Gabriel Struts Review

Gabriel Struts Review

Gabriel was the first company to come up with shock absorbers. They did this in 1907. After that, they have constantly come up with newer and better shock absorbers using different kinds of technologies to create the most innovative products possible.

With the industrialization of the twentieth century, the company grew too. They carry the same philosophy of innovation and growth to this day. Their shocks and struts cover about 96% of the North American market, which says a lot considering the amount of competition in this industry.

Even with the complete market dominance, we can’t discount the existing competition. Oredy is a competitor that many people also consider.

Gabriel is one of our country’s most dependable aftermarket and OEM manufacturers for light- and heavy-duty cars and items you may not expect, such as industrial washing machines and car washes. Gabriel, of course, has progressed in tandem with the family automobile and contemporary mobility.

Gabriel is a company committed to producing the highest quality products for its customers. They keep wanting to add more and more to their lineup of products. While caring for their expansion, they also care for the small details, such as being one of the only companies that use super-finished chromed piston rods on every shock and strut that they manufacture. This is the feature that one would expect from a company’s premium line.

The Gabriel Promise

Gabriel’s products are famous throughout the market because of the high standards in the industry. Being one of the suspension parts market creators, they have earned a right to be regarded as a force in the industry. Many companies have tried to follow in their footsteps, but none have been able to recreate Gabriel’s success.

When you are purchasing a Gabriel product, you know what you are getting; they are not shy to hide the fact that they know what they are giving you, which is a high-quality product.

Go up to any industry professional and tell them that you have Gabriel’s products installed in your vehicle, and they will know that you have made a smart purchase.

When you purchase a Gabriel product, there are a few things that you will be getting for sure. The first is quality. Gabriel believes that they cannot compromise the quality of any of their products, which is one reason for including the super finished chromed piston rods in all of their shocks and struts. It works to indicate the company’s philosophy regarding its products.

The second thing that you get is innovation. Ever since their first offering in the market, Gabriel has emphasized innovation. This is why they have been able to come up with so many different types of offerings throughout the years. The technology that they introduce is frequently copied or tried to be replicated by other brands in the industry, which shows just how influential the brand is.

How We Made The List

The market for struts is filled with many brands. Each brand has their own unique offering, however, for this list, we have only chosen struts that are being offered by Gabriel.

The factors that we considered while making the list were the use of high-quality materials, increase in performance, and the benefits added to the overall driving experience. Good struts are one of the most essential components of a vehicle. They form the structure for the whole suspension system in the vehicle and serve different purposes such as saving the wear of the vehicle’s tires, improving stability, and dividing the weight of the vehicle equally to ensure balance.

Many people get confused between shocks and struts and tend to use them interchangeably. The purpose that shocks serve is to dampen the effects of the road, however, as we discussed above, the struts have a greater role than that.

Keeping the importance of the struts in mind, we have formed the list and selected the products which we feel will have the greatest positive impact on the performance of your vehicle.

Remember when looking at the list that struts are usually vehicle specific meaning that you will have to know your vehicle’s specifications and then take a look at the specifications of the struts to be sure that whatever strut you choose to buy, it will work with your vehicle!

We hope that this list will be helpful to you in your task to find the best Gabriel struts for your vehicle!

Top 3 Gabriel Struts Comparison Table

Best Choice


Gabriel G57800 ReadyMount

    • Meets OEM standards
    • Single-piece assembly
    • Easy to install
    • Good build quality

Premium Choice


Gabriel G57092 Ultra ReadyMount

    • Award-winning G-force technology
    • Single-piece build
    • Smoother ride
    • Fewer tire wears

Best in Budget


Gabriel G57022 Ultra ReadyMount

    • Multiple screening processes
    • Vehicle specific fit
    • Reliable
    • Better driving experience

Best Gabriel Struts

1.   Gabriel G57800 ReadyMount

The ReadyMount collection from Gabriel has a lot of things going for it. The first is the ease with which you can install this strut into your vehicle. The strut has been designed to make use of the coil spring and find the optimal rate to achieve the best performance.

The strut has also been thoroughly tested to ensure that the company can meet the OEM standards. As is the case with every Gabriel product, this strut has been engineered with the utmost skill and uses precision engineering.

This specific model is a variant of the ReadyMount model, designed to be used for the Ram ProMaster Models. It shows the focus on increasing the number of cars one can use Gabriel’s products. It would be best if you also looked to get a good shock system for your Ram automobile.

Since the strut comes pre-assembled, it helps you in saving up to an hour or so during the installation process. The fitting is vehicle specific, and the product comes in a single-piece assembly.


  • Meets OEM standards
  • Single-piece assembly


  • Easy to install
  • Good build quality


  • May not fit all vehicles

2.   Gabriel G57092 Ultra ReadyMount

The Gabriel G57092 is another one of Gabriel’s offerings in the market from the ReadyMount range. Being from the ReadyMount range, it shares many similarities to the previous product we have discussed in the list.

It is also easy to install and saves you a lot of time. The struts use G-force technology which is where the ‘G’ in the name probably comes from.

The main goal of the G-force technology is to combine the essential features that Gabriel believes each strut must have and to bring them into one single package. It offers comfort, performance, and also precision.

The technology is almost impossible to replicate, with many failed attempts by competitors. It has also won the Editor’s Choice Award from Popular Mechanics for its design and the ideas behind it.


  • Award-winning G-force technology
  • Single-piece build


  • Smoother ride
  • Fewer tire wears


  • May not fit on all vehicles

3.   Gabriel G57022 Ultra ReadyMount

Third, on our list is the Gabriel G57022. This strut shares all of the same features we have mentioned above because it is a member of the ReadyMount series.

As the name suggests, the ReadyMount series was built so that whoever was going to purchase Gabriel’s struts would have no problems in the installation process. Following this, they have created various versions of the ReadyMount series, with each version sharing the same features as the next, the only change being in the fitting of the struts since they are vehicle specific.

This specific strut model was designed to fit directly into selected Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, Isuzu, Oldsmobile, and Saab automobiles.

All the struts being produced by Gabriel go through multiple screening and testing processes, including tests for braking, load compensation, and fitting.

This makes the final offering by Gabriel always something which a customer can rely upon and is one of the reasons that has helped make the brand successful.


  • Multiple screening processes
  • Vehicle specific fit


  • Reliable
  • Better driving experience


  • Maybe too bouncy for some people’s preference

4.   Gabriel G57147 Ultra ReadyMount

The Gabriel G57147 has been tailored for selected Dodge and Ram models. It is yet again another entry in the ReadyMount series.

The completely completed Ready Mount is easier and safer to install than typical struts, and it doesn’t require any specific tools or equipment. While the G-Force system delivers on-demand control, stability, comfort, and safety in all driving conditions, the factory-manufactured ultra-strut assembly saves time and effort by including all required components for a faster, safer installation. Like all Gabriel shocks and struts, Ready Mount struts include a chromed piston rod for corrosion resistance and a seal that increases the product’s life cycle.


  • G-Force technology
  • Piston Seal


  • Long-lasting
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • May not work on your vehicle

5.   Gabriel G56930 ReadyMount

Built specially for Toyota and Lexus automobiles, the Gabriel G56930 has some special features that make it a strut you would want to consider when making your buying decision, that is, if you have a Toyota or a Lexus.

The strut contains an orifice disk that has a variable nine-stage valving. This disk makes the strut able to provide a consistent level of oil flow which results in a driving experience that is significantly improved than before.

It also has a Stable Steer valving. This helps the vehicle increase the stability of your driving experience by increasing the responsiveness levels from all the corners of the vehicle. The G-Force has a bonded iron piston which increases the longevity of the strut and makes it able to handle heavy-duty situations, which some struts may not be able to do. To further improve your vehicle’s stability, you should get some high-quality brakes too.

Keep in mind that this product is vehicle specific, so it may not be fitting in your vehicle, especially if you own something other than a Toyota or Lexus.


  • Stable Steer
  • Orifice Disk
  • Bonded Iron Piston


  • Durable
  • Increases stability
  • Can handle heavy-duty tasks


  • Toyota and Lexus specific fit

As you may have observed from this list, Gabriel’s struts all share the same functionalities and high-quality builds. The fittings of the struts are different depending on the models, and some struts that they offer give some unique features of their own.

Hence, be sure to buy one that fits your vehicle’s needs!


When should you change your struts?

You may be wondering when the appropriate time is to change the struts on your vehicle. The correct answer is that there is no specific time after which you should change your struts, but there are certain things that you must be on the lookout for to decide whether you should be changing your struts or not.

Remember, when replacing your struts, always seek the help of a professional if you don’t know your way around the process.

Let’s look at the factors that may cause you to change the struts in your vehicle!

Comfort Level

The first and one of the most obvious factors is when you notice that the driving experience of your experience has taken a hit for the worse. The hit we are talking about is related to the comfort level you experience when driving the car.

The bumps will be more noticeable, making the ride uncomfortable. If you feel like you’re going to lose control of your car after driving over a bump or pothole, your shocks or struts probably need replacement.

Hence if you notice more bumps on the road, then the time has probably come to change your struts.


Even though we said there is no specific time after which you should be changing your struts, industry professionals have recommended a figure of distance traveled. It would generally make sense to replace the struts in your vehicle.

The figure that the professionals have recommended is around 50,000 miles. If you are not replacing your struts after this distance, it is advised to at least get the struts checked by a mechanic to ensure they aren’t about to give in.

Braking Issues

When your shocks and struts are worn, it takes longer for your automobile to stop than it would without them. Your anti-lock braking system may also be impacted, making it less effective. Because of the wheels’ increased up and down movement on uneven or bumpy roads, the risk increases even more. Additionally, your vehicle is more likely to “nosedive,” putting the front end of your vehicle at a greater danger of wear and damage.

Brakes are essential for your safety, and if you notice any problems in this department, you should rapidly try to diagnose the problem, which could be worn-out struts.

It is also helpful to always make sure that your brakes are properly greased.

Tire Wear

Your tires might be one of the first and most obvious symptoms of failing your shocks and struts. Certain patterns, such as cupping and excessive outside or inside wear, begin to appear in the treads of your tires as they become worn.

This might result in your tires not lasting as long as they should and costing you more money in the long run since tires can be very expensive at times. It will also make your tires less safe since they will be too thin in some areas or will not grip the road well.

If you notice any of this happening with the tires on your vehicle, immediately get your struts checked to find out the source of the problem.

If your tires have already worn out, get a new set of high-grade tires and your new struts.

Poor Steering

When traveling around curves, especially on uneven terrain, shocks, and struts assist the car in gripping the road. When these parts wear out, your car may wobble and be less responsive when turning.

You may notice an increase in understeer or oversteer. When driving around a curve, the car seems to be tugged in one way.


We have observed that almost all the signs which show that you should replace your struts are also potentially very dangerous. Hence, if you ever observe any of these things happening in your vehicle, we suggest you start looking for a solution as soon as possible to prevent any accidents from happening in the future. Make sure always to keep the best suspension system in your vehicle as you possibly can.



Struts are an essential component of your vehicle, and it is important to make the right brand choice when you are buying them.

We have discussed all Gabriel and have talked in detail about their philosophy and best products. For years now, Gabriel has been manufacturing their products with a commitment to their customers, and they have formed a reliable image in many people’s eyes.

Be sure to buy struts that fit your car’s specifications and ones that suit the needs of your everyday use so that you can make the most out of your purchase. A good strut system and a good shock system can make your driving experience marginally better.

We hope this article has served you as a good guide in letting you know all about Gabriel, their products, and why they deserve your attention!