Best Rust Converter Reviews & How To Select The Best Rest Converter

Metal objects such as cars or tools are often victims of corrosion. When exposed to oxidizing agents for a long time, they collect rust. Not only does rust turn an object into an eyesore, but it also causes significant harm. You can treat it with the best rust converter options.

Rust converters are an effective tool for dealing with corrosion. They convert the rust into a material that you can paint or even sand off at times. Additionally, it also prevents rust from forming again.

The markets are flooded with converter options, and finding the suitable rust converter for your needs can turn into a challenging task. However, we have done extensive research on your part and curated a guide to finding the best rust converter.

Prepare to dive right in and look at our top recommendations.

Best Choice


Rust-Oleum 248658 Rust Reformer Spray

Premium Choice


FDC Rust Converter Ultra

Best in Budget


Rust-Oleum 215215 Rust Reformer Spray

Top 7 Rust Converters

Here are our picks for the best rust converter. You can also find the pros and cons of each product to help you make an informed decision.

1. FDC Rust Converter Ultra


  • Easy to use
  • Short drying time
  • Large quantity


  • Comparatively expensive

FDC Rust Converter Ultra is a professional-grade converter that works incredibly well on significant restoration projects. It is a heavy-duty product that converts rust into a coating that prevents further corrosion by acting as a sealant.

It comes in a one-gallon bottle that can cover a surface of up to 500 square feet. To bolster the confidence of buyers, the manufacturer offers a 30-day hassle-free money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you are entitled to a refund.

You can apply this converter with a brush, a roller, or even a spray bottle, whichever method you prefer. It comes with a strong formula to use on boats, cars, tools, railing, and many more structures. This strength and versatility make it an excellent choice for commercial projects.

The FDC Rust Converter Ultra is pretty easy to use. There are complex measuring and thinning out processes. All you need to do is stir the mixture and apply it as you like. The only thing to be careful of is that you should not leave it out in the cold. 


  • Efficient: One gallon can cover 500 square feet
  • Versatile: Can be applied with a roller, brush, or spray bottle.
  • Multi-purpose: Works on machinery, tools, automobiles, marine applications, and more
  • Money-back Guarantee: 100% refund if you are not pleased with the results in 30 days.

The professional-grade formula makes this converter an ideal choice for commercial projects. It dries out in just a matter of 20 minutes, which is a very useful feature for some situations. You may need to apply two coats of the remover for it to show the best results.

2. Rust-Oleum 248658 Rust Reformer Spray


  • Short drying time
  • Easy to use
  • Primes the surface


  • Needs constant shaking

This Rust Reformer Spray works quickly to bond with the scales and weakens them, making it easier to brush off the rust. It uses an oil-based formula that contains rust prevention additives. It is helpful in not just converting rust but also keeping it from spreading onto surrounding surfaces.

Once applied, the formula is dry to touch within 20 to 40 minutes. It forms a protective primer layer that you can paint over. You can begin painting on the treated surface after 24 hours have passed.

The aerosol bottle comes with any-angle spray tech that lets you spray even when the bottle is upside down or in a forward and back motion with overlaying strokes. You will have to constantly shake the bottle for it to spray out the formula evenly.

This converter features a powerful formula that gets rid of even the most stubborn spots of rust. You can spray it onto the areas that are typically difficult to reach and do away with the rust.


  • Any-Angle Spray Tech: Lets you spray in any direction
  • Black Result: Leaves the surface pitch-black
  • Small Quantity: Ideal for in-house projects
  • Potent Formula: Can treat tough spots of rust

This spray is a great pick if you have already sanded down the surface, but some tough spots remain. Apply a thick layer of this Rust Reformer for the best results. We hope you like black, as this will always leave a black surface.

3. Rust-Oleum 215215 Rust Reformer Spray


  • No ill odor
  • Quick to dry
  • Inexpensive


  • Not suitable for all applications

It is another product from the trusted Rust-Oleum that gives excellent results. It comes with an any-angle spray tip that lets you spray in any direction you wish to. This rust converter can be used on the outside as well as inside.

This spray has been formulated for priming quickly. The surface should dry out in about an hour. The formula penetrates through the top layer of rust, but it may not deal with big chunks.

Antique wrought iron shelves, gates, and many more metals can be treater with the Rust Reformer Spray. You won’t have to constantly shake the can for it to spray out the solution. You can even spray on additional layers without waiting for the older coats to dry out.

The formula is water-based, and it converts the rust into a paintable surface without sanding off anything. It even offers protection against future corrosion.


  • 10.25 oz: Covers up to 12 square feet
  • Black result: Leads to a black finish on the surface
  • Water-based: Does not require sanding before application
  • Preventative: Protects against future corrosion
  • Any-angle Spray Tech: Spray comfortable in any direction

This product is incredibly quick and useful. It can be sprayed easily, even in spots that are not easy to reach, owing to its convenient nozzle. It can work on most surfaces and is an excellent purchase for use at work and home alike.

4. Corroseal Rust Converter Metal Primer


  • Easy to use
  • Non-flammable
  • Easy to clean


  • Slightly expensive
  • Requires preparation

Corroseal Rust Converter is one of the most popular picks for rust converters. It works great on cars, marine applications, industrial machines, household products, and pretty much anything that can rust.

A notable feature of Corroseal is that you can paint, prime, and convert corrosion with just this one product. The formula is strong but thin enough for spaying. It offers long-lasting results with its industrial level strength.

One gallon, the size in which this converter is generally available, is enough to cover a surface area of 250 square feet. While even one coat is enough to notice a stark difference, applying two coats of Corroseal will give incredible results.

The solution is non-flammable and non-corrosive, making it safe for use in household projects. At the same time, it can clear rust from marine vessels just as effectively. It is a little expensive, but the powerful formula makes it worth it.

The formula is environment-friendly as well. Cleaning requires minimal resources and products. You can clean it with soap and water.


  • Large Quantity: Can cover up to 250 square feet
  • Primer Layer: Seals the surface with a primer coating for further painting
  • Versatile: Can be rolled, sprayed, or painted on the surface
  • Multi-purpose: Can be used around the house, on cars, or even on a boat.

The Corroseal Rust Converter is a powerful solution to all your rusting woes. It can be applied with great ease and shows outstanding results with just a single layer. The non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable formula makes it very safe for use around the house.

5. GEMPLER’S Eco-Friendly Rust Converter


  • Easy cleanup
  • Environment friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Non-flammable


  • Long drying time

If you are someone that cares about the environment, you will love this converter from Gempler’s. It is one of the most sought-after rust removers today. It is a powerful product that delivers great results without harming the environment. 

The formula is non-toxic and eco-friendly. It can easily restore tanks, vehicles, and other metal objects. It can also stop the rust from spreading onto surrounding surfaces. It converts the rust into a protective black layer.

The application of this rust converter is quite simple. You just need to use a sponge brush or even a standard paintbrush and apply the product. However, it takes 48 hours to dry out, which may bother some users.

While the converter is expensive, one gallon of thing solution can be used across 500 square feet, making it a worthwhile investment. It also makes your life easier by doing the job of a primer as well.


  • Huge Quantity: Can cover 500 square feet
  • Multi-purpose: Works as a primer as well
  • Safe: Uses a non-toxic formula
  • Black Layer: Leaves a black surface

The product gives exceptional results, despite using a non-toxic and eco-friendly formula. It eliminates the need for sandblasting before the application of the converter. It is, however, recommended to remove any loose rust with a wire brush first.

6. Permatex Rust Treatment


  • Easy to apply
  • Portable


  • Paint may blister

Permatex is a pioneer in the chemical industry. Their rust converter is a trusted and reliable product. It dispels the rust in one simple step. You can use it on fences, decks, storage tanks, valves, and many more applications.

The formula is authentic and efficient. It can be sprayed or brushed onto the surface being treated. It is strong enough to be mixed with a body filler and fiberglass.

It comes in an aerosol can, making it easy to apply. It is also very handy and can be carried around conveniently. It is also less toxic in comparison with other rust converters, owing to the formic acid content.

The effect of this converter can be observed almost instantly. It turns the rust into a black polymer surface. This coat protects the surface from rust in the future. Since it acts as a primer as well, painting over the surface is not necessary.


  • Strong formula: Can be mixed combined with a body filler and fiberglass
  • Primer Layer: Forms a protective primer coat
  • Weather: Can be used between 10°C and 32°C
  • Versatile: Can be sprayed or brushed

It is a great solution for treating rust on almost all kinds of metal appliances and surfaces. You can even apply it to tiny spots of rust with a q-tip.

7. VHT Rust Converter


  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient can


  • Cannot be brushed on

The VHT Rust Converter is an excellent spray converter option. It is perfect for automobiles. It is very easy to use as the solution only needs to be sprayed over the corroded areas. It is a versatile product, and you can use it over a variety of appliances.

The solution is clear on application and then turns black on drying. Once it has dried, it can be sanded and painted over. That makes it a great pick for treating rust spots on wheel wells and truck beds.

The converter also protects the surface from any future rusting. The formula is quite aggressive. It is a toxic substance in comparison to its competitors and should not be used on nonmetallic materials.

It is a heavy-duty product often used in industrial settings. After treating with the converter, the surface should be sanded off for an even and smooth finish.


  • Versatile: Can be used on many different appliances
  • Aggressive solution: Contains toxic substances
  • Black Result: The surface will end up with a black finish

This converter is fir for appliances where deep and thorough conversion is required. However, its quantity may not be sufficient for bigger projects. The good news is, it is pretty reasonably priced, which means you can buy a few cans at once.

Things To Consider When Selecting The Best Rust Converter

A lot of factors can influence your search for the best rust converter. Let us look at some of the critical considerations to be mindful of while making a purchase.


Every product comes with a different formula. Consequently, their power also differs. Some converters are meant to deal with more minor rust spots that have only just surfaced. Harder solutions focus on tackling rust that has gathered on the surface over the years.

The best rust converter is one formulated for “medium” level rust. The kind of rust that has been there for a while but hasn’t caused any serious harm. The chemical strength of these converters makes them ideal for almost all situations.

Formula Base

Rust converters can either be water-based or chemical-based. Different formulation is ideal for different cases. While water-based converters are non-corrosive and non-toxic, they are a little weaker.

Chemical-based rust converters can be rather harsh. However, they are better suited to deal with old and stubborn rust.


Flammability is an essential consideration regarding both the application and the storage of the rust converter. You should not store flammable cans of liquid converters in a warm space. They may not cause severe burns, but they can lead to irritation and inflammation in the skin.

For application on vehicle parts that you need to weld, it is always better to use non-flammable rust converters. You should ensure that the converter is always at the appropriate temperature. You should also always wear gloves while working with rust converters.

Application Method

Rust converters are available in spray cans and as liquid or gel. Spray bottles, or aerosol spray can, can make the job quite simple. However, they create a mess. The formula in sprays is also less dense at times and may need multiple applications to work effectively.

In contrast, gel or liquid solutions come with a thicker formula and do not create a mess. They get painted on the rusted surface. They are better suited for spot-specific applications.  


Since rust results from a chemical reaction, converters also create another chemical reaction to treat it. All converters come with compounds such as phosphoric acid, which can potentially be volatile. 

You should be aware of the toxicity of the product you are using to decide if it is safe to touch and how you should clean it up. Toxic chemicals coils lead to stains, irritation, or even shedding of the skin.

Drying Time

While drying time is not a crucial consideration, it is helpful when you are in a hurry. A lot of rust converters take a couple of days to dry out. However, some products get rid of the corrosion within a few hours. You can pick a quicker option if you do not like waiting long before painting or sanding over the corroded area.

Future Protection

The entire process of converting rust and then painting or sanding it is long enough as it is. Going through it, again and again, can be a tiring cycle. Many rust converters add a protective layer to the surface to avoid any further corrosion.

This feature may not be necessary if you prime or paint the surface. All metals are different, and you need to figure out what course of action is best suited for your metal products.


Let us examine some of the commonly asked questions for better clarity.

Does Vinegar Clean Rust?

While rust converters are a better option, you can turn to DIY remedies if you are in a hurry or run out of a converter. White vinegar is an effective ingredient to get rid of rust. The rust reacts with the vinegar and dissolves in some time. There are many different ways of using vinegar to clean rust.

If you are cleaning a small object, you can simply soak it in vinegar for a couple of hours. After that, wipe it, and the rust should be gone. Alternatively, if the object is large, you can pour the vinegar over its surface and let it settle. 

Another effective method is to soak a cloth in vinegar and then wipe the surface clean. You could also dip some aluminum foil in vinegar and clean the rusted surface with it. 

Regular vinegar is weaker than white vinegar when it comes to dealing with corrosion. If you wish to use regular vinegar, you will have to soak the object in it for 24 hours and then scrub off the rust.

How Do You Protect Bare Metal From Rust?

Once your rust remover has done its job, you should ensure that your metal is protected from any further corrosion. Here are a few simple ways in which you can prevent further rusting.

  1. Apply a coat of oil to prevent moisture from reaching the surface and oxidizing it. 
  2. Use good quality paint on the metal to protect it from corrosion.
  3. Prevent scratches or cracks on the surface as they can hold water in them.
  4. Store metal products in an area with low humidity and moisture.
  5. Scrape off the rust as soon as it appears. Afterward, scrub the surface with warm water and soap and apply a coat of metal conditioner.

What Is The Difference Between Rust Converter And Rust Remover?

So far, we have read a lot about rust convertors. Now, let us look at rust removers. These removers strip the rust off the surface with the help of a concentrated chemical solution. They are pretty different from rust convertors. 

Rust removers are mostly hazardous and corrosive. The acid eats away all the rust from the surface of the metal. Converters, on the other hand, are usually non-toxic. They convert the rust into non-corrosive compounds that you can paint or sand off.

The process of using rust removers is pretty complex. You will first have to soak the item in the solution. You will have to coat the surface with the rust remover for larger objects and then cover it with plastic. You may have to do this process multiple times to see results.

In contrast, rust converters are much less complicated and give quicker results. Some converters even work as primers and prevent future rusting.

It is better to use a rust converter if you plan on painting the surface eventually. In fact, converters that are also primers will make your job much easier. However, if you want to resurface the object and want the result to be exposed without any paint or primer, rust removers will be better suited.

Closing Thoughts

A rust converter is a worthwhile investment if you want to keep your metal products, such as vehicles, in good shape. You should examine many significant factors such as strength and flammability before investing in a converter.

While picking out the best rust converter is not an easy task, we hope this guide helps you make an informed choice. Now that you are know all the relevant information get rid of that rust!

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