Repairing Quarter Lights

How To Repair Quarter Lights Of Your Car?

Automakers very seldom install quarter lights. Therefore, they are usually found on older models. It is a piece of glass beside the primary window that may or may not open.

They were initially built to improve sight because it was hard to make the core pane an unconventional form, particularly if it opened a glass.

Because the cost of constructing the pane in two sections has now surpassed the cost of making one unevenly shaped glass, car lights have fallen out of favor. They are also an attractive choice for carjackers.

If the quarter light in your vehicle is cracked or the hinge or latch is compromised, you’re probably wondering on how to repair the quarterly light, right?.

Some adjustments can be performed without uninstalling the whole quarter-light screen, but because replacement components are not always accessible, you might have to uninstall and change the entire unit. Read our guide to understand more.

Glued Hinges

Many opening quarterlights include twin joints, one from the top and the other at the bottom of the panel. These were all frequently glued to the pane and can slip loose.

If one hinge has become unglued, use a bit of wood to lightly swipe onto the other hinge until the sticky coat with that one is separated. Remove the glass with caution.

Hold the glass back into alignment on the hinges with metal-to-glass glue.

Remove all of the old glue from the glass and use a felt-tip marker to outline the spot to be attached. A wet or dry cloth should be used to wipe the edges of the hinges where they meet the glass.

To use a G-clamp, lightly adjust the hinges towards the glass. To touch around the window frame, you may need to use many wooden pieces inside the G-clamp.

Repair Quarter Lights by Removing The Frame And The Glass Panel

If the glass in the quarterlight is cracked, it is considerably simpler to dismantle the whole frame and install a new glass from the vehicle or change the original unit.

The rear supporter of the quarter-light frame continues down further into the door and serves as the primary window’s guide port. Start by removing the door trim panel replaced, then locate and detach the retaining bolt attached to the back end of the quarterlight frame. If required, drench the bolt in, trying to penetrate oil first.

Determine how well the upper section of the frame is held together. It may well be fastened or bolted in, and the rivets may be hidden beneath the weather seal or on the rear frame’s outer part.

If they are beneath the weather seal, carefully pry the protective layer apart with a screwdriver to obtain entry to them. Unclip or drill out the fasteners.

The frame should then be weak, and then you can detach it out over the upper corner of the main window, with the main window being at the bottom position.

Glass Replacement

You might not have been able to purchase a cheap alternative glass by itself, and you may be forced to install a new or used frame proper with glass after all.

Verify with your manufacturer or showroom handbook to see if you need to install a new quarterlight.

You might be successful in finding a used quarterlight frame at a recycling center for much less than the price of the latest unit. If you can’t find an alternative glass, you might be able to use a small section of Perspex as a substitute.

When trying to replace the glass, choose a screwdriver to start removing any glass pieces which may already be in the frame. If the glass was firmly attached to the frame, utilize metal to glass glue to reattach it.

If the glass aligns into a weather shield from the inside of the frame, use a spoon handle to facilitate it back in gently. If the glass is uncomfortable to go inconveniently, moisten the seal with a little petroleum jelly.

Spindles & Hinges

The hinges used on a quarterlight differ from one version to the next. Some categories can be repaired, while others must be replaced. First, inspect the hinge.

A hinge that moves around a rivet is relatively simple to fix. Start by removing the hinge from the frame if possible.

It can be stuck on one side and riveted on the other, or it can be held together from both sides with bolts or fasteners. If removing the hinge is challenging, you can replace the latch with the hinge in position.

Remove the old rivet from the hinge by cautiously drilling or filing it out. You can start replacing the old rivet with a fresh one if you have got a pop-rivet gun.

Disconnect the handle before replacing the spindle. This can be kept in position with a narrow pin that goes through the spindle.

Gently press that out with a small hammer and smash. If the pin enters through one side and cannot be punched out, it must be drilled out.

Whenever the handle is separated, the spindle can be detached. While trying to undo the fastener or locking ring, grab one side of the spindle with a set of self-locking pliers.

The spindle can be stripped away from the glass once the clamp is removed. Start replacing the spindle in the opposite order, but don’t forget to start replacing any installed rubber shields.


What is the cost of repairing a quarter panel glass?

In reality, quarter glass replacement can cost between $100 and $1,000, depending on the vehicle and the broken piece of glass.

What exactly is a quarter light in a car?

quarter light on vehicles is basically side window located on each side of the car just forward of the vehicle’s rear-facing rear window.

What is the name of a car’s small triangle window?

A vent screen is a simple triangular-shaped window located next to the common door window.

Bottom Line

Even though quarter lights are usually trouble-free, you may need to consider removing a cracked screen, the opening lever is damaged, or the weather seal is leaking. We are pretty sure that by now you would know what you really have to do for fixing a simple light at home by yourself.