How to Fix A Catalytic Converter

How to Fix a Catalytic Converter Without Replacing?

How to fix a Catalytic Converter without replacement? If you are facing issues with your catalytic converter but do not want to replace it. So, is there any solution?

Yes, you can fix the Catalytic Converter without replacing it. There are various solutions, such as the Italian Tune-up, which can fix vehicle problems. All you have to do is give many hard accelerations so that the catalytic converter gets heated up.

As a result, the converter will burn down the deposits that affect its performance.

There are other methods also to fix the catalytic converter without replacing it. So, let’s discuss the possible sign and solutions to fix the catalytic converter.  

Why is there a Catalytic Converter Failure?

The catalytic converter should last as long as the vehicle is running. But, it tends to fail and needs necessary repair, and simply cleaning the catalytic converter and cleaning the pistons may not be sufficient..

The main reason for catalytic failure is the engine. The engine combustion remains do not burn when excess fuel enters the exhaust system.

That is due to the failed oxygen sensor, incorrect engine timing, or fuel mixture.

The temperature of catalytic converters reaches its greatest level. And it will break down the honeycomb material or melt down the converter’s internals. Thus, you have the non-functional catalytic converter.

The worn piston rings and failed gaskets collect carbon soot in the exhaust system. Further, it can result in heavy clogging, blocking the exhaust flow completely.

Overheating can happen in the worst case. It will also increase the back pressure of the engine. And there will be physical damage done to the catalytic converter.

Signs that Your Catalytic Converter Needs a Quick Fix

What does a catalytic converter do? It helps cut the output of dangerous chemicals by the engine combustion reaction. The catalytic converter is a part of the exhaust system and can process the gas from the engine. 

But, a clogged or damaged catalytic converter can cause engine failure if not fixed on time. Then, How to fix a catalytic converter without replacing it? also learn about catalytic converter cleaners.

For that, you must keep an eye on different signs of a faulty catalytic converter.

Failing Engine Performance

When the catalytic converter clogs, it will affect the performance. The converter will not be able to vent the natural flow of gases due to clogging.

The partial blockage happened when internals began to melt. Or when too much carbon gets collected on the honeycomb pattern. Further, the engine needs to work at peak power for excellent exhaust flow.

Clogging reduces the working power of the converter.

Smell of Sulphur – Rotten Egg

A functional catalytic converter transforms the smell of sulfide into odor-free sulfur dioxide. What happens when gas conversion does not take place? It will cause the unburnt gases to release hydrogen sulfide.

So, you can notice the smell of rotten eggs in your car. You will also notice a change in the color of your exhaust. It would be darker than before and turned from gray into black smoke.

What about the Rattling Noises?

You will hear the rattling sound from beneath the vehicle. It happens when the honeycomb materials break down due to damage or excessive heat. Also, the sound is the loudest when you start your engine.

Thus, the sounds show some problems with the catalytic inverter. So, make sure you notice the sound and get your vehicle checked. 

Check the Engine Light

The engine light will blink on the dashboard to show that the catalytic converter is failing.

The oxygen sensors help to check how well the catalytic converter is working. The gas levels of the exhaust show the efficiency.

Fixing A Catalytic Converter Without Replacing It

Now, let’s come back to the main topic of the article. It’s time to answer how to fix a catalytic inverter without replacing it?

Replacing the catalytic converter should be your last option. Before that, you should look for ways to fix it.

You can find many methods to fix the catalytic converter on the internet. However, we will provide you with reasonable methods.  

The most common problem that a converter faces is clogging. So, let’s talk about how you can unclog your catalytic converter easily.

Fuel Additives and Fuels

A different fuel additive or fuel can clean out the deposits. Like, you can use high-octane fuel instead of low-octane fuel to fill your car.

Also, you can add lacquer thinner along with your fuel in the next resupply to clear out the deposits. 

The catalytic converter will reach the right temperature to burn the carbon inside. Moreover, it will help the converter to work efficiently again.

Italian Tune-Up

The mechanics use Italian Tune-up to solve all the problems related to vehicles. It’s an old method to fix your car’s problems.

Do you always keep your cars speed at low levels? If yes, you might need to stop doing that as you do not give enough power to the engine.

The catalytic converter needs to reach the highest temperature to work exceptionally. Otherwise, it will result in complete damage when the catalytic converter doesn’t get used to its full potential. 

That’s why some drivers push their car’s speed hard enough to reach the greatest level and burn all the deposits.

Fix the Exhaust Issues

Another common problem that catalytic converters face is exhaust leaks. When that happens, it can twist the oxygen sensor readings without any change in other readings.

Thus, a complete check is necessary for the catalytic converter to work properly.

You will find that exhaust pipes and worn-out gaskets are the root cause of the whole problem. But, the best thing is they are easy to repair without spending too much money. 

So, you should choose to repair what can be fixed before replacing the converter. 

Making Your Catalytic Converter to Last Longer

Sometimes, you have no option other than to replace the catalytic converter. That is due to internal melting or breakdown. So, how can you provide catalytic converter a long-lasting service life?

  • Routine Maintenance: The oil and air filter need regular maintenance. They are responsible for causing harm to the catalytic converter.
  • Drive Your Vehicle: Take your car on a long drive of at least twenty minutes. An operating car will keep the catalytic converter functional.
  • Checking the Engine Light: The Engine light is the warning light that lights up when there is an issue. So, keep your eyes on the engine light and address the problem before becoming a cause of concern.

Final Thoughts

How to fix a Catalytic Converter without replacing it?  There are many potential solutions to fixing your catalytic converter. These are quite workable and convenient. All you need is to look out for the warning sign and give your catalytic converter a quick fix.

You can use these quick fixes to give your catalytic converter with working service life.


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