Why is my car leaking oil? Common issues and signs.

Why is my car leaking oil? It is a common concern of most car drivers. Wherever you park your car, are you noticing a pile of oil beneath it? Do you experience a burning smell when you start your engine? All these signs suggest that there is some issue with your engine components. It needs to be checked and resolved instantly.

There can be many reasons to the question of why is my car leaking oil. It can be due to issues in the engine gasket, bad connections throughout your engine, oil pan leakage, and oil seal problem. The other main reason can be with your drain plug of oil.

Oil leakage from your car is something serious and should not be ignored because it is not affordable at any cost and can damage many components of your car engine. 

Why is my car leaking oil, and what should I do?

It is a common concern of many car users that my car leaks oil and the possible remedies for it. You can try fixing the oil yourself at home or seek help from a technician. 

  • Changing the engine oil

Sometimes there is a problem with your engine oil that it is not dense enough and leaks from the engine. So, it is suggested that you should use good quality engine oil that strengthens your engine and prevents leakage.

  • Tightening the nuts and bolts

You can take a wrench at home and try looking for two different nuts and bolts of your car. Tightening the nuts if you find any of them loosened. It would solve your issue of why is my car leaking oil.

  • Replacing oil pan gasket

With the faulty oil pan gasket, the engine leaks oil which is a very serious condition and needs to be solved. As a result, the oil drips from the lower body of the car that is an economic loss for you. So, the replacement of the oil pan gasket is the solution in this case.

  • Front and rear seals leakage

The seal’s leakage is also a very common problem and a determinant of why is my car leaking oil. The crankshaft is present between the engine and the car body. There are two seals at both ends of the crankshaft, which prevents oil leakage from the car engine. If there is a massive oil flow from the upper portion of the engine, it suggests some problem with the seals, and they need to be replaced.

  • Oil filter replacement 

The oil filter is the essential component of the car engine and needs to be replaced regularly. So, their job is to make sure that the oil is filtered before the car engine receives it. As they are the most usable component, they are prone to damage, and their malfunctioning can result in oil leakage. Replacing the oil filters can solve the issue of oil leakage through your engine.

But is not necessary that the oil leakage is from the car engine; it can be from the other car components. So, if you are wondering why is my car leaking oil, there can be many reasons for it.





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