KYB Strut Plus vs Monroe Quick Strut

KYB Strut Plus vs Monroe Quick Strut

It is difficult to move a car without the struts in place. This automobile component brings together many components such as the tires, springs, shock absorbers, braces, and linkages related to them. Struts help to keep the automobile moving smoothly and efficiently, which improves its handling.

Monroe and KYB are two of the most well-known names in the industry when it comes to shock absorbers and struts. Both of these companies are well-known and well-regarded for their high-quality products.

In this article, we will put a showdown of the tycoons of struts and shocks KYB Strut Plus vs Monroe Quick Strut to assist you in making your decision.

How we made the list:


KYB Strut Plus vs Monroe Quick Strut, which is the best? You may have this question when looking for the ideal shocks and struts. Whether it is a car battery or a radiator, deciding on the best car part is quite a hassle and requires experience to land on the most preferable.

We’ve compared both companies and their products to make things easy for you to ensure that you receive the finest possible product for your money. The top of the market was discovered after searching several articles on the internet and analyzing hundreds of ratings and reviews. KYB and Monroe were the clear winners in this process. These struts have been put through their paces to discover what you’re looking for.

Below are the best products from both companies. Keep in mind that each of these products will provide various benefits and performance improvements that differ, so you must first determine what your vehicle’s specific suspension system needs before applying any of these guidance products.

Monroe Quick-Strut 139104

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Equipping with OE riding technology
  • High-speed reliability
  • High-quality materials are used to construct this product.
  • Strut technology of the highest quality for each application
  • Upper strut mount that has been pre-assembled

KYB SR4079 Strut Plus

  • Manufactured in Japan
  • Because it has been pre-assembled by the manufacturer, it is simple to put together.
  • Slow Speed Reliability.
  • The Disk, which is unique to this model, assures a consistent oil flow.
  • Various characteristics are evaluated, including friction minimization, braking performance, and cornering quality.
  • The coating, which is applied on the piston rod, helps extend the strut’s life while also protecting it from corrosion and rust.

Monroe Shocks & Struts Quick-Strut:

The Monroe Quick Strut is an innovative product created and built to give a replica of the original equipment manufacturer’s design. Using a coil spring design that has been tested and tweaked, the strut is designed to maintain the original style of riding.

The Monroe is constructed of US-grade steel and has an upper strut attachment and bearing plate in the OE form. It also includes SAE-grade nuts and bolts and excellent rubber to steel-plated binding for long-lasting performance and durability.

Monroe provides superior strut technology tailored to each user to maximize the vehicle’s specific drivability aspects and maximize vehicle performance. In addition to being constructed from high-grade steel, the coil springs are also designed to provide a proper and comfortable ride height while supporting the vehicle’s weight. The powder coating or painting of these springs makes them rust-resistant.

The spring also contributes to preventing metal-to-metal contact and the reduction of noise generated by the springs. In addition to providing a smooth and steady performance, the higher spring seat also eliminates chassis-generated noise. They are backed by a lifetime guarantee and provide a smooth overall steering experience.


  • Restores the ride and handling characteristics that are unique to every vehicle profile.
  • Since everything you need for strut replacement is included in a single-built kit, installation is simpler, faster, and safer.
  • Its high-quality upper strut mount delivers your automobile smooth, like-new accuracy, with no noise, vibrations, memory steer, or harshness.
  • A better tube and weld design constructed of premium steel provide structural integrity and longevity.


  • High-quality materials
  • Premium Strut technology for every use
  • Upper strut mount


  • The warranty information is ambiguous.
  • Compatibility is limited.

KYB Strut Plus:

For all types of vehicles, including SUVs, trucks, and vans, the KYB Struts Plus series gives the best possible handling and control. The use of enhanced shocks and struts on lifted vehicles is simple. A new spring is also included, as is an off-road shaft boot, although it looks somewhat close to other choices on the market. But on quality is far much better.

These shocks and struts can withstand the most difficult road conditions without failures or breakdowns.

They are long-lasting and sturdy, and they can be utilized with heavy vehicles having diesel engines without compromising performance. This is a substantial addition, and it is just what you need if your rock vehicle requires extra towing, sloughing, and hauling capabilities.


  • “Brick road” response issues over strong speed bumps are no longer a concern for the vehicle driver.
  • It is already assembled in its entirety.
  • Because of the heat-treated coil spring, the ride height and stability are restored to their normal levels.
  • Maintains wheel alignment, which helps to extend the life of the tires.
  • Replacement at a reasonable price.
  • The strut boot, which protects the highly polished chrome shaft, prevents road debris and salt from passing through.


  • Installation is straightforward.
  • Affordably priced OE replacement.
  • Affordably priced OE replacement.
  • The strut mount is engineered to lower noise, harshness, and vibration for a secure fit.
  • The Jounce Bumper prevents the car from bottoming out and softens the impact.


  • Compatibility is limited to certain automobile manufacturers and models.
  • It costs $20-30 or more than other brands..

Feature Comparison KYB Struts Plus VS Monroe Quick Struts:


Installation Process: 


When selecting a brand of replacement parts, it is important to evaluate how user-friendly the components are. The installation procedure indicates what to expect in terms of user-friendliness. You’ll require a lot of expertise or the services of a professional to accomplish the suspension auto components installation process.

Which installation technique is more straightforward, Monroe or KYB? The car type will determine the specifics of the scenario. Even though the two companies are attempting to capture the whole global market, there are some places where they excel.

For example, the American market is the primary focus of Monroe’s business. Monroe shocks and struts are simple to install on automobiles built in the United States. However, KYB is simple to install on most Japanese and Asian automobile types and inexpensive. Even though they are both simple to install, they are more suitable for their respective home markets.

If you are a seasoned technician, the installation procedure will be a breeze for you. Making use of your mechanic’s toolkit, you will be able to complete the repair without difficulty. The most important thing is to acquire the correct component for your car based on its make and model. Cars struts and shocks should be used for cars, while trucks components should be used for trucks.



When you compare the pricing of KYB shocks and Monroe shocks, you will find that the price of KYB shocks is almost always greater than the price of Monroe shocks. There is a difference of around $20-40 between the two options.

The price is determined by a variety of elements, one of which is the shock and strut assembly. A full kit will be more costly than purchasing individual components. The kind of vehicle will also have an impact on the pricing. Trucks and vans feature shock absorbers that are far more costly than those found in regular automobiles.

Performance on Road:


Because they meet or exceed OEM specifications, both KYB and Monroe provide a smooth ride. The goal of the shocks determines the smoothness of the shocks. As a result of its stability on rocky terrain, we can state that KYB gives a smoother ride than other brands. Monroe also brings its A-game, as seen by its ability to perform on all-weather roadways.

Because of the high quality of the materials and features used in KYB struts, we can state that KYB gives a smoother ride than other brands like Monroe and Oredy. Whatever the road conditions are, they are able to operate without failing or being damaged.

If you are looking for precise performance, Monroe may not be the best choice over rough terrain. So pair up your KYB struts and shocks with nice off-road tires, and you are good to go.

Service Life:


We all know how hectic it is to check and service a vehicle, and it becomes even more of a hassle when we have to check the underside of a car. Therefore the phrase “Buy once, cry once” is a guideline that is often followed. KYB and Monroe are two of the greatest in the business. When just these two shocks and struts are considered, KYB shocks outperform them in terms of overall service life. However, Monroe shocks have a longer service life than other brands.

Value for Money:


After considering all of the factors, you’ll discover that the brand that delivers the best value for your car can vary depending on the kind of vehicle you have and the sort of driving you to do. It is important to examine the performance increases and general maneuverability you seek while choosing between these two brands.

Which one is better?

Between Monroe and KYB, it’s KYB’s shocks and struts that come out on top. It’s because their shock absorber technologies are so much more durable than Monroe’s that they have a competitive advantage.

Stability and dependability will be improved over Monroe’s shocks and struts, and the mounts will last far longer than those of their rivals. KYB suspension kits will improve the overall performance of your vehicle.

A setup of KYB shocks and struts is more costly than a set of Monroe shocks and struts, but the value and long-term performance advantages you get from your purchase are significantly better than those you would receive from a set of Monroe shocks and struts. If pricing is not a key consideration, you should choose KYB shocks or struts rather than Monroe if you must select between the two manufacturers.

Signs That Indicates You Need Strut Replacement:

After a normal maintenance visit, the majority of drivers find that their vehicle’s shocks and struts are in need of replacement. It might be for a routine service such as a tire balance or an oil change when your technician determines that you could benefit from an upgrade.

If you’re like the majority of individuals, your initial reaction will be, “Are you sure?” After you’ve begun to analyze the material, you may begin to question if the evaluation is true.

It is a good indication that you should consider using Monroe or KYB products when your car begins to exhibit the following indications and problems.

  2. More Bounce.
  3. Tire Wear Indicators.
  4. Squeaky Noises.
  5. Loss of Control on Rough roads.



Q: Are Struts and Shocks the same? 

Despite their similar look, struts and shocks are fundamentally different. Struts are the main structural component of the suspension system, and they are fastened directly to the chassis of a vehicle. The coil spring is attached to the strut, which is the component that is responsible for maintaining the vehicle’s side elevation. For even wear and tear, it is usually advised that you replace a strut pair at a time if one of them becomes damaged.

Q: What is the lifespan of the front struts?

While the length of time that your front struts and shocks are expected to endure can vary depending on your driving habits, they are normally expected to last between four and five years.

Q: How much do struts and shocks cost?

The cost of struts replacement is based on the vehicle being used. Simple struts or shocks may cost anywhere from $60 to $120 per piece, with discounts available on pairs or whole sets. If your vehicle’s suspension system is highly intricate or heavy-duty, a single component might cost between $200 and $400 per part, whether it is sold in pairs or as a whole.

Q: How long does it to install a strut?

If you’re just changing one pair, the installation should take no more than 2 hours. If you’re replacing both the front and back bumpers, the operation will take 3 to 4 hours to complete. It will be necessary to adjust your vehicle when you have finished, so plan on adding another hour to your schedule. Depending on the technician, you should not be charged for more than 5 hours for the installation. Hourly prices vary based on the mechanic.

Q: At what mileage do you replace struts?

It is possible that they will need to be replaced after 50k miles (depending on vehicle and driving conditions). Aside from that, worn struts may hasten the wear of your tires and suspension elements, such as ball bearings, steering connection, springs, and CV joint, amongst other components.

Q: Is the riding experience better after getting new shocks?

Struts generally enhance your vehicle’s overall control and handling performance, but, in certain cases, your vehicle may need a tire rotation and balance after new shocks have been placed on attaining ideal handling.

Q: Which strut provides Smoother Experience?

Because they meet or exceed OEM specifications, both KYB and Monroe provide a smooth ride. The goal of the shocks determines the smoothness of the shocks. As a result of its stability on rocky terrain, we can state that KYB gives a smoother ride than other brands. Monroe also brings its A-game, as seen by its ability to perform on all-weather roadways.




When it comes to getting a smooth ride, just like car tires, it is always vital to have a solid and high-performance strut that can provide you with the ideal ride even on the most unforgiving and uneven roads. What do you do in that case? Well, you try to look into these struts based on the reviews since each one has a particular and unique feature and level of comfort to provide that no other strut can match.

Luckily you don’t have to worry about that as we’ve gone over all of the important characteristics and considerations you should keep in mind when purchasing Monroe or KYB struts for your car or truck.

These considerations should be taken into account when determining whether replacement struts are ideal for your car, guaranteeing that your vehicle is stable and operates well for many years to come. This comparison of KYB strut plus vs Monroe quick strut will assist you in finding the best set of shocks or struts for your car.