How to make your car faster, Easy and cheap ways?

With every person who loves to drive, attaining speed is a dream. But sometimes the car does not allow you to achieve the speed that you want. Every model of the car has its specifications and offers some modifications to be made in it. But there are a few common tips that work for all and answer your quest on how to make your car faster.

How to make your car faster? Quick hacks

These are a few simple hacks and ways to help you enhance car speed and performance.

  • Spark plug upgrade

The main component of the engine that maintains its proper working is the spark plug. They lighten up a small spark that starts up the combustion process, which runs the car engine. Any problem with the spark plug would cause issues with the starting up of the engine and would reduce the vehicle speed. So, upgrading the spark plug would help start the engine instantly and increase the vehicle’s speed. A spark plug is undoubtedly the directing component of the engine, and we cannot ignore its malfunctioning.

  • Fuel pump replacement

The fuel pump is the mechanical component of the vehicle that needs an upgrade or replacement to improve the horsepower of the car. Mechanical parts seek energy from the horsepower of the car, which resultantly decreases its speed. Fans are located at the exhaust vent of your engine to keep it cool, but it needs replacement with more compatible electric parts that do not cause any effect on the speed of the car during their function.

  • Installing an air intake

The two important it needs of the engine to get started, and proper working is the air and fuel. If the engine’s air intake is updated, the speed of its working would automatically be increased, which in turn increases the speed of your car. 

They dramatically increase the car mileage of the car and allow your engine’s quick intake of air. It is in the form of a long plastic pipe which is fit in your vehicle and does not possess a metallic body. It works on how to make your car faster.

  • Installing an exhaust to your car

A vehicle has a catalytic converter that works to remove excess heat from the engine body of the car. While you develop some ways to throw out excess heat from the car, the engine’s capability to work would automatically be increased, which would help reduce the noise while you increase the car’s speed. 

Using a dual exhaust system would improve the engine working that helps increase the vehicle’s speed. But make sure that the dual exhaust system is in good working condition and a true dual exhaust because up-gradation of an exhaust increases the noise of the vehicle but improves the speed of the car.

  • Car carburetor

Can you leave a carburetor? You have now upgraded almost all of the components of the engine. The task of the carburetor is to mix the air and gasoline and convert it into the vapor which is burn by the engine. We install fuel injection in the new models of cars, so the carburetor is automatically increased. But with old models of cars, you can install a four-barrel carburetor instead of the ordinary two-barrel carburetor already installed in it.

  • Nitrous oxide

Using nitrous oxide is probably the most exciting modification that every speed achiever wants to make with his car. It is one of the most wanted ways on how to make your car faster. A nitrous oxide cylinder fitted inside your vehicle improves the speed up to multiple folds, and the car boosts forward like a rocket. 

Due to the working of nitrous oxide, which creates extra oxygen for your engine during the combustion process. It enhances the intake air of the engine, making it denser. The use of nitrous oxide cylinder is specified as we can use it in small shorts instead of using it to your drive. You should also check whether the state allows this modification or not, as it can be highly dangerous to achieve this type of speed.

So, these are some of the hacks to help you find ways on how to make your car faster.





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