Mevotech Vs. Moog Suspension Parts Comparison

Uniform, consistently smooth roads sound like an idea out of a utopian film. Fortunately, automotive technology has progressed by leaps and bounds to help facilitate a comfortable ride despite on-road impacts. 

The suspension system is an intricate structure engineered to absorb jolts and bumps in your course of driving. It functions in tandem with the steering mechanism to keep your vehicle steady and safe. Mevotech and Moog are two companies providing replacement parts for when your original system is damaged or aged. 

Let’s take a look at both companies and how they differ, with their best prospects. In this comprehensive guide, you will also find other essential details about your vehicle’s suspension system. 

Things You Need To Know About Suspension Systems

It will be helpful to acquaint yourself well with your vehicle’s suspension system before diving into any other details. 

What Is A Suspension System? 

A car suspension connects a vehicle to the wheels and permits relative motion between them. These systems must support handling and the quality of the ride- which are at variance with each other. The suspension system absorbs the shock of impacts while on the road, aiding in vehicle stabilization and control. 

The suspension system in your vehicle is not one solid structure. Instead, it is a complex integration of several components that work in unity. Some of the main parts of a suspension system include:

  • Ball joints
  • Shock absorbers and struts
  • Coilovers
  • Control arm
  • Wheel bearings
  • Sway bar

These parts, along with others, are critical to your safety. They keep the tires on the road by adjusting spring and suspension movements and retaining a vertical load on the tires. In essence, your vehicle will not veer off-road if it hits a bump. 

Signs Of A Deteriorating System

A deteriorating or sub-par suspension system puts your safety on the line. That is why it is critical to replace any damaged or aging parts. There must be no compromise on overall quality when you are looking for replacements. 

You will most likely be able to notice any shortcomings in your car suspension on your own while driving. However, for more clarity, you can consult a mechanic. Here are some signs of a failing suspension system:

Abnormal Noises Or Screeches

 Screeches or unexpected noises like grinding when turning the wheels of your vehicle are indicators of malfunctioning wheel bearings. Wheel bearings usually sustain damages due to regular driving on uneven roads. Contaminated lubricant can also be a factor. You will need to replace your wheel bearings for optimum performance. 

Lack Of Proper Control While Driving

The most apparent sign of a deteriorating suspension is a reduction in the control you have over your vehicle. It is dangerous since a lack of control can result in the wheel seizing up, rendering you unable to make turns safely. Your vehicle’s response on the road also relies upon this.

Excessive Vibration

If you pass over irregularities or bumps on the road and experience excessive vibration in your steering, be cautious. Usually, this is the result of the control arm requiring servicing or replacement. It is not an immediately threatening issue, but you must look into it as soon as possible.

Extreme Wear And Tear Of The Tires

If the ball joints in your suspension system are not performing optimally, your tires may experience excessive wear. It means that the system is not in proper alignment for your drives. It causes the rubber on the tires to travel inconsistently along the surface of the road. 

If you notice any patches on your tires, it is a clear indication of worn-out tires. In addition to replacing the ball joints, you will have to fit new tires as well. 


Best Control Arm


MOOG RK620054 Control Arm

Best Wheel Bearing


MOOG 515036 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly

Best Ball Joint


MOOG K8607T Ball Joint

Mevotech Vs. Moog: Overview 

Let’s come to the main discussion at hand- what are the differences between Mevotech and Moog? Both companies have reliable reputations with solid customer bases, but they have distinctions that set them apart by a considerable margin. If you are well aware of these distinctions, you will be able to pick the more suitable option for your profile. 


Mevotech has been a well-known name in the auto scene for a decent while, producing consistently high-quality parts for over 40 years. 

The Canadian company provides strong and robust replacement components that rival the performance of OEM parts. With flexible and vast compatibilities, Mevotech can supply what most vehicle models need. 

The engineering process of Mevotech is highly meticulous and platform-specific. The company focuses on the geometry of designs to produce durable units. It also has several original technologies stemming from nuanced engineering efforts. 


On the other hand, Moog is a globally recognized company that has been in the industry beyond a century. Moog’s products are undeniably reliable and high-grade. Moog aims to serve customers with long-lasting parts that are easy to install. 

Moog’s customer service is excellent, with the company paying close attention to consumer requirements and awareness. It has a moderate range of products, but the repair kits are especially advantageous. 

Key Differences 

Now that you are familiar with both brands, let’s highlight the significant differences between them:

  • Mevotech components are more affordable than Moog, which often has expensive parts 
  • Both companies offer longevity, but the general observation is that Moog parts last longer than Mevotech 
  • Mevotech has multiple specialized brands for various operational needs, while Moog does not
  • Moog provides its clients with focused education and resources regarding auto systems and their scope
  • Moog products come with a 3-year warranty, and Mevotech parts carry a limited lifetime warranty
  • Mevotech’s control arms comprise brushings and ball joints, making them more abrasion-resistant, while Moog offers only ball joints
  • Mevotech is strictly a Canadian manufacturer, but Moog operates internationally.

Ideal Features: Mevotech Vs. Moog 

Before you choose, it is vital to evaluate certain core features that compose a suitable suspension system. 

Here is an outline of the most significant parts of a car suspension and what you should be judging to find an appropriate fit. The performance of Mevotech and Moog varies in each area. 


Most replacement components of a suspension system are simple to install without professional assistance. It is better to buy replacements that simplify the process to preserve time, energy and avoid shelling out anything extra. 

In this context, Moog offers more user-friendliness than Mevotech since it pre-mounts its units. You will have access to all the hardware you need for an effective and quick installation. 


Durability is vital when buying replacement parts for your suspension system. Your resources and the car’s performance will only suffer if you need to keep replacing parts every few months. Most elements of a suspension system should ideally last for at least 70,000 miles. 

As you have read already, Mevotech and Moog work hard to produce robust and durable designs and structures. However, the overall longevity of your suspension system relies upon the driving you do and the kind of roads you frequent. 


While suspension system parts are critical to smooth and safe driving, it is best to dish out only their worth. 

Moog is more expensive than Mevotech, perhaps due to the premium brand name. Your vehicle’s model will help you review the cost-effectiveness of each brand’s product. 

When selecting the brand to buy from, you need to evaluate your driving. The scope of improvements in performance that you expect is also a contributing aspect here.

Which Product is Better?

The suspension parts of the car play a very important role in tuning cars. In the ongoing debate of Mevotech vs. Moog, we have compared the best products from each brand. The comparison is made based on the control arm, wheel bearing, and ball joints.

Control Arm

Control Arm is also sometimes known as A-Arm. This is the front part of the suspension system and is the most important. Control arms help to connect the front wheel to the vehicle. One end of the control arm links to the car framework, while the other end links to the wheel assembly.

Buying the control arm can be challenging, especially if you are doing it yourself for the first time. You need to determine the quality of the control arm and see if they are compatible with your vehicle. Below are two of the most highly recommended control arms from Mevotech and Moog each.

1. Mevotech MS601043 X-Factor Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly


  • Control is completely made from metal which makes it highly durable
  • Coating of black oxide on the ball joints prevents rust formation
  • Grease fittings on the metal bearings


  • Warranty not present on the ball joints
  • Boot material is not durable

The Mevotech MS601043 X-Factor Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly are perfect for rough and tough terrains. This control arm can withstand almost all types of driving abuse. Mevotech uses polyurethane bushings on its control arms which prevents corrosion and degradation.

Even with regular exposure to road salt, mud, and oil, the material would prevent the control arm from damaging. This control arm has premium quality ball joints which makes it compatible with most vehicles.

The Mevotech control arm provides a firm connection between the vehicle and wheel body. This ensures that the attachment will stay connected despite rough driving, and the wheel can bounce freely. You will receive longevity and durability from the Mevotech control arm.

The wheel frames will also last for a long time by using this control arm. You can grease the control arm very easily, which enhances the service of the ball joints. Moreover, installing this control arm is not very hard and will not require extensive knowledge. Mevotech offers a 1-year warranty on the MS601043 X-Factor Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly.

2. Moog RK620054 Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly


  • Bushings and ball joint is pre-assembled
  • Proper inspection is done along with guaranteed bench testing
  • The lower joint has grease fittings


  • The control arm cannot be adjusted
  • Packaging issues with some buyers

Moog is one brand that is highly recommended by owners looking for premium suspension parts. The Moog RK620054 Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly are no different from the other R-series control arm of the brand. This control arm gives you secure and steady steering at all times.

The R-series control arm is notably one of the most sought-after suspension lines of the brand. This control arm is made from Moog Problem Solving bushings, which is unique to the company. The ball joints are not only easy to install but will provide you with optimum performance for a long time.

Moog uses steel or aluminum for its control arm and engineers in such a manner that it decreases damage and friction. This suspension part is perfect for withstanding the wear and tear of daily driven vehicles. If you are looking for a durable and long-lasting control arm, then Moog is the one to choose.

The Moog control arm is present with M2 technology that gives better responsiveness and steering. Moreover, the brand offers a limited lifetime warranty on the suspension part.

Wheel Bearing

The wheel bearing helps in rotating your wheels with very little friction. If the wheel bearing is not of the best quality, then the performance of your car will see an impact. Moreover, you need to opt for a durable wheel bearing so that it does not wear out easily.

Mevotech and Moog are two of the brands that are well-known for offering high-quality wheel bearing. The two products that we have tested here each belong to these brands. Here the price of the Moog wheel bearing is more than Mevotech. However, the difference will help you understand whose performance is better.

1. Mevotech H513263 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly


  • Requires very minimum maintenance to function properly
  • Extra-large wheel bearings that can take on more load and usage
  • Helps in reducing noise and vibration of the vehicle


  • Some customers complained of malfunctioning sensors

Mevotech uses OEM specifications to design its wheel bearings. This ensures that the functionality does not have any issues and the bearings fit perfectly. With the Mevotech H513263 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly, you can be sure about having a safe and secure ride.

The hub assembly can properly fit the passenger and driver end. Mevotech uses premium quality grease to pre-lubricate the parts. This means you can install the wheel bearings immediately after you take them out of the box. Moreover, the wheel bearing installation is very easy and does not take much time.

The Mevotech wheel bearings are compatible with most vehicles and will bring back right wheel positioning. Moreover, due to the pre-lubrication, you will not face much damage to the wheels due to friction. This ensures higher durability and longevity of the wheel bearings.

The presence of integrated flanges helps in reducing the vibration of your vehicle. This ensures that the inner bearing is kept safe from damage. It also keeps the stiffness intact, which is essential in any high-quality wheel bearing.

2. Moog 515036 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly


  • Components provide smooth and quiet operation
  • Installation is very easy
  • ABS sensors present in the wheel bearings


  • Some customers have faced issues with packaging
  • ABS sensors might sometimes stop working after a short time

The wheel bearing from Moog is costlier than that of Mevotech and is also better in performance. Most owners complain of a consistent noise from their suspension parts when they start driving their vehicles. This is mostly due to wrong wheel bearings, which you can solve by installing Moog.

The Moog 515036 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly is a premium product that has extensive depth and hardness. These factors help in increasing the load capacity of the wheel bearings. It also increases the endurance of the vehicle and makes the wheel bearings more durable.

Moog wheel bearings are very reliable and will help you overcome any issues you have faced with your wheel bearings. There will be smoothness to these wheel bearings’ performance. This enhances your driving experience even on rough terrains.

The fitting of the wheel bearings is so good that you will be safe at all times. Moog ensures quiet operation, and drivers will not hear any rumbling noise no matter which terrain they drive on. It also comes with an ABS cord that restricts abrasion and provides optimum damage protection.

Ball Joints

Ball joints are present with the control arms and help in the steering of the vehicle. Having low-quality ball joints can cause breakage. This gives the wheels freedom to move in different directions, which can cause accidents.

The below section reviews two individual ball joints belonging to Mevotech and Moog, respectively. If you want to purchase just ball joints without the control arm assembly, these can be your best choices.

1. Mevotech TXK80149 Ball Joint


  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Good for heavy-duty usage
  • Anti-rust coating on the housing


  • May need replacing sooner than expected

The Mevotech TXK80149 Ball Joint is compatible with most vehicles and suspension systems. It costs slightly lesser than the Moog ball joints. However, the performance of the product is very good and is recommended by many owners. This ball joint has grease channels along with metal gushers.

The dimensions of the ball joint are similar to OEM parts but at an affordable rate. Moreover, optimum sturdiness and durability are two of the primary features of this ball joint. Mevotech does not compromise with the features while lowering the price of their ball joint.

Another great thing about the ball joint is the build quality. You do not have to replace the ball joint for a long time. It can withstand an immense load and is perfect of your drive your car very frequently. It is also good for using on rough terrains or roads where the bounce is high.

Installing the Mevotech ball joint is very easy and will not take up much of your time. This ball joint is designed to endure high load and heavy-duty usage. This ball joint has grease fittings that prevent damage due to high friction.

2. Moog K8607T Ball Joint


  • The ball joint is compatible with both domestic and foreign vehicles
  • You can use it for a long time without worrying about damage
  • It helps absorb shocks and impact during driving


  • Costlier than the Mevotech ball joint

Moog, like most suspension parts, offers high-quality ball joints. The Moog K8607T Ball Joint has a grease flow mechanism that ensures longevity and durability. Since the ball joint remains well-lubricated, it will not corrode very easily. This makes the ball joint functional for a long time.

Installation of the ball joint is very easy and can be done without extensive technical knowledge. Moreover, you can use this ball joint with most vehicles without worrying about compatibility.

The ball joint comes with a Belleville washer which helps in absorbing shocks and reduces the impact. This means you can drive your vehicle on tough and rough terrains without worrying about intense impact and damage.

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you are looking for additional details, this section may help. Here are the answers to some common queries:

Do Mevotech And Moog Products Come From China?

While Mevotech is a Canadian company, some Mevotech components come with tags stating, ‘Made in China.’ So, yes, certain parts are manufactured in China- but it does not affect their quality in any way. These parts come from the same thorough engineering and testing as others. 

As for Moog, products undergo manufacture all over the world. The brand has its headquarters in the USA. 

How Much Does A Complete Suspension Replacement Cost?

The repair or replacement of the entire system can cost anywhere between $1000 and $5000, accounting for components and labor costs. The construction and model of your vehicle are defining factors here. The extent of the damage and your car insurance plan also dictate the prices. To gain a better idea, check out the official websites of Mevotech or Moog. 

To Sum Up 

If you hope for safe and comfortable drives, the car suspension and the steering system need to function together smoothly. Mevotech and Moog replacement parts make this possible, but it can be pretty tricky to pick the right brand. 

Both companies are brilliant, but the general agreement is that Moog has a slight edge over Mevotech in quality and dependability. On the flip side, however, it is more expensive than Mevotech. In this context, Mevotech is often victorious when it comes to cost-effectiveness. 

Make sure you assess your vehicle and the extent of replacing the suspension requires. It is never a bad idea to invest a little extra into components that will guarantee ideal performance! 


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