The perfect wrap for your car, and how long does a car wrap last?

A vinyl wrap is a colored coating that can be done on your car. It is different from paint and is removable. You can cover your vehicle completely or a specific area if you want. It modifies your car temporarily. Vinyl wrapping is generally preferred for most vehicles.

When you go for car wrapping, it is a common concern that how long does a car wrap last. The longevity of a car wrap depends upon the care you give to your vehicle and the quality of the wrap. A good quality wrap can last easily from seven to ten years.

The average cost price of wrapping a car depends upon many factors such as the area you want to cover, whether you choose a specific color or design, the time taken for the wrapping process, and the quality of wrap you select. The price can be from a hundred to thousand dollars respectively.

Pro tips to make your car wrap last longer.

The question of how long does a car wrap lasts depends upon the way you use your vehicle. Here are a few simple tips you can adopt to make your vinyl wrap last longer.

  • Thorough cleaning

Before you go for the actual wrapping process of your car, a thorough surface cleaning is required. It is done to make the wrap stick perfectly over your vehicle. Accumulated dust and dirt are removed, and all the dents are also removed. This increases the lifespan of your vinyl wrap.

  • Selecting a technician for your vinyl wrap

Selecting the right company and technician would make your vinyl wrap last longer. Always prefer brands and specific companies who know what they are doing. It is advisable to spend money on a properly done task. Wrapping is more durable if you do it correctly.

  • Cleaning materials for wrap

You should keep in mind that vinyl wrap is just a coating over the metallic surface of the vehicle and not metallic in nature itself. Even if the dirt and dust gets over the car wrap, it is not damaged. Instead of using detergents and water for washing it. You should use solutions that are friendly with the vinyl wrap of a car. It would make the car wrap last longer.

  • Temperature and weather exposure

Extreme temperature is something that adversely affects your car wrap. So, it is better to protect the car from extreme weather changes such as extreme heat or cold. Heat decreases the lifespan of the vinyl wrap, permanently destroying its coating. Especially, exposure to sunlight needs to be stopped. If you drive the car in extremely hot areas, the longevity of your car wrap would below.

  • Storage and parking of your car

Along with how you drive your car, the place where you park it is also essential. Always park your car in a garage and places less exposed to weather conditions. Parking on roads destroys the car wrap.

So, the fact how long does a car wrap last depends upon all these conditions.

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