How to lower your car, choosing the perfect way?

Lowering a car has become a crazy trend nowadays; it is such a modification that changes the overall look of the vehicle, making it different from the respective models available in the market. Besides adding to the visual beauty of the car, it also improves the handling performance of your vehicle. There are many methods showing how to lower your car; your job is to make sure which method is most suitable for your vehicle.

Methods of how to lower your car

Various methods show how to lower your car. The exact question of how to lower your car depends on where you want to lower your car. Various methods suggest how to lower a car, like spring suspension lowering, hydraulic system replacement, spring and coil changing, and leaf spring suspension replacement. Many components especially the suspensions allow the lowering of the car.

  • Lowering the spring suspension

This is the most common method that most of the technicians and people suggest in response to how to your car. It works well for almost all types of cars, giving them your desired low-base look. It is better if you seek professional help.

With the axle and frame of the car, there are many springs attached both at the front and rear. So when these springs are cut, the height of your car is automatically reduced, and it is lowered. You can make the springs short or replace the springs with a shorter one.

If you are cutting the coil yourself, you can use a grinder and cut around the turns of the coil. You should work with the springs should be done very carefully because once it is cut, you can not stretch it to its former shape. You should decrease the size of shocks and bumps where the coil is fit. 

Step by step process

You need a few things for this task, an air compressor, an air impact gun, hand tools, some jacks, and some wooden blocks. The first step is to raise the front wheels of the car. For this purpose, we need a jack to support the front portion of the car and hold it in an upward position. With the car’s back wheels, we would place the wooden boxes to prevent the car from rolling over.

The next step involves removing the wheel of a car; we will first remove the lug nut and then remove the wheel. Once we remove the wheel we will then proceed to dislocate the strut assembly. With the help of a wrench, we will now loosen and remove the remaining bolts of the car.

The struts are different with every vehicle so that we will work differently, but two or three bolts are holding the strut together. You should remove the strut entirely and place it aside after you have removed the bolts.

Now the next step is to remove the strut spring compressor. For the safe removal of the spring, we will turn the spring gently, interchanging it on the two sides of the attachment. Now comes the turn of spring removal. Here we need compressed air and an impact gun. Turn on the compressed air, and with the help of an impact gun, remove the nuts holding the spring with the strut mounts.

The second phase here starts, install the new shortened springs now with the strut mount. The fixing of springs is very technical, so you need to be very careful about it. As the springs are made to sit low, recheck their fixing when done.

Now the reinstallation of strut mount begins, proper compression of spring is needed before its installation with the nut to make sure that it fits perfectly with the low spring coils.  The last step includes the installation of strut assembly in its former position.

After the lowering with the front side is done, we will now proceed with the rear following the same process and tools. If you have these tools with you, the process would be more straightforward for you.

  • Leaf suspension lowering

The other method of lowering the suspension is leaf spring suspension. You need a professional lowering kit for this task. Only a slight difference of lowering kit is present, otherwise, the tools required are the same.

It is typically the second method in your search of how to lower your car. In leaf spring suspensions, the leaf spring is used as a suspension to hold the car above the level of the ground. It is attached with the U-shaped bolts.

You require a universal lowering kit and some hand tools for this task. Some jacks and jack stands and wooden blocks would do the task. First of all, make the preparations for the actual lowering process. Mount your vehicle on the jacks and then secure the opposite side wheels with the help of a wooden block.

Then we will remove the bolts of the leaf spring suspension. These are present below the two corners of the U-shaped leaf suspensions holding the leaf springs, and a thread is usually wrapped around them. The third step involves raising the axle so that there is space for putting in the suspension block.

The vehicle raises on the basis of the size of the suspension block. A suspension block is placed between the axle and the spring. This step involves the installation of lowered U-shaped bolts. Fix the bolts with the axle; they are long enough to cover the new suspension block.

So, your job is complete, all you need is to repeat the overall process. Repeat the same process with all the other three sides of the car. This method is easy compared to the first one. The universal lowering kit has all the things to help you with the car lowering process.

  • Adjusting the torsion bar

The third type of spring and suspension lowering is torsion lowering aided by a torsion bar key. This change is done exclusively to decrease the height of the car. The tools required are straightforward, and the process is carried out quickly with the help of a wrench.

A torsion bar is generally fit in place of suspensions or coils to bring a change in the height of a car. This is a factory-made setting done in the car to help the users lower the cars according to their, it is the easiest and cheapest way of lowering your car.

  • Replacement of shocks and springs

With the passage of time, the car’s shocks and springs tend to be worn off, so it is better to replace them or remove them altogether and use new springs of low height. If you have an old car model and do not have leaf spring suspension attached and installation of new leaf suspension is an easy process, you can do it yourself.

If you have spring leaves suspension attached, then it is advisable that you seek a technician’s help to get the suspensions replaced skillfully. Installation of air drugs can actually help you replace the springs and lower your car.

You use simple and handy tools for this purpose. The Air compressor that you use for this task is only a unique thing. We do not suggest a lowering kit for this purpose.

  • Replacing the hydraulic cylinder of a car

Replacing the hydraulic cylinder also lowers the car. All you need to do is install some hydraulic pumps and batteries that make the hydraulic pumps work.  The system increases battery consumption. So, we replace the hydraulic cylinder of the car in most cases.

How to lower your car? Is it advisable?

How to lower your car depends upon whether your car is able to accept that change or not. Undoubtedly there can be specific reasons why you should lower your car. But there are many reasons why you should not do so.

With the new models of cars, lowering the car is advisable. But mostly worn off and old vehicles cannot afford to lower and become more prone to damage. When the car is lowered by you, the road feel is automatically increased. But lowering reduces the comfort of the vehicle.

Lowering the car is suitable if you are to drive on a smooth road. It will give you a stiffer ride. But while it comes to a rough and under construction road, it would damage the car. When you increase the speed, the wires of a lowered car are damaged. 

If we look at the physical changes, we can see that lowering of a car brings is it changes the overall look of the car. But resultantly you might face warranty issues with it. Lowering the car is a time taking process and caused you several hundred dollars. So you should be very clear whether you want to lower of car or not.

So, these are some standard methods that tell you how to lower your car.






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