8 Ways on how to protect your car from hail

Rain is undoubtedly a blessing but becomes a hazard for your property and vehicles when accompanied by a hailstorm. According to an estimate, the hailstorm causes much damage ranging several thousand dollars to crops and vehicles. So, people look for ways about how to protect a car from hail.

Are there ways on how to protect a car from hail? Yes, there are several ways like using cardstock, blankets, and bags that you can use for protection. If you park in a garage, it is good, but if you park your vehicle in an open space, you need to know how to protect your car from hail.

If you live in an area where unexpected hailstorms occur frequently, then you must have adopted some ways to protect your car. But there are a few simple tips on how to protect your car from hail that can help you even if you are traveling somewhere and an unexpected hailstorm occurs.

How to protect a car from hail?

These are a few simple strategies to protect your car from hail.

  • Updated weather condition

Having an update about the upcoming weather would give you the time to protect your car. For this purpose, you can install a weather app on your phone. Develop the routine of checking the weather condition before leaving the house, so you must have something with you to protect the car. It is better to keep some old cardstock boxes in handy.

  • Choosing a parking spot

The next strategy you can adopt on how to protect the car from hail is finding a covered spot for your car. If you don’t have protection for your car, you can at least choose a safe area to park. Most of the parking spaces near the buildings are covered to protect the vehicles from all kinds of damage.

  • Purchasing a car cover

A car cover is an easy thing to carry as it fits into a very small space. You can purchase a car cover from any automobile shop near you. It is not so thick like a blanket or a cardstock but can surely protect your car from extreme rain and small hail. For a heavy hailstorm, you would need something thicker and stronger.

  • Covering with blankets

Blankets are a very good protecting source of your vehicle for extreme hail. They are made up of polyester or cotton, which absorbs the water and serve as a soft base that prevents the hail from hitting the car surface directly. Big-sized ice hail can form dents over the metallic surface of a car and even break the glass, which would cost a thousand dollars or more to fix. So, choosing a large-sized blanket covering the roof, front glass, and windows of the car is advisable. 

  • Using cardstock boxes

Cardstock boxes are somewhat thicker than card paper and thin as compared to chipboards. They are generally light weighted and do not cause any harm to your vehicle. If you want a thicker protective layer over your car, you can use a folded cardstock and tie it on the roof of the car. For a single layer of cardstock, you can try opening up the cardstock box so that it covers a large area on the roof of the car. 

Cardstock boxes are a very cheap way on how to protect cars from hail. They are excellent water absorbers and does not get worn off due to rain and hailstorm. They make the cardstock boxes more suitable for protection against hail.

  • Looking for shelter

Driving in extreme weather conditions is very unsafe. If you are driving and a hailstorm hits, it is highly suggested that you get undercover at once. Seeking a covered place is highly advisable, which would offer you and your car protection until the hail has passed away. You can also stop somewhere safe and pull a cover or blanket over your car if some covered shelter is not available.

  • Avoiding heavy materials on the roof

Some people place rocks over their car roofs in case if the hailstorm hits. Covering the whole roof area with the rocks is done by most people, which is highly dangerous not only for your car but for the other vehicles nearby. If a heavy wind blows with the hail, it will move the rocks that can damage the mirrors and glass for your car or someone else’s car or a building. So, heavy materials and rocks are a very poor choice.

  • Cushions and bags

If you are near your house and do not have a protective cover or if you don’t want your blanket to be soaked, then using some spare pillows and cushions for protection is highly preferable as they are thicker than blankets. You can also use floor bags for this purpose.

So, these are some simple hacks on how to protect car from hail to help you out.






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