Best Brake Caliper Grease – What It Is And A Buyer’s Guide

Have you noticed your brakes squealing or making a sound? These are normal vibrations created between the brake pads and calipers. You might wonder how to escape this unpleasant noise. The solution is using the best brake caliper grease. 

Brake caliper grease is essentially a lubricant that keeps your brakes functioning smoothly and reduces wear and tear. Moreover, a brake caliper grease makes your brakes last longer and makes them durable. 

You might wonder how the brake caliper grease works. Fret not; we have got you covered. This article aims to enlighten you regarding the best brake caliper grease available in the market. Furthermore, it will enlighten you regarding brake caliper grease and how the dielectric grease works. Also, you will know the types of brake grease available in the market. 

So, read on to know about brake caliper grease in detail. You will not regret reading this article if you want the best braking system and the best brake caliper grease.

Best Choice


CRC 05353 Brake Caliper Grease

Premium Choice


Sta-Lube Brake Caliper Grease

Best in Budget


MC-1630 Brake Caliper Grease

Top 5 Brake Caliper Grease

Below you will find the top-recommended best brake caliper grease for your car. Read on to know the best brake caliper grease and its pros and cons.

1. Sta-Lube Brake Caliper Grease


  • High-tech, high-temperature withstanding formula
  • Plastic and rubber safe brake caliper grease
  • Works for disk brakes and drum brakes
  • Prevent vibration, binding, and corrosion


  • Slightly expensive
  • It may not work well on caliper slides

Sta-Lube, established in 1993, is an industry specialist in creating the best brake caliper grease, gear oils, and more. They ensure all their products get tested rigorously and meet the OE specification of your brake caliper. Moreover, they ensure they make their brake caliper grease in high-quality and high-performing standards.

The Sta-Lube SL3303 brake and caliper grease is a 12-ounce synthetic grease. The manufacturers make it using molybdenum, PTFE, and graphite. This brake caliper grease has a temperature range of -30 degrees Fahrenheit to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The synthetic brake caliper grease prevents binding, corrosion, and vibration. Further, it comes with a brush that makes it easy for application. You can use the Sta-Lube SL3303 on the rubber and plastic components too. However, this brake caliper grease may not work well on the slide pins and turns into a sticky sludge. So, exercise caution.

2. CRC 05353 Brake Caliper Grease


  • Prevents corrosion, vibration, binding
  • Ensures smooth functioning
  • Durable and water-resistant
  • Plastic and rubber safe


  • It cannot get used on pins
  • Slightly expensive

CRC devises highly specialized, high-performing formulae to ensure that aviation, automotive, electrical, marine, heavy truck, hardware, and other industry needs get met. In addition, they provide professional solutions to keep you moving. CRC has been in the industry of providing you brake caliper grease and other automotive products since 1958.

The CRC 05353 brake caliper grease is a 12-ounce Synthetic grease. CRC has created this brake caliper grease with graphite, molybdenum, and PTFE. The CRC 05353 brake caliper grease resists water and doesn’t let moisture affect your brake calipers. Moreover, this brake caliper grease can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Furthermore, the CRC 05353 will not wash out and is plastic and rubber safe. You can use the brake caliper grease on metal-to-metal contact points. That includes a cleaner additive. The CRC 05353 brake caliper grease uses a high technology formula to ensure you can lubricate your brake calipers smoothly. It reduces the wear and tear of your brake mechanism.

3. MC-1630 Brake Caliper Grease


  • Original VPMAUTO product
  • Doesn’t harm rubber components
  • Withstands extreme temperatures
  • Prevents uneven wearing


  • Small quantity
  • No brush applicator

MC-1630 is a stellar brake caliper grease created in VMPAUTO. VMPAUTO is a scientific and production company that has been in the industry for 25 years. They started their journey in innovative grease materials based on worn parts restoration in 1996. VMPAUTO creates new, original and specialized products every year. 

The MC-1630 is one such product that you can use on your brake caliper guide pins and the rubber components of your calipers. This brake caliper grease can withstand temperatures ranging from -50 degrees Fahrenheit to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. 

This stellar brake caliper grease prevents jamming and rubber parts deformation. Moreover, it ensures your brake pads don’t wear out unevenly. Furthermore, the brake caliper grease ensures that your stopping distance reduces. 

The MC-1630 brake caliper grease does not harm the rubber bushings of the caliper’s guides. In contrast, it protects it and prolongs the life of the brake calipers. Further, the brake caliper grease ensures no sticking, choking, or drying of your brake caliper guides.

4. Permatex 24110 Disk Brake Caliper Grease


  • Eco-friendly and green
  • Prevents squealing
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Long-lasting lubricant


  • Makes rubber swell
  • You cannot use on the braking surface of caliper pads

Permatex is a company that has been around since 1909. They are the leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of chemical products in the automotive repair and maintenance industry. 

They develop products like brake caliper grease, adhesives, cleaners, sealants, and more. Permatex has several well-known brands under them and aims to be your one-stop solution for brake caliper grease and other vehicle requirements. In addition, Permatex ensures they provide you with excellent quality. They do this by setting an effective Quality Management System. 

The Permatex 24110 commits to meeting your brake caliper grease requirement. It is an 8-ounce premium synthetic brake caliper grease. Permatex has designed this brake caliper grease in an eco-friendly and green manner, and it withstands high temperatures and pressures. 

The 100% synthetic brake caliper grease is non-melting and has a temperature range of -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 204 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use these on caliper pins, hardware, brake pad’s backside, and some other brake caliper surfaces. The Permatex 24110 ensures the metal-to-metal contact areas remain lubricated for a long time. 

5. AGS Silicone Brake Caliper Grease


  • Non-melting, heat resistant
  • Prevents corrosion and uneven wear
  • Noise-free and eliminates vibrations
  • Compatible with plastic and rubber components


  • Small quantity
  • Don’t use on modern disk brake calipers

AGS company is one of the leading manufacturers of specialized lubricants, brake fuel, and transmission lines. They have been in the industry since 1931 and strive to help you in a simple repair to a full replacement of the entire system. AGS company gets driven by innovation and originality in their products. 

They started with a unique stick lubricant, and now they manufacture and innovate several products to help you maintain your precious vehicles. The AGS SIL-Glyde is a 4-ounce tube of silicone brake caliper grease. 

Mechanics highly recommend this brake caliper grease due to its compatibility with plastic and rubber components. The SIL-Glyde is a moisture-proof, heat-resistant, silicone brake caliper grease that protects your brake calipers. It eliminates brake squeals, prevents corrosion, and reduces vibration. 

Moreover, the AGS SIL-Glyde is easy to use and gives you a noise-free installation and easy disassembly. Plus, this brake caliper grease can withstand temperatures over 425 degrees Fahrenheit. What’s more, this is a non-melting and stellar brake caliper grease to lubricate the best brake calipers. 

Features to Look for When Buying the Best Brake Caliper Grease

When looking to buy the best brake caliper grease, you need to bear some features in mind. That enables you to understand the vital features of brake caliper grease. Moreover, it will give you a clear picture of what to look for when buying brake caliper grease. 


Viscosity describes the thickness of the brake caliper grease. Moreover, it describes the ability of the grease to resist flow. Ideally, your brake caliper grease should have a high viscosity to set well on the brake calipers and their components. High viscosity brake caliper grease protects the brake system surface from friction effects.

Temperature Tolerance

Your brake caliper grease needs to withstand high temperatures and low temperatures. Therefore, it should melt or freeze easily. If your brake caliper grease withstands extreme temperatures, it will maintain its lubrication properties properly. Further, it might help you to look for non-melt or non-freeze formulae. Always read the temperature range of your brake caliper grease. 


Suppose brake caliper parts come in contact with water regularly. It makes them prone to rust and wearing faster. A water-resistant brake caliper grease ensures the brake caliper components remain dry and seals out moisture.


Brake caliper grease ranges from $30 to above $50. You need to choose one that fits your budget. Moreover, manufacturers base brake caliper grease pricing on the size and formulation. A small ounce will probably come under $30, whereas a big ounce with a better formulation could cost you over $50. But it will last longer. 


You have three types of brake caliper grease based on application. They are the following.

  • All-purpose (AP) brake caliper grease- for all vehicles and brake systems
  • Multi-Purpose (MP) brake caliper grease- for lighter vehicles
  • Extreme pressure (EP) brake caliper grease- used for vehicles subjected to extreme pressures. These protect the metal-to-metal components more than other options


Sometimes, manufacturers add special ingredients to brake caliper grease. These are additives that improve the functioning of the brake caliper grease. Moreover, additives enhance the quality of the brake caliper grease. 

Manufacturers often add additives that make the brake caliper grease prevent corrosion, protect the brake caliper from rust and brake calipers wear. They also add additives that help brake calipers withstand high temperatures. 


Brake caliper grease sometimes needs to have thickeners that ensure there is no dispersion of grease particles. Moreover, thickeners like lithium help bond the additives to the base oil. Furthermore, thickeners ensure your brake caliper grease functions properly ad is of the right viscosity. 


What is Brake Caliper Grease?

Your braking system consists of a crucial component called brake calipers that help you in halting your vehicle. You can find the brake calipers on each wheel. It compresses the brake pads against the brake rotors to bring the car to a halt. 

Sometimes, the brake calipers become sticky and cause uneven brake pad compression. So, you need to lubricate your brake calipers regularly to ensure the brake calipers don’t get sticky. You need to lubricate your brake caliper brackets and pins too. 

A brake caliper grease is what ensures the braking system functions well and lasts longer. Imagine it to be like oiling your machine to prevent it from getting stuck.

How Does Brake Caliper Grease Work?

Brake calipers are an important component of the braking mechanism. A brake caliper grease works to maintain your braking mechanism’s components, especially the brake calipers. 

Mechanics recommend a high-temperature brake caliper grease to ensure the grease doesn’t melt away with the heat produced by the braking mechanism. Brake caliper grease works to make it easy for you to replace your part when changing calipers. 

Moreover, brake caliper grease ensures there is plenty of lubrication on the various components. As a result, it ensures there are no vibrations, bolts and pins slide well, and it ensures the brakes rub against the rotor properly. 

Further, the brake caliper grease ensures no part is getting stuck. If they get stuck, it causes heat build-up and will make your braking mechanism fail. So, a brake caliper grease works to reduce wear and tear. It ensures your braking mechanism is in good function. 

You might also want to know the benefits of brake caliper grease.

Brake Caliper Grease Benefits

A brake caliper grease is essential for the smooth functioning of your brake calipers and overall brake mechanism. It might help you to know the benefits of using brake caliper grease. You will find them listed below.

  • A brake caliper grease gives proper lubrication. General lubrications tend to melt off, so a specialized brake caliper grease can withstand high temperatures and protects it.
  • Brake caliper grease helps in preventing damage to your brake components.
  • This grease is a specialized formula that will seal out contaminants from your brake calipers.
  • Brake caliper grease helps in reducing brake noise.
  • It reduces friction between the brake calipers and brake pads 
  • Brake caliper grease prevents corrosion of your rubber seals, plastic bushings, and other parts.
  • It helps maintain your brake calipers in pristine condition for a long time

How to Apply Brake Caliper Grease?

You expose your vehicle’s braking system to road spray, dirt, and more every day. As you keep using your vehicle, your brakes do get overused. That causes brake wear, and brake wear can cause dust generation from the rotors and brake pads. It makes the braking mechanism dirty and rusty. 

So, the first step to applying brake caliper grease is to clean your entire braking system, including brake pads, properly. Then, you can do it yourself or ask a professional mechanic to do it. 

Moreover, to clean the parts where there is rust, you need to use a die grinder to clean the corrosion, rust, and dirt. First, you grind the parts until you reach bare metal. Once you do that, use a bucket or pan underneath the brake assembly, spray the calipers, rotors, and pads clean with brake cleaner.

After cleaning the braking mechanism, use your finger or a tongue depressor to apply the brake caliper grease where required. Ensure you apply a thin layer. Overuse could cause brake caliper grease dripping, spraying that could make your brakes ineffectual. 

Types of Brake Caliper Grease

Since you understand what brake caliper grease is and how it works, you might wonder what the types of brake caliper grease are. There are mainly three types of brake caliper grease. You will find their details as you continue perusing this article. 

Mineral-Oil-Based Grease

Mineral-oil-based grease is conventional brake-caliper grease. They used petroleum-based lubricating agents for brake caliper lubrication. Manufacturers formulate these brake caliper grease with additives that meet high temperatures, extreme pressures, and harsh environments. 

Silicone Grease

Silicone grease uses a formula to lubricate your brake calipers and resist corrosion. Essentially, manufacturers create it by using a thickened silica compound. Moreover, silicone grease often replaces oil-based dielectric grease that does not work well on rubber components. 

In its pure form, silicone brake caliper grease withstands high temperatures. But it’s easily contaminated or washed out. 

Synthetic Grease

Synthetic brake caliper grease often outperforms conventional ones. Manufacturers create them to have the supreme lubricating ability and enable them to withstand high temperatures. The synthetic brake caliper grease lasts longer than the other types. They don’t succumb to high pressures and temperatures easily, and at low temperatures, they maintain viscosity.


The brake caliper grease will lubricate your brake caliper and its components thoroughly. It is incredibly beneficial for the smooth-running of your brake calipers. A brake caliper grease not only lubricates but also ensures your brake calipers remain protected from wear and tear. 

Moreover, the best brake calipers grease is high performing, high-quality and well-reviewed. You can procure them easily on Amazon or your local mechanic store. Further, you can easily apply the brake caliper grease to your vehicle, or you can ask a mechanic to do it. 

It helps to bear in mind the important brake caliper grease features when looking for the best brake caliper grease. Therefore, we have curated the best brake caliper grease list and given you essential tips to know more about it. Moreover, we have elucidated the types of brake caliper grease available to you.  

So, go buy the best brake caliper grease to ensure superior lubrication for your braking mechanism. 

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