Best F150 Mods – The Modification Your Truck Deserves To Have

One of the best pickup trucks in the market is the Ford F150. It is an excellent car with good performance even without upgrades. However, the best F150 mods will enhance the performance and bring out optimum qualities in the truck. 

If you are looking for the best F150 mods, we have just what you need. This article will help you make an informed decision about which aftermarket modifications suit your car. We have dedicated hours of research to find the perfect mods that will compliment your Ford F150. 

Therefore, it would be best to go through the entire article to understand the best F150 mods with clarity. Ready to get the upgrade to turn your truck into a beast? 

Best Intercooler


Mishimoto MMINT-F150-15SL Performance Intercooler

Best Turbo


Turbo - NEW Stock Replacement - 6.0L Powerstroke

Best Exhaust


FLOWMASTER Cat-Back Doss Exhaust System Kit

There are different types of modifications that your Ford F150 requires. Moreover, the upgrades will enhance the performance of your car. We have dedicated this section to explain what each of these best F150 mods will do for your pickup.


One of the best F150 mods that people tend to forget about is an intercooler. That is because, with exhaust and air intake equipment, your truck will already have a better performance. However, installing an intercooler will help your engine breathe better. 

We recommend you to get a good quality intercooler that will be better than the one already installed in your truck. An aftermarket intercooler will give the engine adequate cool air to function. Moreover, it will reduce the intake of high temperatures, thus reducing the formation of dense air. 

It boosts the efficiency of the airflow. Further, you can install an intercooler with ease. Additionally, it will boost your truck’s performance and increase cooling efficiency. All of these leading to your F150 having better power.

Mishimoto MMINT-F150-15SL Performance Intercooler


  • Decrease in temperature 
  • Increased engine performance 
  • 77% more internal core volume
  • 163% increase in fin surface


  • Requires professional installment

With this equipment, you will be able to keep the engine’s air temperature regulated. It is compatible with Ford F150 engines that are beyond the 2015 production. Moreover, with this, your engine will achieve a decent stage of cooling.

The company estimates that there is a 10 degrees temperature drop with the use of this product. Further, a cooler air intake will facilitate a better performance of the engine. Along with this, your truck will gain tuning potential. 

A better cooling level will increase the core volume and the external fin surface area. Further, the strength of the materials used to make this intercooler is industry-grade. The core of this modification has better resistance to outside particles. 

It comes with a lifetime warranty and has two powder coating options you can choose from. Therefore, with this intercooler, your F150 will have increased potential. 

Turbocharger Modification

These devices will give your engine more power. It helps increase the air intake of the combustion chambers in your truck. Therefore, resulting in an enormous explosion of energy in the combustion chamber. 

A turbocharger will not damage your car’s engine even if it is forcing the air intake. Instead, this F150 modification will enhance the power of the engine. Thus, making your truck faster. 

The exhaust system will trigger the turbine, which will power any version of a turbocharger. Further, the energy goes to the compression component and creates compressed air in the chamber. Therefore, a turbocharger will make backpressures that will boost at low RPMs. 

A turbocharger can increase the standard atmospheric pressure. Therefore, allowing you to get more combustion and power by forcing more air into the compact chamber. A Ford F150 will benefit from this upgrade. 

It is the turbocharger that you need to install in your truck.

Garrett GT3782VA 6.0L Powerstroke 2005-2007


  • Electro-hydraulics
  • High-performance 
  • Increased turbine efficiency 
  • Better horsepower


  • Requires professional installation

This turbocharger has a unique ability to increase turbine efficiency. Further, it can improve your engine’s performance even during an ideal launch. You will find that this equipment has a design that compliments the increase of compressor flow. 

The advanced variable nozzle significantly surges the response of the boost during peak torque. Moreover, it comes with electro-hydraulic propulsion that makes it easier to maintain a variable control. You can change the outline to ensure a perfect fit. 

You will get this delivered to your doorstep with a fully assembled kit. However, it will require professional installation. Most people who used this considered it to be one of the best F150 mods. With this upgrade, your truck will reach its maximum horsepower range. 

Exhaust System

An exhaust system upgrade will decrease the velocity restriction of your F150. Moreover, the system your car came with might not be of the best quality. Therefore, investing in an aftermarket exhaust system will not restrict the airflow and exhaust fumes. 

This equipment increases the exhaust output of your engine by decreasing any restrictions. Further, you can use this to modify the truck’s engine. In case your car is already turbocharged, make sure to modify or replace the exhaust output. 

It is a simple system to install if you are a car enthusiast. It would be best to have a few mechanical types of equipment and the expertise to do so. Otherwise, you can go to your nearest mechanic. 

Along with installing this, you can equip more horsepower to the engine. To do so, you need to disengage the catalytic converters. However, the loud sound may be illegal in your state. You need to check your emission restriction laws before installing an exhaust system. 

Flowmaster Cat-Back Doss Exhaust System Kit


  • Stainless-steel 
  • Increases F150’s aesthetics 
  • Enhanced performance 
  • Compatible with most F150 models


  • The augmented sound may be too loud

This equipment is one of the best F150 mods in the market. It uses the best exhaust techniques featuring a double 2.5-inch system. Further, this exhaust system uses argumentative sound to improve the interior and exterior of your truck. 

The framework engages a unique position in terms of other exhaust systems. The fumes exit from the back-traveler wheel. Therefore, giving your F150 a one-of-a-kind exterior look and maximum performance.  

You may find this exhaust system to be aesthetic because of the 4-inch artistic steel clips. Moreover, it is dark and tempered, giving it a powerful look. The delta tubing has a breadth of 3 inches that associates with the tailpipe channeling of 2.5 inches. 

This exhaust system uses twisted and hardened steel to give a sturdy feel. Further, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. However, the exhaust sound is loud. You will either cherish it or get annoyed by it. 

Nonetheless, this exhaust system will be a great addition to your Ford F150.  

Cold Air Intake

This modification increases your truck’s speed by using basic science. As you know, cold air has more oxygen, thus allowing it to burn better. Therefore, a piece of equipment like this will make sure that the combustion chamber has cold air. Further, ensuring that it burns faster with more “bang.” 

In simple terms, a cold air intake reduces the engine’s ability to make the air warmer. It makes sure that your engine does not heat up too much. Further, this ensures your air filter does not get damaged due to heat generation. 

It is considered to be one of the best F150 mods that allow a better-flowing tubing to function. It increases the power and efficiency of the engine. Therefore, letting your truck breathe. 

Are you intrigued by the induction noises? Does the turbo spool up sound excellent to you? A cold air intake allows you to enhance these sounds and make them sound cooler. Further, this upgrade will increase your horsepower by reducing a significant amount of fuel consumption. 

You will find it pretty easy to install. That is because you can put it anywhere as long as they are low enough to access the chamber. Therefore, a cold air intake replacement or installation can be one of the best F150 mods. 

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit


  • Increases performance 
  • Protects the engine 
  • Improved throttle response 
  • Easy to install and maintain


  • Risks hydro-lock

The company K&N is known for its high-quality air intake systems. Therefore, for a Ford F150 engine, this modification will increase its horsepower and performance. With this installation, you will boost the performance of towing and hauling in your truck. 

A cold air intake kit will enable a durable and easy uphill climb along steep terrain. The improved throttle response facilitates it. It guarantees an increase in 50% airflow by eliminating any restriction to the engine’s air path. Moreover, it will provide you with increased horsepower along with better airflow. 

A bonus? You will hear the roar that comes with the increase in power. Additionally, this modification will keep your engine protected from contamination. Better yet, you do not have to clean the air filter up to 100,000 miles!

This feature increases the efficiency and durability of the equipment. Further, you can easily use minimal effort to install this kit. Therefore, this modification can be an easy DIY project. However, with prolonged use, you may subject your engine to lock up due to too much water in the air. 

Oil Separator 

An oil separator is a significant enhancement that we recommend. However, this internal modification does not enhance the efficiency of your F150’s performance. Installing an aftermarket oil separator will help in unclogging the engine. 

In a Ford F150, there is a lot of blow-by in the PCV system that leads to oil accumulation. Therefore, an oil separator is a significant upgrade. You will have to directly inject them into the intake valves, thus creating no fuel spray. 

If oil gets prayed on the valves, it will result in the formation of carbon build-up. It is harmful to the engine. Further, it can cause damage that will lead to poor performance. 

An oil separator will prevent the oil from damaging the engine, thus keeping the F150 engine smooth and efficient. Further, it will catch the oil from entering the engine or the valves. 

You will find it easy to install, thus ensuring that your Ford F150 generates the best performance possible. This equipment replaces the old PCV hose system and catches the oil from its filtering process. After which, it drains the oil without letting it enter the engine. 

We suggest that an oil separator is worth the money. Further, this is one of the best F150 mods that your truck deserves. It will ensure longevity by preventing damage to your engine. 

JLT Passenger Side Oil Separator


  • Holds 3 oz of oil
  • Made with sturdy aluminum
  • No maintenance till 3,000 miles
  • Increases engine durability


  • Not compatible with the V6 engine

This equipment can hold 3 ounces of oil. Further, it is built with a unique style that connects easily to the PCV fitting. It uses a multi-stage filter system that collects oil vapors and removes them. 

It uses solid billet aluminum construction to allow the passage of clean air through the intake tube. Further, this equipment may also lower the octane levels. A turbocharged engine will not be able to dilute the gas. Therefore, you require this oil separator to help your car do that. 

The oil separator uses high-quality products to enhance its sturdiness. Moreover, it comes equipped with a tank base that quickly removes the drained oil. Along with this, the O-ring seal prevents your car from any oil leaks.  

On the other hand, it has a filter made from mesh stainless steel that creates a fine screen to help evaporate oil vapors. This system requires oil drainage every 2,000 to 3,000 miles. Therefore, making it one of the best F150 mods for engine durability. 

It would be best to make sure of your Ford F150 model as this equipment has a lousy track record for the V6 engines.

Accessory Modifications

This type of modification might not enhance the overall performance of your truck. However, it will improve the look and functionality. Thus, making them one of the best F150 Mods in the market. 

YITAMOTOR Tonneau Cover


  • Protection for cargo
  • Sturdy equipment
  • Compatible with many F150 models
  • Weather-resistant


  • Not durable enough to sit on

This cover precisely fits and is compatible with almost every model of the F150 between 2015 to 2021. Further, it is easy to install as it does not require any drilling tools. The clamps will be easy to install due to the adjustable holes. 

You will find that the strengthened corner design will make sure that the cover stays sturdy. Some buckles secure it in place hence protecting it from coming off. This equipment is made with a double-layered PVC that has a structured alloy frame. 

Thus, making sure that it is durable and lasts longer. It is made with weather-resistant elements. Therefore, this tonneau cover is waterproof and can withstand high temperatures. You can take your truck out whenever you want without worrying about deteriorating the sleek design quality. It also keeps your valuable cargo protected from the weather. 

Most customer reviews suggest that it is one of the best F150 mods in the market. 

A Guide to Get the Best F150 Mods

The Ford F150 is undoubtedly a popular pickup truck on its own. However, getting it modified will enhance its look and performance. To get it upgraded, we have curated a guide to help you analyze the best F150 mods for you. 

You may feel happier once you get the necessary accessories. The modifications we mentioned will enhance your driving experience. Follow this guide to understand what parameters you need to have insight on before investing in the best F150 mods. 

Reviews of the Modification 

A positive testimonial from a previous user will make sure you get a great deal. If you are buying it online, then choose the ones with the best ratings. Similarly, choose an auto shop that trusted people recommend. 

An upgrade will completely change the inner and outer workings of your F150. Therefore, it is best to get the best F150 mods suggested by people who have already used them. We recommend you take help from an auto enthusiast when it comes to complicated modifications. 

You will naturally find it easier to buy products that already have positive reviews. You can read through them before investing a large amount of money. Further, we suggest purchasing these modifications from a place where people you know have already bought them previously. 

Quality of the Modification 

In some cases, it is best to check the integrity of the manufacturer selling these mods. The best F150 mods will enhance your car’s performance. However, there are counterfeit mods in the market. These fake modifications will hamper your vehicle and damage it. 

The popularity of the Ford F150 has created a rise in fake modification equipment. Therefore, you need to look for the best quality products. How do you do it? Again, reviews and recommendations. 

You can gather valuable information and insight from these reviews. Further, you will understand the quality of the mod. Hence, helping you get the best F150 mods that are compatible with your vehicle. 

Authenticity of the Seller

It is essential to look at the licensing information from where you are getting the mods, like quality assurance. It is especially applicable when you are buying from an online store. However, it can be helpful to check the authenticity of your local auto shop, as well. 

You need to avoid buying the best F150 mods from shops that do not have a proper license. Thus, do not accept parts from a place that does not have an updated certificate. Further, we suggest that you buy your modifications from Amazon itself. Some websites might not have an SSL certificate which will compromise your personal information when you pay. 

Return or Replacement Policy

We suggest that you look through the return policy before placing an online order for any of the best F150 mods. It will ensure that you can either replace or return any sort of incompatible object. Further, the modifications that you get might be expensive, so this will help you get the money back. 

Make sure to buy equipment from authentic shops. This way, you will have a 100% return or replacement guarantee with wrong or faulty mods. Therefore, if you come across a reliable policy, you can immediately short-list that product. 


Here are some questions that people asked before investing in the best F150 Mods. 

How can you tune Ford F150?

The only way you can tune your car is by using a hand-held device. Further, we advise you to connect the OBDII port located under the dashboard to the computer tuners. After this, you can follow the process of connecting it to the ECU hardware, flashing the revised software, and saving the factory tune. 

What is an EcoBoost? 

An EcoBoost is an enhancement exclusively used by Ford engines to offer better power and torque. The F150 EcoBoost has a 30% efficiency in fuel and a reduced 15% in greenhouse gas production. Further, it provides the capability of larger engines. 

How much will an onboard generator cost? 

If you want to install Ford’s PowerBoost onboard generator, your standard engine will determine the price. Therefore, it can cost you anything between $1900 to $4495. 

Will cold air intake increase horsepower?

Most tests show a 19 to 22 hp gain facilitated by a notable increase in the power-off. It is possible because most of this equipment provides a 90% surge in airflow. 

Should you invest in a cat-back exhaust system?

The initial purpose of this upgrade is the sound it produces. Technically speaking, we do not advise you to get this if you are looking for performance enhancements. Moreover, it reduces the fuel economy, but some enthusiasts find the sound to be worth it. 

Is EcoBoost V6 better than V8?

An EcoBoost V8 can pull 10,600 pounds. Further, it can haul payloads worth 3,270 pounds. On the other hand, the high-output V6 engine can tow 11,000 pounds with a hauling capability of 1,520 pounds. Thus, making the EcoBoost V6 better!

What is the mileage of a Ford F150?

You can cover a distance of 150,000 to 300,000 miles with this model. Further, with the best F150 mods for the engine, you can rebuild it to perform better. 

What is the best engine for Ford F150?

As we mentioned earlier, the EcoBoost V6 is the best engine for a Ford F150 model. Moreover, a 3.5L engine will give you a hauling power of 3,230 pounds along with a towing capacity of 13,200 pounds. With the help of the best F150 mods, you can enhance the performance of any engine. 

Which is the best Ford F150 model? 

This pickup truck is an overall dependable truck loved by many. However, the 2015 Ford F150 won the “Best Buy Award.” The 2015 model will give you unparalleled performance and unique safety features. Therefore, making it the model of the year! 

Which Ford 150 to avoid?

None of the best F150 mods can save the engine of a 2004 Ford F150. This pickup truck has gone down as the worst one in history. Moreover, people who used it suffered a lot of unprecedented breakdowns. 

Are all the Ford F150 models made in the US?

Yes! Every Ford F150 model sold in America has parts that are exclusively made in the country. Therefore, you can consider it as the most “US-made” pickup truck amongst many. Most of the components used in the making of this truck come from factories based in the country. However, you will find that the company also operates some imported equipment in the Ford F150.

Summing Up

This article has equipped you with the knowledge and expertise to choose the best F150 mods. There are numerous Ford F150 modifications in the market. Moreover, each of them has various functions and possesses to be helpful for different people. These upgrades will enhance your car’s performance and look. 

Now, you decide which modification works best for your car. First, assess the requirements of your Ford F150. Further, follow the buying guide we curated for you. Then, go through the list of the best F150 mods and select the one that you feel is compatible. 

What are you waiting for? Hurry and get the best F150 mods that your pickup deserves.

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