Which is superior between Top Coat F11 vs. Chemical Guys when it comes to giving your car a good polish?  It can be a difficult decision to make. So, which one will be the best for your car’s engine?

Few things beat the feeling of driving around in a spotless and gleaming ride. Imagine having people stop in their tracks to admire the shine of your car. A good quality car polish product would help you to do just that.

The automobile wax market is filled with high-quality products to give your car a great look. Among them, Top Coat F11 and Chemical Guys are two of the most well-known car polishes.

This article will contrast and compare the two top-tier car wax brands: Top Coat F11 vs. Chemical Guys. We hope to be able to assist you in determining which among the two is superior. you can also check out our best carburetor for 383 stroker review.

Finally, based on a careful examination of what each brand has to offer, you should choose the best one for your car.

Wax Coating vs. Ceramic Coating

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, ceramic coating refers to the process of applying a formula or chemical over your car’s paint. This type of coating primarily protects your car from unsafe elements.

They give your car a candy-like permanent gloss and bring out an aesthetic appeal. The F11 Top Coat and Chemical Guys, however, are not spray ceramic coatings. But both of them do have very similar selling points.

That is why both these coatings often get compared to other ceramic coatings currently available in the market.

Instead, the Top Coat F11 and Chemical Guys are wax coatings. A wax coating differs from ceramic coating because it remains only as a top layer over the car’s exterior. It is not permanent as the ceramic coating. Heavy rain or mechanical forces can easily wash it away.

A ceramic coating, on the other hand, completely fuses with the car’s paint. As a result, it seals its microscopic flaws and forms a tight seal that ordinary wear and tear will not be able to remove.

While Top Coat F11 and Chemical Guys are not as permanent as ceramic coating, they tend to be a lot more long-lasting normal wax coating products currently available in the market.

Top Coat F11 vs. Chemical Guys: Key Differences Between The Two

In this world, most people believe that polishing your car is an unnecessary expenditure. But it is refreshing to have someone who genuinely cares about the appearances of vehicles. Be it Top Coat F11 or Chemical Guys wax coating, both fall under this category.

Regardless of owning a modern-age commercial vehicle or a vintage car, these wax coatings can give your ride a bright look. So let us have a closer look at Top Coat F11 vs. Chemical Guys, what their properties are, and what exactly sets them apart from each other.

Top Coat F11

TopCoat F11 is quite a well-known multipurpose surface sealant manufactured in the United States. You can use it for protecting and cleaning any treated surface. When we say treated surface, we commonly mean that of an automobile or a car.

Top Coat F11 is designed to protect paints on such treated surfaces as that of cars most effectively. It is also easy to use, you can apply it with one hand too!

Apart from car surfaces, you can also use the Top Coat F11 wax coating on several other surfaces. That can include decorative materials, patios, kitchen appliances, airplanes, and even boats. In short, you can use it on any treated surface to give it a good sparkle.

Unlike most traditional car wax products, Top Coat F11 is also a water-based sealant. It can fill up every corner and crevice of the surface that it is applied.

As a result, it can repel dirt and water while also shielding the surface paint from harmful UV rays. The Top Coat factory manufactures a whole range of eco-friendly commodities that use cutting-edge multipurpose technology. The F11 spray also falls under this category.

Chemical Guys

Chemical Guys is another wax coating similar to Top Coat F11. It is a long-lasting protection sealant that conceals minor swirls and scratches while shining like natural carnauba wax.

The Chemical Guys wax coating instantly restores pure shine and clarity to any color on your car with a pure vanilla scent.  The formulation only specifically uses Grade A white ivory carnauba wax. So you know that your vehicle is in good and safe hands.

It offers effective protection against hazards such as UV rays, pollution, heat damage, and dirt. The formula remains effective and in top-notch condition for at least a year and protects all kinds of treated surfaces.

Chemical Guys wax coats are made with a built-in anti-static formula that helps to remove stagnant dust particles. At the same time, it also prevents new dust matters from settling in on the surface.

Therefore, you do not even need to do a lot of rubbing or scrubbing if you apply Chemical Guys wax coating on your car. It does the job for you, and all you need to do is apply it in the first place!

Top Coat F11 vs. Chemical Guys: A Closer Look at Their Differences

Most ceramic or wax coatings are applied by professionals who have years of experience under their belt. But the entire procedure can cost thousands of dollars or even more. That is quite unfeasible as an average middle-class car owner will be hesitant to pay such a staggering amount to give their car a pretty look.

In this context, brands like Top Coat and Chemical Guys have developed their very own Do-It-Yourself or DIY ceramic and wax coating products. These detailing products do not involve the assistance of professionals or auto-shops in any way.

You can read the instructions provided and complete the task on your own, even inside your garage. The whole procedure should essentially take up only a fraction of the cost and time that professional auto-shop mechanics would have taken.

Admittedly, either of Top Coat F11 vs. Chemical Guys wax coats might not be as potent and long-lasting as the professional-grade ones. But thanks to their advanced built-in technologies, you can easily expect to have them last for about a year.

Let us take a closer look at Top Coat F11 vs. Chemical Guys and their differences in basics, performance, and other nitty-gritty.

1. The Pros and Cons

When it comes to any product comparisons, both have a balanced set of advantages and disadvantages. Top Coat F11 vs. Chemical Guys is no exception to this rule. So we have curated a list of both the brands’ pros and cons to give you a better understanding of their flaws and plus points.

Top Coat F11 Pros

  • It is a water-based ingredient, which is also eco-friendly
  • A multipurpose detailing product works as both a sealant and a polish
  • Works well on a variety of surfaces
  • As a polish, it provides protection and shines to treated surfaces
  • Being a sealant, it also provides added shine and protection to abused or faded paint surfaces

Top Coat F11 Cons

  • It will help if you use a larger portion of the ingredient in the bottle to give your vehicle the desired sparkle and shine
  • The entry price is higher than that of other similar products
  • Remains effective for about six months if exposed to extreme weather conditions too frequently

Chemical Guys Pros

  • It gives a gorgeous shine to all kinds of treated surfaces, especially if they are black
  • Remains effective for at least a year, if not more
  • Reasonably cheaper than other products currently available in the market
  • Uses only Grade A carnauba wax with a freshly ground vanilla scent

Chemical Guys Cons

  • More complicated to apply than Top Coat F11 and involves some amount of manual work too
  • Difficult to buff out, so you might most certainly need to use a machine buffer to get the most of the coating out

2. The Brands

Top Coat

Top Coat is a local company, and it takes pride in the fact. They manufacture and produce everything in the United States and do not import any labor or materials from other countries.

This brand prioritizes the ease of using its product over anything else. So if you are a car owner who feels like doing the detailing on your own, Top Cat can be a terrific choice. According to their website, they are “more effective than anything else on the market” after all.

Overall, they come with a great selection of items under their name. All of them are designed with the intent to make vehicles look like they have just been brought out from their showrooms.

Top Coat has some basic products that can give your car a new look. The Top Coat F11, which acts as both a polish and a sealant, is the brand’s most sought-after product.

It is available in a variety of sizes and across different price ranges. But the product is most commonly sold in a discounted kit. This kit is economically profitable, as it includes two small travel-size flasks, two microfiber towels, and a sixteen-ounce bottle.

Chemical Guys

As the name implies, Chemical Guys specialize in creating a wide range of chemical concoctions to detail enthusiasts and fans. Their headquarters are in California, and the whole product line is produced in the United States too.

Contrary to the overall business-like outlook of Top Coat, Chemical Guys market their brand name with a trendy and hip image. That does strike a chord with the younger generation. But let us have a look at whether the hip and mode translates into better products as well.

A major issue with Chemical Guys is that they have a vast selection of items on offer. That is unlike any other wax coating brand, including Top Coat. Other brands have a centered focus on only a few products in terms of wax coating.

But Chemical Guys comes with a whole plethora of products in the wax coating domain. Unfortunately, all these labels are unhelpful in terms of indicating the components of the ingredient. Or, for that matter, its purpose.

Having a look at the wax coating labels and choosing one out of them might feel like choosing a university for many people. So we have narrowed down the best wax coating product offered by Chemical Guys for you. It is the Hydroslick Intense Coating Hyperwax SIO2.

It is a silicon dioxide-based ceramic style coating, and it gives your car long-lasting protection apart from a glassy shine. You will not be disappointed if you try using any of their products. But we have found the Hyperwax SIO2 to deliver the best results.

Chemical Guys have everything from interior cleaners to exterior wax coatings for sale. You can even buy objects like hand sanitizers and masks from them now!

But if you consider that less is more, you will have a tough time deciding which Chemical Guys product you should purchase. They tend to give complicated names or labels to almost every product under their name.

3. Some Basics

Top Coat F11

Top Coat F11 is an excellent choice if you are concerned about the environment when you wash your vehicle. It is not only an environmentally friendly water-based product. It is also easy to use without using any water since it is already water-based.

So if you want to polish your car without water, this product allows you to do just that. You can use this product to reduce your water consumption while also giving it a new look.

The formulation of the Top Coat F11 is gentle and mild at the same time. As a result, it can be easily applied to almost every kind of surface. One of the major advantages that the Top Coat F11 comes with is versatility.

You can spray this on various surfaces, including chrome, plastic, metal, and even glass. You will find it to work wonders on surfaces of motorcycles, planes, and boats, too, not just cars.

If you are someone who owns various materials that need sealing and polishing along with your vehicles, you will find Top Coat F11 to be quite handy. Its versatile nature is a big factor in its performance and also its unique selling point.

Chemical Guys

Chemical Guys products, unlike other ceramic shines, are semi-solid gels. You would need to squeeze these gels onto an applicator pad and then transfer it to your car. That is in contrast to other liquids that require spraying on the car.

Chemical Guys recommend a total of about five dots of their products per panel. It is, however, unclear that how long the contents of each bottle will last. But we do know that the contents are concentrated.

So you can safely assume that you will be able to get more out of it than other coating products or brands. That also includes the Top Cat F11, even though they are packed in the same-sized containers.

4. Nitty-Gritty of Application

Top Coat F11

Applying the Top Coat F11 formula is quite simple. All you have to do is spray the liquid on the surface that needs polishing. You can even do it with one hand. It is that easy!

Then, it would help if you buffed it with a microfiber towel. Just make sure to buff it a couple of times. It ensures that the formula gets completely absorbed on the surface. After that, you can move on to other sections of your car.

However, for the best results, make sure your car is completely free of dust and mud. Otherwise, the formula will have a tough time fulfilling its duties. Even if there are a few downsides, the Top Coat F11 is an excellent wax coating product overall.

Chemical Guys

Chemical Guys products require you to wash your car with water at first thoroughly. Before the application process, the car should be free of any contaminations like debris or dirt particles.

Furthermore, to get the best results, you must polish the vehicle’s surfaces with a machine and clay if possible. That will remove all kinds of imperfections and scratches. After that, you can apply the product. But it has to be one panel at a time.

Once applied, allow it to dry for about two minutes before moving onto the next panel. Lastly, buff the entire surface with a microfiber towel, and that is it!


Top Coat 11

Chemical Guys

Final Words on Top Coat F11 vs. Chemical Guys

When it comes to Top Coat F11 vs. Chemical Guys, both are great products where you cannot go wrong. Both provide excellent car waxing benefits as well as unique features.

TopCoat F11 is an excellent choice for a low-cost, environmentally friendly car wax. Furthermore, their products are simple to use, do not require machine application, and are extremely water-resistant.

Chemical Guy’s products, on the other hand, consist of micro-grade abrasive technology, despite being slightly more expensive. This feature distinguishes in terms of shiny finishes, clarity, and durability. Here are some of the most wanted brand comparisons: 

So it is important to note that your reason for requiring the wax in the first place determines the best product between Top Coat F11 vs. Chemical Guys.

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