Should I Get Those Small Rust Spots On My Car Fixed?

Should I Get Those Small Rust Spots On My Car Fixed and How?

Should I get those small rust spots on my car fixed? Is it okay if to ignore these small rust spots? Or does it cause damages in the long run? 

Removing body rust is an excellent way to make your vehicle appear appealing. Additionally, it also helps in preserving the structural integrity of the vehicle parts.

Over the years, protective layers wear off the surface and leave the metal exposed to moisture. These bare metal surfaces react with oxygen in the atmosphere, a chemical reaction called oxidation occurs, creating rust. This rust can eat away the metal in your vehicle. 

Moreover, small noticeable rust patches can be an indication of some severe problems. Therefore, it is crucial to get the small rust spots removed from your car.

In this article, we shall discuss the importance of getting rid of the small rust spots. So, please keep reading to find answers to the question should I get those small rust spots on my car fixed myself.

Should I Get Those Small Rust Spots on My Car Fixed? 

You should remove rust spots from your car, no matter how small or big it is. It is because it is better not to take any chances with your car’s exterior. Therefore, it is advisable to promptly fix the rust spot yourself or take it to a trustworthy garage.

Sometimes, minor rusts can be a result of more extensive damages beneath the surface. If you ignore it, most likely, you may have to spend a lot more than it requires to pay for rust repair.

Corrosion on metals tends to spend very fast. Hence, if you ignore it when it is small, it can spread to other parts quickly. 

Small rust spots also make your vehicle appear old and damaged. As a result, it can drive down the value of your car. 

In worst cases, it can result in the eventual decline of a vehicle. Therefore, it is always best to repair small rust on your vehicle as soon as possible.

How to Fix Small Rust Spots on My Car?

So, Should I get those small rust spots on my car fixed myself? Yes, you should as long as you can pull it off correctly.

You can get away with the rust with the help of some primer, paint, and sandpaper. Here is a step-by-step breakdown to help you understand how to remove rust spots from your car.

Step 1: Prepare the Car

Identify the rust spots on the vehicle surface and scale the rust. Firstly, you need to check if you can fix it or it needs an entire metal replacement.

Rusting of vehicle surfaces is generally classified into three types. They are surface rust, scale rust, and penetrating rust. Usually, penetrating rust is the most difficult to remove. Whereas surface rust is light and scale rust is slightly worse than the former.

Procure all the items required for the job. It includes primer, base paint, and a clear coat. Then, wash the area around the rust spot thoroughly using soap and water.

Now, tape off the area around the rusty surface. You can use painter’s tape to ensure no adhesives are left behind.

Step 2: Sanding the Rust Away

You will have to scrape away all the rust chunk and blistered paint using a metal or plastic scraper. Moreover, remember to use gloves to protect yourself from any cuts. You will need to remove as much loose paint and rust chunk as possible.

Firstly, you have to use sandpaper to remove the rust completely from the metal surface. You can use 40-grit sandpaper since it is rough enough to make the process faster and easier. Keep sanding until all the rust gets removed and you see bare metal.

Secondly, you have to use finer sandpaper to remove rust from all the edges. You can use 120-grit sandpaper for this. Now, follow it by treating the area with a rust inhibitor.

Step 3: Apply Primer and Paint

Next up, you will have to wash and dry the metal area again. All the rust would have been removed by now, thanks to all the sanding and spraying. You can wipe down all the lost debris with soap and water.

Apply automotive primer across the surface evenly after drying the surface thoroughly. There are some good rust converters, which are great water-based primers.

You can apply the primer by holding it about ten to fifteen inches away from the metal. Make sure to spray it steadily in one direction to prevent any overlap.

After the primer dries, you can apply the base coat on the surface. You will have to wait for about an hour for the base coat to dry. Once it dries, you can apply a clear coat of automotive paint of the right color.

How Can I Protect My Car from Rust?

Your car is always vulnerable to rust since it is under constant exposure to nature’s elements. Some parts are more vulnerable than others, but you can still follow a generic method to prevent rusting. Here are some ways you can use to prevent rusting.

Apply wax on your vehicle once every six to eight months. You can use a superior quality carnauba wax or other alternatives.

Once a year, take your car to a mechanic and get detailing. The detailing products can permeate all the corners and edges of the vehicle.

Every time there is a small scratch or dents, fix it immediately. You need to fix it soon, especially when the paint is falling off.

You can also take your car for a touchless car wash now and then. That can remove many elements that can cause the formation of rust.

Final Verdict

It is advisable not to ignore any rust-related problems when it comes to your car. A small rust spot can lead to a larger corrosion problem, and in no time, you may have to replace an entire section. That will not only cost a lot of money, but it will also cause you a lot of inconveniences.

We hope this article helped you understand the vitality of protecting metal parts from rusting. Also, we hope it answered your question, should I get those small rust spots on my car fixed.


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