Deciding which carburetor to get for your 305 Chevy can be daunting. Fortunately, we have performed detailed research to determine which carburetor will be the best for breathing new life back into your Chevy!

The main function of a carburetor is to mix fuel and air in an appropriate ratio for a car’s combustible engine. This function is especially important in today’s world since gas prices are rising, and an efficient carburetor greatly helps in fuel saving. Chevys are notorious for their unusually high level of fuel consumption, and as this level increases, the carburetor’s importance increases too. 

Here is our definitive guide to help you select the best 305 carburetors for your Chevy!

How we made the List

Generally, most people have little to zero knowledge regarding how carburetors work and what they do. When purchasing a new carburetor, it is critical to know its function. Knowing this will help each person make a decision that suits their needs.

A carburetor is going to last you for a long time, typically much longer than other car parts such as brakes though it might require you to check on it as frequently as you would check your brakes. We have kept the factor of longevity in mind too as you will want to make a purchase and then not have to start worrying about replacing it instantly.

Getting a new carburetor isn’t as simple as changing your engine’s oil. many factors need to be considered. You have to keep in mind the performance of your car. Is it idling too fast? Is it giving a rougher ride? Is it not as fuel-efficient as before? Other than that, there are physical aspects which need to be taken care of as well such as dimensions, adapters, and the overall weight of the carburetor.

Therefore, we have made up a list in which we have considered the different types of needs your 305 might be having and have come up with a comprehensive selection of various carburetors which will get your Chevy back to new in no time. Our criteria also included positive customer reviews to ensure that we have selected the best products. So, whether it’s a carburetor for racing needs or a carburetor for your daily everyday use, we have got you covered!


Top 3 Best 305 Carburetors [Comparison Table]

Best Choice


Holley 0-76650BL

  • Easy to check fuel because of clear sight plugs
  • Four-corner idle control allows for precision in the idle control
  • Electric choke helps in cold startups
  • Shiny polished finish

Premium Choice


Edelbrock 1405

  • Full vacuum and timed ports for smooth ignition
  • Two-piece construction allows for leak-free operation
  • Operates at a cooler temperature because of construction

Best in Budget


New Rochester 2GC 2 Barrel

    • Zinc and an Aluminum alloy construction
    • Heavy-duty build
    • Long-lasting 
    • Can handle rough terrain with ease
    • The original level of fuel consumption

Best 305 Carburetor Review

1.      Holley 0-76650BL

At number one is what many consider to be the best lightweight high-performance carburetor on the market. Out of all the options on our list, this is the one that will cost you the most money, but it is also the one that will provide you with the grandest experience.

One thing to note outright is that this carburetor is designed for streetcars. It cannot be installed for normal use on the road as it does not meet the legal standards. However, if you intend to be hitting the tracks with your Chevy, this might be the best 305 carburetor for you. Since you’re going to be using this carburetor for high performance situations, you may want to look for some new tires as well.

The Holley 0-76650BL boosts the efficiency of a 305-engine, meaning that it increases the gas mileage of the engine while at the same time providing a higher level of performance.

Coming to the technical side of things, this is a double pumper carburetor that has an enhanced fuel curve for the best performance. It contains four different vacuum ports, allowing all-important vacuum accessories to be used. The clear fuel level sight plugs allow you to adjust your fuel level with ease.

The body of the carburetor is constructed from aluminum. This aluminum body is what allows it to cut its weight and what still lets it perform at the highest level. Compared to a carburetor made from Zinc, the Holley 0-76650BL weighs approximately five pounds less than most of its competition.

Another great thing about this carburetor is that it is ready for use directly after installation since it comes set with the factory settings and features an electric choke. The electric choke allows for quick and easy cold startups.

The shiny finish on this product is sure to light up what would otherwise be a normal-looking system underneath the hood of your car; it also aids in the durability of your carburetor and helps in increasing its lifespan. This product is a perfect combination of style, practicality, and, most importantly, performance.


  • Easy to check fuel because of clear sight plugs
  • Four-corner idle control allows for precision in the idle control
  • Electric choke helps in cold startups
  • Shiny polished finish


  • Last for a long time
  • Offers better performance than competitors
  • It has a lighter weight than its competitors
  • Easy to install/ make adjustments


  • A bit heavy on the pocket

2.      Edelbrock 1405

The Edelbrock 1405 is one of the most popular choices for a carburetor amongst the general public. Even though it is a moderately priced option, the Edelbrock 1405 offers one of the best performance experiences in the market.

This carburetor is best suited for engines of a smaller size. However, that does not mean that it does not work in all large block engines. 

The Edelbrock 1405 will provide you with a largely increased fuel efficiency level. If you’re looking to save up on your fuel costs, this is one of the best options. Once you install this carburetor, you will also notice that the driving experience of your car will be much better than before. 

We would most definitely recommend this choice for people who have decent experience with cars and car engines since it may require some modifications as time goes on. However, we would still recommend it to people who don’t have a lot of knowledge in this area, as the carburetor comes with factory settings and is easy to install. Since the 305 is an engine of a smaller size, this might be one of the best overall options for you!

Another thing supporting this carburetor’s case is that there is no need to drain the fuel to maintain it. You can clean it easily, and maintenance won’t be a problem when you have the Edelbrock 1405.

The body of the Edelbrock 1405 has an all-aluminum two-piece construction. The two-piece construction allows the carburetor to work at cooler temperatures and face lesser warping. The warping is decreased because the lower temperature means a lower amount of fuel consumption.

Beneath the fuel bowl level, you won’t be finding any gasket, which means that the chances for any leaks decrease greatly and you won’t have to worry about any loss of oil. There are also no plastic parts or power valves to potentially blow out.

With the Edelbrock 1405, you will be getting a perfect balance between high-level performance and fuel efficiency. It is the trusted choice for many users and will remain so for a long time. It is one of the most user-friendly options for a carburetor with a manual choke.


  • Full vacuum and timed ports for smooth ignition
  • Two-piece construction allows for leak-free operation
  • Operates at a cooler temperature because of construction


  • Easy installation
  • Better driving experience
  • Greater fuel efficiency


  • Modifications might not be easy for beginners.

3.      New Rochester 2GC 2 Barrel

The New Rochester 2GC 2 Barrel is one of the best budget options available in the market for your 305.

At first glance, we can observe that the carburetor is made from a strong metal alloy which makes the carburetor a strong piece of machinery. The construction suggests that this option can last you for a long time.

It is a great option to use if you will be making rough use of your car, such as off-roading. It has no problem handling bumpy roads and can provide the car with a uniform level of performance. It is also helpful to have a premium intake system that will boost the car’s performance in such conditions.

Once installed, it will provide you with greater horsepower than before. It will also take your car’s fuel efficiency to the level it used to be in its prime.

For people on a budget, this is one of the best 305 carburetors as it helps save up on fuel consumption and does not cost much. Since you’ll be saving money on your carburetor by opting for this choice, you could spend some of it improving other parts of your car, such as its stereo system.

The alloy of which this carburetor is constructed consists of Zinc and Aluminum. They combine to form a structure that can endure high temperatures, corrosion, and acidic or alkaline substances.

Unlike the previously mentioned options, you might have to make a few adjustments when receiving this carburetor. In some cases, it might work right out of the box, but there is some work to be done in most cases. There may also be a need to use an adapter in the installation process.

However, once you are done with the installation, the New Rochester 2GC promises a uniform and better driving experience with the vehicle’s original level of fuel consumption!


  • Zinc and an Aluminum alloy construction
  • Heavy-duty build


  • Long-lasting 
  • Can handle rough terrain with ease
  • The original level of fuel consumption


  • Some adjustments might be needed during installation
  • A few parts, such as the gaskets, are not of the best quality

4.      Holley 4160C

The Holley 4160C is probably the most well-known and used carburetor amongst people who drive Chevys. 

This carburetor is extremely flexible in its uses and is used worldwide for different purposes. It pairs perfectly with a 305 and will give a great boost to your vehicle’s performance. The carburetor will perform even better if your vehicle is modified to its needs.

The build features dual feed fuel inlets, which provide the engine with the fuel level it needs. It also consists of an electrical choke, and you will see the flexibility of the carburetor in action as it will give you different ways and methods to use the choke. The machinery also provides you with the option of using another choke, which adds to the multitude of functionalities of this carburetor.

Once you receive this carburetor, there is not much you need to do with it. It comes with all factory settings and is ready to operate. It does not require you to tweak it; however, it does require time to be set, which means that you won’t be able to use it straight out of the box.

You will also need an adapter to convert a spread bore into a square bore, which means additional time in the installation process.

This carburetor is one of the best options you can get because of its flexibility. It is also a very well-loved piece of equipment, which says a lot about the carburetor since the market is filled with different offerings.


  • An electric choke allows for easy startups
  • The choice to use a secondary choke
  • Flexible in its application


  • Easy to tune dual pumps
  • Long-lasting silver finish
  • Efficient four-barrel design


  • It needs time to set
  • You will need an adapter for installation

5.      Demon 1900

The Demon 1900 is one of the most responsive and well-designed carburetors on the market. It is built in one single piece and has a patented design. This one-piece means that the design of this carburetor is exclusive to it only and cannot be found in the other options on the market.

The reason that the design is important is that the design makes it extremely easy to clean the device. It allows for easy maintenance and lets you quickly be done with any maintenance check.

It has a ball-burnished aluminum fitting for a stock or even a modified engine. It does not require an adapter because of its dual mounting bolt pattern and is extremely easy to install compared to the rest of the options. The Goggle Valve Secondary throttle plate helps deliver twice the airflow of the primary bores.

It also prevents leaking by integrating the fuel bowl with the gasket above the fuel level.

Its responsiveness is owed to the fact that it contains a triple stack booster. It idles at 800 RPM and will give you a very smooth, while at the same time very crisp riding experience.

One thing to note is that since the design consists of only one piece, you may sometimes need some other parts to work with it. However, this may not always be the case, but it is important to know.

Overall, the Demon 1900 is not a bad choice since it offers something that is easy to maintain and is very responsive. Make use of a high mileage oil and increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.


  • The integrated design prevents any leaks
  • Triple stack boosters and throttle bores result in responsive performance
  • Patented single-piece unique design


  • Easy to maintain and install
  • Idles at 800 RPM
  • Electric choke


  • Sometimes the single-piece component alone may not be enough.

Things to consider when buying the best 305 carburetor

When making your purchase, there should be certain elements that you are considering making sure that the carburetor which you’ll get is best suited to your needs. Here is a list of the elements that hold a lot of importance when you are buying a carburetor:

Carburetor Size

When buying a carburetor, it is extremely important to know the dimensions of the carburetor which you are buying and also the dimensions of your car. This is necessary to prevent buying a carburetor that doesn’t fit. There are some instances where you may fit a carburetor using an adapter. However, it is much more convenient for you to try to go for one which fits your car perfectly.


The choke is an important component when purchasing a carburetor. When it is cold, an engine requires a higher amount of fuel to start up. At this point, the choke becomes important since it creates a richer air to fuel mixture to get the engine started. Chokes are of different types, such as electric and manual. An electric choke works automatically and greatly helps startup vehicles with cold engines.

Street Legal/High-Performance Carburetors

Carburetors are classified into different types. When buying a carburetor, it is important to know which type you need. High-performance carburetors can only be used on offroad vehicles or racing vehicles. This is because they do not follow the required emission provisions rendering them illegal to be used on the street. A street-legal carburetor contains all the appropriate emission provisions, making it legal to drive on the streets.


Your preference for a carburetor may differ depending on what type of modifications you have made to your vehicle or how you will be modifying your carburetor. So, if you’re someone who does not tweak their systems a lot, then it would be preferable for you to get a carburetor that requires as little modification as possible. On the other hand, if you like to modify your systems, look for a carburetor that supports these modifications and make your decision accordingly.


There are many options available in the market to choose from. Some of the options are pocket friendly, while some are not. Depending on the availability of funds, it is important to look at the pricing of the carburetors. There are many budget options available that offer a great value proposition. 


The best material for constructing a carburetor is considered to be aluminum. This is because of the lightweight qualities that it offers. While they are light, the aluminum bodies are also very strong and can last for a long period.


The carburetor barrels help keep up the airflow from the air filter. Here, once again, the number of barrels you may want depends on the use of your car. If you’re expecting high performance from your car, then most definitely, you should go for a four-barrel carburetor.


Frequently Asked Questions:

We have tried to cover all the details regarding which carburetor you should be getting for your car, however, some questions do remain in the minds of consumers that need to be answered. These are some of the most common questions we have found people asking about while looking for the best 305 carburetor.


Q. Does a bigger carburetor mean it is a better one?

Ans. Each engine has a maximum limit on its breathing ability. According to that limitation, you have to know your engine’s limit and get a carburetor. A carburetor can only exercise its power per the breathing limit of the engine.

Q. How will the carburetor affect the speed of my car?

Ans. It depends. You will have to look at your vehicle’s performance when using the previous carburetor. If it had started to show signs of age and did not work as well as it used to before, it is possible that getting a new carburetor will help you in increasing the speed of your car. A carburetor will perform this function, and if you have a good carburetor, it will also help you increase the fuel economy of your car.

Q. Which secondary is best for a streetcar?

Ans. If you are in the streetcar market, you should go for a vacuum secondary. This is because they have automatic transmission and are fuel-efficient. Similarly, if you are going for a racing car, you should have a mechanical secondary.

Q. When should you change your carburetor?

Ans. It would be best if you looked to change your carburetor when you can see a noticeable dip in its performance, when it starts to overheat, and when the exhaust starts giving out dark fumes.

Q. What is the average lifespan of a carburetor?

Ans. There generally is no fixed lifespan of a carburetor. Mostly, it depends on how well you are taking care of and maintaining your carburetor; always make sure to use a high-quality engine oil if you want your equipment to last long. However, some factors may play a role in the longevity of your carburetors, such as their build quality and their design. Some are made to handle rough and tough situations, while some may not be able to go to such extremes.

Q. When should your carburetor be cleaned?

Ans. You should ideally clean a carburetor at least thrice in one year. By cleaning it on a proper schedule, you will be able to increase its lifespan. The carburetor’s performance will also remain top-notch if you take care of it.


We have gone through a comprehensive list of options available in the market for the best 305 carburetor and have also discussed the factors you might want to consider when making your purchase. We hope that this list will help you make a better and more informed decision.

If you are someone who does not have a lot of knowledge regarding car engines, we would recommend you to get the installation done by a professional. Remember to keep in mind your needs and your budget when making your buying decision. Happy riding!