How To Connect Google Maps To Car Bluetooth

How To Connect Google Maps To Car Bluetooth?

The best thing about Google Maps is that Google allows you to connect it to your vehicle through Bluetooth. This feature lets you skip past the hassle of checking your phone again and again for directions. There are other methods to learn How to connect Google Maps to car Bluetooth. For instance, for Android Auto, you need to download the latest and most compatible Android Auto app and then launch Google Maps. However, for Mirror Link, you will have to download “Floating Apps” in your car. Therefore, in this article, we will teach you several other ways through which you can learn How to connect Google Maps to car Bluetooth. All you need to do is read more to find out! 

How to Connect Google Maps to Car Bluetooth- A general overview

  • The first step in connecting any car to google maps will require you to start the pairing process. This may require you to answer a couple of questions.
  • Firstly, go to Settings on your phone and click on Wireless & Networks settings.
  • Now, go to Bluetooth settings and activate Bluetooth.
  • Choose the stereo device, i.e., your car. Some cars will ask you for a pin code. It’s either 1234 or 0000. Now, your cell phone will be connected to the car.
  • You can also change this pin code via your car’s settings.
  • Open Google Maps on your phone.
  • Lastly, Enable the audio if you want.

How to display Google Maps on the car’s screen?

Firstly, you should know that if you’re using Google Maps on your cell phone’s web browser or not using an updated version of Google Maps, it won’t work. You need to have the latest version of the Google Maps app to display it on your car’s screen.

Android Auto

In the case of android Auto, you need to first launch the Google Maps app to insert the destination. The keyboard will appear on your car’s screen. If the keyboard doesn’t appear, tap on the search field on your car’s screen or your cell phone.

Apple CarPlay

  • Go to settings in your iPhone and Select General
  • Now, choose “CarPlay.”
  • A list of caries you have previously connected with and activated nearby on your Apple CarPlay will appear. Choose the car you’d like to pair up with.
  • If you want to change the car’s settings, you can click on “Customize” on your iPhone and do so.
  • Here, Apple Maps has already been selected as your default map.
  • Click on ‘More Apps’ and choose Google Maps.
  • To add Google Maps to the “Include” list, touch the “(+)” sign in green.
  • Connect your iPhone’s Bluetooth to the car’s Bluetooth.
  • Then, after connecting, open Google Maps on your iPhone.
  • If you want to turn on the voice-over, go to Initial Settings, click on Navigation Settings, and tap on the Play Voiceover option.

Mirror Link

Your phone must be updated to at least the MirrorLink 1.1 version. In addition, it should at least have Two certified apps by MirrorLink downloaded. For your car, install Floating Apps. For android users, you should at least have an Android 7.

To connect to Google Maps via MirrorLink on your car, follow these steps:

  • Connect your car’s Bluetooth to your cellphone
  • Now, open MirrorLink’s home page and launch the RockScout application.
  • Then, press your phone’s power button twice.
  • The lock screen will appear, choose Google Maps, and enter the desired location.

How to Connect Google Maps to Car Bluetooth- Toyota

Step 1:  

The first step is to connect your phone with the vehicle. Your phone must have the Google Maps application installed. You cannot connect the Google Maps application directly to Toyota’s navigation system. Therefore, connect your phone’s Bluetooth to Toyota’s system first.

You can also connect using the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto mode. However, not all Toyota cars are compatible with these modes.

Step 2:

When you have connected your phone’s Bluetooth to the car’s system, you need to access your phone’s menu and open the settings. You will now notice Toyota as an available device to be connected. Tap on it to connect.

However, if you’re connecting through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, you need to have their application downloaded beforehand.

Step 3:

You must’ve established the connection between your cellphone and Toyota’s system by now. This means that you can also access Toyota’s speakers for voice-over navigations. Thus, the final step involves activating Google Maps and inserting your location. Once you start, you will be able to hear the audio instructions on your car’s speakers.

How to Connect Google Maps to Car Bluetooth- Mercedes

Step 1:

There will be a phone button on your Mercedes’s steering wheel. Press it. You will be taken to the pairing menu by the informant system. An alternative to accessing the pairing menu is via your phone after connecting it through Bluetooth to Mercedes’s system.

Step 2:

On your car’s infotainment screen, you will notice an option enabling you to pair with a new device. Tap on that. Now, select the Search option and select the device you’d like to pair with.

Step 3:

A code will appear on your car’s infotainment screen and your phone. The codes need to match. If they do, select confirm on your phone.

Step 4:

Your cell phone is finally connected to Mercedes’s infotainment through Bluetooth. Now shoot Google Maps on your phone and start the navigation.

Changing the Car icon

To make your car’s icon stand out on the navigation screen, you can change its icon. It’s a clever and extremely simple hack. Following are the steps to change your car’s icon on Google Maps.

  • Launch google maps
  • Tap on the Direction icon.
  • Insert your destination and desired route.
  • Now, tap to start the navigation.
  • Once navigation starts, you need to press the vehicle icon.
  • The vehicle icon. It’s blue and situated on the top right of the screen.
  • Now swipe right to choose your icon of choice.

Final Words

People are often hyper fixated on huge and daunting car skills such as fixing the Idle Air Control Valve, troubleshooting the Ignition Warning light, and installing car batteries  and spark plugs. Such tasks will often require you to consult an expert, and thus people tend to overlook the importance of acquiring simpler yet extremely beneficial skills.

Bluetooth is perhaps the most beneficial for a layman of all the car’s instruments. So, when this Bluetooth is coupled with Google Maps, magic happens.

As of late, Google Maps have become a lifesaver for many, especially for individuals traveling to new countries or cities. From navigating you through the fastest route to informing you of the jam-packed places with traffic, Google Maps does it all. Therefore, it’s extremely beneficial for all drivers to learn how to connect Google Maps to car Bluetooth and make their lives easier. Apart from learning how to connect google maps to car Bluetooth, you can also learn other handy skills such as upgrading the car’s stereo, installing lift kits, fixing car lights, and installing roof boxes.