Nakamoto Brakes Review – About Nakamoto and their brakes

Your vehicle’s braking system is ever so crucial. Suppose you need to halt suddenly; you need the best brake rotors and brake pads. Nakamoto Brakes have some top-quality braking mechanisms. 

Nakamoto Brakes are reliable, safe and provide safe vehicle halting. Are you hunting for the best Nakamoto brakes? You are in the right place. 

Fret not; we have elucidated the best Nakamoto brakes and parts in this article. Moreover, you will know about Nakamoto, its mission, and its values. Furthermore, you’ll get enlightened about brakes and their functionality and importance.

So, keep reading to become automotive specialists in brakes and Nakamoto brakes. 

About Nakamoto 

Nakamoto and their brakes may be the best ones in the market. But it would help you to know something about the brand and what they stand for, isn’t it? 

Nakamoto is a worldwide brand that has been around since 1980. Initially, they started as a gasket set and gasket components company. Started by the Lin family, Nakamoto is now a supplier of automotive spare parts. 

Nakamoto offers over 160 product categories with over 100,000 plus part numbers, including Nakamoto brakes and parts. They offer reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective automotive solutions in over 90 countries of the world. 

The Nakamoto Mission Statement

Nakamoto is a global brand that strives to bring Nakamoto brakes and other automotive spare parts to the automotive community worldwide. Its mission is to deliver value and consistent improvements in its products and services.

Nakamoto brakes company strives to be an industry leader. This 35-year-old automotive company stands for sincerity in service, security in sourcing, and spirit in supplying. They create and supply quality products that go through rigorous testing to ensure you are safe in your vehicle. 

Moreover, Nakamoto ensures Nakamoto brakes and other equipment are up to the ISO 9000 or TS16949 certification. Furthermore, they ensure their products and services are of the Highest Aftermarket Standards. Plus, they also have an ISP 90001:2008 certification for excellent operations as a global automotive spare parts supplier. 

A Glimpse of Nakamoto Brakes

Where the braking mechanism is concerned, Nakamoto produces the best and high-quality brake pads, brake rotors, and more. 

The Nakamoto brakes rotors get designed to withstand high temperatures and pressure. Moreover, Nakamoto makes their brake rotors with SAE-ASTM cast iron. They ensure Nakamoto brake rotors are of the right weight, size, and material to help halt your vehicle safely. Furthermore, Nakamoto Brakes are made using Dyno Proven latest technology.

Nakamoto brakes and clutch cylinders are OE grade and work well with your vehicle’s Hydraulics. Moreover, they make heat-treated and electro-coated components to withstand extreme driving conditions. 

Nakamoto brake pads are an incredible innovation. They use Blue Activation technology to increase the brake contact area. Plus, their brake pads are OE level and thermal scorched. 

With Environment in mind, Nakamoto makes excellent Nakamoto brakes and brake parts.

The Best Nakamoto Brakes

Now that you know a little about Nakamoto company and Nakamoto brakes, you might want to know the best Nakamoto Brakes. Here are our top recommended Nakamoto brakes parts.

1. Nakamoto Rotor and Brake Pad Kit


  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Quality materials
  • Quiet and smooth braking


  • Limited availability
  • Limited compatibility

Nakamoto brakes come as a kit in this package. It is a set of four brake rotors and eight brake pads.  The features of the Nakamoto kit are inexplicable. The brake pads are of eight pieces and made from pro-grade ceramic material. The brake pads come with shims too. 

The Nakamoto kit has excellent brake rotors made of ceramic cast iron. It has a zinc coating to prevent corrosion. Moreover, the rotors are cross-drilled and slotted to prevent overheating. They are designed using an automatic sand-casting line.

2. Nakamoto Brake rotor 40206- 1KA2A Brake Disk


  • Durable
  • High-performance and high-quality
  • OE specs matching
  • Well-tested


  • Limited compatibility

The Nakamoto brake rotor 40206-1KA2A is a high-quality brake rotor compatible with Nissan Juke 2010, Sentra 2014, Tiida 2012, and Sylphy 2014. This brake rotor is made of G3000 metallurgy with strict OE specs and is drilled properly and plated. 

Moreover, the Nakamoto brake rotor 40206-1KA2A has a Symmetric Vane Casting that improves structural balance, is thermally efficient and safe. Furthermore, the brake rotor is DIY-friendly and easy to install without modifications required. The brake rotors have non-directional surface detailing and a minimum plate thickness mark.

3. Nakamoto Ceramic Brake Pads


  • Durable
  • Reduces friction wear
  • Durable
  • Easy to break-in


  • Limited availability
  • Limited reviews available

Nakamoto ceramic brake pads are Multi-layer OE-grade. They have an elastomer noise insulator that helps reduce noise when you bring your vehicle to a halt. Moreover, it is made of SAE 1010 grade steel that is strong and supportive. 

Furthermore, the ceramic brake pad has thermal scorching to ensure a smooth and quick break-in. It ensures that the moment you start using the brake pads; you’ll find them responsive. This ceramic brake pad uses Blue Activation technology to increase the brake contact area. 

4. Nakamoto Brake Rotor Brake Drum


  • High-quality G3000 metallurgy
  • Thermally efficient 
  • Durable
  • Limited warranty


  • Not compatible with many vehicles

The Nakamoto Brake rotor is a drum brake rotor for rear wheels. This brake rotor is compatible with Toyota Hiace 2005-2009. Moreover, it is made with top-notch-quality G3000 metallurgy. 

The brake rotor has excellent thermal efficiency, structural stability, and safety. The Nakamoto brakes part is designed according to OE specifications and is DIY-friendly. Moreover, it is easy to install and has a direct bolt-on. Furthermore, you can consult a professional technician for support.

5. Nakamoto Brake Rotor Kit for Jeep Liberty


  • Durable
  • 5-stud fit
  • DIY-friendly
  • Resists corrosion


  • Limited availability

The Nakamoto Brake rotor kit consists of brake rotors for the front and rear. It is a set of four rotors compatible with the 2003-2007 Jeep Liberty. Plus, the brake rotors promise optimal stopping prowess. Moreover, it has five stud wheels that will make your jeep look sturdy.

This kit comes with drum brake rotors for the back and disk brake rotors for the front. It is a zinc-coated brake rotor that reduces corrosion. Moreover, the Nakamoto brakes for the jeep last longer and are easy to install.

Brake Mechanism

You know the best Nakamoto brakes and about the brand. You might be curious regarding the working of the braking mechanism, right? It will probably help you to choose OE matching Nakamoto Brakes. 

The brake mechanism works to bring the car to a halt to avoid collisions and accidents. Your vehicle’s braking mechanism works by using friction’s force to bring the car to a stop. 

Your car has brakes on top of all four wheels and uses the Hydraulic system to function properly. Moreover, your car can have disk brakes or drum brakes. However, the disk brakes function more efficiently and prevent overheating. 

Although some cars might have disk brakes on all four wheels, some cars might have drum brakes on the wheels at the rear side and disk brakes on the wheels at the front for effectiveness. 

  • Disk brakes- They are more expensive but efficient. Works using a disk that gets straddled by a caliper which puts pressure on the brake pads and rotors to bring the vehicle to a halt. 
  • Drum Brakes- These are cost-effective and work through a hollow drum that turns the wheel to a halt.

How Do the Brakes Work?

Drum brakes or disc brakes work to stop your car in the following ways.

  • You push your foot on the brake pedal
  • That generates force and kickstarts the brake booster’s action
  • Then, a piston moves into the cylinder to squeeze hydraulic fluid
  • This hydraulic brake fluid is what forces through the braking system and transmits pressure equally on the four brakes
  • The force and pressure create friction between the brake pads and rotors to pull your vehicle to a halt

Knowing how the brake mechanism might help you choose the best Nakamoto brakes. Let’s get into what to bear in mind when looking for Nakamoto brakes.

How to Choose the Best Nakamoto Brakes

When choosing the best brake parts, you should bear the following in mind. 

Features of the Brake Parts

It is crucial to check the features of your Nakamoto brake pads, brake rotors, and brake cylinders, and clutch. 

Ensure that your Nakamoto Brakes rotors are cross-drilled and have slots to prevent overheating. The Nakamoto brake pads must have an optimum ceramic and metal formula. That will ensure your Nakamoto brake pads are durable and reduce friction wear.

Read the features of your Nakamoto brakes carefully to ensure they dissipate heat and function to bring your car to a halt properly. 

Compatibility With Your Vehicle

It is a vital element to look for when buying Nakamoto brakes. Your brake pads and brake rotors need to be compatible with your vehicle. Nakamoto has brake rotors and pads that custom-fit design. Moreover, they ensure their brakes meet OE specifications. 

However, you must double-check that the Nakamoto brakes fit with your vehicle. Suppose you are doubtful. Consult your mechanic before purchasing the best Nakamoto brakes.

Performance of the Brake Parts

You must look for Brake pads and brake rotors that are high-performing and top quality. Nakamoto brakes should be fully functional and ensure a flawless braking mechanism. Moreover, the brakes must be durable, long-lasting, and shouldn’t glaze or fade. 

So, read the details of Nakamoto brakes thoroughly to ensure high performance for your vehicle. 

How to Maintain Nakamoto Brakes?

Your vehicle’s braking system is crucial and life-changing. You must maintain it and ask your mechanic to service it regularly. Here are some maintenance tips to ensure your Nakamoto brakes function properly.

  • Constantly monitor your vehicle’s brake fluid levels
  • You must clean your brake fluid and refill it when necessary
  • Inspecting your pads and rotors for wear is important to prevent accidents. Ensure you change to Nakamoto brakes if your old ones are worn-out
  • Change your brake fluid occasionally, especially when it turns milky. 
  • Moreover, ensure you use the best brake grease or oil to keep your Nakamoto brakes smooth functioning. 

Why Choose Nakamoto Brakes?

Nakamoto is a Taiwanese-based global automotive parts supplier. You Nakamoto brakes for their durability, high quality, and excellent workmanship. 

Moreover, Nakamoto brakes come with a limited lifetime warranty in case of manufacturing defects. Plus, Nakamoto brakes are corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant too. Furthermore, Nakamoto brakes get manufactured using top-notch manufacturing processes. 

Nakamoto ensures Nakamoto brakes comply with OE specifications. 

Moreover, they ensure their brakes are eco-friendly on three levels. Nakamoto complies with the cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, and asbestos requirements. Further, they comply with the 2021 standard of copper being less than 5% of material weight. Finally, they also comply with the Zero Copper requirement.

What’s more, Nakamoto brakes are premium innovations that reduce noise and have reduced friction wear. In fact, their brakes can run smoothly up to more than 50,000 miles. Moreover, their brakes are easy to install and use. 

So, you cannot go wrong with the best Nakamoto brakes. They are the epitome of quality, performance, environmental friendliness, and affordability. Another notable feature of Nakamoto brakes is that they look classy and well-finished. You might even get drawn to choosing Nakamoto brakes because of their looks. 

However, bear in mind that Nakamoto brakes are fairly new but trustworthy. A brand with over 30-years’ experience in the automotive spare parts industry has manufactured it. So, it is undoubtedly well-researched, well-tested, and meets the highest standards of quality. 

Pros and Cons of Nakamoto Brakes

You’ll find it helpful to know the elucidated list of pros and cons of Nakamoto brakes. The pros and cons of Nakamoto brakes will make it easier for you to make an informed choice. Moreover, it will ensure you choose the right Nakamoto brakes for your vehicle. 


Pros of Nakamoto brakes 

  • Durable brakes parts 
  • Brakes with corrosion and rust-resistant Zinc coating
  • Smooth functioning, high performance, and high-quality braking
  • Easy to install
  • Manufactured with safety, comfort, and strength in mind
  • Reduce friction wear, brake fading, brake glazing, 
  • Eco-friendly brake pads


The cons of Nakamoto Brakes

  • Insufficient reviews available as it is new
  • Limited availability
  • Less product range in Brakes 

Product Range of Nakamoto 

While Nakamoto brakes are highly recommended and superior in quality, you might want to know Nakamoto’s product range. It will help you trust the Nakamoto brakes too. Nakamoto has a wide range of products that increase its trustworthiness and global standing in the automotive parts supplier industry. 

Gaskets and Sealing

Nakamoto makes high-quality gaskets and sealing to keep your engine smoothly functioning and efficient. Their valve seals use an automated manufacturing process and are made of synthetic rubber materials. 

Rubber Parts

They have over 72 makes of rubber parts that comply with OE structure and designs. Moreover, Nakamoto rubber pars work well in all terrains. They make the following rubber parts.

  • Air intake hoses
  • CV boots and steering boots
  • Struts and shock absorber mount

Suspension and Steering Parts

Nakamoto Suspension and Steering parts are the epitome of quality, design, dimensions, and weight. Their steering and suspension parts are tested independently and match OE specs. Moreover, they are durable and well-engineered. 

Engine Parts

Nakamoto is an expert in manufacturing engine parts. They are 100% assembled and designed in Taiwan. Moreover, they have products like turbochargers, Radiators, Automotive belts as engine parts. Efficiency, durability, and affordability are their moto for producing engine parts. 

Nakamoto Brake Parts

Nakamoto brakes are of superior quality, and they are eco-friendly. Moreover, the Nakamoto brakes and clutch cylinders come with installation guidelines to maximize their performance and durability. Nakamoto brakes are engineered for unparalleled braking performance and safety. Furthermore, Nakamoto brake parts are a stunning innovation that gets compatible with several vehicles. 


Nakamoto has a wide range of electrical parts for your vehicle. Blower motors, fan blades, fan assemblies, starters, alternators, automotive switches, cap and rotors, distributors, power window switches, window motor are just a few of the 9078 items Nakamoto has for electrical parts. 

Transmission and Drive Train Parts

For driving your car smoothly, your gear changing needs to happen smoothly too. So, Nakamoto makes transmission filters and filter kits with double-layer OE- grade materials. Moreover, they have over 6500 items in transmission and drive train parts to choose from for a smooth and trouble-free gear change.

Engine Management

Your engine management is crucial. Nakamoto understands this and creates products to help in the effective management of your vehicle’s engine. They manufacture over 10482 items to manage and upgrade your engine. The products include oxygen sensors, ABS sensors, Air Flow Meters, throttle position sensors, EGR valves, Crank shift sensors, ignition cables, ignition coils, starter/ignition switches, speed sensors, and more. 

Nakamoto’s extensive product range is manufactured and designed in Taiwan. They ensure the utmost quality, durability, safety, and performance in their products. You will have a safe and secure ride in your vehicle with Nakamoto products and Nakamoto brakes. 


Nakamoto brakes are manufactured and owned by the Lin family. They create, source, and supply innovative automotive spare parts products worldwide. Nakamoto brakes are eco-friendly, high-quality, and high-performing. Moreover, Nakamoto brakes are pieces of innovation with convenient slots, drills, and brake contact areas. 

Furthermore, Nakamoto brakes help keep you safe and halt your vehicle correctly to avoid collisions. Plus, other than Nakamoto brakes, Nakamoto has several other OE specs matching automotive products for you to have the best vehicle experience. 

So, explore Nakamoto brakes and automotive parts for your vehicle when you need to upgrade!

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