Best Brake Pads for Trucks

Best Brake Pads for Trucks

Brake pads are one of the most important components of any automobile. They play a critical role in a vehicle’s braking system and are essential for its proper operation.

The main help that a brake provides is stopping the vehicle; now, this is something that we all know; however, there is a lot more to brake pads than just bringing a vehicle to a halt. Brake pads are important for all sorts of different vehicular operations; they can be found in sports cars, and they can be found in heavy trucks as well.

Having a great braking system is of the utmost importance for all drivers since it can help prevent accidents; a good braking system can greatly help improve the control and precision of your car’s drive.

Manufacturers know that each vehicle has different requirements from its brake pads, and keeping this in mind, they create different pads, each serving various purposes. This means that there are various options for you to avail of regardless of what type of vehicle you own. It would be best to buy a brake pad that serves your needs. This means that you will have to know beforehand what you want out of your brakes. Being well-informed is one of the most important things a consumer can do for themselves.

In this article, we will discuss the best brake pads for trucks, so if you are a trucker in search of the best parts for your vehicle, you have come to the right place!

Best Brake Pads for Trucks Comparison Table

Best Choice


Power Stop K1970-36

  • Ceramic
  • Premium stainless-steel shims
  • Z36 formula

Premium Choice


Power Stop Front Z23

  • Z23 formula
  • Powder-coated backing plate
  • Positive mold technology

Best in Budget


Bosch BC914 QuietCast

  • Aerospace alloy
  • Protective transfer layer
  • Rubber cored shim

How We Made the List

Buying brake pads for your truck can be a tricky process. However, this process can be made easier by knowing how brake pads work and their functionalities. If you possess the knowledge of how your vehicle’s brake pads work, you will be able to think more clearly when making the next purchase of brake pads.

The most simple and clear explanation for how brake pads work is that they get in touch with your vehicle’s rotors, and they produce friction between the pad and the rotor in order to get the car to slow down. A good braking system must also have a good rotor.

The whole process works immediately as you push the brake pedal. Through a hose, fluid is sent to the calipers of your vehicle, which then get your brake pads to get in touch with the rotor. This process comes to a stop when you stop pushing the brake pedal.

Firstly, we have made sure to keep only the best options that you can avail of if you own a truck for this list.

Trucks are much heavier than your average sedan, and this means that they require much more power in their braking systems to bring them to timely halts. What would be enough to stop a normal daily use vehicle will not be enough to stop a truck. It is also important to keep in mind that your tires are essential in reducing the braking distance, and hence, you should have a good set of tires for your truck.

This means that there is one essential quality that the best brake pads for trucks must have: power. You can only ensure your safe operation in a truck if your brake pads have the power to stop it at any given moment. You will have to keep power in mind as an important factor in your purchasing decision.

There are always components of vehicles that a person can get for cheap in their vehicle. However, sometimes buying cheap products does have its cons, and you should most definitely avoid them in components of your vehicles that may affect your safety.

In our list, we have kept the quality of the products at a very high priority. We believe that quality is a department on which you cannot compromise under any circumstances.

Ideally, you should get long-lasting brake pads that don’t wear off so quickly. This is necessary since your brake pads are in constant use as soon as installed in your vehicle. If brake pads wear off easily, you have to change them again; not too late after just buying your new ones. So, we have also kept durability as one of our main factors in this list.

Lastly, we also gave a lot of effort into making sure that our list is as comprehensive as possible, meaning that there should be a perfect option in this list for anyone who owns a truck. You should approach the list knowing that it is subjective and not objective, and that the final decision lies in your own hands.

Best Brake Pads for Trucks Reviews

1.   Power Stop K1970-36

Number one on our list is the Power Stop K1970-36. These brake pads are some of the most premium brake pads available in the market. To justify the higher price of these pads, the performance is there.

If you are going to demand the most out of your truck, putting it through the tests, then you need to have brake pads that can keep up with your tasks. When engineering the brake pads, Power Stop designed the pads so that they can handle uneven terrain with ease.

They also kept in mind that you could use the truck for towing or hauling, and thus they made something that they knew would excel in those tasks. To have a better driving experience during heavy-duty operations, you should also have a great set of shocks!

These brake pads are ceramic pads which are the best type of pads out of all the options. They are using a special Z36 formula which is the main material that allows the brake pads to perform such heavy-duty tasks.

The shims are made from premium stainless steel. This steel is an important part of the braking system as it allows for great heat transfer, and with that, it also increases the vehicle’s ability to stop at any given moment.

The cherry on top of the cake is that the brake pads perform their functions wonderfully while simultaneously producing as little noise as possible; this factor is really important as noise tends to get annoying at times when you have to drive for a long period. Hence, with these brake pads, you will have great functionality and no distractions.

We believe that if you have the money to spend, you should go for these brake pads as they work great for various purposes, and if you have varying needs from your truck, then these brake pads can handle them.


  • Ceramic
  • Premium stainless-steel shims
  • Z36 formula


  • Can handle heavy-duty operations
  • Great heat transfer
  • Precise functioning


  • A bit expensive

2.   Power Stop Front Z23

One of the most loved brake pads by truckers all around is the Power Stop Front Z23. The reason for them being so popular is simple; they perform their functions brilliantly while at the same time being at a price that most truckers can afford.

Power Stop names its brake pads with the help of the formula that they create for the brake pads. Here we can see that the name of the brake pad is Z23, and this means that they have used the Z23 formula to produce these brake pads. There is a difference between both the formulas, which is important to keep in mind.

The Z23 formula in these brake pads is a carbon fiber and ceramic mixture. The formula is the main thing behind the great stopping ability of these brake pads. Not only great stopping ability, but the pads can also operate, producing little to no dust.

Right out of the box, the brake pads require minimal time to break in, and once they do break-in, you’re all set to experience the amazing performance they offer. They require minimal time because the pad surface has been thermally scorched.

The Power Stop Front Z23 is also a great option for you if you are looking for something that will last you a long time. The brake pads contain positive mold technology, and with the help of this technology, they can have a stable level of wear on the brake pads. The brake pads have added durability due to the powder coating on the backing plate since they can resist corrosion and rusting.

You will find that the company has given you the appropriate tools to allow for an easy installation experience in the box.

So, if you are looking for one of the best performing and most reliable products on the market, then this should be at the top of your mind.


  • Z23 formula
  • Powder-coated backing plate
  • Positive mold technology


  • Durable
  • Minimal breaking in time
  • Great stopping ability


  • May be noisy on some occasions

3.   Bosch BC914 QuietCast

If you are searching for an affordable option for your truck but with premium-feeling performance, look no further than the Bosch BC914 QuietCast.

In the preparation period of this product, Bosch had two things on their mind: great stopping ability and noiseless performance, and they achieved both targets with flying colors with the help of the BC914.

Bosch knew that they had to use the appropriate materials to make sure that they met their goals. To make the braking system as noiseless as possible, the company used a multilayer shim containing a rubber core. This core helped in reducing the noise, as well as increasing the strength of the system.

Bosch created their formula for these brake pads, a mixture of ceramic and semi-metallic. The alloy that they used in their mixture was an advanced aerospace one. To ensure that the pads are durable, Bosch added a protective transfer layer.

To ensure that the customers receive the most out of their purchase, the company included slots and chambers that make sure that the fitting of the brake pads is as great as can be, and the feel of the product comes off as premium to the customer.

So, if you are looking for something that will not cost you a lot, but will give you a premium feeling performance, then this is one of the best, if not the best, options on the market.


  • Aerospace alloy
  • Protective transfer layer
  • Rubber cored shim


  • Highly affordable
  • Durable
  • Noiseless performance


  • Some units have known to be faulty out of the box

4.   StopTech 309.10010

There is not much that a person requires out of their brake pads in daily use other than the basic functions. With these pads, you will be getting all your requirements satisfied. However, a person like that does try to modify their vehicle if they can. For example, if you own a Toyota Tundra, you can have some great mods.

The StopTech 309.10010 brake pads can handle high temperatures with a lot of ease. They are not much affected by high temperatures negatively. They have been engineered so that they can handle regular daily use without any problems. This gives a boost to both their durability, as well as their performance in various situations.

They are made of ceramic because of which the performance is not too noisy, and the rotors are able to stay in good condition for a longer time.

The brake pads are extremely precise, making for a great driving experience. You will notice a direct difference in the way your truck drives after installing these brake pads. The precision can be attributed to the Para-Aramid composites that the company uses.

A thing to note is that they are a bit pricier than some options on this list, but with the higher price, you are getting a product that you can rely upon for a long time.

So, if you want to get the most out of your daily cruises, then these brake pads are definitely worth considering!


  • Para-Aramid composites
  • Ceramic


  • Reliable
  • Precise
  • Work well under high temperatures


  • Not the most powerful

5.   TRW Automotive TPC1473

The TRW Automotive TPC1473 is a great all-around product. It is a versatile brake pad that you can use for many different vehicles, including trucks.

All of TRW’s brake pads consist of the same tried and tested formula; they do this because it does not allow any room for confusion over which type of formulation to select in the minds of the customers. The formula that they have created is focused on creating as much friction as possible.

While creating friction is a top priority of any TRW brake pad, the company also focuses on having the least amount of noise coming from the brakes. To achieve this soundless performance, TRW uses  ‘bonded Nitrile rubber-coated steel shims; this coating dampens the noise and removes all sorts of distractions.

For precise braking, TRW uses a technology that they have termed CITEC. This technology is basically a sort of coating technology, and it greatly aids in having a shorter braking distance than before. You can find the coating on the area of the brake pads that will produce friction. The coating can help as it increases the quality of the contact between the brake pad and the disc.

The design of the brake pads is carefully thought out, which makes the entire process of braking a much cleaner one with as little dust as possible. The surface of the pads also does not gather any dirt on them, which lets them generate the maximum amount of friction.

Within the box, the company gives a lot of accessories that may be necessary for the installation of the brake pads in your vehicle. With these accessories, you will be confident that the brake pads have been installed as safely as possible.

Safety is a major concern for TRW, and they strive to make the products as safe as possible. They claim that their brake pads are some of the safest in the industry, and to back up their claim, they themselves use their own products too.

For years TRW has been creating quality products that they test to the limits. They make sure that the product that they are putting out is one that everyone can depend on, and by including accessories in the box, they try to be as customer-friendly as possible.

So, if you want brake pads from a reputable and reliable company, then these brake pads are the perfect choice for you!

Things to Consider When Buying Best Brake Pads for Trucks

Types of Brake Pads

There are many different types of brake pads that you can purchase. Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages, and you should know beforehand about all the different types so that you buy the type that is best suited for your needs.


As the name suggests, a semi-metallic brake pad has some amount of metal in it. The amount of metal that a brake pad has varies from manufacturer to manufacturer; however, the average amount is in the range of 40%-60% metal.

A semi-metallic brake pad is one of the most durable options for a brake pad. When you buy one, you can rest assured that you have bought a long-lasting pad, but they make more noise than the other options and cause damage to your rotor. You may not want to consider this option if you ride in cold weather.


We believe that ceramic brake pads are the best ones out of all the brake pads. They have made of ceramic fibers, and they are great at doing their job without making much noise. They don’t damage the rotors a lot, but all of these things come at a higher-than-average price for the brake pads.


These brake pads are made of materials that are, you guessed it, organic. The main advantage that these brake pads provide is that they can operate while making as little noise as possible. However, the materials used in these brake pads are less durable, and the brake pads wear out in a little amount of time.


A low-metallic brake pad combines organic brake pads and semi-metallic brake pads. They contain a little metal to go along with the organic materials. This means that these brake pads have better heat transfer than organic brake pads, but they also make more noise.


Body Type

While buying brake pads, you must always keep in mind the type of vehicle you own. This is because the types of brake pads that we discussed all serve their purposes best for different vehicle types.

Since you are a truck owner in search of brake pads, then you should know that the best brake pads for trucks are semi-metallic. They have the most power, and they can effectively bring heavy vehicles to a halt. You have probably noticed that trucks make a lot of noise when they brake, which is why!


Weather Conditions

It may not seem so at first, but weather conditions do play an important role in deciding which brake pads are the best for your vehicle.

In certain weather conditions, there are brake pads that cannot perform, and there are some that can perform. Usually, in extremely low temperatures, ceramic and organic brake pads suffer a lot as they cannot warm up to a temperature at which they can operate properly.

Semi-metallic brake pads are great in not being affected by extreme temperatures, and it means that they are reliable in any temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions for Best Brake Pads for Trucks

  1. How long do brake pads generally last?

Ans. Many factors go into deciding how long your brake pads will last you. To put a time frame in this answer would not be the suitable thing to do. Instead, we can say that brake pads can last you anywhere between 30,000 to 75,000 miles. If you think that the brakes aren’t working early in their lifecycle, then it is possible that the brake cables aren’t working.

The range is quite vast and how you are treating your brake pads affects their lifespan. If you make rough and daily use of your brake pads, you will notice that they will wear out sooner rather than later. The same applies in the opposite direction; if you use them less and more gently, then they will last you longer.

  1. How often should I check my brake pads?

It is good practice to keep your brake pads in check. By doing so, you will be able to avoid any major damage to your brake pads in the coming time. You should usually check your vehicle’s brake pads after each 5,000-mile interval. However, suppose you notice anything unusual in your brake pads, such as a higher noise than usual or a loose feeling of steering. In that case, you should immediately perform an inspection before driving further.

  1. What to observe when making brake pad inspections?

Ans. Usually, the best inspections can be done by professionals, so you should get your vehicle to a mechanic nearby; however, you can perform a basic inspection yourself to gauge the condition of your brakes.

You should first observe the amount of wear your brake pads have; if you notice a major change in how they look from how they used to look, it probably means that they are getting worn out. The other thing that you can look for is the brake fluid level since this also affects how effectively your vehicle can utilize its brakes.

Other than this, it would be best if you also looked to bleed your brakes during maintenance.

  1. Should I install my brake pads myself?

Ans. You can install your brake pads yourself. However, you should ask yourself whether you should or should not go through with it. We discussed in this article that safety is one reason why brake pads are so important, and having a professional install your brake pads would most definitely be the safer option. It is not like having to restore your headlights which does not affect your safety as much.

In short, yes, you can install your brake yourself, but we would advise you to visit your mechanic.

  1. Are cheaper brake pad brands worth it?

Ans. There are many different brands making products for automobiles. Many of these brands make great products; however, some don’t. Your brake pads must be high-quality, so always make sure that it does not sacrifice a lot on the quality when you buy a cheaper product.



In this article, we have discussed what the best brake pads are for trucks in great detail. We have created a comprehensive list that contains options for anyone with a truck.

Remember to keep your needs in mind when making your purchase. Happy trucking!