braking performance is also OE-certified. 

Here are some of the main features and highlights of the Centric 100 series.

  • All brake pads from this series come with the required hardware. The hardware is also manufactured by using OE processes.
  • These brake pads have a uniform density throughout the product, and this gives it more consistency.
  • They can withstand a lot of extreme pressure.
  • Usually, they are purchased by OE companies and suppliers. 
  • Additionally, the product is cut to precision using high-tech instruments. That will give you a better fitting. 
  • They also have OE-style shims. It helps to lower the noise and vibration levels. 
  • They can handle high levels of friction. 


The last series that Centric released is the C-Tek line of brake pads. When you purchase a brake pad from this series, you can be sure to find impressive braking performance combined with long life! Even though they come with reasonable prices, it has some superb features.

Listed below are some of the features of the C-Tek series. 

  • The C-Tek series of brake pads guarantee the user with impressive longevity.
  • The brake pads do not produce a lot of dust and dirt. 
  • The highlight feature of this series is their noise-reduction feature.
  • The brake pads are shimmed to reduce the noise and vibration levels.
  • Built with the best in-line ceramic components.

How Does Centric’s Brake Pads Compare to the Other Brands?

As mentioned before, Centric is one of the leading manufacturers of best brake rotors, brake pads, and other brake components. Over the last 21 years, they have done a lot of research and tests that have allowed them to produce brake accessories of the highest quality.

However, similar to every other brand, Centric also has a couple of fierce competitors. In order to help you understand this better, we will talk about a few general brands and then tell you why Centric is better.


Similar to Centric, Bosch is a brand that has a global presence. They are a brand that focuses on automobile engineering and manufacture products like brakes, generators, electronics, etc. What is undeniable is the fact that they are also a superb company. 

The brake pad by Bosch (Bosch QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pad Set) is one such example. The highlight here is that you can easily install it. However, a lot of users have complained the installation process to be a little complicated. In fact, some people even needed to use special tools.

The quality of the build is very impressive, and it comes with a warranty for its parts. 

How Does It Stack Up to Centric?

Centric uses a unique technology of the OE system, which makes the process of installation easier. And that’s not all! Because Centric also includes all the required hardware in the kit. This way, you won’t have to run out and purchase these separately.

They also come with a very clear, handy set of instructions that will have you assemble the parts in no time! 

Centric also guarantees the user that they will not face any issues with their brake pads for at least 90 days or use the product for over 3,000 miles. 

However, your Centric brake pad can last you a long time. How long? 200,000 miles of using the brake pads. That is because of the excellent heat dissipating properties and integrity of the product itself. 

In most cases, you will only have to change the oil now and then. But other than that, they require very little to absolutely no maintenance at all!


Wagner is yet another brand that stands tall in today’s market. You’ll be surprised to know that this is a brand that has existed for a long time. From 1891, if you want the specific time period. 

They have worked and gained a lot of experience and expertise over the years. One good example of this is the Wagner ThermoQuiet Ceramic Disc Pad.

In this model, Wagner guaranteed the user that the installation process is as easy as pie. However, they’ve definitely missed the mark on this one as you cannot find caliper grease in this model. They are affordable in price, but this amounts to nothing without all the required springs and clips.

The build is decent as the pads are a lot thinner when compared to Centric’s pads. 

Moreover, they come with a very limited warranty. In this case, you can get a refund for the damaged parts in return for cash. However, if you face any troubles after this, you will need to exchange/replace the model fully. 

How Does It Stack Up to Centric?

As mentioned earlier, purchasing a brake pad from centric will have you covered in all aspects, including installation. 

That is because you also get all the other hardware needed to install this easily. Hence, the process is easier for you.

The pads are quite thick when compared to Wagner. But, you may ask, why should the brake pad be thick? It’s simple. More thickness = more safety. 

In most cases, thin brake pads do not work well and often put your safety on the line. However, with Centric, you won’t have to worry about that. 

Centric brake pads also guarantee that you won’t face any issues for the first 90 days or the first 3,000 miles you drive after installing it. Even if you do, Centric’s executives are always there to sort out your problem.


ACDelco is a popular brand in the market today. They are mostly known for their products’ affordability. They have been around since the late 80s, and they also manufacture some top-tier braking accessories. 

However, as mentioned before, they are popular for their affordability. And, that is true. They are a brand that offers good braking components at reasonable prices. 

A good example is the ACDelco Professional Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set. 

When it comes to the installation process, it is fairly easy. However, most of their products are easy to install; like Centric, they also come with all the required hardware. 

Despite the low price, the product is made of good material and smart designs. 

However, the warranty is where the problem lies. They offer a warranty for the brake pad parts, and they do have a limited warranty. But, this warranty is valid as long as the owner is the original buyer. 

So, if you plan on earning a little extra cash by renting out your car to someone, you might want to think twice.

How Does It Stack Up to Centric?

When it comes to ACDelco, we have very little to criticize. But the problem here is the warranty regulations. 

When you face troubles with the system as the original buyer, you can use the lifetime warranty. However, this is not valid if you are ever thinking about renting your car or selling it second-hand.

Centric does not have any such regulations. In fact, they assure the buyer’s that they will not face any issues for the first 90 days. Centric’s brake pads, in general, will last you up to an impressive 200,000 miles! 

Even after 90 days, you will have very little to no maintenance requirements. You will only have to change the oils frequently, but that is mandatory with all automobiles.


Now, let’s talk about one of Centric’s brake pads, shall we?

For example, we will do a quick overview of the Centric 105.06060 PosiQuiet Ceramic Pads.

Centric is a brand that prides itself on its ease of installation. In fact, the process is so easy that even beginners can do it. All the required hardware comes along with your product, and there is no use for adhesives. That makes the process a lot less messy and sticky!

In terms of build, it has impressive functionality and design. And you can see the same in the product as well. 

When it comes to warranty, Centric offers the buyers a 90-day warranty for the parts. They also claim that you, as a buyer, will not face any issue with the product after using it for 3,000 miles!

Even if you do, you can contact their helpline and ask them for an exchange. From there on, the customer service will do the needful. And, voila! The process is as easy as that!

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Choosing Centric’s Brake Pads Over The Other Brands?

Like every other brand specializing in automobile accessories, Centric also has its own share of pros and cons. But the most important question here is this: do the pros outweigh the cons? Yes, they do! 


  • Perform quieter and minimize vibration levels
  • Made of consistent material that can withstand wear and tear
  • Special “Positive Mold Technology” help in making the brake pads last longer
  • Shims are all attached to the brake pads mechanically
  • Can be installed easily and does not use adhesives
  • Brake pads are trimmed perfectly for a more precise fitting
  • Are all pre-scorched, meaning the brake pad does not require additional time to break-in
  • Helps control the dust and debris and has excellent heat-dissipating properties


  • If not installed properly, the heat produced while using the pad can leak into the other system in the car
  • Stopping power of brake pads by Centric could be better
  • Brake pads are not a good choice if you have extreme driving practices

Common FAQs about Centric’s Brake Pads

We get a lot of questions regarding the brake pads manufactured by Centric. In this part of the article, we will discuss a few questions and answer them to give you more clarity.

Where are Centric brake pads made?

Centric was originally found in the United States Of America. Hence, they manufacture all their automobile accessories in the USA. 

Centric is a brand that has sky-rocketed over the last couple of years. Despite their rapid growth, they have still kept their manufacturing process in America. 

Who makes the brake parts by Centric?

The company “Centric Parts” is the main division that helps in producing all of Centric’s brake components. Additionally, it is interesting to note that Centric Parts also manufactures parts for brands like Qualis Automotive and StopTech. 

Summing Up

If you’re looking to purchase a good quality brake pad, Centric is a brand that you cannot go wrong with. All their products are made with a lot of effort, careful planning, and research. And over the years, they have managed to become a leading manufacturer!

One thing you will notice about the brake pads is that they are a great combination of impressive performance, innovative models, and stunning features. And what’s best is that you can all these for affordable prices! To keep your brake pad at maximum quality, find the best kind of grease for brake pads as well!

So, with all this, it comes as no surprise that they have a superb reputation for manufacturing the finest brake components. And this is why we consider Centric’s brake pads to be the best in today’s market. 

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