Mixing Synthetic and Conventional Motor Oil

Can You Mix Synthetic Oil And Conventional Motor Oil?

Owning a car requires monitoring the motor oil to ensure smooth engine lubrication. This maintenance will open up new avenues and information about this industry. Therefore, leading you to wonder, can you mix synthetic oil and conventional motor oil? 

Yes, you can! It is entirely safe to mix these two types of motor oils on occasion. However, this is a choice and not a necessity. Also, check out our guide about how is synthetic motor oil made, and does synthetic oil ever expires?

You can do this when you are in crisis or whenever you desire a performance boost. For example, if you have low engine oil levels and have no access to your preferred type of motor oil. 

If you want to delve deeper into the world of oil mixing, read on! 

Understanding Motor Oils

Before you start mixing synthetic and conventional motor oils, it is best to understand their functionalities. Further, each of them has benefits that can give your car a superior performance. 

Whichever car you own, it is better to have all the information about these motor oils. 

Synthetic Oil

This type of oil is an artificial lubricant designed to protect and enhance the performance of any engine. Moreover, the use of chemical compounds makes it superior to conventional motor oil. 

These oils define themselves with the word “synthetic” embedded in their name. Thus, proving that producers create them using chemically modified materials. 

The base ingredient is “refined crude oil,” whereas the additives may vary. These components are usually modified petroleum-based. 

However, most trademark companies use “secret” components to manufacture the best high mileage oils. Further, you will find synthetic oils to perform phenomenally in extreme climates and high-mileage cars. 

Some cars do not require the use of synthetic motor oils. Moreover, these oil changes can get expensive. Therefore, before feeding your vehicle with this oil, get an expert opinion or re-read the manual. Usually, high-performance cars having a turbo engine will require synthetic oil to function. 

Conventional Motor Oil

It is the regular type of motor oil that uses the purest form of crude oil. Moreover, increasing the lubrication of your engine. You may find conventional motor oils to be cheaper than synthetic ones. Further, ensuring that the performance improves with better heat tolerance. 

It is best to have this oil when you are a casual driver living in a mundane climate. However, most enthusiasts believe this to be less environmentally friendly even if the oil has excellent properties. Additionally, conventional motor oil can help maintain stable engine performance.  

If you have a simple car with no modifications, it is best to choose conventional oil over synthetic. 

Why Would You Mix Synthetic Oil and Conventional Motor Oil? 

The only reason to mix them is during an emergency. Whenever you are in a pinch, you can use this technique to deal with the issue temporarily. However, this should not be a regular thing as it can damage your engine. 

Therefore, if you have mixed synthetic with conventional motor oil, make sure to get it changed. For example, when your engine does not have much remaining, and you require motor oil. Subsequently, if you cannot find a compatible source, you can mix it up! 

It is safe to pour in conventional oil when your engine was using synthetic or vice versa. This mixture can give your car added benefits. In addition, your vehicle will not have a risky breakdown in the middle of nowhere. 

It will not explore, and neither will it damage your engine. Therefore, if you are in absolute requirement of mixing synthetic and conventional motor oil, you can go for it! Nevertheless, change this cocktail or flush it out whenever you can to safeguard the engine.  

The Compatibility of These Motor Oils

No matter what type of engine oil you are using, it will have the same base combination and additives. The only difference is that synthetic oils have the purest form of crude oil, whereas conventional oils have impurities. However, both of them have high-quality additives in their composition.

You can even consider using alternate additives that are compatible with either type of motor oil. Brands like Marvel Mystery and Seafoam work with traditional and synthetic oils.

You can consider these components compatible! Moreover, synthetic oil has a higher demand due to its exceptional quality. However, synthetic oil can expire depending on some factors.  Either way, these motor oils both have the same applications, thus making them compatible. 

If you are an auto enthusiast, you will know about synthetic blends. The industry created a premix of synthetic and conventional motor oil compatible with mid-grade vehicles. 

The Drawbacks of Mixing Synthetic Oil and Conventional Motor Oil

If you mix them regularly, you can risk destabilizing them. You may not be aware of the presence of some incompatible additives. Therefore, risking the reduction of their properties. 

Conventional motor oil is unrefined, thus having impurities. Whereas synthetic oil does not. Therefore, it may cost you more money to get an oil change once you mix them.

As mentioned before, it is safe to use in emergencies. Moreover, it will not extensively damage your engine, but overuse can reduce its performance. 

The only difference between them is their ability to perform. Conventional motor oil is inexpensive and gets the job done. 

On the other hand, synthetic oil surpasses that. Further, the use of excellent additives ensures higher performance. However, if you mix them regularly, you will risk clogging due to the additive differences. 

So, can you mix synthetic oil and conventional motor oil despite their differences? Yes! You can mix them occasionally to overcome any road bump regarding motor oil procurement. Therefore, mix them only when you do not have any other choice.  


Mixing two synthetic oil with conventional motor oil can be a questionable step. However, doing it in emergencies will save you from unnecessary hassle. It is safe to add them to each other, but only on occasions. Therefore, ensure that you are not doing this regularly to save the extra cost of changing the oil.   

So, can you mix synthetic oil and conventional motor oil? Yes! It is not dangerous to combine them. But, should you? Depending on the situation you are in! 


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