Brakes are mechanical devices in your vehicle. It is one of your car’s crucial components that help bring your vehicle to a halt. So, without the best brakes like Hart Brakes, your vehicle’s halt might be ineffectual. 

Hart Brakes use friction to reduce the speed or bring your vehicle to a halt. Are you wondering what this Hart Brakes that we keep mentioning is? Well, fret not; you will know everything regarding it as you peruse this article. 

We aim to give you a comprehensive review of Hart Brakes, the best Hart Brakes to buy, and its important features. Moreover, you will know everything about what to look for when buying Hart Brakes and about the company too. Hart is a major brakes manufacturer like Akebono.

Furthermore, you’ll also get enlightened regarding the Hart Brakes installation. So, without further ado, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of Hart Brakes.

Best Hart Brakes

It is not easy to find the perfect brakes for your car. So, to help you with this problem, we have collated a list of the 5 best brakes by Hart that will aid you in making a wise decision. Check it out!

1. Hart Black Drilled Slotted Brake Kit


  • Don’t rust with time
  • Improve stops exponentially
  • Require low effort to install
  • Good-looking and shiny


  • Likely to pulsate when you’re on a highway

The Hart Black Drilled Slotted Brake Kit looks outstanding and provides you with exceptional performance. They are highly attractive and will exceed all your expectations very easily. 

If you’re wondering what helps reduce friction in the Hart Black Drilled Slotted Brake Kit, it is the black zinc. Zinc also increases the lifespan of rotors. These rotors come with precision slots.

Moreover, this design of the rotors in the Hart Black Drilled Slotted Brake Kit is responsible for increasing the effectiveness and speed at every stop you make. With these brakes installed in your car, you will never have to worry about the car not stopping. 

Additionally, if you are looking for even better performance, you can use ceramic pads to accentuate the Hart Black Drilled Slotted Brake Kit. Also, this brake set is effortless to set up. 

Furthermore, you will not have to go through even a single modification while you install these brakes. The Hart Black Drilled Slotted Brake Kit is perfect if you have a GMC SUV.

2. Hart Platinum Drilled Slot Brake Kit


  • Stops fast responsively and quietly
  • Does not lead to dust clouds
  • Lasts a long time


  • Zinc coat is likely to fade away over time

Are you wondering why Hart Platinum Drilled Slot Brake Kit is on this list? Well, there is a simple reason behind it. These brakes offer impeccable features such as a set of precision slots.

These precision slots ensure that you’re able to stop precisely and super-fast every time you hit those brakes! Furthermore, if you are someone who values excellent responsiveness while on the road, these brakes will certainly steal the show.

The Hart Platinum Drilled Slot Brake Kit is one of the best Hart brakes because they come with a cross-drilled design. Wondering what these drills do? Well, they ensure that the air travels properly through the rotors. 

The process mentioned above additionally ensures that the heat vanishes and the rotors don’t burn. Along with this, the silver-zinc coating compliments the rotors and increases the lifespan. 

Moreover, the ceramic brake pads are long-lasting and will not wear out easily as they are made of wear-resistant material. Furthermore, they come with a unique frictionless design that accentuates the performance of the entire brake kit. 

These brakes are your knight in shining armor if you have a Toyota SUV. One of the best qualities of the Hart Platinum Drilled Slot Brake Kit is that it helps you stop quietly and lets out very little dust. So, learn how to say goodbye to those screeching tires!

3. Hart Black Brake Kit


  • Looks outstanding
  • Brake responsiveness is increasingly good
  • Ceramic pads don’t produce noise
  • Lasts a long time


  • Wears out fast if you use the car as a sports car

The Hart Black Brake Kit is a perfect match for you if you drive a Dodge Challenger. A muscle car surely needs quality brakes, and the Hart Black Brake Kit will do a perfect job at that. 

You already know what a beautiful car Dodge Challenger is! When you add these black-painted rotors to it, the car looks vibrant. These rotors come with a black zinc coating that adds a unique style to the car and ensures that the brakes don’t rust. 

So, you see? You’re at a dual advantage here! The Hart Black Brake Kit comes with precision slotted rotors that have quality ceramic pads. Hart specially designs these brakes for the Challenger. So, they do an excellent job at giving you great stops. 

Additionally, equipped with ceramic pads, the Hart Black Brake Kit produces very little noise and almost little to no dust. Moreover, the cross-drilled design in these rotors ensures enough ventilation and no overheating takes place.

4. Hart Ceramic Brake Kit


  • Highly responsive
  • Slotted design
  • Leads to little or no screeching


  • The ceramic pads are likely to produce dust

Do you know why you need quality brakes if you have a Toyota Avalon? Well, it’s because a few sedans can reach the speed that your Toyota Avalon can. To assist you with this, the Hart Platinum Full Brakes Kit will give you the best company. 

You don’t have to worry about your Sedan not stopping on time anymore. The Hart Platinum Full Brakes Kit will ensure that you stop quickly and effectively no matter how many times or where you stop.

If you’re thinking about how you will stop super-fast, it’s because of the precision slots and the ceramic pads that come with these rotors. Did you know that almost all Hart Brakes come with a black zinc coating? 

This coating increases the durability and the lifespan of the rotors. The cross-drilled holes in the rotors ensure that heat does not accumulate. If you want the Hart Platinum Full Brakes Kit to last longer, then you even add the wear-resistant ceramic pads to it. 

Additionally, these brakes are extremely easy to install and are quite effortless to set up. So, all you have to do is place them to bolt them up. 

5. Hart Black Full Brake Kit


  • Effortless to install
  • High brake responsiveness
  • Does not produce noise
  • Offers a practical sensor


  • Ceramic pads are likely to produce lots of dust

This Hart Black Full Brake Kit is perfect for you if you seek excellent responsiveness, high-level durability, and less effort. All you have to do is give the brake pedal a slight push to stop, and voila, your car stops immediately!

The Hart Black Full Brake Kit comes with precision-slotted rotors and ceramic pads that together give your car an unbeatable performance. When investing in brakes, durability is a must. Isn’t it? After all, these brakes will be your best friends while you’re on the road. 

So, the cross-drilled holes ensure that the rotors are not too hot, making the Hart Black Full Brake Kit more durable. If you want the brakes to last even longer, you can add wear-resistant ceramic pads.

The best part about these brakes is that you can install them effortlessly without indulging in any modifications. The Hart Black Full Brake Kit is perfect if you drive a BMW X5 or X6.

What are Hart Brakes?

Hart Brakes are a brake company that provides maximum benefit in the halting prowess of your vehicle. They create brake parts that get designed for direct fit without modifications. Hart brakes strive to give you high-performing brakes consistently.

So, your brakes will perform well, remain long-lasting and durable if you use Hart brakes products. 

Moreover, Hart Brakes offers free and fast shipping to 48 states in the USA, and all their products come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Furthermore, you can also avail yourself of the 60-day return policy if you are unhappy with your products. 

Hart Brakes Brake Kits

Hart Brakes understand that buying brakes could prove difficult. So, they provide you with a complete brake kit with brake pads and brake rotors. All their products meet OE specifications and are easy to install. These complete kits enable you to get the best Hart Brakes products in one shot. 

Features of Hart Brake

Now that you know what Hart Brakes are, you might want to know the features of hart Brakes that make them exceptional. Hart Brakes brand has created brakes with excellent stopping prowess. You can find some features of Hart Brakes enlisted below. 


Hart Brakes makes long-lasting, high-performance brakes. Of, course the speed at which you drive your vehicle and the pressure you exert on your brakes will affect the lifespan of your brakes. However, manufacturers have built Hart brakes to withstand extreme pressure, extreme temperatures, and overuse. They are sturdy and durable OE specs brakes. 

Easy Installation 

Hart Brakes designs their brakes according to OE specifications. So, their brakes will fit your vehicle beautifully. Because of this, your Hart Brakes are easy to install. Moreover, you or your mechanic can easily install the installation kit and manual to install Hart Brakes in your vehicle. 


You can buy the best brake rotors and best brake pads from Hart brakes at affordable prices. Hart brakes give high-quality, high-performing brake kits at reasonable rates. What’s more, is their brakes are available on Amazon, so you can get cheaper brakes without compromising on quality, durability, and performance. 

Innovative Design

Hart Brakes have created a unique and innovative design to ensure a stellar braking system performance. Hart Brakes designed their brake pads to provide maximum air supply to the brake rotors. That ensures the rotors don’t heat up too much. Furthermore, this becomes possible due to the drilled holes and slots. 

Moreover, Hart Brakes ensures their braking system is noiseless.


Hart Brakes creates their brake pads and brake rotors using the highest quality components. Therefore, they ensure cutting-edge design to prevent brake pad dust and noise. Moreover, their rotors and the metal parts of brake pads have a zinc coating. This coating ensures that the hub, vanes, edges, and other metal portions are protected from rust and corrosion.

What to Look for When Buying Hart Brakes?

Now you know the features of Hart Brakes. Additionally, you might wonder what else to look for when buying Hart Brakes, isn’t it? Peruse ahead to know what to look for when buying Hart Brakes.

Brake Pad Material

When looking for brake pads from Hart Brakes, you must examine the material of brake pads. There are four materials available in brake pads.

  • Ceramic
  • Semi-metallic
  • Low-Metallic
  • Organic

Each of these brake pads has its considerable pros and cons. However, ceramic brake pads are considered the best. That is because ceramic brake pads are soft and perfect for daily use. Ceramic brake pads create a low level of dust and help in preventing screeching. Moreover, ceramic brake pads help in giving you sufficient halting prowess. 

Composition of Brake set

You can get Hart brakes as a complete brake kit with brake pads and brake rotors. Alternatively, you can buy individual rotors and pads in pairs. Of course, the complete set will cost more than the individual set, but it might help you get a complete set. 

Getting a complete set of brake pads and brake rotors means you can replace both the front and back axel brakes simultaneously. Thus, this will help you ensure there is no uneven wearing in your braking system.


Slots aren’t a necessary element of your braking system. However, slots help the brake pads to bite the rotor surface. The slots give a superior halting prowess due to the increased friction and traction. When the biting and halting prowess of your Hart Brakes increase, you guarantee your safety too. 


Hart Brakes makes their brakes with drilled holes. Drilled holes look appealing, especially if you have low-profile tires that display brakes. 

Moreover, drilled holes on your Hart Brakes can prove beneficial too. The drilled holes on the rotors help to provide maximum airflow to your brake rotors. Hart Brakes with drilled holes ensure your brake rotors don’t get heated up too much. 

Moreover, this feature enables you to drive your vehicle in hills, mountains, or urban areas comfortably as your brakes can cool off quickly with drilled holes.

Protection Against Corrosion

Your Hart Brakes require protection from corrosion and you can use a good rust converter for this. Without protection from corrosion, your brake pads and rotors will wear out quickly. Additionally, they will need a frequent replacement that can prove expensive. 

Moreover, when your brake rotors and brake pads get wet with oil and other stuff splashing on them, you need proper corrosion protection. So, when looking to buy Hart Brakes, ensure your brake rotors and brake pads have a protective silver zinc coating. This coating will prevent rusting and corrosion.

Furthermore, a silver zinc coating or a similar corrosion protective coating will extend the life span of your brakes. Additionally, they give your brakes a shiny and well-maintained look.

Types of Hart Brakes

Another aspect to consider when buying the best Hart Brakes is the type of brakes. Essentially, there are two types of brakes, namely the disc brakes and drum brakes. Both of these brakes work to halt your vehicle completely by using a variation in their method.

Drum Brakes

Drum brakes are an old-fashioned brake system. They are essentially a metal drum that gets mounted on the wheel. 

In the drum brakes system, the brake pads push outwards against the drum. This push creates friction that enables you to halt your car. 

Hart Brakes don’t make drum brakes anymore due to their weak nature. You will probably find drum brakes in small or entry-level cars that don’t require too much force while braking. 

While drum brakes are probably outdated and not as durable, you probably find them around because it is cheaper.

Disc Brakes

Currently, all vehicles use disc brakes. Hart Brakes mainly designs and manufactures disc brakes only. 

In a disc brake, the disc gets mounted running through a pair of calipers aligned with the brake calipers. Moreover, the brake calipers pinch the disc brake, and the brake pads contact the disc brakes. Also, this pinching activity increases the friction and ensures a high stopping prowess.

A disc brake is more durable and high-performing compared to drum brakes. Moreover, disc brakes enable the brake rotors to cool off easily as they don’t get contained inside metal drums that trap heat. 

Hart Brakes Installation

Since you know quite a bit about Hart brakes, you might wonder how to install the best Hart Brakes. Hart Brakes are easy to install and get designed according to OE specs. Merely read on to know what you need and how to install Hart brakes. 

The tools you require for installing the brakes are the following.

  • Hart Brakes ceramic brake pads
  • Hart Brakes slotted rotors
  • Brake fluid
  • Brake grease
  • C-clamp
  • Jack

Follow the steps given below to install your Hart Brakes flawlessly.

Step 1

Firstly, you want to ensure you park your car on the leveled ground with the parking brake engaged. It would help if you placed blocks near the wheels’ front to prevent them from sliding. 

After parking properly, you start screwing out the wheel lug nuts and make the wheel free. Then you place a jack below the car to make the vehicle rise, enabling you to remove the wheels.

Step 2

Once you remove the wheels, you can remove the bolts from the calipers and the calipers. After you remove the calipers, you can finally reach the brake rotors and remove them. You must check the braking system completely for wear and tear, corrosion, dirt, and more before coupling. 

Suppose you miss out on this inspection. You could face unpleasant braking noise.

Step 3

Once you remove all the brake components, you can get going with the replacement and installation process. 

First, you replace the Hart Brakes rotors with slotted rotors. Then, you install the caliper. You must apply brake caliper grease during this process to ensure the smooth functioning of your brake calipers.  

Further, once you install brake calipers, install the caliper slides and the Hart Brakes brake pads.

Step 4

After installing brake pads, bleed the brake pads properly. Bleeding your brake pads will remove air, bubbles, and dirt from your brake pads. Ensure you do this step properly to avoid problems. 

Once you change your brake pads successfully, you can replace the nuts and bolts and mount your tires. 

This installation process is easy. So, you can change your Hart Brakes yourself or ask your mechanic to do it for you.

Hart Brake Maintenance

Your buying and installing the best Hart Brakes is hardly sufficient. You need to maintain your brake mechanism well too. So, it would help you to follow some tips to ensure your Hart Brakes last long and perform well.

  • Ensure you check your brake fluid properly.
  • It would be best if you changed the brake fluid periodically. Otherwise, milky and dirty fluid will corrode and spoil your brake system. Drain your brake fluid and refill fresh brake fluid regularly.
  • Ensure you check your brake pads and rotors for wear and tear regularly.
  • Replace worn-out Hart Brakes brake pads and rotors after 30,000-70,000 miles.
  • Get your brake rotors turned to remove warping.
  • Ensure you use brake grease properly to enable smooth functioning of your Hart Brakes braking system.


Hart Brakes creates, designs, and manufactures high-quality brake pads, brake rotors, and brake kits. They create brakes that are affordable and innovative. Hart Brakes brake rotors have precision-drilled holes and slots, and the brake pads get made of ceramic to enable superior braking ability. Thus, the brakes by Hart are extremely durable.

Moreover, Hart Brakes brake pads and rotors come in a kit that enables you to fix the braking system on all four wheels. Furthermore, our curated list of the best Hart Brakes should help you find the right one for your car. 

Additionally, with its extensive features of Hart Brakes and what to look for when buying Hart Brakes, this article will prove helpful. So, our installation instructions will guide you in Hart Brakes installation effortlessly.

So, buy the best Hart Brakes and install them flawlessly!

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