How To Repair A Floor Jack That Won't Hold Pressure

How To Repair A Floor Jack That Can’t Hold Pressure?

Irrespective of being tiny, floor jacks are pretty robust tools that can incredibly lift heavy loads while applying underside sealant. However, just like any other mechanical tool, they are also vulnerable to damage. If you are having an issue where your floor jack is not holding pressure?

It is probably due to a mechanical issue like hydraulic fluid or a broken plug that you need to solve. Hence, it is essential to learn how to repair a floor jack that can’t hold pressure? It is something that you can fix with just a few handy tips. 

Read on to the tips and steps which will guide you in fixing and troubleshooting your floor jack.

Tips to Repair a Floor Jack That Can’t Hold pressure?

It can become difficult when you realize that your floor jack will not hold pressure? These are the times when you need to calm and look for a solution. Read the simple steps below to repair your floor jack in no time.  


Be it a floor jack or any other mechanical tool, it is necessary to clean it before using it. It will remove all the impurities as this can affect the maintenance work. 

The floor jack can be affected by the fluid on contamination, as this can damage the interior of the cylinders. If you want to avoid this, use a cloth rag to wipe off the cylinders before any of them. 

Evaluate the Plug on the Cylinder

If your jack is not as it should be, you must check the plug on the cylinder. However, this can be a problem in the hydraulic fluid. 

Look for the plug located at the top of the cylinder and try to pry it up. If you find that the plug is the issue, you would need to buy a new one. If not, it should come off with a slight pull. 

Drain the Fluids

Check the fluids if you think it’s dirty, then you need to drain them. Though draining is a simple procedure, but it can get a little messy, hence perform carefully. Take a bucket and place it under the floor jack. Now turn the tool to drain out all the fluid. 

Once you empty it, make sure that there is no debris or impurities left. If you think there is little impurity, you can quickly clean it by using compressed air. 

Replace the Fluid

Once you perform the above steps, purchase the new fluids and pour them by using a funnel. You can easily avail these fluids, and they do not burden your pocket. 

Irrespective of all these measures, double-check if the cylinder is filled. In case the fluid is not accessible, you can always opt for alternatives. But it would be best if you replace the liquid as early as possible.

Check the Rubber Plug 

Although these plugs are cheap, if broken, you must replace them. Check the age before you return. Make sure you clean the plug thoroughly before you set it back efficiently. 

You must note that it is essential that it does not get any wrinkles while you set the plug.  Sit it flatly because it can be prone to gas leakage if not done so, which will again fail you. 

Checking the Valve 

Before checking your jack, take a glance at the valve, as this can be a potential reason for not working. The main aspect to look at here is the tightness. 

Examine the tightness thoroughly and make adjustments if necessary. Once you have completed the process, you can recheck your jack. 

Do Some Bleeding 

If you find your jack falling more frequently, then there is a high possibility that some air is trapped within. Fortunately, through bleeding, you can solve this quickly. 

You need the unit’s release valve in an entirely retracted position in this process. An oil filler screw then follows that. 

Repeat this process several times to remove all the air inside the system. Finally, ensure that you replace the oil fill screw before you use this unit. 

Lack of Oil in the Reservoir

Another reason that may affect jacks’ functioning can be the lack of sufficient oil in the reservoir. During this process, the air begins to accumulate in the unit, which prevents it from lifting. Check the fluids repeatedly as this will avoid damage to the floor jack. 

Another important thing you must keep in mind is never using different fluids such as brake oil. It can damage the interiors of floor jake drastically. 

These products come with chemicals and high levels of acid that can degrade all the components of the floor jack. 

Closing Thought 

If your jack is falling, then there will be an issue that you must discover. Jacks are so essential if you want to maintain your vehicle or access the underside in order to replace struts or clean a catalytic converter.

Knowing and repairing the actual problem can be a daunting process. But with the right knowledge and proper guidance of steps, troubleshooting your jack be an effortless process. 

Since you now know all about how to repair a floor jack that can’t hold pressure, you have no reason to panic. Also, check out this guide about why you are facing high oil pressure.


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