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Royal Purple vs. Mobil 1: Which Is the Best One for Your Car?

Investing in a car is a big deal for many, and so is taking care of it. But this should not be so. The one thing that matters is to choose the best motor oil for your car. It lets the four-wheel partner stay with you for years to come. 

The fact is that good motor oil can extend your car’s life. Royal Purple and Mobil 1 are the best motor oil in the market with leading brands. Backed by big, trusted brand names, it gets difficult for customers to choose between the two.

Well, worry no more! We have researched for you. We know the struggle of changing the conventional oils of a car three times a year. It is very exhausting as well as costly. 

With the right synthetic oil, your car will be good to go for a year. Both these synthetic oils offer high engine performance. Which one you choose depends on your use and the place where you need to use it. 

Though, looking at the climatic perspective, both motor oils are good in any weather. Some motorists prefer Royal purple because of its high performance. In contrast, some invest in Mobil 1 for ride quality and car fuel’s economy. 

Here, we have compiled the details for you to learn about both oils, along with the pros and cons. In the end, you can choose the best motor oil for your four-wheel partner for a smooth trip in the mountains. 

Let us dive in. 

Royal Purple vs. Mobil 1: A Brief Overview

Royal Purple

It is a manufacturer based in America. It produces lubricants for various uses like automotive. Additionally, the use is for industrial, marine, and racing. Its products use in gasoline and diesel engines. 

Besides, they also produce fluids like gear oil, transmission fluid, and hydraulic oil. John Williams founded the company in 1986. He was a developer for oils and became a consultant later. 

The company is famous for its product by the name of Royal Purple 5W-30. The color of this product is purple due to the presence of thermochromic dye.

Mobil 1

It is a manufacturer of synthetic motor oil. Alongside, it produces other automotive lubrication products. It offers various oil filters, engine oils, gear lubricants. Besides, there is chassis grease and transmission fluids. It is synthetic motor oil. 

The company’s market is sold by ExxonMobil. The developer was the Mobil oil company. Besides, it introduced the oil engine in 1974. 

It has gained popularity over the past 40 years. It is because of its ability to produce efficiency-based products for vehicles.

Royal Purple vs. Mobil 1: A Detailed Comparison 

Let us have a detailed look at Royal Purple and Mobil 1 by breaking down individual features. Read ahead to know how these products can help you. 

Royal Purple vs. Mobil 1: Key Differences You Should Know 

Royal Purple and Mobil 1 are great quality motor oils, but there are some differences too. Below is the list that you should know before buying one for your car: 

  1. Different Additives 

Additives used in any motor oil make a huge difference in any car’s functioning. 

  • Royal Purple 

The technology used in Royal purple is Synerlec additive. It includes protection again engine wear, corrosion, and rusting. The performance filers help against oil foaming and engine breakdown. 

A lot of wear and friction gets reduced due to the protective function. It enables the transfer of more energy to the wheels of the car. 

This motor oil technology is great to prevent the car from becoming sluggish or heavy. The oil flow is controllable. Besides, it removes contaminants. 

  • Mobil 1 

The technology used in Mobil 1 is SuperSyn protection. There is excellent engine protection. It is due to the high-performance synthetic oil and an additive component system.

Mobil 1 offers a one-off performance filtering solution. Thus, making it better than its competitors in this aspect. 

  1. Different Thermo-Oxidation Engine Oil Simulation Test Results 

Different results came in the TOEOS test of these two motor oils. After any motor oil use at high temperatures, there are many deposits left at the end. It is important to check these to avoid bad performance. 

  • Royal Purple: It produced a deposit of 10 out of 100. 
  • Mobil 1: It produced a deposit of 45 out of 100. 

In this aspect, Royal Purple is a better choice because of its low deposits. 

  1. Different Oil Changing Intervals 

Motor oil producers, in general, recommend changing the oil between 5000 to 7500 miles. But that is not the case with full synthetic oils. 

  • Royal Purple: It recommends changing the oil after 15000 miles. 
  • Mobil 1: It recommends changing the oil after 18000 miles. 

It means that you can use the above oils for almost a year. These oils enhance mileage too. Though, on time interval, Mobil 1 wins since it offers more miles than Royal Purple.

Royal Purple vs. Mobil 1: Similarities 

Both synthetic oils offer various similarities. Some of them are below: 

  • Royal Purple and Mobil 1 have the latest engine oil licenses. It includes: 
  • International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee or ILSAC.
  • American Petroleum Institute or API.
  • The warry for both these products is for five years. 
  • The current global specification for gasoline engine oils is GM’s. Both these companies have GM Dexos 1. 
  • These companies provide the highest quality of synthetic motor oil in the market. Also, backed by big brand names.

Royal Purple vs. Mobil 1: Product Details, Pros and Cons 

Royal Purple and Mobil 1 are some of the best synthetic oils available in the market. Various motorists trust it.

All products have key features, as well as pros and cons. We have compiled all these below for you to check out. 

Royal Purple vs. Mobil 1: Key Features

Here are a few key features of the two synthetic motor oils.

Royal Purple 

  1. Synerlec additive technology 

Due to the presence of Synerlec additive technology, performance filters work. It enables resisting oxidation which helps in the efficient functioning of the car. Besides, it leads to fewer deposits in the engine, making it function and for longer runs. 

Synerlec technology blends well with synthetic oil. It means there is less wear and tear. Besides, the heat reduces, which enhances the performance of the car. 

  1. Patented wear additives 

Royal purple has patented wear additives. They also reduce various harmful effects of fuel gas. 

Products containing ethanol and Royal Purple are compatible with each other. Besides this, synthetic and mineral oils work with Royal Purple too. 

It means that if you switch from your previous brand to Royal purple, your car will not face any harmful effects. Besides this, the product comes with performance filtering. Thus, it adds another layer of filtering protection to your car. 

Due to the filter protection, engine combustion chambers are clean. They perform efficiently in the long run. 

  1. API-Licensed 

Royal purple has excellent engine protection. It is API-licensed and enhances engine performance. Alongside, it covers all warranty requirements of cars, SUVs. Additionally, it covers the warranty for light trucks too.

Equipped with high protection for engines, it is better than its competitors. It is due to the extra protection of the car engines. It is relatively expensive than Mobil 1. 

Some members of racing teams and engine builders have tested the product. They shared how the use of Royal Purple enhanced their experience for engine life. 

  1. Cohesive 

Royal Purple synthetic oil is amazing because it stays glued to the metal surface of the car. Even after the engine is off, Royal purple stays cohesive. It is helpful to the metal inside the engine, especially during cold start-up. 

Mobil 1 

  1. Annual oil 

Mobil 1 synthetic oil comes with SuperSyn protection. It is also referred to as the annual oil because the time interval required to change the oil is once per year. Being a purely synthetic oil, it ensures engine protection in extreme weather conditions. 

Besides, you can drive 18000 miles with this oil without needing to change the oil. It also prevents the formation of deposits inside the car engine. Thus, it works efficiently and smoothly. 

  1. Patented formula

Mobil 1 has the requirements of synthetic motor oil, making it efficient in use. This oil combines with a special additive and quality base. It can dissolve and remove soot. 

Throughout the year, the products offer no degradation in the lubricant and components. Even in a worst-case scenario, the chemical components of Mobil 1 stay the same. It causes no problems in this aspect. 

  1. Boost engine performance 

The quality of items used in producing synthetic oil enhances the performance. Various riders and motorist have shared their reviews of engine performance boosts. 

Besides, it offers 18000 miles in one change. You can drive worry-free once you invest for a year. 

  1. Improves fictional property 

As mentioned earlier, the time interval needed to change synthetic oil is one and, at max, twice per year. Due to this, the oil offers frictional properties. It makes the engine of your car fuel-efficient and increases the miles on your meter. 

The highlighting factor is that it helps in both hot and cold weather. It means your car’s engine keeps moving. Besides, during the cold weather, it helps to start the engine faster.

A drawback in comparison to the Royal Purple is that it does not offer performance filters. It means that you need to buy oil filters separately from the market. 

Royal Purple vs. Mobil 1: Let Us Weigh-In

Here are some of the major benefits and drawbacks of Royal Purple and Mobil 1.

Royal Purple


  • It gives the benefit of changing the synthetic oil only once per year. 
  • It can run for 15000 miles per oil change. 
  • Royal purple can be used for a range of vehicles. The use is in cars, mowers, trucks, gasoline, diesel engines, and more. 
  • It is a high-quality synthetic motor oil for vehicles. 
  • It provides a smooth ride and improves ride quality. 
  • It enhances the lifespan of your vehicle. 
  • This specialized lubricant motor oil adds MPG. 
  • It helps to soften the ignition struggle. 
  • It’s easier to start the engine in cold weather conditions. 


  • The price of Royal Purple is much higher than Mobil 1 or other competitors. 
  • The packaging is not great.

Mobil 1


  • It gives the benefit of changing the synthetic oil only once per year.
  • It can run for 18000 miles per oil change. 
  • It is a trusted brand, and many professional racing teams use the product. 
  • It contains a detergent which is more than other oil companies.
  • The detergent helps clean the engine of the car or any vehicle in use. 
  • It is affordable in comparison to Royal Purple.


  • Mobil 1 is mainly recommended for vehicles on the highway. 
  • It does not make much improvement in the ride quality.
  • It does not add MPG. 
  • You must buy an extended performance filter separately.

Why Prefer Synthetic Oils over Conventional Oils? 

While reading about synthetic oil, it does cross your mind if you need synthetic oils in the first place. But to answer in simple words, your car needs this. It is more of a long-term investment. 

These oils are way better than conventional mineral oils and save time and energy. In contrast, conventional oil needed to change thrice or sometimes four times a year. Besides, it keeps you worry-free when your vehicle functions smoothly. 

It gives you the luxury of enjoying your trip without needing to think how long your car engine can hold on. Synthetic oils are beneficial because it helps your car engine resist breakdowns.

It is how your car functions smoothly and lasts longer as compared to the conventional oils. Another high fact is the temperature of the synthetic oils. They are designed in a manner to withstand high heat or very cold temperatures. 

So, every time you plan a trip in extreme weather conditions, you won’t need to worry about the car. Just some sweaters in the cold and light clothes in summers are all you would think. It also means you are free from loud spots and sputters of your car in bad weather. 

Is There a Visible Difference while Using Royal Purple? 

The simple answer is yes. It is so subtle and immediately noticeable as you start the car engine for the first time. Your vehicle moves a couple of thousand miles more every time you change the oil in a year.

The difference is visible to the extent that you feel it in the quality of your car ride. There are less noise and unwanted breakdowns. It gives you immense peace of mind while driving in a car with zero issues. 

Besides, on average, you can go 15000 miles before the next oil change. But mostly, it depends on the way you use your car and how often you drive. 

Another highlighting fact is that the oil is purple, just as the name suggests. Though, it turns to amber once it gets inside your car engine. 

John Williams named the company Royal Purple after a customer told him that he has never seen purple oil. Isn’t this interesting? 

The last and the best thing about Royal Purple is that it lets you ride silently. We all love to drive in a car that does not feel like burnout as humans do. Due to its smooth function and silent free drive, you enjoy trips to your fullest. 

In comparison to the conventional oils, life becomes easier. Your car runs smoothly for a year. Which other investment could be better than this? 

Summing Up

In conclusion, we would give a win to Royal Purple. Both these motor oils are designed to change just once per year to highlight an important factor. Both provide high engine performance too. The question comes down to where and how you use these products.

In some situations, Royal Purple is better and vice versa. You need to determine the use of the product as per your driving habits and preferences. Besides, your decision should suit your car features as well. 

A general opinion for both these products is great quality. They offer what they advertised. But as we highlighted before, Royal Purple has benefits that are better in comparison to Mobil 1. 

The difference is in your car engine, almost immediate and noticeable. It makes money spent worth it. In contrast, Mobil 1 offers the best quality, but there are no other amenities. It adds the expense of a performance filter. 

So, the winner from our end is Royal Purple. Which one do you prefer?

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