How To Dispose Of Old Gasoline?

Getting perplexed on how to dispose of old gasoline? Does it smell bad? Gasoline smells can be toxic and harmful. 

Hazardous fuel is a highly explosive and flammable substance. However, it is an essential fuel which you use in your day-to-day life. Also, it would help if you constantly disposed of old gasoline, be it using it to fill up your vehicles and engine or cooking in the kitchen.

Therefore, it needs to be disposed of properly in a safe way. Hence, one needs to understand and have proper knowledge on how to dispose of old gasoline.

Proper handling and Safety precautions you might need to take while trying to dispose of old gasoline. You must remember to seal the container tightly and dispose of them without experiencing any spillage.

Confused about how to dispose of them properly? No need to fear! We offer a solution to this. We are there to help you dispose of old gasoline. Read on this article to find out a step-by-step guide on how to dispose of old gasoline safely.

When Do You Dispose of Old Gasoline?

To change your gasoline timely, you need to figure out how long the oil would last without any degradation in its quality. Hence, knowing the shelf-life of gasoline is extremely important. 

Degraded gasoline can cause damage to your engine ignition. You would find it challenging to start your engine. 

If you are pondering how long the old one might last and questioning the usage of the old one, you are not alone. A fuel gas might start slowly degrading in a while. 

While rust converters are present to stop your car from getting oxidized, that doesn’t stop the oil from oxidation. You might find the gas degrading due to oxidation, or it can evaporate due to its volatile nature. 

Usually, an adequately stored one can last up to approximately six months, but this depends on the type of gasoline you decide to use; for instance, an ethanol-based one can last till three months. 

Sometimes, the purity and type of the gas also play a significant role. For example, a high mileage oil for your engine, on average, can last up to five years if stored properly due to its good quality. 

However, it does mean an old or spoiled gas, by definition, is not harmful or contaminated. It means that the gasoline storage period has come to an end.

Why Dispose of Old Gasoline?

You should avoid using old gasoline at any cost since you can not determine if it is contaminated thoroughly.

Also, it might lead to some problems with your engine and cause corrosion on the engine. Hence, this might lead to your vehicle not functioning correctly. 

Sometimes, you can use old gasoline if you add decide to add fresh gasoline along with it to use it as a mixture. However, it is risky and does not work out in the long run.

Moreover, if you regularly oil change, you save fuel and increase gas mileage by at least 2%. Knowing which oil suits your car and how often you need to change it can make it more beneficial. 

Also, oil changes are affected by the additives added to them, like marvel-mystery-oil and Seafoam oil. You can check which lasts longer and helps enhance your engine performance.

Furthermore, this leads to your increase in your vehicle’s performance, and your car would function smoothly. Hence, it would help if you learned how to dispose of old gasoline as soon as it has started its oxidation. 

How to Check if Your Gasoline Has Become Old?

You can figure out if the gas has gotten bad by using some methods. You can do this by evaluating the old one with the fresh gasoline, 

  • Compare the old and new one side by side; check the texture, consistency, and smell. Here, you can see that the old is darker than the other and has a weird murky smell. 
  • Also, this might mean that the old gas has dissolved and does not have the same efficacy. However, this old gasoline does not mean it’s contaminated.
  • In ethanol-blended gasoline, you can find that the gasoline and ethanol layers are separated. 
  • Furthermore, you would find some thread-like sediments or opaque color in the gas solution if you try to notice carefully. Hence, this might indicate that the old gasoline has become contaminated by oxidation. 

Gas contamination or degradation is also possible if the gas hasn’t been sealed or stored properly. At these times, you need to be careful it does not leak, or your car might get the fuel smell. Hence, you can get radiators that stop any leaks from happening.

However, the leaking can happen due to many other reasons. Therefore, it is essential to check and replace every part, including the brake rotor, if they are not working properly. Also, while checking to buy the car parts, purchase only the best quality ones.

A Guide on How to Dispose of Old Gasoline

When your gasoline is old, you can find difficulty in a car ignition, and your vehicle’s performance might get affected. In those times, you should look into the fuel gas you’re using.

Since this occurs commonly due to using old gasoline, you need to figure out how you have oxidized and turned old. Meanwhile, using gasoline is one thing, but disposing of it is whole another issue. 

While changing oil tanks might look more effortless, it needs diligent handling and needs to be done mindfully in an appropriate manner. You might need to follow some rules and regulations while handling hazardous substances. 

Also, these are inflammable and combustion-prone chemical substances. Hence, these need to be handly carefully.

Since it is flammable, you need to careful as it can lead to the people, trees, plants, and animals nearby getting injured or harmed. 

Furthermore, improper disposal of gasoline can lead to many problems, and it can cause harm to the whole place. Improper disposal of gasoline is also illegal. 

So, we have enlisted here step-by-step method on how to dispose of old gasoline and replace them with a fresh one. 

Step 1: Take Precautionary Measures

You know that how gasoline is one of the toxic substances and is volatile. Hence, you need to take precautionary methods while trying to dispose of them. 

So, using proper safety measures is highly important. If you are going to dispose of the old gasoline, you need to wear all the safety tools like gloves, safety goggles, mechanical overalls, or overall precautionary coverings. 

Thereby, make sure to wear it as it prevents you from getting injured, burnt, or causing any harm to your skin or your clothes.

Step 2: Get Your Tools Ready

Before going to disposing or checking your container, get your tools ready for changing the gas. You might not require many tools or equipment to achieve this. However, some essential tools might help make the job finish quicker and easier. 

Hence, having the right tools can be advantageous. Ensure that when you are changing the oil in gear, you handle it carefully. 

First, you might need a disposable cylinder or can which you can tightly seal. Then, a Siphon pump, towels, tissues, or any ragged cloth for proper transfer with cleaning. 

Also, you can use sandpaper and some water to wipe off the dirt from the outside of the container. You can easily get these things in a departmental store nearby your place. 

Step 3: Ensure You Have an Approved Gas Disposal Container

Ensuring the container you are using is certified for disposal of a toxic substance like gasoline is crucial. Make sure it is gasoline approved rather than ending up using some random plastic or containers. 

Ensure not to discard the old gasoline in any drains, ponds, rivers, or lakes, the gasoline will not only cause detriment in the pipes, but it also has the chance of harming the plants and animals in the area. Moreover, when it gets mixed with your drinking water, it can cause health problems or even death. 

Since handling the toxic substance is essential to avoid spillage, we do it to ensure it does not face any leaks and smell after closing it. Many containers which are gas disposal certified are available in the market. 

Hence, it is wise to pour the old gasoline from your engine into a gas disposal-approved container or can. 

Step 4: How to Dispose of Old Gasoline in the Container

Firstly, you need to ensure the gasoline you are disposing of has gotten old or contaminated. You can check this by using the previously mentioned comparison method to detect the degraded one correctly. 

Without any spillage, take an empty can or cylinder and pour the old gasoline carefully through a siphon pump or funnel from your engine. Also, you can avoid mixing gasoline with any water as the gasoline and water get separated. 

A cheap gasoline-approved disposable can would serve to be good enough for this purpose. Ensure to seal and close the top for safe transportation tightly. 

Follow all safety methods and precautions advised while doing this step. Afterward, don’t forget to add fresh gasoline to the engine. 

Step 5: Call-In Advance to the Disposal Centers

Picking a disposal center and calling them for disposal is essential. You need to contact them way before they arrive at the right time while you dispose of them. 

For safe disposal, you need to make sure to dispose of the old gasoline in municipalities that are well-reputed and legit places that offer you good disposal services. 

You need to call in advance to catch these services as some only work at specific timings and might not be available to take away the container at any time. 

Some of the services are only available for certain days in a week and might not be ready right away to take your gasoline cylinders if you call them in the late minute. 

Moreover, you can also not store the old gasoline containers for a long duration since you might experience rusty smells. Also, if you call a disposal center, you need to have the money to pay the expenses while they take out for disposing of it. 

So, try asking them beforehand how much you’ll need to pay. 

Therefore, calling and notifying them well in advance, like a few days or weeks before you decide to dispose of it, can prove helpful for both the parties involved. 

Step 6: Picking a Disposal Centre

When you dispose of government-approved hazardous waste centers, you are making sure that you can dispose of the old gasoline safely and properly. However, you may not find them recycling or reusing the gasoline for any purpose. 

However, you would need to call well-ahead as these centers need to prepare for their service and are available at specific times to gas containers away. 

Other than this, some alternative services offer to take out your gasoline disposal in the fire department, collection events, and garage mechanics. 

Look out for the community events organized in your locality to spot some oil disposal service centers. Either these may collect or works disposal center, or you can ask those people a suitable disposal area for a recommendation. 

Another place that offers you service to take away your hazardous gas and oils are garage mechanics, who might constantly work with transmission fluids and have much old gasoline to they might have to end up disposing of them. Hence, you can easily ask them to drain and dispose of your old gasoline. 

Alternatively, you can use paid gasoline disposal services that come to your place. They arrive at your area after the call, and you pay them to take out the old gasoline containers to the waste disposal centers.

Step 7: Things to Follow While Disposing Gasoline

While you are using or disposing of a hazardous and flammable substance, you need to be cautious. Hence, you need to keep some preventive methods in mind while they seem trivial, which you need to keep in mind when you are doing gasoline disposal. 

  • You can Make sure that can or containers you use are tightly sealed and lidded before disposal.
  • Checking whether the gasoline is old and contaminated, thereby making it disposable
  • Asking people for safe disposal grounds available near your locality
  • Not draining or dumping it in your sink or any other area with water. 
  • Do not try any illegal way to dispose of this hazardous chemical. Always go through the legal way to do it. 
  • If you experience any spillage, use baking soda on that area first before pouring liquid soap. If the spill is too much, contact the fire service department and get help and guidance from them.
  • Please make sure not to smoke anywhere near the container or anytime while trying to transport it.

Final Thoughts

Figuring out how to dispose of old gasoline can be a tedious but straightforward job. One needs always to be mindful and on alert while handling gasoline.

Since this is a toxic and easily inflammable substance, you need to be careful while handling, transporting, and disposing of it. Therefore, you need proper knowledge about gasoline changing and how it works. 

Hence, knowing how to dispose of old gasoline can prove fruitful for you and your environment and prevent accidents.


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