Work On The Wiring System

How To Work On The Car Wiring System?

Do you want to know how the wiring network on the car works? When you are having trouble with your car, it could be due to several reasons. When you want to move any vehicle, a lot of electrical connections are needed.

Often you might notice that the mechanics check the wiring network might sometimes miss it. If you see the electrical system not wired properly, your car might not work to its full potential. So, it might be highly beneficial to know-how working on the car wiring system functions and operates.

The construction in your car is such that the power supply connects. So, through wiring to parts where the electricity consumption occurs. Also, the system works on a DC motor operation.

If you’re wondering how the connection, wiring, and electricity runs on the car, you have arrived at the right place. We give you all the insights you need on how the working on the car wiring system occurs. 

Construction And Working on the Car Wiring System

In your car wiring system, it is essential to note where and how the components are present.  Moreover, this way, you know how the parts perform. So, let’s look at how your construction of the wiring system is present and its function.

The Electrical System

The wiring in the electrical system of any vehicle consists of color-coded wires known as the loom. So, this loom forms the base network. Also, this network is a secure network connection that runs with the help of a battery. 

Mostly, your car’s electrical wiring network you can connect to its electrical components. These also have sub-electrical systems like ignition, fuel, starting, charging systems, and others, which work with these connections. 


The current flows through the sub-electrical systems. Often connection for these systems is to other circuits such as electric motors, lights, sensors, gauges, and much more. You can make all circuit connections likely through wiring. 

So, you can find these harnesses and devices connect with wiring networks through multi-pin connectors. Moreover, the circuits connect to switches or relays through electromagnets.

However, there are two ways in which you can connect the wiring; either soldered or solderless. 

When you are looking for connectors to attach to splicing wires or oversized ones, you can use soldered wires. In contrast, solderless wiring connectors are when you want them strong. 

Also, you can make solderless connectors with color-coded insulators. These connectors generally have three main types of configurations.

  • Butt connectors – cylinder-shaped connectors used for joining two wires together.
  • Spade connectors – These are easily removable wires which can easily attach to fit one another end.
  • Ring connectors – connected through screws, the secure wire which has screw-type terminals.

Components Associated with Wiring 

You can see that the connectors are wired to the components to operate. You have to know the major electrical components as there are many electronics associated to electronic wiring. 

The wiring system works under a voltage network. Usually, the cars run with about 12v networks. So, you might find that the current that flows through the wiring is less when the battery voltage stops. 

So, you might need to protect your automobile electronic parts from overloading. 


These are essential components and are an integral part of the circuit system. These are designed to blow the circuit to avoid overload situations. Thereby, they break the connection. Hence, to prevent damages, this safety device protects your wiring. 

You can see fuses situated within the fuse box that follows the heating effect of a connection. Also, from zinc, copper, or aluminum, these fuses are made. Moreover, fuse linkers coated with alloys are another option to protect your car from overloading. 

Relays and Switches

These are circuit breakers with which you can connect and disconnect in the circuit. You can use a relay as an electromagnetic switch in heavy circuits. So, it can also consume many currents.

You can reset a circuit breaker in manual and automatic ways. Moreover, they can also come with an amperage rating as fuses.

Hence, a relay comes with two circuits, a low amperage circuit, a coil circuit, and a high amperage circuit. The low amperage one has 85 or 86 pins. However, the high amperage ones consist of 30, 87, and 87a pins.


Many other competent like batteries, alternators, and motors connect to the electric wiring system. 

You can find the electric motor helps to start your car and converts electrical energy to mechanical energy in engines. Use radiator fans to stop your engines from getting heated up.

The battery contains the current acts as a reservoir to provide additional current to the circuits. In contrast, the alternator produces AC, converted to DC through a rectifier. So that, this converts mechanical to electrical energy.

Working on the Electrical Wiring System – Tools

When the electrical wiring occurs, the connection needs the right tools for the working set-up to proper. Hence, while repairing the wiring wires and connections, you need to use the right tools. So, let’s look at the ones commonly used.

Wire Strippers

These you can use to strip off the insulation present on the wires easily to prevent cutting the wire conductors. These strippers contain holes where you can fix the wire gauges. 

Wire Crimper

If you want to install solderless connectors, using wire crimpers is the best way to go. They have sections where they can fit lug sizes and when you are wire cutting.

Soldering Iron

In non-crimped wires, you need to Splice wires or secure oversized connectors. So, a soldering iron designed for wiring and electronics is the best tool to use. 

Shrink Tubing

You can get shrink tubing to insulate connections. These can slide above the connector or solder joints and shrink when you try to heat them.

Other than this, many other tools like the wiring like wire brushes, test lights, and others. Also, tools to avoid leakages getting the commercial sealants useful to prevent your wires from leaking and other damages.


When you set to work on wires, you might have all knowledge of what you are doing. Thus, you need to use the right tools and components. Thereby, you can check how the wiring is secured and look for any damages in your car. 

Also, by this, you can prevent overloads from occurring. Moreover, it is to consider the wire size, color, and material while repairing. So, this way, you can choose and identify the correct wiring and work easily.

Hence, when working on the car wiring system, look for the fuses, relays, and circuit breakers. Select your wiring correctly to get your wiring done properly. 


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