Deciding to buy a replacement car battery is not a tough decision, but it requires considering some important factors. With a wide choice of car batteries, you want the best bang for your money! So, what does a car battery do? A car battery is needed to give your car’s engine an initial power to start, called ignition. As the engine starts purring, a car battery provides power for any electronic equipment such as car stereo and more.

So don’t get stranded due to poor quality car batteries that make your life a difficult one! Pick from our recommendations of the best car batteries below, and have safe travels.

Top 3 Picks [Comparison Table]

Our detailed research shows the following 3 top picks.

Best Choice


XS Power D3400 XS Series (12 volts, 3300 Amp)

  • Comes with regular M6 terminal bolts
  • 12 volts battery for quick start and longevity
  • Internal sealed valves to avoid leakages
  • Vibration resistant
  • Uses AGM or Absorbed Glass Material technology
  • Enhanced power and performance

Premium Choice


2. Optima Red Top Battery (Model 8004-003 34/78)

  • Powerful starting burst within five seconds
  • Enhanced vibration resistance up to 15x
  • Excellent 100 minutes reserve capacity
  • Easy to mount in any position
  • Faster recharging
  • Very low self-discharge rates
  • ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified
  • Warranty of three years

Best in Budget


ACDelco Gold Car Battery (94RAGM 94R)

  • Thirty-six months warranty
  • Maintenance-free battery
  • Enhanced Cold Cranking Amps
  • Made in the USA
  • No spills and leakages
  • Enhanced prevention for corrosion
  • Pressurized inside for avoiding vibrations
  • High performance for high load vehicles

How Did We Pick the Best Car Batteries for Your Vehicle?

Our pick is based on detailed secondary research from the OEMs and some of the best auto companies.   We considered the most common type of exhausts and how they function. 

While searching for the best ones that we could recommend to you, our esteemed reader, we searched through various databases and considered the opinion of experts in this field. The ride experience that each exhaust offers is like icing on the cake that we present to you. Finally, we considered availability and ease of buying to recommend our top picks.

So go ahead, and explore one that’s the best for you!

Best Car Batteries 2022 [Reviews]

Here are our well-researched, best reviews of car batteries for your ease.

1.     XS Power D3400

XS has been known for its quality in auto sound systems. And now you have on offer the best car batteries from them.

This battery is made from Absorbed Glass Material or AGM. This seals any lead acidic material as the electrolytes are held in a fibreglass material. Additionally, you get a regulated valve inside and a seal that reinforces the leakage proof feature of this battery. As a result, you can also drive on rugged and tough terrains without any worries.

This battery offers you 3300 amperes (mAh) to give your vehicle a quick start and keep it going. Installation is easy as you don’t have to worry about which side faces front or back. 

This compactly designed battery can face any direction when fitted. Now with the XS D3400, you can experience better battery cooling as this battery reduces heat emissions by nearly thirty per cent.

You must know that there are two models of the XS power D3400 batteries. While they have a similar name, you will notice minor differences in their specifications. The common connection is that both of them are maintenance-free batteries.

While the battery is equipped with the standard M6 terminal bolts, some vehicles may have varying specifications. Hence, you may need extra parts. Check before you buy.


  • Easy to mount/install
  • Comes with regular M6 terminal bolts
  • 12 volts battery for quick start and longevity
  • Internal sealed valves to avoid leakages
  • Vibration resistant
  • Uses AGM or Absorbed Glass Material technology
  • Enhanced power and performance


  • A bit more expensive than others
  • Warranty claim process

Now no more chances of being left behind when your friends race you. With this XS battery, you get an instant start and amazing power. Yes! Even while on tough terrains, this powerhouse will not let you down!

2.     Optima Red Top Battery (Model 8004-003 34/78)

Looking for a quick start battery for your car? Don’t miss this special edition of the Optima Red Top car battery.   It is one of the best car batteries that offer you instant power when you start your car.   The AGM casing backs the steady twelve volts you need for your car to run. No more failures or cranking with the Optima red top car battery.

Manufactured by Johnson Controls, these batteries promise you an excellent start with a five-second bursting start. Yes, even in trying conditions. The specially designed spiral cell technology reduces any vibrations due to the battery by fifteen times, compared to others.

These batteries come with SAE terminals, the most common ones found in any car. If you are replacing the battery with this Optima Red Top car battery, you can’t go wrong when placing the terminal cables. Why? Because the SAE type terminals have a thicker terminal on the positive side and a narrower one on the negative side. So no more cross-connections or reverse charges.

You have probably noticed different tops of Optima batteries, red, green and yellow. What is the difference between the three?

Well, the RedTop batteries are the best suited for a vehicle engine where an alternator is employed. The alternator notices a change in the state of charge and gives energy to your vehicle as required.

How about the YellowTop? These batteries are the best for vehicles needing a higher electrical capacity. In some cases, the self-discharge cycle is higher during ignition. 

And the BlueTop? Well, these work best when you need a committed battery. They are mostly used in marine applications or even RVs. In both cases, the battery is used only to start the engine. You get one of the highest cranking power.


  • Powerful starting burst within five seconds
  • Enhanced vibration resistance up to fifteen times
  • Excellent 100 minutes reserve capacity
  • No more spills
  • Easy to mount in any position
  • Maintenance-free with up to 2x longer life
  • Faster recharging
  • AGM technology for best performance
  • Very low self-discharge rates
  • ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified
  • Warranty of three years


  • Unavailable in Catalina Island

If your vehicle has been giving you trouble, you can’t miss this Optima Red Top 34/78 car battery. Get instant starts with these batteries that offer you a steady performance. Drive over any kind of terrain, yet you will not see any spillages onto the engine compartment. Relieves you of all your worries of starting and stopping during peak traffic hours.

3.     ACDelco Gold 94RAGM

Backed by the General Motor group, the AC Delco company is one of the most reputed car batteries. In fact, many car manufacturers use the ACDelco car batteries as stock/ original batteries.

This battery offers you one of the best cold-cranking applications with strong amperes (mAh). What does that mean? Well, it means that if you are driving in heavy traffic or need to stop and start your car often, this battery stands by you for an instant start, as many times as you want!

Just like XS Power D3400 described above, this battery too offers you Absorbed Glass Material (AGM) design. No more leakages or spillages as you install or when in use. All electrolytes are held inside each battery cell. This is a maintenance-free battery, and you also get a fabulous thirty-six-month warranty. This battery will last you longer than most others in its comparison. How is that? Well, this battery has a steady pressure on the battery plates. This reduces the quantity of active mass that may be lost with use. This battery uses plate separators to minimize any effects from resistance internally. This sets the base for improved performance of the battery.


  • Thirty-six months warranty
  • Maintenance-free battery
  • Enhanced Cold Cranking Amps enables immediate stop and start
  • Enhanced life performance with a stamping of silver calcium stamped alloy
  • Minimal acid leakage with special vent cap design
  • 100% Electrical short tested to minimize early failures
  • ACDelco Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Battery
  • Made in the USA
  • No spills and leakages
  • Enhanced prevention for corrosion
  • Pressurized inside for avoiding vibrations
  • High performance for high load vehicles


  • Proposition 65 Warning
  • Contains lead as a chemical

Your drive need not be a jerky one. Now you can have instant stop and start with this AC Delco battery that never dies on you. Enjoy a smooth drive once you have a high-powered battery for a lifetime.

4.     Odyssey Car Battery 34-PC1500T

Are you going to extremely cold temperatures? Do you want to avoid getting stuck on a highway just after a meal or a snack break? Look no further than the Odyssey car battery 34-PC1500 T! 

Why? Well, these batteries are the best to have as they operate at sublime temperatures. They offer you a wide ambient temperature range for best performance between minus forty to plus forty-five degrees centigrade. Really?

Yes! These batteries have cell plates made from pure virgin lead. Eh? This car battery has a higher number of plates packed in, thereby increasing the surface area of contact. It simply means more power when you start the car engine for a novice.

The manufacturer’s claim that this model has 200% more performance than normal car batteries in its class. Don’t miss their claim of better shelf life by 300% compared to compete.  

Odyssey batteries are future-ready! How? They can take on all the needs of your car that is loaded with electronics and gadgets and various computerized systems.   It offers you an excellent 850 cold cranking amperes for instant starts even as everything around is frozen. This heavy-duty car battery weighs just over fifty-one pounds when installed. However,  that should not be a bother unless you plan to use this in a sports car!


  • Limited 3 and 4-year full-replacements
  • Painted exterior of the battery
  • Quick recharge in four to six hours if needed
  • Operates in extreme temperatures
  • Extreme deep cycling capability
  • 70% longer cycle life compared to conventional deep cycle batteries


  • Weighs nearly fifty pounds
  • Price tag

Well, looks like you have bought a powerhouse with the Odyssey 34-PC1500T! That’s right, no more stopping or car dying out on you as you drive long distances or are travelling between extreme temperatures. This maintenance-free car battery can take care of most needs of your electronically loaded future-ready cars!

5.     Interstate Automotive Battery MTZ-34

One of the reputed brands to consider is the Interstate Automotive batteries which have been in operation since 1952! They have offered this MTZ-34 as the first automotive battery that fills the soul of your vehicle as you drive off with instant starts!

Get a lightning start with the MTZ-34 Interstate car battery! Assured of long-life performance, these batteries are AGM featured. So, use them in your RVs while parked to heat a cup of coffee or the oven while your music blasts away, thanks to the enhanced power performance from these batteries. Plug-in as many numbers of electronic gadgets for your use even though your car is stationary when taking a break or when camping overnight.

Ride for months together with more than ten thousand starts for your car. It has a minimal five per cent depth-of-discharge as claimed by manufacturers.

Get a marvellous eight hundred cold cranking amperes power when needed. No more frequent replacements as you can expect at least double the shelf life compared to conventional any lead alloy car battery. All this with quick five-second instant starts, throughout its life!    Don’t miss the one hundred and twenty-five minutes of reserve capacity that you may need.


  • AGM Battery
  • 800 cold cranking amperes
  • Forty per cent higher cranking power
  • Ready to take on future-ready vehicles


  • A bit heavy in weight

Get instant start and marvellous cold-cranking power amperes when you need them the most. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a smooth ride experience even with all your electronics plugged in for recharges. Yes, even when your RV is parked for the night!

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Car Battery             

Buying a replacement car battery can be a challenge for those who don’t understand automotive. But don’t you worry! Here is our selection of top factors for your consideration to make your buying decision even much easier.

1.       Size

Check your vehicle owner’s manual to see the size of the battery that will fit in easily in the given space. You want to avoid purchases and returns, which only wastes your time and effort. Ensure that the battery tray is cleaned-up before putting in a new battery.

2.       Battery life and warranty

Manufacturer’s offer different average ages or life for a battery. These range from eighteen months to five years and more in some cases. What does that mean? The larger the battery age, the lesser your trouble of replacement.

Many manufacturers’ offer you free replacement during the warranty period. And then others offer to buy back your car battery on a pro-rata basis.

3.       Reserve capacity

Well, remember that time when you left your car headlights on? Were they on for quite some time until the battery failed?   How did the lights stay on for that long? Are you sure of how often you need to start your car in winters?

Well, it’s the result of the reserve capacity of the car’s battery.

The time that a car battery can stand independently, supplying constant voltage for your car, is called reserve capacity. If a car’s alternator has packed up or failed, reserve capacity is the best standby. Check your owner’s manual to see the amount of reserve capacity recommended.

4.       Cold-Cranking Ampere (CCA) rating

Cold temperatures can make the engine oil of a vehicle thicker. This causes trouble in starting a vehicle as the engine oil flow is now viscous. Hence, most car battery manufacturers offer you a cold cranking ampere feature. The cold-cranking ampere rating (CCA) measures a car battery’s ability to start an engine during such extremely cold temperatures.  The higher the rating, the higher the amperes in your car battery for cold cranking.

5.       Terminals – types and positions

You will find that car batteries have different types of terminals based on their designs and functionality on offer. Check what your owner’s manual says about your OEM car battery before buying one. You don’t want to be stuck with a battery with different terminals than required.

6.       Maintenance

Modern-day batteries do not require you to keep pouring water into them for keeping the electrolytes flowing. They are nearly maintenance-free, unlike the ones in the past. Most of today’s batteries come a hundred per cent sealed to avoid any leakages. Though slightly expensive, they are the best to have than those requiring frequent upkeep.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Car Batteries

1.       When do you need a new car battery?

You know you need a car battery when your car doesn’t start or needs enough cranking and coughing before it starts. At times, you may notice leakage and corrosion on the exterior of your car’s battery. This is a sign not to be ignored as the car’s battery is leaking.  Leaking acid causes corrosion, and a battery’s age and life is reduced.

A car battery test may also be recommended if you are unsure and the above symptoms are not visible.

2.       What types of car batteries are there?

In terms of composition, most car batteries are made from lead plates soaked in sulfuric acid. This creates a chemical reaction that results in the production of electrons for your car’s electrical needs.

3.       Which car batteries are the best?

While most car batteries have similar features, the best batteries will offer a higher shelf life, CCA and reserve capacity. Check your car battery’s specifications while selecting one for a replacement.

4.       Can I replace a car battery on my own?

Yes, of course, one can easily replace a car’s battery on one’s own. If you are not sure, look at your car owner’s manual before attempting one. You will need to ensure that you have the right car battery. Don’t shy away from asking for help, as any car battery is heavy for a single person to lift.

5.       What are some points to consider when replacing a car battery?

You must get the right specifications for your car’s battery. Look up the car owner’s manual before you buy a replacement battery. While removing the old car battery,

6.       Is a handle on a car battery a must?

Most car batteries offer you a strap handle or an in-built one. We strongly recommend going in for a car battery that has a handle, either one of them.   Why? Car batteries are heavy, and moving them is difficult, leave alone lifting to replace a car battery. You will need help from a friend or a family member.

7.       Which car battery has the best shelf life?

The shelf-life or age of a car’s battery is dependent on its ability to produce ample electrons. Car batteries with a higher life will need heavier lead plates dipped in the right amount of sulphuric acid. This means increased capacity and size to function. Another important point is the regular upkeep and maintenance of a car battery, as shared earlier. Most car batteries today require minimal maintenance. 

8.       What is the importance of manufacturing date on a car battery?

As you select a car battery, always look at the manufacturing date. Batteries, when not used for long, tend to self-discharge. As a result, these need to be charged before they are installed. We recommend that you buy a battery manufactured within the last six months. This way, you also ensure you get the maximum warranty time rather than lose it.


Replacing a car battery is a simple task, though it can be daunting to buy one. If you are not auto savvy, you may need the help of a friend or a mechanic to replace a car battery. There are ample choices for selecting your car’s replacement battery. Look up your vehicle’s owner’s manual before exploring to know the specifications. Perhaps it is best to explore and read reviews of various car batteries before you settle on one.

Branded manufacturers will usually offer you better warranties if a replacement is needed. Such warranties are not limited to your city or state, and hence if you tend to travel long distances, a well-reputed manufacturer is preferable. Look out for safety guidelines, too, because you are dealing with dangerous chemicals. Always wear personal protective equipment before you replace a car battery. 

Go ahead and enjoy a drive with a newly replaced car battery that gives you peak performance!