6 Best Shocks For Ford Ranger 4×4

A bumpy ride is never anyone’s pride! The role of the shock absorbers in your Ford Ranger goes beyond simply ensuring a smooth ride. They let you maintain complete control and avoid any dangerous situations. With worn-out shocks, you jeopardize not just your safety- but others’ safety on the road too.

Shock absorbers are virtually the star players in any suspension system. They prevent your vehicle from veering away, keep your tires intact, and ensure safe brakes. So if you observe any signs of deterioration in the stability of your car, it’s time to look for replacement shocks for Ford Ranger.

Today, the market is virtually saturated with aftermarket shock absorbers. Hundreds of brands are selling these products, including Sensen, Blisten, Monroe and so on. To assist you in your search, we have curated a comprehensive guide to the best shocks for Ford Ranger 4×4. After thorough research, comparison, and technical analyses, we have selected the top 7 shock absorber options worth your attention. So let’s roll in!

Our Pick

Monroe Load Adjusting 58643 Shock Absorber

Best Overall

Monroe Load Adjusting 58643 Shock Absorbers are ideal if you want hardy replacements to get you through the roughest terrains.

Things To Consider When Buying Best Shocks For Ford Ranger 4×4

When safety is on the line, you cannot turn towards anything but the best. While our list of Ford Ranger shocks features just that, you still require a profound knowledge of the product you seek. Luckily, we have compiled a source of reference for you, highlighting the vital aspects in picking the right shock absorber.


Compatibility comes first. If you end up purchasing new shocks that don’t fit your Ford Ranger perfectly, they will be of no use. The shock absorber models in our list work well with most Ford Ranger models, but you must double-check.

Compare the specifications of the shock absorber you’re considering with those in your vehicle’s user manual regarding the OEM shocks. Often, you can find all the information you need about compatibility on the manufacturers’ websites.

Design And Effectiveness

After compatibility, you need to consider whether you need a mono-tube or twin-tube design. You can choose from several types:

  • Gas-charged
  • Position-Sensitive Damping
  • Acceleration Sensitive Damping twin-tube

While all of these have distinct features, your choice must be in line with what you expect. The terrain of your usual driving is also a deciding factor since it dictates the intensity of shocks and bumps.

For instance, mono-tube shocks offer better cooling abilities, so they’re suitable for rough terrain drivers. On the other hand, gas-charged shocks that use nitrogen gas eliminate aerating and foaming.

While you consider this, judge whether you require front shock or rear shock units. 

If you do not pick the right design, the shock absorber won’t be that effective. In fact, it will deprive you of a smooth ride.

Quality Of The Seal

A significant portion of a shock system relies upon the hydraulics occurring inside a cell or chamber, so the seal is critical. While investigating the overall quality of a product, assess the structure of the seal. It prevents the vibration-reducing fluid from leaking.

The seals on shocks must be robust and sturdy enough to handle the heat plus wear and tear that comes with driving a Ford Ranger. Before buying a shock absorber, confirm the construction materials of the seal and its resistance to heat.

It is possible to replace seals as independent units, but most shocks come with included seals. So ensure you inspect its quality correctly, or it could affect the entire integrity of your suspension system.


The purpose of buying replacement shocks for Ford Ranger is to solve the issue of a deteriorating suspension system adequately. Shocks are especially vulnerable parts, subject to constant heat exposure. It makes durability an essential factor.

Avoid shocks that use lightweight materials. Products with a protective layer against oxygen, metal dust, and water are advisable. Here are some examples of desirable qualities:

  • Chromed pistons and seals
  • Nitro-carburized piston rod
  • All-weather fluid for shock absorption

It would be best if you went for shock absorbers that assure you of high-quality construction. Brands with a good reputation for shocks and struts, and dependable reviews, are signs of this.

Additionally, if you can verify the source and legitimacy of the raw materials, that’s a plus point.

Best Shocks For Ford Ranger 4x4

When it comes down to it, there is no shortage to shock options in the market. However, you cannot grab a pair of shocks because they have a high rating or a ton of positive reviews. 

Every vehicle is unique, and as such, they all have individual requirements. Their requirement for shocks is no different. So we’re going to walk you through some of the best shock options, specifically for Ford Ranger 4×4. 

1. Rancho RS5000 Shocks


  • Wide application, including fixing on stock or lifted vehicles
  • Purchasable individually or in pairs
  • Customizable as per vehicle
  • Mounting codes included for easy installation


  • Lack of thread down limit
  • Not compatible with electronic air springs or automatic level suspension

The Rancho RS5000 Shocks put your Ford Ranger 4×4 in a position to offer you the best of both worlds! Yes, with their twin-tube designs, these shocks are capable of providing you both on-road comfort and off-road prowess.

The most notable feature of these shocks is their ten-stage velocity-sensitive valving system. For one, this system offers a great deal of customization, making these shocks suitable no matter your driving style! 

That’s not all, though. The valving system also offers excellent dampening, ensuring smoother rides. 

Besides, these shocks come with two piston rods, 16 and 32 mm in diameter, respectively. The first rod does an excellent job of reinforcing your Ranger at all times, but especially during off-road expeditions. The second nitro-carburized rod enhances both strength and performance. 

To make their shocks that much more efficient, Rancho included in them a low-friction self-lubricating seal. This seal, capable of retaining both gas and oil, protects the shock rod from damage. As such, this feature contributes both to the longevity and cost-effectiveness of the product.

Now, we cannot speak of the Rancho RS5000 without mentioning their top-notch rebound bumpers! These work incredibly well in reducing any harshness felt during rides. So you may as well wave goodbye to those annoying potholes and road dips!

What’s more, the Rancho RS5000 Shocks have a super simple installation process. So much so that you do not even need to remove your tires for the process! Simply turn them to the left or right, depending on the side you’re working on.


  • The model comes with adjustable shocks, making it suitable for a variety of vehicles.
  • They feature a protective boot for the seal and rod.
  • The valving system is sensitive to changes in velocity.
  • The shocks have a 9-position performance, permitting the lifting of jeeps and off-road trucks.
  • They come with rubber brushings and double-welded mounts to combat rough terrain.
  • The shocks have a limited lifetime warranty.


All in all, the Rancho RS5000 shocks offer everything from better performance to greater control to reduced harshness. You’ll particularly love these ones if you’re new to shocks, thanks to their super-easy installation process!

2. Monroe Load Adjusting 58643 Shock Absorber


  • Quick adjustment to different terrains
  • Enhanced sealing for extended product life
  • Better corrosion prevention
  • Smooth rod reactions for comfortable rides
  • Simple installation
  • Suitable for extreme road conditions and heavy-duty usage


  • Rear may be slightly higher.
  • Load exceeding may cause distortion.

If you are looking for shocks that can handle the bumpiest terrains, you cannot go wrong with Monroe! The Monroe Load Adjusting 58643 Shock Absorber, in particular, is nothing short of a work of ‘engineering art’. 

To begin with, these super-efficient shocks are all-weather fluid! So you can expect them to offer top-notch performance no matter the weather conditions.

Not to mention, they feature special modifiers that minimize friction. As such, you can be sure that you will have a great deal of control over bumps and rides that are super-smooth overall.

With all four shocks in place, you’re likely to notice a hike in your Ranger’s adaptability. The full displaced valving of the shocks causes this change, allowing you to navigate terrains better. In particular, their design aims to make handling bumpy roads and highways easier.

Durability will be the least of your concerns with these shocks regardless of the extremity of road conditions. The reason being, they come with fluon banded pistons. As such, these shocks provide incredible durability and improved handling for your Ranger. 

What’s more, the Monroe Load Adjusting Shock Absorbers are super light-weight, weighing only 11.02 pounds! So you’ll likely install them in a jiffy even if you’re working by yourself! That said, don’t let their weight fool you. These tough shocks can handle heavy loads of 1,100 pounds with ease! 

Not only that, but they make rides as comfortable as possible with their nitrogen gas charge. This charge not only improves road-to-tire contact but reduces aeration and shock fade!


  • The shocks have all-weather fluid that ensures smooth shock absorption by reducing friction.
  • The heavy gauge calibrated spring offers better control and features dust shield technology.
  • The valves are auto-adjusting according to application for smoother and more consistent rides.
  • They come with fluon banded pistons (FBP) to seal the piston and pressure tube for better control and greater durability.


Monroe Load Adjusting 58643 Shock Absorbers are ideal if you want hardy replacements to get you through the roughest terrains. Also, you won’t need to worry about replacing these shocks for a long time, no matter how bad the roads get!

3. Monroe Monro-Matic Plus 32237 Shock Absorber


  • No modifications needed during installation
  • Extremely affordable
  • Unmatched cooling potential
  • Carburized exterior for greater durability
  • Self-lubricating fluid prevents premature wear
  • Installation requires less time


  • Works best in off-road driving

Durability and high-end performances, these two factors are a given with any Monroe product. The Monroe Monro-Matic Plus 32237 Shock Absorber is no different.

For starters, the model features a nitro-carburized piston larger in diameter compared to other replacement shocks for Ford Rangers 4×4. As such, these shocks have unparalleled cooling abilities. This feature will especially come in handy if the terrains you drive through put a lot of pressure on your suspension system.

What’s more, the enormous cooling potential of these shocks tends to make them more long-lasting! After all, they are more resistant to damage from heat.

The piston isn’t the only feature of these shocks that are larger than others. Quite to the contrary, they come with a massive bore as well. This 1-3/16-inch component increases efficiency and enhanced control.

These shocks come with all-weather fluid, which helps them better absorb vibrations regardless of the weather conditions. Not only that, but the fluid also minimizes the piston rod’s friction, ensuring smooth movement.

Ford Ranger owners that engage in frequent off-road driving will especially like these shocks. However, the upgrade from a vehicle’s OEM shocks harder to notice on regular terrains.

Also, one flaw with these shocks is that vehicles may bounce a tad too much after installing them. However, not all users seem to have faced this problem.

That said, the Monro-Matic Plus Shock Absorbers definitely offer smoother rides. Not to mention, they’re exceptionally versatile and ideal for hauling lighter loads. Also, installing them is a piece of cake!


  • The shocks manage vibrations with utmost efficiency thanks to the all-weather fluid.
  • The fluid also ensures first-rate performance regardless of weather conditions.
  • The piston rod’s exterior is carburized to mitigate friction and promote smoother rod reactions.
  • The bore’s design is such that it effectively disperses heat and enhances damping for greater control.
  • The Velocity Proportional Valving (VPV) technology ensures smoother rides.
  • The shocks come with a nitrogen gas charge for enhanced tire-to-road contact. 


If you mainly drive off-road, the Monroe Monro-Matic Plus Shock Absorbers could be just what your Ranger is missing. What’s more, the budget-friendly price tag of these shocks will definitely put a smile on your face!

4. Gabriel 43167 Rear Load Carrier


  • Economical option for heavy usage
  • Offers super duty performance 
  • Easy to install


  • More suitable for older Ford Ranger models

Gabriel’s Front and Rear Spring Assist (Load Carrier) is an excellent option if you use your Ford Ranger for heavy-duty hauling. With a delicate balance between shock and spring technology, the Gabriel 43167 Rear Spring Assist will ensure that you do not lose ride height even at maximum load capacity.

The Gabriel 43167 Rear Spring Assist comprises constant-rate front coil springs that provide enhanced stability to your vehicle at high speeds too. The variable-rate rear coil springs work to deliver 500 lbs per pair of load capacity. Keep in mind that these shocks for Ford Ranger do not increase payload, so you must not exceed the GVWR.

The brand has designed this shock absorber model to manage heat dissipation efficiently. Like all Gabriel shocks and struts, it offers a robust construction facilitating a long life. The Gabriel 43167 features a chrome-plated piston rod in addition to a leak-proof seal.


  • Combines shock and spring benefits: facilitates high-level absorption
  • Constant-rate front coil springs: Bring stability and steadiness while maintaining ride height
  • Variable-rate rear coil springs: Provides distribution of power to carry total weight rating
  • Versatile with compatibility: Suitable for people requiring shocks for Ford Ranger older models


If you need affordable yet high-performing shocks for Ford Ranger models, the Gabriel 43167 has your back. It blends advantages in different aspects and serves you with a product with high shock absorption and longevity.

5. Belltech 8000 Nitro Drop 2 Shock Absorber


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Includes rubber mounts
  • Adds to the Ranger’s stability
  • Nitrogen-gas powered


  • Installation can be tricky.
  • Ineffective heat dispersion

If you’re looking for replacement shocks that are affordable yet high-quality, think Belltech 8000 Nitro Drop 2 Shock Absorber! What’s more, since this is an entry-level option, it is incredibly easy to install and use. 

One thing to note, though, is that these shocks work better in optimal road conditions. So if you engage in a lot of off-road driving or heavy-duty usage, Belltech 8000 is the right fit for you. 

That said, these shocks come with a high-end metal dust boot. As such, you’ll find them to be resistant to a variety of environmental factors. Not only that, but the dust boot ensures the shocks remain in prime condition regardless of the miles you travel!

Users especially appreciate the great deal of control Belltech 8000 gives them over their vehicles. In doing so, these shocks also make your driving experience that much more enjoyable. At the same time, their rubber mounts work efficiently at keeping vibrations to a minimum.

The sturdy construction of these shocks is the perfect match for a robust Ford Ranger 4×4. As such, you’ll likely see an increase in your vehicle’s stability. 

The shock absorbers even feature a valve train to keep air from entering them. Since particles in the air can hamper their functionality, this feature is critical. Suffice to say, these shocks pack in quite the punch for their lower price tag.


  • The shocks are constructed with sturdy materials.
  • They come with a metal dust boot to shield them against environmental damage.
  • The cavitation-free valve prevents air and its particles from reducing the effectiveness of the shocks.
  • The larger construction of both internal and external parts adds to the durability of the shocks.
  • These shocks follow OEM specifications to a T, so there is no additional lift to them.
  • The rubber mounts make installation entirely effortless.


The Belltech 8000 Nitro 2 Shock Absorbers are an excellent option for those who are new to using shocks. Also, they’re a great choice for those on a budget who still want shocks that offer all the essential features.

6. Bilstein 24-188258 Rear Shock


  • Suitable for several Ford Ranger models
  • Straightforward installation
  • Improves vehicle handling
  • Successfully handles rough terrains or harsh bumps


  • Front shocks no longer available
  • A tad stiffer compared to other shocks

Bilstein 24-188258 Rear shocks can take the performance of any vehicle up a notch. However, they work especially well for Ford Rangers, including the four-wheel-drive ones.

In line with other mono-tube shocks, this Bilstein replacement shock has fantastic heat dispersion abilities. As such, it can successfully manage powerful vibrations for long durations. 

Since the shock contains fluid, it reduces rod friction while also preventing aeration. What’s more, the Eye 16mm upper mount and Eye 12mm lower mount type ensure that installation is a breeze. In fact, you likely won’t need to make any adjustments during the process!

The durable, lightweight materials of the Bilstein 24-188258 means the shocks will likely last you much longer. After all, they will corrode slower no matter how much rain or snow they have to handle. If that’s not enough, the shocks come with another protective layer to further prevent rusting.

The stand-out feature of these shocks is their digressive, velocity-sensitive piston. The piston reacts naturally to the changes in road conditions, ensuring consistent and fade-free performance.

If you don’t take our word, take that of the pros! Professional racers worldwide rely on the Bilstein 24-188258, and if that doesn’t speak volumes about its quality, we don’t know what will.

If you’re looking for a reliable shock absorber that’ll ensure your Ranger stays in your control always, look no further.


  • The mono-tube structure offers incredible cooling capabilities, ensuring consistent performance.
  • It is exceptionally lightweight, weighing only 5 pounds.
  • It comprises heat-resistant materials.
  • The shock has the highest-grade protection against corrosion.


From rough terrains to the harshest climates to massive road bumps, the Bilstein 24-188258 can handle it all! What’s more, the anti-corrosion features of this shock will ensure you get to use it for the longest time.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for more clarity on shock absorbers, these common queries and their solutions might help:

How long do shock absorbers last?

Since shock absorbers experience intense wear and tear, they come with durable designs. Usually, most units last for at least 50,000 miles to 100,000 miles if you care for them properly.

Even when you buy replacement shocks, make sure they guarantee a minimum of this range. If they do not, then look for other options. If a brand does not assure you of lasting for this period, it will most likely serve you with mediocre performance.

What are the signs of worn-out shocks?

Once you begin noticing the early signs of deteriorating shocks, it is critical to take action to prevent further damage to the suspension. Here are some indicators that tell you to look for replacement options:

Reduction In Stopping Capability

One of the most apparent signs of worn-out shocks is a reduction in overall stopping capabilities. It means that if your vehicle covers a greater distance before braking, your shocks are no longer functioning correctly. Faulty shock absorbers can increase the stopping distance of your Ford Ranger by 20%.

Steering Wheel Vibrations

You must be able to maintain complete control over powerful vehicles like Ford Rangers. If you begin to feel excessive vibrations at the wheels of your pickup, your suspension system is at risk.

Swerving Or Veering

Damaged units cause vehicles to dip and swerve during the process of braking. It is highly dangerous, so you must look into new shocks.

Excessive Shaking

Your vehicle should not be shaking or vibrating excessively even when you pass over rough surfaces. If this happens, the other parts of your car will undergo strain as well. It is a result of deteriorated shocks since their role is to absorb the vibrations from impacts.

Is there an alternative way to test shock absorbers?

There is an alternative way along with the usual indicators that help in identifying faulty shock absorbers. It is not the only method, and you must not rely upon it, but it’s a handy confirmer. Park your Ford Ranger and press down with force on the front end of your vehicle, then release. If the car returns to stability after intense bouncing, the shocks need your attention. You can carry out this test with the rear of your vehicle as well.

How to choose suitable shock absorbers?

Each design comes with a focus on specific requirements. Some units serve to support super duty truck usage, while others provide maximum ride comfort or back sports driving. The best way to judge which absorber to purchase is to evaluate the type of driving you prefer and the terrain you frequent.

What happens when the shocks and struts wear out?

When these units experience damage, they begin to loosen up and affect other components of the suspension. It can reduce their service life as well, and they no longer handle the impacts of the surface properly. The comfort of the car ride, weight distribution, and ergonomics suffer due to this. Look for the best replacement shocks in this case. 


Shock absorbers are fundamental components of all vehicles. For the ones like Ford Rangers, they hold greater significance. If you feel uncomfortable in your pickup truck, there’s a great chance damaged shocks are at play. Moreover, check out other reviews of shocks for Ram 1500 and shocks for GMC Sierra.

Our list of the best shocks for Ford Ranger 4×4 is here to help, and we hope you gained valuable insight to make the right decision. Make your way back towards a smooth drive! 

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