WeatherTech Vs. Husky Floor Mats Comparison

Keeping your car’s carpet clean is not an easy task. If you travel with kids or pets, or if you like to eat and drink while traveling, you already know how dirty a car can get. All-weather floor mats are extremely useful in such situations as they protect the carpet of the car from dirt or oil.

If you do not ensure proper maintenance of your car floor, it can lead to problems such as mold. An unkept car floor will also reduce the value of your vehicle at the time of resale. 

WeatherTech and Husky Liners are two popular manufacturers for all-weather mats. They produce durable, high-quality products that keep your car floor protected from all dirt and spillage.

Prepare to dive in and compare the two all-weather floor mats. 

WeatherTech Floor Mats

WeatherTech is a pioneer in the floor mats market. It is one of the most popular picks, and for a good reason. Their custom-fit products are versatile as well as durable. 

WeatherTech uses advanced DigitalFit technology to scan and measure the dimensions of your vehicle. It ensures that the mats fit seamlessly into each corner of your car with complete precision. The mats are smooth on either side and can hold their shape for years.

These mats also feature channels that direct liquids to a lower reservoir. This design protects your car from unnecessary spillage. The heavy-duty rubber mats can withstand extreme temperatures. They are wear-resistant and flexible. They remain durable even when they collect dirt or debris. 

The mats also come with extruded cleats on the bottom. These cleats grip the carpet underneath as they integrate with the factory retention posts to keep the mats in place. The mats are also waterproof, making them ideal for winters when the snow melts.

WeatherTech mats are designed and manufactured in the USA. They come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Features Of WeatherTech Floor Mats

There are several other features of WeatherTech Floor Mats. Read on to find out.

Hassle-free Installation

These floor mats can be easily placed and fitted on your car floor, owing to their custom-fit design. The installation process is quick and convenient. 

Made In America

All WeatherTech products are designed as well as manufactured in the United States of America. 

Heavy-duty Tri-Extruded Material

WeatherTech uses its remarkable High-Density Tri-Extruded (HTDE) material. It comes with a robust core that provides strength to the products. 

Available In Multiple Colors

WeatherTech floor mats are available in three different colors; black, grey, and tan. 

Advanced Surface Channels

The surface channel design directs all fluids into a lower reservoir, protecting your car interiors from liquid spillage.


  • Custom-fit
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Odorless
  • All-weather protection
  • Non-sticky
  • Non-slip surface


  • Comparatively expensive
  • Back row may not be custom fit

Husky Floor Mats

Husky Liners is an experienced brand that has been producing tough floor mats for decades. Their rugged, diamond plate mats can be placed into cars as well as trucks. 

The WeatherBeater mats by Husky Liners are laser-scanned and engineered, producing custom fit mats that fit seamlessly in your vehicle. These cargo liners are easy to install as well as clean. The products are made from custom thermoplastic. It makes the mat resistant to wear and tear. 

The mats are resistant to chemicals, oils, gases, and battery acid. They can hold their own through all kinds of weather conditions. 

These mats are available in three different colors and come with a remarkable lifetime warranty. They come at a lower price compared to their competitors. These mats also feature a proprietary backing system of raised nibs. It ensures that the mats stay in place. 

The raised edges and channel designs are pretty effective against spillage. Dirt and pills get channeled from the raised walls and grooves into the lower reservoir containment. The mats feature a soft exterior. It is boot-proof as well as muck resistant.

The mats also have spikes on the underside to prevent them from slipping or moving uncontrollably when stepped on. However, the spikes may end up scratching the plastic on the trim of your vehicle.

Features Of Husky Floor Mats

There are several other features of Husky Floor Mats. Read on to find out.

Easy To install

Like WeatherTech, Husky floor mats are also custom-fit. They can be installed in the car with great ease, without any hassle.

Does Not Shift

The raised nibs design of the floor mat ensures that they stay in place unless they are moved deliberately. The mats also have spikes on their underside. 

Made In America

Husky Liners is an America-based company. All products are designed and manufactured in Kansas. 

Chemical Resistant

These floor mats are resistant to chemicals, gases, oils, and battery acid. 

Available In Multiple Colors

Husky floor mats are available in three different colors; gray, black, and tan. 


  • Thermoplastic rubberized construction
  • Lightweight
  • Bends easily
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Anti-slip
  • Form Fit laser measurement
  • Comparatively cheaper
  • Tall external walls
  • Excellent grip


  • May not support newer models
  • Can curl on the edges
  • Rubbery smell
Our Pick

Husky Liners 99001 Black WeatherBeater

Best Overall

Lightweight and flexible build, tall external walls and excellent grip make it a better choice.

Comparison Between WeatherTech And Husky Floor Mats

WeatherTech and Husky Liners are both highly reputed floor mat manufacturers. They are similar in multiple aspects. 

  • Both manufacturers produce custom-fit mats designed with laser technology. 
  • All products are made in the USA.
  • Both the brands offer three colors for their mats: black, grey, and tan.
  • The mats protect your car’s carpets and floorboards from spillage and unfavorable weather. 

However, the two producers are not without their differences. 


The Universal and All-Weather mats by WeatherTech sport a more conventional design. They use a system of channels to prevent liquids from spilling all over your car carpet. 

Husky Liners, on the contrary, use elevated edges to contain spills. They also feature diamond-plate patterns or raised grooves to channel the fluids into the liner and away from the car carpet. Their design also includes stay-put nibs to keep them in place. 


Husky Liners offers a lifetime warranty for its floor mats and liners. Meanwhile, WeatherTech provides a limited lifetime warranty for its products. 


WeatherTech mats are made with a digital-fit premium density Tri-Extruded (HTDE) material. It provides a robust core and a gripping surface. This feature minimizes the movement of the mat on the carpet of the car. The Universal and All-Weather floor mats are made with a more pliable thermoplastic material. 

In contrast, Husky uses both a flexible elastomeric material as well as a rubberized thermoplastic. It offers you a wide range of options. Whether you are looking for sturdy rigidity or suppleness, Husky can fulfill your needs. The material makes the mats immune to damage from extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals, and gasoline. 

WeatherTech products are more durable, whereas Husky products are more flexible, owing to their materials.

Cleaning WeatherTech Floor Mats

So, how do you clean your WeatherTech Floor Mat? Read on to find out.

Remove And Clean

You will need to remove the floor mats before you clean them. After removal of the mat, use fresh water to get rid of the overall dirt and mess. Floor mats have many sections which you can clean better if you use a hose.

WeatherTech recommends using WeatherTech TechCare FloorLiner and FloorMat Cleaner to clean their floor mats. However, if you do not have this cleaner, you can use warm water and a mild detergent.

Cover the entire floor mat with the detergent and scrub it with a medium brush. Scrubbing will get rid of stains and dirt from the ridges. After cleaning the detergent properly with cold water, let the mat dry naturally.


After your WeatherTech floor mat dries, you will need to condition them so that they look new again. For conditioning, you can use WeatherTech TechCare FloorLiner and FloorMat Protector, a product of the brand itself.

The protector helps in the prevention of stains and gives an anti-slip and durable finish. You will need to spray the protector over the mat and use a damp sponge to spread it evenly. Using any harsh chemical protector that will spoil the finish of the mat should be avoided.

After the protector dries, you can put the mat back in the vehicle. With the specially formulated clear and protector by WeatherTech, your mat will be as good as new.

Cleaning HuskyLiners Floor Mats

So, how do you clean your HuskyLiners Floor Mat? Read on to find out.

Removing The Floor Mat

To clean our floor mats, you will need to first take them out of the car. By taking out the mats, you will be able to clean both sides of the mats. Moreover, you need to vacuum and clean the car base where the mat was present.

You will need to clean the mats in a dry area where there is no dirt present. You can hang them somewhere to dry easily, and there is no accumulation of dirt and water underneath the floor mat.

Vacuuming The Floor Mat

Before you use water to clean your mats, you will need to vacuum them. This gets rid of the dry dirt that is present on the mat. It is essential to take out the crumbs and loose dirt since using water before will make the debris stick to the mat.

After vacuuming, use a high-pressure water source, preferably a hose, to get rid of the dirt. If you are using a rubber mat, then you can directly use the hose without vacuuming it. Using high-pressure water takes away the dirt and debris instantly.

Take proper care on this step and be thorough with the cleaning. If you have not cleaned your floor mats for a long time, there might be more dirt stuck to them than you can see. Take extra care that any debris stuck in the fiber is hosed out.

Scrubbing The Floor Mat

After you have properly cleaned your mats, you will need to scrub them. Use a mild brush and specially formulated cleaning spray for this step. Cover the mat with the spray, and then use the brush to properly scrub the mat.

Make sure that the mat cleanser you use is not too harsh on the floor mat. Do not use all your force to scrub the mat, or the fibers will get damaged. Slide your brush in the direction of the fabric. After scrubbing it, rinse the mat carefully so that no trace of cleanser is present.

Drying The Floor Mat

Floor mats need to air dry completely before you put them back in the car. This can take several hours, and you need to be patient with this. It is better to leave them hanging for a day so that it dries properly.

Keep them in the sun but make sure that the area or line is clean. If you are using rubber mats, then they will dry within a few hours. After drying the mats properly, you can put them back in the car.

What Are All-Weather Floor Mats?

First, let us understand what all-weather floor mats are.

Our cars go through a lot every day. Over the course of time, they end up collecting a lot of dirt, dust, oil, etc. To protect the carpet of the car from damage, all-weather floor mats are required. These mats keep the interior of the vehicle free from dirt and moisture. 

There are many types of floor mats available to us today. Depending on your requirements, you can pick the right floor mat for your vehicle. 

Features Of All-Weather Floor Mats

All-weather mats are quite important for a car. They have many features making them useful. 


All-Weather mats are made of heavy-duty rubber and last long. They are sturdy and capable of withstanding wear and tear. Even though they catch dirt and other particles, their integrity is not compromised. They can even stand extreme temperatures.  

Easy To Clean

All-Weather mats are rather simple to clean. They can be washed easily with the help of cleaners or DIY solutions. Unlike fabric covers, they do require specialized cleaners. They are water-resistant and dry off easily. 

Protects The Interior Of The Car

Keeping the carpet of the car clean is the primary purpose of an all-weather mat. These mats protect the interior of your vehicle and keep it clean and dry. 

Traps Dirt And Moisture

These mats are excellent in trapping dirt and moisture. They are waterproof and can collect dirt even in rainy and snowy regions. The surface of rubber mats does not allow fluids to slip through, trapping the spillage in a reservoir. These all-weather mats are also effective in trapping dry dirt particles, making them fit for use even in sandy areas.

Visually Appealing

Apart from being functional, these mats also enhance the aesthetics of your car. They are available in multiple colors and add a stylish look to the vehicle.

The Best All-Weather Floor Mats

Both WeatherTech and HuskyLiners have many products which are suitable for different vehicles. They are well-known brands which car owners highly recommend. Here we have mentioned two of the best all-weather floor mats from each brand.

1. Husky Liners 99001 Black WeatherBeater

The all-weather floor mat from HuskyLiners will give you full coverage. You can install these floor mats without any tools. Moreover, they fit perfectly in most vehicles. You will find a raise in the containment wall, which ensures proper fit in your car.

You can use this mat even during winters when there is snow. The mat does not get damaged with water or snow exposure and dries off pretty quickly. HuskyLiners uses sturdy materials for this floor mat and has an anti-slip bottom. This provides you with a stable base even when you are driving at top speed.

2. WeatherTech 440661 Custom Fit Front FloorLiners

You can use the floor liner from WeatherTech in SUVs and sedans. This is an anti-slip floor mat that gives a concrete base. These elevated mats will help in cushioning your feet and not tire them out. You can comfortably use this floor liner when you go on long trips.

Maintaining the mat is very easy, and you can simply follow the steps mentioned in the above section to clean them. Moreover, WeatherTech makes mats that are completely odorless, which most people prefer. The floor liner is also less expensive than the HuskyLiner product.

Which Is The Better Product?

Both HuskyLiners and WeatherTech are high-quality mats, but there is a major difference in the price. Overall, HuskyLiners floor mat could be a better option for most people if they can afford the price. Apart from the price, the HuskyLiners floor also has more elasticity and is lightweight.

Due to this, the floor mat is easy to clean and move when needed. However, the fitting of the WeatherTech floor liner is better than HuskyLiners. This means that the HuskyLiners floor mat will need to be cleaned often since dirt and debris can enter from different sides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us dive right in and examine some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to floor mats.

Which Is Better: Rubber Or Carpet Car Mats?

Whether you should invest in rubber or a carpet car mat depends on your tastes and needs. 

Rubber floor mats are better suited for you, if:

  • You live in extreme weather conditions.
  • You regularly travel with pets.
  • You use your vehicle to transport unclean cargo.
  • You often eat or drink in the car. 

On the converse, carpet floor mats are a better choice for you, if:

  • You want your vehicle interiors to appear aesthetic.
  • You would like embroidery on your floor mats.
  • You want to customize the colors or design on your mats.
  • Your car doesn’t get dirty often.

Are WeatherTech Mats Plastic Or Rubber?

WeatherTech uses an advanced rubber-like Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) for its Trim-To-Fit Floor Mat and All-weather Floor Mat products. This material does not contain any lead, latex, cadmium, or PVCs. It is 100% recyclable. 

For its FloorLiners, WeatherTech uses a patented High-Density Tri-Extruded (HTDE) material. It comes with a rigid core that strengthens the FloorLiners. They can survive all sorts of mess.

How To Clean Rubber Floor Mats?

Over time, floor mats can collect dirt, dust, food, etc. It is vital that you take proper steps for the maintenance of your floor mats. Cleaning rubber floor mats is quite simple. Let us look at the steps. 

  • Remove The Mats

You should not clean the floor mats inside the car. Take the mats out of the vehicle to avoid getting the car messy.

  • Knock Off The Dirt

Beat the floor mats against a hard surface to knock off the dirt and dust. Use a scraper to get rid of sticky materials.

  • Wash The Mats

With the help of a pressurized water hose, wash the floor mats well. Get rid of as much dirt as you can at this step.

  • Clean With Soap

Special solutions are available for cleaning floor mats. Alternatively, you could even make your own soap solution. Using a spray or a cloth, apply the soap to the floor mats and wash thoroughly. 

  • Remove The Soap

Bring out the pressurized water hose again and rinse off the soap. 

  • Dry Out The Mats

Make sure that your mats are fully dry before placing them in the car again. You could hang them on a coat hanger or a railing to let them air dry.

How To Clean Cloth Floor Mats?

Cleaning cloth floor mats is not as easy as cleaning the rubber ones. The stains can be tough to remove, and they may even start to smell. Follow these steps to clean cloth floor mats.

  • Remove The Mats

It is not easy to wash a mat inside the car. It will create too much of a mess. The best way to clean is to take the mats out of the vehicle. 

  • Vacuum Each Side

With the help of a vacuum cleaner, clean both sides of the mat thoroughly. The suction will pull out all the dirt and grime. 

  • Apply Baking Soda

Rub some baking soda on the mats to get rid of the stains and foul odor. Alternatively, you could mix baking soda with water and scrub the dirt off the mat with a brush.

  • Clean With Soap

Use a soapy substance to clean the carpet well. You could use soap water, spray cleaners, or even make your own soapy solution. 

  • Vacuum The Mats

Once again, bring out your vacuum cleaner. It will suck some of the water and remaining dirt from the mats. 

  • Dry The Mats

Hang the mats and leave them out to dry. You could also put them in a dryer. Do not place them in the car until they are fully dry or create an unpleasant smell.

Final Thoughts

The importance of a good quality floor mat cannot be denied. It is crucial to invest in an all-weather floor mat to protect the carpet of your car from dirt, oil, etc. WeatherTech and Husky are both excellent manufacturers for all-weather floor mats. 

The main difference between the two is the material. WeatherTech uses a more rigid material, Tri-Extruded (HDTE), which makes it more durable. In comparison, Husky uses a more flexible material, which is made from an elastomeric compound. 

The two also differ in price. WeatherTech products are expensive in comparison to Husky products. Husky Liners also have spikes on their underside, which WeatherTech does not offer.

If you want to save a little cash, Husky Liners will be a better choice for you. However, WeatherTech floor mats are classier and come with a more polished look. 


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