Milwaukee 2767 Vs. 2763 Impact Wrench

How frustrating is it to pull off a vehicle on the highway to plug in the air compressor? Dealing with a sturdy nut or bolt under the scorching sun can get to your nerves. Yes, we all have been there at some point, and it’s infuriating. 

How wonderful would it be if you had the power to remove the struck bolts in your wheels? Well, it’s time to update your garage with the latest technology to ease it out for you. There are two mind-blowing options: Milwaukee 2767 and 2763 Impact Wrench.

These options will prevent you from sore hands and shoulder pains. We all know that some car problems need power and support, besides your two hands. When is the world moving forward with cordless technology? What’s the need to get stuck on a highway? You can solve car problems with speed. 

These power devices are useful whenever there’s a need to manage stay pieces. But which one is the best for your car? Milwaukee 2767 vs. 2763 Impact Wrench, a little difficult to decide on your own. Isn’t? 

Well, you don’t have to worry. We have researched for you. In this article, you will explore a quick comparison of both products and choose the best one for your car. 

Milwaukee 2767 vs. 2763: The Key Differences 

The typical torque rating differs according to different vehicles. The rating for a car is between 90-120 ft-lbs. Furthermore, a pickup truck and semi-truck ratings are around 150 ft-lbs and 500 ft-lbs.

Here are some of the important differences between Milwaukee 2767 and Milwaukee 2763. These are important features that you should know before moving further. 

Key Features

Milwaukee 2767

Milwaukee 2763


Updated version of 2763

Old version

Tightening force

1,000 ft-lb

700 ft-lbs

Nut-busting power

1,400 ft-lbs

1,100 ft-lbs

Speed settings

It has four different speed settings.

It has only two-speed settings.

Milwaukee 2767 vs. Milwaukee 2763: A Detailed Comparison 

We have compiled a detailed comparison between Milwaukee 2767 vs. Milwaukee 2763. Furthermore, there is a breakdown for each point for you to think over. Read the below features to see which one is suitable for your vehicle and how the products can be helpful. 

  1. Construction 

Milwaukee 2767 

Its construction fulfills your car’s needs by providing the necessary features. It takes sweat and energy and a whole lot of time and patience. 

We all would avoid being in a situation like this, and Milwaukee 2767 provides you with that. It has a compact design which helps in the ease of use of the product. Due to its high torque, fastening, and loosening a nut, even a junked nut is easy. 

The product is easy to use in small spaces because of its compact design. Be it hard to reach automobile nooks or tight spaces of a roof; allows all it. 

Milwaukee 2763 

Milwaukee 2763 construction fulfills the mid-range requirements of your car. The mid-range torque wrench provides you with surprising strength. Even though it is an older version, the company didn’t compromise on strength and its quality. 

The materials used to build Milwaukee 2763 are of the highest quality. It provides precision in work. If mid-range torque is your need, this product will suit your needs. 

  1. Power 

Milwaukee 2767 

We all know the winner between machine power and manual labor. None can argue that Milwaukee 2767 output could ever disappoint you. This product has a rated output for both fastening and tightening, and yes, it is cordless.

Power of 1000 lbs for fastening and 1400 lbs of tightening is more than anyone could need. But there is no harm in having that extra power. The product design can control the power you need. 

The four drive settings adjust the power according to your vehicle. Due to these advanced settings, you can control the tool with precision. It is easy and allows quick access. 

An important setting in drive speed can decrease to 750 RPMs. It allows you not to lose balance once the nut is loose. 

Milwaukee 27630 

In comparison to its updated version, this product has reduced output. The output is rated at 700lbs for fastening and 1000lbs for nut-busting power. This product is safer to use in comparison with the Milwaukee 2767. 

Power is an essential feature of the product even though the output reduces. This product is suitable as well as capable of doing the work. POWERSTATE brushless motor installed a superior strength in this product. 

Hence, it is much more efficient than the older designs and works harder. 

  1. Output 

Milwaukee 2767 

There are times when your truck or air hose cannot reach near the problem area, and it becomes messy to deal with it. For situations like that, this high-yield rendition has enough power. 

It runs on batteries, and there is no sign of run down with the tool. It incorporates LED lights, which in turn illuminates the working area, making it easy to use in the dark. 

Milwaukee 2763 

These products come with LED lights too. Working in dull zones with precision can be difficult, and these products ease it out for you. 

The strength of this product comes in handy as it can fix any intense problems, regardless of the time. LED lights add to your comfort. 

This way, you won’t need to hold your phone’s flashlight on a dark road ahead. Its portable, durable, and powerful with a brushless motor. 

  1. Design 

Milwaukee 2767 

Milwaukee has worked on the design of the product. To improve it, they added a friction ring to the wrench’s design. Due to this, there is no need to apply or buy pneumatic tools. Not even with the rusted nuts and bolts. 

It adds to the convenience, allowing you to not spend on pneumatic tools and hardware. It allows you to save money in the long run if you consider this as a one-time investment. 

Besides this, the design includes protective coverings made of superior rubbers. 

Milwaukee 2763 

This product includes a protective casing. Besides, it offers a comfortable rubber grip and a friction ring in its design. It adds to the convenience by helping to reduce the laborious jobs on stubborn bolts or nuts. 

Apart from the bulky design, there is nothing to a point as a drawback. It would be a great companion of a quiet road, helping you with the important needs of your vehicle. 

  1. Battery 

Milwaukee 2767 

It is a powerful tool with four-speed modes and provides long-lasting comfort. It is suitable to use for a good long day of work. 

The company provides two battery packs with this product along with a charger. It allows you to work even when the other battery is in the socket. It means your work can go on without any delay. 

Milwaukee 2763 

This product comes with a powerful battery pack, offering you twice run time. This battery pack comes in handy in an unfortunate situation. Besides, we all are grateful for extra batteries on any given day. 

Apart from the manufacturer, this is a bonus point for the customers on a struck road. Even though a little heavy, this product does offer a variety of benefits. 

Milwaukee 2767 vs. Milwaukee 2763 – Let’s Weigh In 

Here are some of the major benefits and drawbacks of Milwaukee 2767 vs. Milwaukee 2763.

Milwaukee 2767


  • 5-year warranty 
  • 1,000 flubs of fastening torque 
  • 1,400 flubs of nut-busting torque 
  • Four modes of speed control 
  • Provides Milwaukee tool bag 
  • Provides two battery packs, plus a charger 
  • Comes with a friction ring 
  • High powered tool
  • High quality with high torque 
  • Compact construction with the smallest impact wrench in the industry 
  • Outfitted with rubber grip 
  • Compact and cordless 


  • A little heavy 
  • There is no hard case. 
  • It might be too strong for automotive repair. 

Milwaukee 2763


  • 5-year warranty 
  • 700 flubs of fastening power 
  • 1,000 flubs of nut-busting power 
  • Built with high torque 
  • High quality 
  • Comes with a friction ring 
  • Outfitted with comfortable rubber grip 
  • Provides two battery packs 
  • Long-lasting battery life 
  • It has two different REDLINK PLUS fastening modes.
  • Modes come with a driving feature. 
  • 2x more runtime 
  • Cooler runtime 
  • Low torque mode 


  • Too heavy cordless power tool 
  • Too large 
  • Battery packs are a little loose.
  • It might be too powerful on small cars. 

Which Is the Best Milwaukee Impact Wrench? 

Well, the simple answer to this question is 2767. Milwaukee has produced various tools, and 2767 is worth the extra money. The features it provides are great in comparison to Milwaukee 2763. 

This cordless impact wrench is popular for the four-speed features it provides. Besides, it is affordable in comparison to Milwaukee 2763. It separated itself from the other products with a gap of a few hundred ft-lbs. 

Besides, it’s important to highlight that Milwaukee now produces 2863 impacts. It provides power like 2767. Additionally, it syncs with your smart devices. So, you can change the torque and speed with your phones. 

Which Is the Strongest Milwaukee Impact Wrench? 

With Milwaukee, strong tools come with high prices too. Both Milwaukee 2767 and 2763 are beneficial. Customers buy them according to their purpose. Yet, it is important to highlight that both are unrated as the strongest products by the company. 

There is another Milwaukee product in the market called 2868. It is the strongest tool with a torque of 2,000 ft-lbs and a tear-off power of 1,500 ft-lbs. This model is for heavy purposes, so your car might not take its power. It is for heavy-duty industrial work.

Is It Worth Buying Battery-Powered Impact Wrenches? 

There is no other answer; it’s worth your money. If you’ve been stuck on a road, wanting to charge your tools, you know the pain. 

These tools give you a big-time advantage, and you should get them if you haven’t already. Don’t miss out on these life-saving tools. 

The important thing is that you’re not bound to carry a large air compressor and air cord. Carrying Milwaukee tools in your car gives you the power to replace a flat tire in no time. 

The best part of buying tools from this company is the multi-use of battery. The tools of this company are compatible with the same battery.

You can buy a power sander, sheet metal and much more without any new batteries.

This way, you can save money on battery. It helps you save in the long run, and more savings are a plus point for your next trip.

An Impact Wrench with Most Torque: Milwaukee 2868

There are many popular products by Milwaukee. This cordless 2868 is among the greatest when it comes to torques. It has 2000 ft-lbs of torques which is far beyond anything. 

It provides the greatest power. But, the price of the product is huge. Milwaukee 2763 cost $200, while 2868 costs you $1000. 

Final Thoughts 

Milwaukee products are long-lasting, and the high quality comes with great benefits. But, if you need to choose between Milwaukee 2767 vs. 2763 Impact Wrench, the point comes down to the purpose. Moreover, don’t forget to take a look at these most wanted comparisons: 

Both options are great and provide high quality. Working on sensitive parts of vehicles requires less power and more precision. You also need to lower the risk of damage for these sensitive parts. For this, Milwaukee 2763 is the better choice the market offers. 

But, if you work in confined spaces, the design of Milwaukee 2767 will be handy to your situation. It’s compact and works best in small places. 

In the end, the choice is yours, but the most recommended option for you is Milwaukee 2767. With its design, comfort, power, the product is a lifesaver.

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