How To Renew Door Hinge Pins and Hinges

Renewing door hinge pins and hinges of your car may not seem so vital. However, it is very important for all the passenger’s safety.

It is not easy to adjust door hinges in most cars since the car bodywork will have a fixed door type. On the other hand, it becomes difficult to adjust or renew the doors. 

However, if a door lid somehow becomes badly fit, it can cause a worn hinge pin. In such cases, you can replace it.

If the bolts are not too damaged, you can adjust them. Nonetheless, if it is worn out badly, you can renew it. Generally, people find it easier to renew a pin than a hinge.

Renewing Door Hinge Pins and Hinges

Although it is possible to renew door hinge pins and hinges on your own, it can be quite difficult. Therefore, you will have to have someone help you with the entire process. 

You can ask the person to hold the door open while providing support from underneath. Then, use padded support since the hinge can get distorted if the door drops. Plus, you can use an axle stand for support.

Most of the pins are hollow with plastic caps. However, some are made of high-quality metals. You can tap out a solid pin using a drift and a hammer.

You can force the old pin out while driving the new pin. Also, make sure to oil the new pin since it can make the process a lot easier.

Lever under the pin’s head if it has a projecting head. You can use a screwdriver and tap the pinout. Moreover, you can use a rawhide hammer on the shaft of the screwdriver.

Additionally, you can remove the hollow pin with a drift that is the same diameter as the pin. You can tap it out. As mentioned earlier, oil the new pin to improve the process.

You can also use a special tool to remove it, called a hinge pin remover or hinge pin replacer. You can remove the cap and insert the tool into the shaft.

Usually, it is quite simple to withdraw a bottom hinge pin upwards and the top hinge pin downwards. When the pin is through, you can screw on the tool cap and use a hammer to finish the job.

How to Remove Bolted Door Hinges?

It is relatively difficult to remove bolted door hinges. However, with a little effort, you should be able to finish the job quickly.

Firstly, shut the window completely before removing all the door fittings and trim panels. Secondly, remove the door restrainer or door check strap. You can remove it by tapping out with a hammer in some cars that have pivot pins. 

If they have pins at the bottom, you can remove the clip using a screwdriver before lifting the pin. The next step is to open the hinge fixings in the door pillar. Moreover, you will have to remove side trims and floor coverings for better reach.

You can ask your assistant or helper to hold the open door and provide support at the bottom. Also, make sure to use a support such as an axle to ensure the door does not go too low.

You will have enough space to remove all the hinge bolts when you remove the restrainer. If you still do not have space, you will have to undo the door pillar and take the door off entirely.

Undo the socket with a screwdriver and self-locking grips. You can use an impact driver as well if the self-locking grips are not available. Bolts can be tight since they have a cross-slot or hexagon head, so you need to add more pressure.

Ask your assistant to lift the door after you undo the lower hinges. Then you can take the bottom hinges off. Then, fit the new hinge after your assistant lowers the door.

Place the new hinges after lubricating the bolt holes. Also, make sure to use the right kind of bolts so that they will fit perfectly. Once you position the door perfectly, you can tighten all the bolts into its place.

Removing a Door Handle and a Push-Button Lock

Removing a door handle and a push-button lock is easier than renewing door hinge pins and hinges. However, it comes with some of its own difficulties as well. Nonetheless, we have a simple method you can use to achieve the target.

In most modern cars, counter struct screws hold the interior doors. You can remove the screws away from the doors and unclip them as well.

On the other hand, a plastic outer surround will hold the handle if there are no screws. Alternatively, you can remove it using a screwdriver by levering and sliding. It is one of the easiest ways to get things done sooner.

If there is a failure in levering shifting, you will have to take your car to a mechanic. The mechanic will help you maintain it. Also, you can unscrew it if you removed the push-lock button.

Adjustments to Doors

You will have to start by loosening the door lock striker assembly. Then, you can adjust the door hinge bolts before removing the panel on the door pillar.

Usually, bolts will have cross-slot heads or hexagon heads, which will be too difficult to loosen. Nonetheless, you can use a socket, a bar, and a screwdriver to loosen them. Plus, you need to add some extra effort to get things right.

Close the door slowly by easing it until you get a suitable fit. Also, remember to leave one bolt tight, so there is enough strength to hold the hinges.

Now, align the door against the car bodywork and hold it properly in the new position. You will have to tighten the bolts and check again if the door is right in place.

Final Words

Renewing door hinge pins and hinges is important for your safety as well as your car’s longevity. Always remember to lubricate the bolts and hinges to ensure the process goes smoothly. 

Also, be careful through the process with the hammer and other tools. We hope that this article on renewing door hinge pins and hinges came in handy to you. 


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