EBC vs. Power Stop Brake Pads – How You Can Choose The Best Between Them

Which is the better option among EBC and Power Stop brake pads? Brake pads are an integral component of a vehicle. Therefore, you need enough insight and knowledge to choose between EBC vs. Power Stop brake pads.

Both of these companies are leading giants in the brake pad business. However, each of them possesses unique features of their own.

Hence, it is a good idea to look at the deciding criteria one should keep in mind before selection. Apart from these brands, Akebono is another brand of brake pads and you can check out a detailed Akebono review to know more. 

Essential Factors to Keep in Mind While Selecting Brake Pads

There are multiple factors that you should consider while selecting brake pads. Some of them are the road conditions, the state of the weather, and your driving style.

  • Bite Factor: The pad should offer proper friction irrespective of hot or cold bite.
  • Rotor and Pad Longevity: The durability of the rotor and the pad play a significant role in this criteria. Their wear and tear factor hold high importance in the quality of the brake pad.
  • Dust Immunity: Brake pads tend to collect dust if the user ignores their condition. Hence, it is an essential factor to pay attention to.
  • Maximum Operating Temperature (MOT): Once the brake reaches this temperature, the mechanism may fail to work correctly. Therefore, it is imperative to analyze this criterion when selecting your brake pad.
  • Weather-Based Functioning: Brake pads should function at maximum capacity irrespective of the weather. Premium performance is a mandatory requisite whether the condition is muddy, slippery, or hot.

Some other factors that you should consider are under this compilation of the best brake rotor brands.

Types of Brake Pads

Generally, manufacturers separate the types of brake pads based on the material they are made of. All of them possess varying characteristics as a result of this. Therefore, the buyer should finalize the best type of brake pad based on their exact requirements.

Ceramic Brake Pads

It is the type of brake pad that came into prominence most recently. They replaced old-style asbestos brake pads in the 1980s. Copper and toughened ceramic are the major components used in the making of this brake pad.

This type of brake pad is famous for its endurance and smooth application. However, these brake pads can crack in a cold climate. Therefore, they are primarily available in hot temperature regions. 

In addition, they are the most expensive type of brake pad while comparing with the other variants.

Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

It is the type of brake pads used in most vehicles at present. Buyers highly value semi-metallic brake pads for their ability to keep friction under control. In addition, they last for a long time. Therefore vehicles such as trucks, heavy cars, and SUVs utilize them mainly. 

Semi-metallic brake pads comprise different elements that include steel, iron, and copper. In addition, the usage of graphite lubricants prevents heat build-up in the pads.

Organic Brake Pads

It is the earliest type of brake pad. Asbestos was the main component used in the manufacturing of these pads. After asbestos got banned due to its toxic properties, glass, rubber, carbon, and several other materials replaced it. 

The application of these pads is soft and quiet. However, they do not last long and might require constant replacement.

Key Differences between EBC vs. Power Stop Brake Pads

Before we begin to analyze the features of both brands separately, let us look at the prominent contrasting aspects among them. 

  • EBC brake pads fare better under conditions of extreme racing as compared to Power Stop brake pads. It also comes with a plain brake rotor.
  • Meanwhile, Power Stop would be your ideal choice to go to when the usage mainly revolves around regular, daily traveling.
  • EBC possesses the instant safe braking feature. Again, this will suit the needs of racers.
  • Power stop brake pads are quieter when compared to EBC. They do not rack up as much dust as EBC brake pads, either. 
  • There is a significant difference in the aspect of manufacturing as well. For example, EBC makes use of British steel in its rotors. In contrast, Power Stop brake pads use a carbon-fiber mixture.

EBC Brake Pads – Main Features

These brake pads are one of the world’s foremost brake manufacturers in the industry at present. EBC manufactures multiple variants of brake pads. Moreover, they are color-coded and suit the needs of different riders.

Their braking pads cater to several requirements, including regular usage, street racing, and cycling. EBC makes its brake pads with British steel, which provides immense endurance. In addition, these brake pads come with a warranty of 1 year or 10,000 miles.

Their brake pads possess OEM hardware, center line slots, and edge chamfers. Likewise, their rotors offer multiple choices, including slotted, replacement, and drilled. Therefore, you can customize them for your system as per your liking.

Furthermore, the unique incorporation of kevlar instead of steel ensures that the rust development is slower than other brake pad brands. Hence, alloy wheels receive protection to the maximum extent possible.

Some of the most popular versions of EBC brake pads and their eminent features are present below.

Popular Variants of EBC Brake Pads

EBC Yellowstuff

EBC specifically designs this variant of brake pads to cater to the needs of drift and street racers. Additionally, Yellowstuff is famous for its capacity to increase braking abilities by 30%. Similarly, brake fade is also zero in this category.

  • Guarantee of complete absence of brake fall-off
  • Disc and rotor damage is minimal to none
  • Does not require heating up and provides friction in cold surroundings as well
  • Tremendous stopping power

EBC Greenstuff

EBC launched this model of disc brakes to suit the requirements of lighter models of vehicles. Hence, its features are similar to EBC Yellowstuff, in a slightly toned-down format. Its salient features include:

  • Brake improvement capacity of 15%
  • Heavy use possible without brake fall-off
  • Compatible with European and Asian model vehicles

EBC Ultimax2 Black Brake Pads

The central focus of attention of this model is its eco-friendly nature. Specifically, the usage of sulfides is absent in the manufacturing of this variant of brake pads.

  • Instant safe-braking feature is present
  • Bite from cold is high
  • Works in a vast range of climates
  • Noise reduction available

EBC Redstuff 

The usage of EBC Redstuff brake pads is mainly for fast and heavier car varieties. Therefore, the rotor wear witnesses proper management with the reduction in dust accumulation. The other features of this brake pad are:

  • Scope for 155 brake improvement
  • Extremely low dust retention – guarantees massive longevity
  • ECE R 90 type-approved
  • Surface coating ensures safety during instant braking

Power Stop Brake Pads Main Features

Power Stop brakes are notably famous for their budget-friendly array of options to choose from. They offer heavy-duty resistance and high-control friction as well. Moreover, dust and noise are minimalized extensively. Additionally, they hold a 3-year or a 36,000-mile warranty period.

The brake kit comprises of several elements that include:

  • Noise-free braking due to slotted design in the rotor
  • Rubber shims with dual-layer feature
  • Fade-free braking is made possible due to the carbon-fiber and ceramic integration

Power Stop brake pads are suitable for a wide range of vehicle types, including trucks, SUVs, and cars. Moreover, their hardware kit uses premium quality stainless steel, which is one of its key features.

Power Stop brake pads come in the format of hardware kits. Hence, customization is made easy as different kits suit different usage magnitudes. Some of the most popular editions of their brake pads are as follows:

Z36 Truck & Tow Carbon-Fiber Ceramic Brake Pads

This edition of carbon-fiber ceramic brake pads suits 4X4s and trucks mainly. Its temperature lubricant and pin bushings are newly-added features. Hence, they ensure the smooth performance of these brake pads.

Noise-free braking is another significant feature in this variant. Additionally, heat dissipation also sees massive development. Users can also customize this product according to their usage. For example, steel brake lines and powder-coated caliper are available in the add-on range.

Z16 Evolution Ceramic Brake Pads

This version of the Power Stop brake pads is for daily driving users. That is the most viable option for budget-conscious customers as it is pocket-friendly. Similarly, the inclusion of a low-dust formula is yet another selling point of this brake pad variety.


Final Comparison Between EBC vs. Power Stop Brake Pads

The significant differences between the EBC vs. Power Stop brake pads are in the table below:



Power Stop

Core Materials

British Steel

Carbon-fiber and ceramic brake pads; Rotors are zinc-plated

Full Kit Availability



Components Of Full Kit


Brake pads and rotors

Types Of Rotors

Replacement, Drilled, and Slotted

Drilled, Drilled, and Slotted

Warranty Period

1-year – 10,000 miles

3-year – 36,000 miles (90 days for specific variants)

Price Point

Begins at $25.82

Begins at $17.28


This compilation of the features of the EBC vs. Power Stop brake pads covers most of the details a user requires before narrowing down on one of them. Of course, both of them are equipped with their own distinctive features. 

A speed racer will find the EBC brake pads more efficient, whereas a budget-conscious daily commuter will prefer the Power Stop brake pads. Since they cater to different user types, it is up to the user’s discretion to finalize the brake pad that suits them best.


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