If you’re a Toyota Tundra owner and are completely in love with it, you may wish to upgrade it. Even though the Tundra is a high-performing machine, adding some mods will enhance it even more. Be it a first-generation or second-generation vehicle, you can easily upgrade it with the best tundra mods.  

So, we have reviewed some of the best tundra mods out there. Most importantly, whether your Tundra is an off-road monster or a regular pickup, you’ll find something worth your time and money.

You’ll also find a buying guide and some helpful frequently asked questions that make your search process much easier. Let’s begin!

Top 6 Toyota Tundra Mods

If you begin searching online, you’ll find a plethora of options for modifying your Tundra. Here are our reviews of the best tundra mods to save you time and help you avoid confusion.

1. BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover


  • Heavy-duty aluminum panels for maximum durability
  • Easy to attach and use
  • Offers 100% truck bed usage
  • Complete cargo protection against weather or theft


  • It might seem expensive than other covers

We kick-start our list of best tundra mods with the BAK BAKFlip truck bed cover. As the name suggests, you can use this product to cover your truck bed neatly. So, if your bed is packed with items that need extra protection, this matte finish cover will protect them all.

It has a very smart design and looks better than other covers in the market. Along with a sleek finish and a low-profile design, this cover consists of extremely durable aluminum panels. Moreover, you can easily open it from either side of your car.

On the other hand, the injection-molded latch increases the design’s durability. In addition, you can fold the cover in an upright position against the vehicle. That allows you to store more cargo without having to remove it completely.

Above all, the cover comes with shock-resistant bumpers on its sides. As a result, you get long-lasting performance. So, when you’re driving on a bumpy road, the panels of your cover will be intact.     


  • Weighs 71 pounds with a size of 66.7 inches
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Excellent customer service offered  

In conclusion, if you have a higher budget for a car bed cover, this is one of the best products. Moreover, it’s durable, sleek, convenient, and is of premium quality. And, as it is very easy to install, this certainly earns its place among the best tundra mods.   

2. Smittybilt X2O COMP - Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch


  • Planetary gear system for silent operation
  • An inductive braking system prevents heating
  • Anyone can control it using the wireless remote control
  • Bigger tie rod struts for enhanced strength


  • Installation instructions are difficult to understand

The next item on our list of best tundra mods is the Smittybilt rope winch. For instance, imagine you are traveling through a muddy road after a heavy shower. Even if your vehicle is capable of gliding over such a road, it might get stuck. That when the rope winch will come into play.

This waterproof rope winch is capable of pulling anything between 10,000 and 12,000 lbs easily. Further, it comes with a powerful 6.6 HP motor offering the most torque in the market. Therefore, these features let you move and haul heavy objects with great ease.

What about durability? Well, this winch excels in that department too. To clarify, this product has an inductive braking system that prevents the product from heating up. So, it automatically enhances the longevity of the product.

Further, it comes equipped with a 3-stage gear system that allows you to move bulky objects seamlessly. So, you can travel on rugged and tricky roads with fewer worries of getting stuck!


  • Comes with an IP68 waterproof rating
  • Can move 10,000 and 12,000 lbs
  • 5-year electrical warranty and lifetime mechanical warranty
  • Runs on a wireless integrated remote control

This winch is not just good for pulling your truck out of the mud but also capable of moving heavy objects and other vehicles. Moreover, being waterproof, you can use it comfortably in all weather conditions.  

3. Motor Trend FlexTough Plus Black Rubber Car Floor Mats


  • Deep dish design traps dirt and prevents it from spreading
  • Tri-flex design fits it comfortably in cars without cracking
  • Made of non-toxic, odorless rubber
  • Detailed liner bottom for no slipping or skidding


  • Trimming required for fitting some vehicles

What is a car floor mat doing in a list of best tundra mods? You might have this question popping up in your head. To clarify, till now, we have focused on improving the exterior of your Tundra. However, the interior of your car is equally important to maintain.

So, when you upgrade your Tundra, getting a car floor mat will be a good purchase. You might have seen that car floors get messy. It happens when you ride your Tundra more often and when you travel off-road. Therefore, to prevent all that, this thick and durable mat can keep all the dirt away.

Moreover, the mats are odorless, flexible, scratch-free, and of high quality. In addition, the liner bottom is anti-slip, so no worries of skidding or missteps. And, the deep dish design comfortably fits your car interiors and traps the dirt easily. Further, the design keeps the dirt from spreading all around your car.


  • Crafted with high-performance rubber polymers
  • Can fit trucks, SUVs, cars, and vans
  • Manufactured in the USA by a well-reputed brand
  • Modern and stylish design

If there’s one budget mod you need for your Tundra, it is this mat. In addition, while keeping your car interiors clean, the mat will also keep it odorless. As a result, every time you enter the car, it will look neat and tidy. 

4. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit


  • Air filtration system protects the engine from dirt
  • Improves fuel efficiency and horsepower
  • Enhances acceleration
  • Comes with an affordable price tag  


  • Too noisy and is difficult to install   

It is another one of the best tundra mods out there to improve your vehicle’s exhaust system. Moreover, it is popular among its users for increasing the car’s horsepower and overall performance.

How does it do that? The K&N air intake kit removes anything obstructing the airflow between the engine and the air filter. As a result, horsepower gets boosted, and there’s improvement in torque as well. Moreover, you can experience your vehicle producing more miles per gallon after this.

In addition, the air intake kit also comes with an advanced filtration system. It safeguards your engine from contaminants. So, a cleaner engine will automatically work better than one stuck in debris! The airflow filter is washable, so you can remove the dirt that accumulates there.  

Want your vehicle to unleash its power? After using this air intake kit, you’ll hear a powerful growl when you accelerate your Tundra. Moreover, it also removes soundproofing components from your engine’s bay.  


  • Manufactured in the USA, the official filter of NASCAR
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Dyno tested for guaranteed enhancement in acceleration
  • Heavy-duty product weighing at 13.64 pounds

Even though the installation may seem tricky, it’s worth every penny of yours. As you’ll notice the improvement in horsepower very soon, the throttle response will be better too. So, this will enhance the performance of the car when moving uphill or towing.

5. OASIS AUTO 2014-2021 Tundra CrewMax Custom Fit PU Leather Seat Cover


  • Complete protection for car seats
  • Comfortable and looks great
  • High-quality product at an affordable price
  • Durable and fits perfectly on Tundra models


  • Seat cover clasps aren’t sturdy

No list of best tundra mods will be complete without the inclusion of a seat cover. So, here we are! The OASIS PU leather seat cover is here to protect your car seats. Whether you take your vehicle out daily or occasionally, a seat cover is a must-buy when you’re upgrading your vehicle.

These custom-fit seat covers can slip into any car seat, including your beloved Tundra. Most importantly, the seat cover is ideal for interior protection. That will be a fantastic purchase, along with the floor mat mentioned earlier.  

Further, the seat cover is very comfortable as it is made of PU leather. The material gives the seat cover a leather feel and looks nice. Also, the seat covers are available in various colors and shapes, so you can take your pick.

So, if you want to shield your car seats from debris, sweat, spillage, or harsh weather, you must give this a try.


  • Manufactured using sustainable PU leather
  • Compatible with Tundra models and other vehicles
  • Nylon cords used in seat clasps
  • Comes with a precision fit feature

It is one of the best tundra mods, which will be well under your budget. It not only protects your car seat but also makes the interiors look awesome! However, it might take a little time to place it on the seat. But with a little help, you’ll get it done in no time.

6. TAC Side Steps Running Boards


  • Inexpensive: Very budget-friendly  
  • Enhances accessibility: Easy to get in and out of the car 
  • Longevity: Comes with a three-year warranty 
  • No rust formation


  • Vague installation instructions

If you want an easy and cheap modification, these running boards are perfect for you. Moreover, they are available in many diameters. Further, you can use them for various applications in your Toyota Tundra. 

These side steps have a non-slip texture that will help boost the accessibility of your car. It means you will find it easy to get inside and climb out of the vehicle. Moreover, it will enhance the aesthetics of the vehicle as well. 

The presence of heavy-duty powder and steel has enhancements like e-coating. It helps in preventing any corrosion that could result in rusting.  


  • These Tundra mods have a step section made of rubber. Further, it will help add more grip to your footing. In addition, the TAC Side Steps Running Boards are sturdy when you mount them properly. 
  • Along with this, they come with a three-year warranty. It will protect you against defects and helps TAC build a high-standard service. They can be a simple and cheap upgrade for your Toyota Tundra. 
  • However, the instructions that come with the product seem a little difficult to understand. Therefore, you can find tutorial videos to help you with the installation process.

These best tundra Mods are a budget-friendly option that will increase the accessibility of your car. Therefore, most customers find it a great addition to pick up.

Buying Guide for Best Tundra Mods

A modification should complement the features of your Toyota Tundra. Moreover, it should improve its functionality. Some complicated improvements can make your pickup better. Before you consider buying your favorite Toyota Tundra Mods, there are some things you should consider.

With our buying guide, you will make an educated decision before you purchase your Tundra Mods. 

Cost of the Tundra Mods 

You need to modify your Tundra if you want to get its maximum performance. Modification is available in all types of the price range. Hence, you need to make sure it is worth it. 

There are affordable Tundra Mods that will enhance the look and feel of your car. However, the professional modifications will cost you. Modifying your Tundra with all types of enhancements is expensive. 

A vehicle accessory, like a floor mat, will be cheaper. Furthermore, getting the maximized adjustment from an exhaust system will cost more. Therefore, you need to assess your vehicle priority by analyzing the necessary enhancements. 

Rest assured, you can buy a different variation of modifications for your Tundra. However, before getting them, you need to assess the difference it will make. Your car should benefit from the improvement, or else you are just wasting your money. 

It is not necessary to spend a lot to get the best enhancement. Before investing in a Tundra mod, you need to take a look at your budget. You need not pay too much if you are on a tight budget. You can get a simple enhancement for $40 or so. 

On the other hand, you need to raise your budget if you are looking for the maximum modification in your Tundra. Therefore, you need to assess the enhancement based on cost vs. performance. 

Compatibility of the Tundra Mods 

Each modification has different compatible features. Thus, the Tundra Mod you are getting should match the model of your Toyota. Therefore, your car version should support this modification. 

Your Toyota will not function if the modifications you get are not suited for it. This Toyota model has been in the industry for more than 20 years. Hence, you will find various versions of cars. Each of them has a diverse set of modification options. 

The older models of the Tundra might not support the modifications we have mentions. Therefore, it would be best if you double-checked before buying. With that said, the list we have curated contains all the Tundra Mods options for recent models. 

You may not have the older Tundra models. However, it is safer if you re-checked. Therefore, you need to check the version of your Toyota Tundra. It will help in buying the perfect modification to enhance its performance. 

Installation of the Tundra Mods

What is the next thing you need to do after buying your modification? You need to install it to your car correctly. Thus, making installation the third thing to look out for before buying Tundra mods. It would help if you studied the ease of installation before purchasing it. 

Further, you need to assess whether you can do it as a DIY project. The cost and compatibility will determine the mods you can get. However, the installation process is a crucial aspect of Tundra modification. 

Suppose you get both compatible and budget-friendly mods. However, you have no clue how to install it. Some modifications require professional installment. At the same time, others are simple and easy to add. 

There is no doubt about the accessibility of Tundra mods. However, the convenience of an installment is a factor to consider. Some will be effortless to fit, whereas others will not. 

Similarly, a floor mat has a straightforward installation guide. However, an exhaust system will require extra time and effort. Therefore, sometimes it is better to get your modifications professionally fitted. Nevertheless, this will add to the money you have already spent. 

You should read the specifications on the Tundra mods before placing your order. It will help you make an informed decision about pricing, compatibility, and ease of fitting. 


Here are some questions that you may have after reading our Tundra Mods review. Therefore, we have answered them to help you choose the best modification for your Toyota Tundra. 

Can it be a DIY project? 

You can get it done if you have the expertise to install the complicated mods. Some Tundra Mods are very easy to install, thus not requiring any experience. However, others need you to know car mechanisms. 

You could say this is a subjective question about mechanical skill. You can easily install the modifications if you are a car enthusiast. Further, even with little expertise in mechanics, you can fit in the easy changes.  

As we mentioned before, some Tundra Mods require professional assistance. Therefore, you can make this a DIY project. It can only help if you have mechanical experience and are confident enough to do so. 

How will you know your car is compatibility with the Tundra mods? 

Just like we mentioned before, your car needs to be compatible with the mod you are getting. Most modifications will fit with models from the past decade. However, you can check your car model, and the year it was built to be sure. 

The product you end up buying will have all the details listed on the page. It will mention what Toyota Tundra versions and models they are compatible with. Therefore, make sure to check it out.

Are Tundra mods expensive? 

It depends on what modification you are getting. Some can indeed be expensive, but again, this is a subjective decision. If your Toyota Tundra requires a new exhaust system, then it will be pricey. On the other hand, a floor mat or a cover can be cheap. 

It is best to understand what your car needs before setting your budget. Further, this will help you get the precise modification. Therefore, Tundra Mods can be expensive depending on what you are getting. 

Will Tundra mods enhance the performance? 

Of course, they will! The purpose of these mods is to boost a Toyota Tundra’s performance. The design allows enhancements in any model released in the past ten years. Further, you can perform all sorts of modifications in your car. 

A mod can help with increasing the horsepower to getting an improved fuel efficiency. Moreover, you can make your engine sound louder with the help of Tundra Mods. Therefore, you can get your pickup modified to haul in enhanced performance. 

Apart from performance, you can modify the appearance of your car by using Tundra Mod accessories.  

What are the various types of Tundra mods available? 

Toyota Tundra is a great car to own. Further, it comes with a lot of modification options. If you want to increase the performance of your engine, you have various exhaust mod options. 

Other than that, you can get tonneau covers to protect your Tundra’s bed. Further, a side step will increase the feel of your Toyota Tundra. A pinch will help you pull heavy objects you’re your Tundra. 

A floor mat will make sure that mud does not seep into the car’s floor. Further, a leveling kit will help level out your pickup. Therefore, there a lot of Tundra Mods available in the market. You can choose whichever suits your Toyota Tundra. 


The Toyota Tundra is an excellent car that has been the go-to pickup for most people. Moreover, the best tundra Mods we mentioned in this article will make your vehicle versatile. 

You can use the best tundra Mods to enhance the features and performance of your vehicle. Further, it will make your Toyota Tundra better than it initially was! Get your Toyota Tundra modified today.

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