Best Exhaust for Your Car

5 Best Exhausts for Your Car

Those who are professionals or have a passion for driving realize the importance of aftermarket replacements. Most vehicles are made with a strong check on price points. This gives you, the user, an average exhaust and other parts.

If you are looking for enhanced power and performance for an on-road and off-road experience, it is time to check out aftermarket exhausts. Define your need, basis the kind of work you do before deciding on an aftermarket exhaust to replace. Get power-packed sound and feel the power of your vehicle as you try and keep your vehicle moving, achieving your tasks.

Get hold of an exhaust system that speaks your language as you zip over dirt roads or more. If your vehicle has an internal combustion engine, you can enhance your exhaust system. Keep it in top-notch shape to keep you and your loved ones safe and economize on fuel too. Do your bit for the environment!

Here are our top picks.

Top 3 Picks [Comparison Table]

Our detailed research shows the following 3 top picks.

Best Choice


Borla Stainless Steel Exhaust System

  • Sold separately or as kits
  • Designed for enhanced performance
  • High-grade corrosion-resistant material
  • For all-weather conditions
  • Improved engine power
  • Standard limited warranty
  • Ultra-smooth mandrel bends
  • computer-controlled CNC manufacturing

Premium Choice


MagnaFlow Exhaust System Kit 15160

  • Easy to install bolt-on fitment
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel
  • CNC precision robotic manufacturing
  • Mandrel pipe designed
  • One year warranty for black coating
  • Limited lifetime warranty for construction

Best in Budget


Flowmaster American Thunder 409S Exhaust

  • Higher ground clearance
  • High-quality stainless steel construction
  • Bent mandrel pipes for best performance
  • Different sound levels – moderate to highly aggressive
  • Lifetime limited warranty

How Did We Pick the Best Exhausts for your Car?

Our pick is based on detailed secondary research from the OEMs and some of the best auto companies.   We considered the most common type of exhausts and how they function. 

While searching for the best ones that we could recommend to you, our esteemed reader, we searched through various databases and considered the opinion of experts in this field. The ride experience that each exhaust offers is like icing on the cake that we present to you. Finally, we considered availability and ease of buying to recommend our top picks.

So go ahead, and explore one that’s the best for you!

Best Exhaust Replacement   [Reviews]

Here are our well-researched, best exhaust replacement reviews for your ease. If you are the proud owner of a Toyota, don’t miss our recommendations for the best exhausts for your Toyota Tundra.

1.   Borla Stainless Steel Aggressive Cat-Back Exhaust System [140356 ATAK]

Borla is a brand with a strong reputation. What does this mean for you? Their well-researched, carefully designed, and stress-tested exhausts systems offer you aggressive and powered-up performances for your vehicle. This model has a patented technology design to it. Th exhaust is a straight piped, multi-core technology-based exhaust.

This exhaust weighs only sixteen pounds, making it one of the choicest exhausts for driving sports cars. It is customized to suit your vehicle’s make, year and model. This exhaust is known for its throaty growl sounds and enhanced outflow of emissions.

Remember that this exhaust is made from one of the strongest stainless steel, the T304, primarily used in aircraft manufacturing. The T-304 stainless steel is known for its toughness. Your Borla exhaust system is carefully designed to install it yourself easily. For this, you can easily use the original mounting locations and mounts. This means that you are not doing much except using a bolt-on process.

The two-and-a-half-inch exhaust tips are single-split and face the vehicle’s rear.


  • Sold separately or as kits
  • Specifically designed and constructed for enhanced performance
  • Made from high-grade corrosion-resistant material
  • Best fit for regions for all-weather conditions
  • Improved engine power and minimal noise
  • Standard limited warranty on the first million miles
  • Ultra-smooth mandrel bends for maximum power and fuel
  • computer-controlled CNC manufacturing for accuracy in fitment


  • Price point
  • High sound emissions
  • Some find the manual a bit confusing

Your replaced exhaust system gives you enhanced hidden horsepower that you have never seen before. The additional exhaust velocity tops the excitement and economies fuel consumption as you drive with glee on your face. Don’t miss that this exhaust is constructed from premium stainless steel, even better than the T-400 series knockoffs. What do you get? Unmatched performance and durability as you drive on varied terrains.

2.   MagnaFlow Exhaust System Kit 15160 Street Series (Axle-Back Performance)  

If you are hunting for an aftermarket exhaust for a replacement that gives you moderate sound and ample power, your search ends here. These MagnaFlow Stree Series exhausts will change how you experience your vehicle while retaining the sounds inside the vehicle. Made from bent mandrel pipes, a larger volume of gases flows faster through the muffler. This helps reduce exhaust restrictions, and you get the performance of MagnaFlow exhaust just like a sportscar or minus the noise of a race car. Isn’t that great?

This exhaust is approved for use in fifty states across the USA. Post manufacturing, the rigorously tested exhaust is a popular choice with its users. What is dyno-powered? A vehicle’s torque, engine horsepower, air and fuel combination ratio, and more are measured using a dynamometer. This model replaces all parts of the stock exhaust, starting from the aft of the rear axle.

Cautious and contemplating going to an expert mechanic for a replacement? Don’t be worried! MagnaFlow offers you bolt-on installation for this exhaust. How is that? MagnaFlow has implemented the latest three-dimensional technology in research, designing and manufacturing stages. This ensures precise and easy fitment with the original mounts.  

Additionally, MagnaFlow uses CNC robots in designing and manufacturing these exhausts. What is CNC? A Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machine deploys software to operate various functions of a machine. The CNC function offers high-quality standardization precision in making exhausts, from feeding the raw material to cutting, shaping, grinding, and more. Result? You get exhausts that fit easily, and an auto-savvy person like you can install it by himself.


  • Easy to install bolt-on fitment
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel
  • CNC precision robotic manufacturing
  • Mandrel pipe designed
  • One year warranty for the finish of the black coating
  • Limited lifetime warranty for construction


  • May need an expert mechanic if not auto-savvy

With minimal tools like a small pry-bar, a deep-well socket, torque wrench, ratchet, and a WD-40, replacements are easy to complete single-handedly. The bolt-on technology provides ease in replacement. Remember to cover the exhaust tips with foam or other material to prevent scratching when replacing the exhausts. You will like the four-inch-wide exhaust tips. They rest much higher when replaced than the stock exhaust.

3.   Flowmaster American Thunder 409S Single Rear Exit Exhaust 817674

Made ins USA, Flowmaster is one of the best brands in the aftermarket exhausts. Made to near perfection like an OEM exhaust, this model weighs twenty-three and a half pounds, giving your vehicle the perfect replacement. Unlike many other aftermarket exhausts, these are not too heavy. It offers a universal fitment for ease in installation.

Flowmaster Inc. is a pioneer in constructing valuable exhausts for various cars, SUVs, trucks, jeeps, and more. You not only get a five-series exhaust system and kits but also the latest in technology.

This model offers mild to moderate, aggressive, and very aggressive external sounds. The construction of exhausts is available in both aluminum and a stainless-steel body. Flowmaster recommends that you also install and pair a performance air intake system. Why? To optimize the typical Flowmaster exhaust tone.

You can also expect to get a better ground clearance than the stock exhaust systems. This two and a half inches wide exhaust tip comes with a bent mandrel tailpipe made from 409S stainless steel. While replacing, you will notice that this exhaust system relocates the stock muffler behind the original catalytic converter. Here are some guides about how to use a catalytic converter cleaner, clean it, and fix your catalytic converter.

This offers sound levels that go from moderate to aggressive. Advantages? Higher ground clearance while off-road and on rugged terrains offers a better and safer drive experience. Designed for an easy fit, this system includes all necessary parts and hardware for installation.


  • Higher ground clearance
  • High-quality stainless steel construction
  • Bent mandrel pipes for best performance
  • Different sound levels – moderate to highly aggressive
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • Weight

No more holding back as you get the best performance from your vehicle on any terrain. Smooth roads or patchy dust roads, you can drive safely feeling the power of your mean machine with this exhaust. No more loose tail pies as it is held in place. The easy-to-fit exhaust gives you longevity for your vehicle’s engine.

4.   Borla Rear Section Exhaust 11795

Need a quality exhaust? Buy this Borla rear section exhaust 11795 for your vehicle without any hesitation. The decades-old manufacturer has wide and rich experience manufacturing headers and cat-backs exhausts. Borla introduced a rear section exhaust to give more power and performance for its users’ vehicles.

This rear-section exhaust works well as it connects with the mid-pipe of the stock exhaust parts. You also have a choice of single or dual rear splits. Be prepared to experience enhanced power and lowered weight with this exhaust while driving. The fine and shining Borla stainless steel tips are show stealers as you ride your vehicle.


  • Light-weight at ten pounds
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Easy and quick bolt-on installation
  • Patented technology that has won awards
  • Made in the USA
  • Million-mile warranty


  • Watch out for the costs

Ride experiences? What to expect? Nothing but the best performance, sound so powerful that would want to keep driving all day and more. This exhaust is made from stainless steel that is austenitic. What is that? Well, such stainless steel is high-quality steel, the S409. Your ride now offers you free-flowing and unlimited power as you zip around on most terrains. This exhaust is made from technology that has been copyrighted or patented. What you get is the highest quality sound, performance and an increase in the economy of fuel. 

5.   MBRP Single Side Exit S5086409 Cat-Back Exhaust System

Looking for a rugged exhaust system? Look no further than the MBRP’s XP Series Single Side Exit Cat-Back exhaust system S5086409. 

Drive on any terrain having replaced one or all side exhausts. For better performance, always balance by replacing both exhausts so that the workload is evenly distributed as gas is emitted. These strong-bodied exhausts are made from fine quality T409 stainless steel tubes. This high-grade stainless steel is used in aircraft manufacturing too. It doesn’t rust easily and has higher durability.


  • Made from T409 stainless steel tubes
  • Heavyweight and durable at forty-five pounds weight
  • Available as a single side exhaust
  • High performance and power
  • Low on sound
  • Ease in installation
  • One box packing to include all clamps and bushes
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Check for compatibility with your vehicle make. Model and year of manufacture

What’s more? The stainless-steel tubes are reinforced at all bends and junctures for longevity and durability. So, have no more worries as you zip through difficult terrains without thinking of corrosion and rust. Sit back and focus on the road as you enjoy enhanced performance, increased power and a better ride experience.

Things to Consider When Buying Best Exhaust for your Car                  

You have so many choices for an exhaust system that buying one that meets your requirement can be challenging. Before you buy one, here are the top points to consider.

1.       Compatibility

Check your vehicle’s make, year and model before moving to the next step. With this process,  you have a ready list of those exhausts compatible with your vehicle.

2.       Longevity

Any exhaust system increases the longevity of your vehicle. How? It reduces the gases produced during the combustion of fuel inside the engine. With the right exhaust system, the number of gases and residue left inside the engine is reduced. While replacement, ensure that all pipes are secured tightly with nuts and bolts with bushes where recommended. This reduces the amount of rattling or any loose pipes that could turn bad or defective quickly.

3.       Sound

Most exhausts keep sound emissions within legal limits. If you are looking for a replacement with a big sound to feel the power and performance of your vehicle, you may want to consider your neighborhood and environment around. You don’t want to be stopped for non-compliance.

4.       Performance

With a large array of choices available to you, check if the exhaust you consider is the right one for your vehicle’s performance. Often, a non-complying exhaust can cause drag down your vehicle’s performance. Not exactly what you would want, would you?

5.       Appearance

Some folks like to opt for shining silver ones, while others look for black finished ones. While you do have a choice, not all exhausts may offer you this choice of colors. A shining silver exhaust can brighten the look of your vehicle, though it will need frequent polishing and regular upkeep. You could always opt for a hybrid exhaust and offer you chrome-plated tips.

6.       Style

Replacing a stock exhaust system allows you to dress up your vehicle and customize it to your needs. For example, enhance to a hot-wheels look by adding chrome-plated exhausts tips. Or changeover from single to double exhaust pipes by merely changing the exhaust exits giving your vehicle a powerful look.

7.       Material

Most exhausts are either constructed from stainless steel or mild steel. The other choice you have is one made from aluminum. Stainless steel exhausts are more favored as they offer you shining looks and longevity by preventing corrosion and rust. Those made from aluminum or mild steel may surely be lighter but may rattle as you drive. They tend to corrode and attract rust much more easily. This translates to quicker replacements that you may need and more dollars.

8.       Configuration

Exhausts are available as a single or double exhaust. What does this mean? The exhausts may have a single or dual outlet pipe. Single exhausts are popular with folks who need a deeper sound. Dual exhausts may look better aesthetically but do not add much value necessarily.

9.       Warranty

You must check the warranty offered by manufacturers for a replacement exhaust. While some companies offer lifetime warranties, others have time-limited warranties on offer. Having a longer warranty helps you save costs if something was to go wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.       When does an exhaust system need to be replaced?

If you are wondering this, there could be several reasons to replace. The exhaust emissions should be within the legal and prescribed limits. Listen to the sound of the exhaust to ensure it is not making odd noises like a cranking sound. There are chances that the exhaust has had a tear and cannot muffle the engine’s sound. Exhaust systems that need replacement will lower the fuel economy, so keep a check on this too. Loose exhaust pipes could be rattling when driving, demanding a tightening or replacing exhaust hangers. 

2.       What is the difference between a muffler exhaust and a cat-back exhaust?

In a cat-back exhaust replacement, you will notice replacement of the vehicle’s muffler, tailpipe and a connecting pipe between the two. However, you will find replacements for the muffler and the tailpipe in a muffler exhaust. 

3.       Does the entire exhaust needs to be changed or just a part of it?

More often than not, there is little need to change the entire exhaust system unless there is something drastically wrong. The most common parts that need changing are the muffler, tailpipes, bushes and other small pieces. Your vehicle will need an inspection to ascertain the case in your vehicle. Those folks who change the exhaust system do so more for their need for large or less sound and feel their vehicle.

4.       How much would it cost me?

The average cost for an exhaust system could range anywhere between $450 to $1000. It really depends on your needs and what brands you go for, whether you are changing the entire system or just a part of your stock exhaust.

5.       Is there an incremental change in the horsepower of a vehicle?

Most aftermarket exhaust systems will offer you an increment in a vehicle’s horsepower. However, these are to be checked while you buy one. This happens because aftermarket exhausts have broader pipes that ease the outflow and inflow of gases, positively impacting fuel efficiency.

6.       Can I expect better sound from all aftermarket exhausts?

This is based on several factors, including the make and year of your vehicle. Additionally, the compatibility of aftermarket exhausts with your vehicle, the kind of exhaust system chosen, and more. Some exhausts produce more sound than others, and that may not necessarily be reflected on your vehicle when replaced.

Exhaust sounds are dependent on the muffler that you replace. Exhausts designed in a straight-pipe and straight through exhaust increase an exhaust’s sound. Some folks prefer a dual exhaust system. These increase an exhaust’s sound marginally over the stock exhaust.

7.       While changing an exhaust, can a vehicle’s engine get damaged?

Put simply, and it’s a no. Exhausts and engines are two different things. However, if the replacement exhaust is of low quality, from an unreliable source and more, they could damage your engine. Exhausts are designed to help pass the gases produced during the combustion process in the engine. Hence, it does not have a connection to a vehicle’s engine in any way.


To wrap up, buying a replacement exhaust system is a detail-oriented process. Impulsive buyers, beware, as you do not want to waste your machine or make multiple trips online or to an auto shop. Getting the right replacement exhaust also ensures that your needs for enhanced performance, fuel economy, sound and more are met.

Considerations described above will help you save dollars if you want to change only the muffler part of an exhaust instead of the entire exhaust. However, if your vehicle’s exhaust system is clogged up, a minor maintenance routine can help you unclog and continue with the same. Of utmost importance is a safe drive with your vehicle’s performance enhanced. 

So go ahead, and select from the best exhaust systems. Safe and happy drives!