The heart of all automobiles are their engines, so keeping the engine cool and optimally efficient is a top priority matter. The radiator is an essential component constituting the cooling system of your vehicle. That’s why you must consider only the best electric radiator fans and radiator sealers

The nature of its role makes it one of the hottest elements in the engine section, vulnerable to heat-based damage. That’s where the best electric radiator fans come into the spotlight. They prevent everything under the hood from overheating while working in unison with the radiator to reduce the coolant temperature.

A malfunctioning or incompetent fan can jeopardize the health of your engine. It’s critical to ensure that your radiator combo keeps functioning effectively to prevent unwarranted situations concerning your engine. Electric radiator fans are more durable and efficient at cooling the liquid than mechanical fans, so it’s pertinent to consider them. 

We’ve curated this comprehensive guide highlighting the best electric radiator fans to offer all the resources you need in your search.

Best Choice


MOSTPLUS Universal 12-inch Electric Radiator Fan

Premium Choice


Mishimoto 12-inch Slim Electric Fan

Best in Budget


BETTERCLOUD Universal 10-inch Electric Radiator Cooling Fan

7 Best Radiator Fans

The variety of electric radiator fans available in the market is nothing short of astounding. While this gives you more options to choose from, it also makes your decision a lot more confusing. 

For that reason, we’ve compiled this comprehensive list to help you out! Here are the seven best electric radiator fans out there that are worth checking out.

1. Mishimoto 12-inch Slim Electric Fan


  • Push and pull operations
  • Easily reversible airflow
  • Increased engine bay space


  • A tad pricey

Do you tend to trust more in customer recommendations? If so, set your sights on the Mishimoto Electric Fan. You’ll find automobile enthusiasts globally raving about this fan for good reasons!

Firstly, this radiator fan packs immense power. However, this is not all that makes it one of the best electric radiator fans. It backs up that power with an unnaturally quiet operation. Secondly, it has the perfect dimensions and Universal fitment. It suits nearly every vehicle engine out there.

The Mishimoto Slim Electric Fan certainly lives up to its name with its 2.5-inch thickness. Its size is compact enough to provide you with ample engine bay space. As a result, further modifications. are easy.

What’s more, the fan comes with ten blades to ensure appropriate weight distribution.

Above all, this radiator fan gives you a maximum fan CFM of 1,150 and an rpm of 2,000. 

Since this fan is reversible, you can use it as either a puller or pusher. Not to mention, if you have any issues with its working, you can take advantage of the lifetime warranty.


  • Compact design: only 2.5 inches thick
  • Compatible fitment: universal design
  • High-flow fan: produces 1,150 CFM of airflow
  • Well-balanced: 10 blades for proper weight distribution
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty


If you’re willing to splurge a little on your radiator fan, we guarantee you’ll love the Mishimoto Electric Fan. This fan’s first-rate performance, fitment, and adaptability make it worth the price tag.

2. MOSTPLUS Universal 12-inch Electric Radiator Fan


  • Strict quality control
  • Super-slim design
  • 2x mounting kit included
  • Boosts torque and horsepower
  • Relatively noiseless


  • Weak propeller
  • Requires professional installation

Think about the MOSTPLUS Electric Radiator Fan to accommodate engine modifications! This fan comes in an ultra-slim design, occupying minimal space. Consequently, installation becomes that much more comfortable. That said, it is best to leave the actual setting up of the fan to a professional. 

The MOSTPLUS Electric Radiator Fan, measuring 12 inches, features 10 curved blades. What’s more, it has a maximum fan RPM of 2,500! Therefore, you can have full confidence in this fan’s ability to draw out heat from the radiator. 

Also featured in this radiator fan is a robust 80W motor with an ampere draw of 5-7 amp. As a result, your temperature regulation needs are not a concern. You can be sure the MOSTPLUS Electric Radiator Fan satisfies them. 

Not to mention, it does so with minimum noise while improving the horsepower and torque at the same time! It’s a contributing factor in making it one of the best electric radiator fans. 

This radiator fan, having a thickness of 2.5 inches, offers both pusher and puller designs. What’s more, it comes in a set of two instead of as a single unit! 

Are you worried about problems with the MOSTPLUS Radiator Fan? Don’t be, you can always avail yourself of the limited 1-year warranty. However, the chances of such a situation arising are few and far between. It is all thanks to the company’s stringent quality control. 

Rest assured, you get your money’s worth with this radiator fan.


  • Set of 2: takes performance up a notch
  • Ideal Maximum Fan CFM: 1,200-1,600 CFM
  • More engine room: slim design to take up less space
  • Limited warranty: 1-year period
  • High maximum fan RPM: 2,500 rpm


The MOSTPLUS Electric Radiator Fan’s slender design allows compatibilty with several vehicles. Moreover, it leaves enough space for vehicle owners to customize their engines further!

3. BETTERCLOUD Universal 10-inch Electric Radiator Cooling Fan


  • Budget-friendly
  • Straightforward setup
  • Available in three colors
  • High maximum fan rpm of 2,250
  • Hardware and mounting kit included


  • Weak motor base
  • Pusher fan doesn’t perform as well as a puller fan

If you prioritize affordability, the BETTERCLOUD Electric Radiator Fan is ideal. Despite having a lower price tag, this radiator fan offers top-notch performance. It will not disappoint you in any way. 

What’s more, it has excellent durability and rust resistance. This is all thanks to the stainless steel construction of its motor! While the shroud uses plastic, the material is incredibly high-grade. As a result, the longevity of this radiator fan is excellent. 

The BETTERCLOUD Electric Radiator Fan comes with an 800 CFM and 2.70 inches of thickness. With its 6-ampere draw, it is suited for efficient airflow cooling in heavier vehicles.

For optimal performance, install the puller fan on the backside of the radiator core’s engine. This placement will ensure that the radiator pulls air through its core. So, it will aid in keeping the engine cool at all times.

Conversely, you can mount pusher fans towards the radiator core’s front grille side. The fan’s placement may be a little different, but its purpose will remain the same. 

The super-simple installation process for it has to be the cherry on top! After all, it comes with mounting that makes setting it up entirely hassle-free. No matter what vehicle you own!


  • Compact design: leaves more room for other engine modifications
  • Hassle-free installation: doesn’t require any modifications
  • Easily reversible motor rotation: allows changing the direction of airflow by swapping the leads
  • Pusher and puller fans: offers two types of placements
  • Durable construction: stainless steel and high-grade plastic to prevent corrosion


If you’re on a tight budget, the BETTERCLOUD Electric Radiator Fan will be your saving grace! This high-performing radiator fan is compatible with various vehicles. Despite that, it works especially well in heavier automobiles. In conclusion, it is indeed part of the best radiator fans.

4. AUTOSAVER88 16-inch Electric Radiator Cooling Fan


  • Mounting kit and user manual included
  • Lightweight, weighing only 5 ounces
  • High-quality, heavy-duty materials
  • Type-S blades for fantastic cooling


  • Zip locks may not hold

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty electric fan, the AUTOSAVER88 16″ one will serve you well for a long time! The fan has a type S design and ten powerful blades. Therefore, the fan provides first-rate performance to keep your engine fresh 24/7. 

What’s more, the construction of this fan features high-quality iron and plastic. Even some of the best electric radiator fans overlook this feature in composition. As such, the last thing you need to worry about is this fan breaking down too soon! 

This AUTOSAVER88 model has an ideal diameter of 16.73 inches and a thickness of 3.26 inches for good measure. So, regardless of your automobile, there is a high likelihood that it will be the perfect match! Not to mention, it will deliver an excellent cooling performance.

This fan has a CFM of 2,000, an amp draw of 10 amp, and power consumption of 120W. As such, you can have complete faith in its high-performance capabilities. 

What’s more, its blades, measuring 16 inches each, are widely curved. This design ensures that they create excellent airflow. It is capable of cooling down the highest of temperatures!

The simple installation procedure for this radiator fan is simply the icing on the cake. It is because it needs no modifications. The accompanying adaptable mounting kit will more than suffice to set this fan up as a pusher or a puller. It is all as per your preferences. 


  • Simple installation: requires no special tools or modifications
  • Long-lasting materials: constructed with iron and plastic for durability
  • Adaptable: works as a pusher or puller
  • Powerful blades: 16-inch blades to enhance performance
  • Ideal dimension: compatible with several automobiles


The AUTOSAVER88 16-inch Electric Radiator Cooling Fan will be the ideal addition to your vehicle. That is to say, if you need a heavy-duty fan to combat soaring temperatures. However, it is advisable to compare the depth of the fan to your radiator gap to ensure it fits.

5. UPGR8 Universal High-Performance 12V Slim Electric Cooling Radiator Fan


  • Economical option for heavy usage 
  • Compact in size, universal usage 
  • Easy to install
  • One of the best electric radiator fans


  • S-shaped design may result in low performance at high speeds

UPGR8 offers a range of radiator fans that are suitable for almost any vehicle. The fans it manufactures are the very definition of universal. It is thanks to their slim design and easy installation.

They are bound to be the exact size of your preceding fan or smaller. It’s a desirable characteristic since large fans are inconvenient in many ways. For instance, even a slightly larger fan will turn installation into a tedious task.

UPGR8 guarantees that it has surveyed OE standards with a fine-toothed comb. As a result, it makes genuinely high-functioning fans. These will fit your vehicle just like the original part from the factory.

You can find UPGR8’s electric radiator fans in the push as well as pull designs. Mounting kits are part of the deal too. UPGR8 fans are flexible, adaptable units. They can work in tandem with other components like the AC condenser. The width of the fan, measuring 2 inches, makes the engine compartment neater and more compact.

UPGR8 offers six different sizes, each appropriate for different types of vehicles. The available sizes go up to 16 inches wide. What’s more, is that you can find these fans in other colors too- if you’re particular about aesthetics!

Most general electric radiator fans have plastic construction. UPGR8 is following this standard. However, please don’t take this as a sign of low-quality. Above all, they’re lighter fans that allow your car to use less gas. They mount directly to the radiator at the vehicle’s front. As a result, they don’t experience severe damage.

As for noise levels, these radiator fans produce little to no noise. Their S-shaped blades facilitate this. They function quietly, a feature uncommon in conventional types.


  • Powerful: 1,750 CFM electric radiator cooling fans 
  • Offer flexibility: Push and Pull type units 
  • Noiseless: Comprises 10 S-shaped blades optimized for noiseless operations 
  • 6 amp draw, 80W 
  • Features mounting kit as part of the package


Do you need a cost-effective and high-performing electric radiator fan? UPGR8 has your back. It combines benefits in different aspects, serving you with a unit offering longevity. Moreover, it provides top-tier performance. 

6. A-Team 16-inch Universal Electric Radiator Cooling Fan


  • Quiet operation
  • Does not let too much air escape from the housing fan
  • Offers push and pull positions
  • Mounting kit and details included


  • Large width of 3.5 inches
  • Does not meet OE specifications

For those of you who prioritize powerful performances, it doesn’t get better than A-Team’s Universal Electric Radiator Fan! With an amp draw of 12 amp, a maximum fan CFM of 3,000, and a 120W motor, power is all this fan knows.

 However, the most favorable aspect of this fan has to be its S-shaped blades. Not only do these blades ensure optimal airflow, but they do so at a quieter volume than OEM radiator fans. So rest assured, even if you blast your air conditioner, you won’t hear these fans working in the background.

 Now, let’s talk about a problem that is quite common among traditional blades. When traditional blades curve upon meeting housing, more air escapes the edges. Consequently, the effectiveness of the fan reduces quite a bit. It may not be what you’re expecting from one of the best electric radiator fans. 

However, you don’t have to worry about that with the A-Team Electric Radiator Fan’s S-blades! After all, the clearance between an S-blade tip and the fan housing edge is close to zero.

Another noteworthy aspect of this radiator fan is its adaptability. You can choose to operate the fan as either a pusher or a puller since its blades are easily reversible. Not to mention, you don’t need much more than the included mounting kit for this purpose!

Last but not least, this electric radiator fan is super easy to set up by yourself! If you have any trouble, you can turn to the thoroughly detailed instructions. In addition to them, there are invaluable setup videos for guidance too. 


  • 120W motor: for a high-torque and top-notch performance
  • S-shaped blades: optimal airflow and quiet operation
  • High maximum fan CFM: 3,000 CFM
  • Straightforward installation: requires no modification or professional help


Are you looking for a powerful yet noiseless performance? The A-Team Universal Electric Radiator Fan is at your rescue. Before making a purchase, you may want to check that its larger width is suitable for your vehicle.

7. Derale Dual Radiator Fan


  • Powder-coated steel shroud
  • Stator flow directors
  • Mounting brackets and harnesses included


  • No pusher operation

The Derale Dual Radiator Fan last on this list. However, that doesn’t mean it offers anything less than a top-notch performance. This is a double electric fan setup, so, you can be confident in its cooling capabilities!

This robust radiator fan comes with two motors. Additionally, it features a powder-coated metal shroud to boot. So, rest assured, this radiator fan will serve you for a considerable period. 

This fan provides a precise fit with dimensions measuring 26 inches x 18 inches. It has an overall depth of 4 inches. What’s more, if you do have any initial fitment issues, the fan is compact enough to adjust as needed!

In terms of CFM, the Derale Dual Radiator Fan offers 4,000, the highest on this list. It also draws the most ampere at 24.8 amp.

One downside to this fan is that, unlike the others, it only offers puller operation. 

 That said, installing the puller fan is relatively easy. After all, its accompanying package contains everything you need. It has everything from mounting hardware to two high amp relay harnesses. With brackets as well, you won’t lack anything!


  • Designed for primary cooling
  • High-power motor: 300W motor
  • 4,000 CFM
  • Puller operation only


The Derale Dual Radiator Fan has heavy-duty written all over it. As such, it is most suitable for massive trucks, street rods, and muscle cars! These factors come together to earn it a place in the list of the best electric radiator fans.

Factors To Consider When Searching For The Best Radiator Fans

For the smooth functioning of your vehicle, going through reviews is not enough. You need to conduct some evaluations yourself. It depends on where you reside, how often you drive, and your car type. All these factors come together to point towards the best electric radiator fans.

Luckily, we have a detailed buying guide for you when you seek a fitting electric radiator fan. Let’s roll out what creates the best electric radiator fans! 

Type Of Fan

You have two types of radiator fans at your disposal. These are universal fans and direct-fit fans. Both types have specific distinctions, fit for various needs. Take a closer look at both fans:

Universal Electric Radiator Fans

In essence, universal fans are a one-size-fits-all type. Their package includes an assortment of mounting brackets, clips, and straps. Such equipment is vital for effective installation. They can adapt to almost all kinds of radiator replacements and engine compartments. 

Whether your radiator fan is at the back or the front of your vehicle, universal radiator fans can fit on any side. Universal radiator fans are time-consuming and complex to install. However, they offer better longevity in contrast to direct-fit fans. 

Direct-Fit Radiator Fans 

Direct-fit electric radiator fans are almost like the OE fan’s twins. They have bolt holes that fit accurately in unity with the holes in your original radiator. The installation is akin to a cakewalk as opposed to universal fans. 

While universal fans last longer, direct-fit fans usually offer higher-grade quality and construction. They come with nuanced performance. It makes them more expensive as well. 

Compatibility, Size, and Fit 

If the fan does not fit properly, it will not be able to serve you well. The fan should be able to cover as much of the core as possible. The existing fan minus the shroud will give you an idea of the diameter you need. 

Different models of fans come in different sizes. You have to make sure you pick the correct size as per the model and OEM specifications of your vehicle. Usually, the official websites of the manufacturers display this information for reference. 

If you are unsure, get in touch with a professional mechanic or contact customer service. 

Blade Type Plus Number 

The blades of radiator fans are the creators of airflow. It is advisable to consider the type of blade you want and their number. Usually, radiator fans have six to ten blades. There are different types of blades.

Straight or Standard Blades: Straight blades function with more noise. However, they offer optimum performance. 

S-shaped or Semi-Curved Blades: Curved blades generate less noise, but this comes at the expense of performance at high speeds. Curved blades stall at a reduced static pressure as opposed to straight blades. 


Your replacement electric radiator fan’s output will have variations. These variations rely upon the number of cylinders in your vehicle’s engine. The output of radiator fans comes in measurements along cubic feet per minute or CFM. 

Vehicles with eight cylinders need fans with higher CFMs while cars with six or four cylinders work fine with lower values. More cylinders create an increased surface area, consequently demanding higher cooling.

Here are some references:

  • Four cylinders – 1,250 CFM
  • Six cylinders – 2,000 CFM
  • Eight cylinders – 2,500 CFM

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries to help provide more clarity:

What is better, a Push-type fan or a Pull-type fan? 

Electric radiator fans come in push or pull forms. Push fans come into place between the exterior of the car and the radiator, pushing air from outside amidst it. Pull fans mount inside the radiator flush, pulling air across it. However, you cannot switch one type for the other. Make sure you know which one goes into your car. 

If it is up to you, the best electric radiator fans are pull-type fans since they disperse heat more effectively. Push types are suitable for engine compartments with space restrictions.  Here’s learn how to flush an engine radiator.

Does the cost of an electric radiator fan influence the quality?

No one wants to pay an exorbitant amount for a mediocre product. Make sure you compare the benefits of a unit, its reviews, and its performance with the cost. If it seems like a case of overpricing, drop it. Yet, keep in mind that high-quality fans will be slightly expensive. It’s an excellent investment to pick a high-performing fan to serve you for a long time. 

Do larger electric radiator fans offer better performance?

A common misconception is that larger fans offer better performance. It is not valid- larger fans create a risk of pushing or pulling excessive air. It will ultimately bar the air from reducing the coolant’s temperature. 

Is professional assistance necessary when installing a radiator fan?

 Most electric radiator fans come with full-fledged kits for mounting. You can easily install them yourself by removing the radiator. Several brands like UPGR8 still advise you to seek professional help from mechanics. They can carry out the process with no errors. It’s always better to be safe and sound than sorry! 

Why are electric radiator fans better than mechanical fans?

Mechanical radiator fans are more vulnerable to breakage in contrast to fans powered by batteries. Electric radiator fans do not run continuously, unlike mechanical cooling fans. It makes them less susceptible to wear and tear. Their lifespan is longer due to this. All radiator fans carry their limitations. Several factors contribute to how often you will have to replace a fan. 

What is the job of an electric radiator fan?

 Radiator fans are critical elements that keep the engine compartment from overheating. Excessive heat can cause damage related to warping, melting or over-exhausting of energy. The radiator circulates burning-hot coolant and dispels heat. In doing so, it sends the cool liquid back towards the engine. 


Your vehicle usage and the amount you’re ready to dish out govern your options of the best electric radiator fans. If you seek high performance, your best bet lies in fans with a greater CFM. In other cases, if you expect reliability and longevity, direct-fit fans according to OEM standards are better. Our guide has a choice for every case.

You must closely inspect the mounting kits of the radiator fans you are considering. They will indicate compatibility to a significant extent. Make sure you refer to the older fan at all times during your search. Failure to do this may cause you to end up buying an unfit unit! 

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