How to make your car louder? The best methods for you

With the craze of fast driving among car drivers, having a loud noise when you increase the speed is also preferred. Driving a car with loud noise is an exciting adventure. So there are many ways that we have given to answer your quest on how to make your car louder. 

How to make your car louder? There are many simple methods that allow you to improve the sound of your car. Some modifications in your exhaust system can get you the desired loud noise. You can also change the piping of your car or add a catalytic converter, resonator, or muffler to your car.

Tips on how to make your car louder

There are many strategies that you can adopt regarding how to make your car louder. Following are some easy tips for your convenience.

Changing in the exhaust system

A small change in the exhaust system of your car can increase its sound. An exhaust system works to propel extra heat from your engine, keeping your car cooler. The engine burns the air and fuel mixture to produce heat. The car engine uses this heat. The exhaust system throws out excess heat from the vehicle body.

The car companies manufacture environmentally-friendly exhaust systems for the convenience of users. But making any change in your exhaust system can increase its noise, making your car louder. 

You can purchase some small components from any junkyard for just a few dollars.

  • Installing straight pipes

The simplest method adopted by people who make a racing car for themselves is straight pipe installation. A straight pipe system includes a tube that moves out directly from the back end of the car. These pipes are very loud and sometimes emit flames from your car. You install these pipes in your car to increase the sound of exhaust system. Some countries consider this change highly illegal. So, you should check the law beforehand.

  • Installing cat-back system

In this method, you can use your catalytic converter for loudening of the vehicle. This system is preferable because it produces a deeper sound rather than making an annoyingly loud sound. It is not illegal and is not harms your engine or look of the car in any way. Any trained technician or mechanic can help you install the cat-back system, making a deeper sound of a car engine.

  • Puncturing your car exhaust

If you punch a hole in your exhaust, it will produce a louder sound. It happens because the sound dampening system of the exhaust is destroyed. So when the excess heat is emitted from the exhaust, a loud sound is produced. It is probably the cheapest method to make your vehicle loud. But it destroys your vehicle exhaust system. You can carry out this process yourself easily with a good hammer.

  • Installing headers

Headers reduce the resistance of your car engine. They protrude out from both sides of the engine block. They improve the flow of heat coming from the exhaust, which resultantly increases the sound of your engine. However, installing headers is a costly process, but it does not damage your vehicle in any way.

  • Installing a new exhaust kit

Installing a new exhaust kit is a way to improve your vehicle sound. It permanently makes your car louder. Exhaust kits are professionally designed to make your car louder. They have different types of a catalytic converter, resonators, and muffler in them. They are different in shape and style, which makes every exhausted unique. The sound of every exhaust kit also varies. A technician can help you choose the perfect exhaust kit for you. This process is, however, costly and is a permanent change with your exhaust.

Changing the catalytic converter

Catalytic converters are designed to remove harmful materials from the exhaust. It makes your car environmentally friendlier. When you install a catalytic converter with the car’s exhaust system, its sound is automatically reduced. 

To produce a louder noise with the engine, we replace the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is removed to increase the loudness of the car. However, this change is allowed for racing cars only. There are a few simple tips to show you how to make your car louder.

  • To remove the catalytic converter, you need a hammer, chisel, crowbar, and a drill.
  • Mount your car on a car lift.
  • Then you need to locate the catalytic converter. It is a honeycomb-like structure.
  • It is fixed perfectly with the exhaust system. Using a chisel and hammer, you can remove the catalytic converter.
  • Using a drill can also help. But you should be careful during this process not to destroy your exhaust system.

Changing the muffler

A muffler is a sound dampening device attached to your car engine. A muffler is generally present at the back of your car. Make 10 to 15 holes throughout the base of the muffler. Unscrew bolts through which the muffler is attached to the engine. Then unscrew the pipe of the muffler from the engine. A simple wrench is used for this purpose. After the muffler is removed, your vehicle’s sound is increased, making it a perfect racing car.

Driving a car without a muffler is illegal. So you can think about replacing the muffler with a performance muffler. It ensures a loud sound of the vehicle. It also works to protect your engine from hazardous gases. Its body is made up of stainless steel, which is highly durable. There are metallic plates and chambers present in the performance muffler that increases the sound of the engine.

There are many kinds of performance mufflers. They differ in size and quality. A trained technician can have to choose the perfect performance muffler for your vehicle. It tells how to make your car louder.

How to make your car louder? Is it legal?

The question asked by most people is that is it legal to make your car louder and how to make your car louder? Are there some specific cars that you can convert?

You can easily convert the cars to make them louder. The way how you make your vehicle louder determines whether it is legal or illegal. Removing the parts of the engine increases the sound but is illegal mostly. Instead, if you replace those parts, it is not illegal. And it also increases the vehicle sound, for example, as in the case of performance muffler.

These few simple steps that you should keep in mind on how to make your car louder.

  • Making some changes with your engine or its components can make your car louder. Changing the pipes increases vehicle sound almost instantly.
  • You should check the law before modifying your car. Use the ways that are legal and helpful for your car.
  • If sound dampening devices are still present in your vehicle, you cannot achieve the desired loud sound.
  • Replacement of vehicle components is advisable instead of removing them.


Many ways show how to make your car louder. You can change the mufflers, pipes, and other components of the engine. It is preferable to use methods that create a deeper sound instead of an annoyingly loud sound.






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