Protect Car from Sun Damage

How to protect your car from sun damage?

As cars aren’t supposed to be sun-proof, exposure to direct sunlight can ruin your car’s shine and even the engine. Along with the interiors, sun rays can heat other components such as the car’s battery. 

Therefore, you need to know how to protect your car from sun damage.

To shield your car from sun rays, you can park it in the shade, wash it more often, and use a protection film. It would be best if you also kept an eye out on whether your car’s interior and exterior temperature is maintained correctly. It will prevent your car from heating up quickly.

Curious to know more? Check out this where we break down the simple steps to protect your car from sun damage.

Damaging Effects of Sun Rays on Your Car

You probably ask your kids and pets to stay indoors during the scorching summer months. So, why will your beloved car stay out in the heat?

Suppose it’s around 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside. If you leave your car at this temperature for just an hour, it might reach about 123 degrees Fahrenheit inside the car! 

It can potentially damage your car’s internal components such as the AC system, seats, dashboard, and even the engine.

As a result, these components will get too heated up and may not function properly later on. Other damages that sun rays can cause are –

  • Fading – The interior upholstery and seat covers might lose their shine due to sunlight exposure.
  • Cracks – You might notice fine cracks on your seats and dashboard due to overheating. Moreover, you might see cracks on your steering wheel too!
  • Broken seat belts – Yes, you read that right! Direct exposure to sunlight can make your seat belts and hoses break off. Moreover, apart from safety concerns, it might cost you a handful to fix them.        

Further, sunlight can also damage your beloved car’s paint. It happens a sunlight breaks down the molecules in the paint, dulling its shine over time. 

Subsequently, if you keep putting your car out in the sun, the paint will seem faded and might eventually peel off the surface!

Ways to Protect Your Car from Sun Damage

Now that you know all about the harmful effects sun rays have on your automobile, it’s time for serious business. Besides keeping the car’s interiors and exteriors cool, you’ll also need some regular maintenance to keep your car protected.

Here are some excellent tips on how to protect your car from sun damage.

Park Under the Shade  

Even though it sounds straightforward, this is where you must start. Sometimes, you might feel too lazy to find a nice parking spot under the shade. In such situations, you might park your car under the sun, especially when you’re out of time.

However, while you’re running your quick errand, your shiny car is getting damaged by the Almighty Sun! You might not notice it at once, but with time, you’ll see the negative effects. And, the first thing that will get ruined is your shiny car paint.

Therefore, to prevent all that stuff from happening, take a few extra minutes and park your car under a shade. If you don’t find a suitable spot, find a tree and park it there. It will help keep your car cooler by almost 20 degrees!

Wash Your Car Regularly        

Washing your car more often can keep the dirt and debris off its surface. On the other hand, not giving your car a regular cleanup will keep the dirt on the painted surface. Under the UV rays of the sun, these particles will react and damage your paint.

Further, dead insects on an uncleaned surface might undergo decomposition. When this happens, harmful chemicals and fluids are released, which ruin your car’s exterior.

So, use a car shampoo to clean your car regularly and wash it properly. Additionally, you can use a good power washer to remove dirt and grime. Then, dry it using a soft microfiber cloth to remove the remains.

Use a Paint Protection Film  

You can get a paint protection film to shield your car’s surface from harmful UV rays. This product works as a sunscreen for your vehicle and helps maintain the painted surface. Usually, these are available for acrylic headlights, but you can get one for the whole car.

This film will protect your car from sunlight, dust, dirt, and even scratches. Additionally, protection films maintain the car’s exteriors for longer periods.

Get Some Seat Covers    

Seat covers are excellent ways to protect your car seats from sun damage. Moreover, these covers protect your car from wear and tear. And, they also prevent stains and scratches on the seats.

Most importantly, covers keep the seats and interiors cooler. So, they are beneficial both in summers and winters.

Check Your Car Fluids and Cooling System

When it’s hot outside, your car fluids such as the coolant, engine oil, and transmission fluid gets used up faster. If this happens, the engine and cooling system might not work correctly. As a result, your car might get heated up quickly, and internal parts may get damaged.

Due to extreme heat, your fan belt may break away too. Therefore, before the summer season, check if all the car’s fluid levels are okay. Also, check the condition of the engine, cooling system, and fan belt.

It would be prudent to consider replacing the radiator coolant or look for a good radiator fan and rooftop box.

Leave Your Windows Slightly Open    

The last trick is probably the smartest. Even if you park your car in a shady area, you can leave the windows open just a little bit. It will circulate fresh air inside and also let the heat get out from your interiors.

Moreover, it will keep your car seats cooler!

Summing Up

By now, you might have understood everything about how to protect your car from sun damage. With these tips, your car will stay sun-proof and away from the mechanic’s garage. Besides these tips, you can also car wax and a windshield protector to keep those UV rays from damaging your beloved car.


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